2013- Starting a new life

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HeerenLo..xMoved out

into my own house share, although this is the start I still need to find out what is around me, start making the most of my time, making time to do chores, do DIY myself and decorating myself and not rely so heavily on others to provide me with stuff for my room. 1 month ago

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HeerenLo..xI am kind of bored

of the life that I lead at the moment. Having a lot of trouble getting a job so I think I will have to set myself some small goals just to keep on track. I am sick of being useless and I think people around me think that I am a waste of space. I need to sort myself out soon. I will be 24 soon and I have never ever felt so lost in my life. 8 months ago

HeerenLo..xThank you

for all the wonderful advice, yes I do have adventure on my side, that is true. I suppose I could do anything that I want now. 8 months ago

HeerenLo..x26/07/2013... Updated List

Pass exams in November minimum of 2

-Get some work experience in accountancy

-Go jogging everyday and strengthen my back

-Buy a house

-Be more confident in job interviews

-Live in a househare

-Give vegetarianism another go..

-Take more risks, be spontaneous

-Have a lot of holidays

-Get in shape, be a healthy weight

-Start eating healthier

-Continue with therapy

-Continue to be positive, things should never get as bad as they were so that I want to harm myself

-Make more friends

-Make peace with my past

-Find God again

-Save up 20 Thousand for a deposit 8 months ago

HeerenLo..x 8 months ago

HeerenLo..x 8 months ago


having a bad few weeks, getting interviews but no job offers, wondering if I will ever be able to build a life for myself here. I have no friends, no job and slowly my motivation is disappearing. 8 months ago

HeerenLo..xTime to declutter my wardrobe

I have so many clothes that I have just not worn for years. They need to go so that I can get some space back. 11 months ago

HeerenLo..xI need to get

back into this as not only does it keep me fit, it also reduces stress and gives me a chance to be on my own and do something for myself. I think I will start doing this during the day instead of the evening as it will be better to get it out the way and I will have more energy. 11 months ago

HeerenLo..xlearn a language

do german course after exam 12 months ago

HeerenLo..xThis will help me to

have a focus and get the things done that i need to achieve my goals.

Todays master plan:

Complete revision notes

Learn how to link models

Complete revision wall

Complete revision notes recordings

During the week:

More revision

Next month:

Sit exam

Do sage course

Redo CV

Look for jobs 12 months ago

HeerenLo..x 12 months ago

HeerenLo..xWill be doing a carboot sale as I

have so much extra stuff that could make me a bit of money, I seem to be getting the same buzz out of saving money then I was spending it :) which is weird. I am working to put some money aside for a rainy day and hopefully I will be able to go on a nice holiday at the end of the year. I am also working on using some of my stuff up that I have not had the chance to use yet. 12 months ago


Long time :) how are you? its going pretty good, doing my managerial exams. 12 months ago

HeerenLo..xThe Plan

Pass exams,
A job in the city,
Make London my home,
Find a house share with some amazing people,
Lose weight,
Gain confidence,
Make my social circle wider,
Travel. 12 months ago

HeerenLo..xI need to save

as the money I have coming in is now a lot less but I need to have a bit aside for when I may need it. I am looking to spend nothing on non essential items and just pay my bills and pay for what is essential. 12 months ago

HeerenLo..xExams are fast approaching

I am doing the management papers and in November I intend to do three papers. By 2014 I should be done with this, that is my aim. 12 months ago

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HeerenLo..xUpdated to do list:

Continuous makeovers and transforming myself, I tend to get bored with one look so easily but this must be done on a budget, no overspending.

Exercise regime- I am starting to get into running and I wish to keep this up. I want to be fit and healthy.

Do something extreme, say yes more- bungee jump, sky dive. I want to have these experiences to look back on.

Get a tattoo- now is defiantly the time with nobody to answer to.

Buy myself something expensive a one-off expensive purchase because I need to treat myself if nobody else will :)I also cannot feel guilty about it afterwards.

Completely stop smoking because it is just not good for me. I currently smoke socially and this is pointless because it is just harming my health.

Travel- become a person who has had these interesting experiences.

Become more confident- confidence is sexy. I should work on this while I am single.

Keeping up with current affairs and expanding my knowledge.

Focusing on studying and getting where I want to be, be am independent and successful woman before I meet someone.

Voluntary work, there is nothing like doing this to make you feel fortunate for what you do have.

Focus on my friends and making new ones.

Have a good social life

Have hobbies and classes to go to outside of work, try new ones and find out what my interests are.

Continue to dress for me and not be a slave to fashion

Continue pampering myself at least once a week and taking care of what I look like.

Read more and no chick lit, it must be something that will help me build up knowledge and something that I can learn from. 14 months ago

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