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Katie L.It's a really cute car, too

It’s a Honda CR-Z. Hybrid!

Of course, it’s not REALLY new, being a 2011. But it’s new to me. 5 months ago

Katie L.I have found a home.

The jury is still out on whether it is a “great” home. 5 months ago

Katie L. 10 months ago

Katie L.Removing all ongoing goals

I am taking this opportunity to remove this goal, as I want to eliminate all “ongoing” goals eventually.

This is a good time to remove this one because I think in taking this job and moving to Champaign I have taken pretty good care of myself, for now, although I know eventually I will move on again. 10 months ago

Katie L. 7 years ago

Katie L.I think I found it

I think maybe it’s Portland Oregon. Now I just have to find a job there. That may take a bit longer. Portland doesn’t have so many jobs. 10 months ago

Katie L. 7 years ago

Katie L. 10 months ago

Katie L. 15 months ago

Katie L.I passed!

I am going to mark this as “Done,” even though I will not get the actual certificate for a couple of weeks. 11 months ago

Katie L.Tomorrow: the exam

70 minutes. 53 Questions. 66 percent to pass. Wish me luck. 11 months ago

Katie L. 2 years ago

Katie L.Sent my acceptance

Today it finally happened. I’m employed! I start on May 16. I am very happy with the job and especially with the people I’ll be working with. They are as happy about getting ME as I am about getting the job. So this is successfully done! 11 months ago

Katie L.Exam postponed...

in order to prepare for big interview. Now rescheduled for April 26. 11 months ago

Katie L.Had a great interview for a great job.

Now I wait to hear if I was selected over the other (presumably also great) candidates. Wish me luck. 11 months ago

Katie L.Working hard on preparing for the exam

I’m studying, studying, studying. Want to set up my exam appointment THIS WEEK! 15 months ago

Katie L.

Katie L.But what is it?

I have no idea what this is, despite the fact that I lived in Morocco for 26 months.

Katie L.Officially as of December 13

I’m marking this “Done” because today my certificate from Adobe arrived, complete with ID number. I’m now an “ACE” in Photoshop. 16 months ago

Katie L. 16 months ago

Katie L.Passed the exam

Well, after weeks of studying, I took the exam yesterday, and I passed! So now I just have to wait for Adobe to send me my certificate, and I can mark this “done.” 16 months ago

Katie L.I should be able to do this

I’ve been using Adobe Photoshop for over 15 years; since version 2.0! I think I know it pretty well. I’ve downloaded the current version as a free trial, and have gone all the way through the Classroom in a Book tutorials. I’ve also done some online practice exams, and they’re harder than I expected. It’s multiple choice, and they ask some questions you’d never think of, for example, what is the file extension if you save a custom brush, or what exactly certain blending modes do. I’m studying, but I’m not at all confident I’ll pass. My exam is in one week, and I’m paying $180 to take it. If I don’t get at least 70% correct, I will have wasted my money. 16 months ago

Katie L.It will get better

Keep the faith on this goal, honey. It’s hard but it’s SO worth it! 16 months ago

Katie L.Still one of the best things I did for myself

It is over 4 years since I did this and I am still debt-free. It has made it possible for me to do things I’d wanted to do that would otherwise not have been possible.

Katie L. 17 months ago

Katie L. 7 years ago

Katie L. 7 years ago

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