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Recent entries from Mr_Accountant
Mr_Accountant 12 months ago

Mr_Accountant25th March 2013

I have recently developed feelings for the girl that sits next to me at work. We have worked together for the last 3 months and I do not exaggerate when I say that she is one in a million. From the moment we met we have had a connection, a rapport, we get on so well, we have the same interests and views about life, we are both equally nerdy and she has been to a lot of places that I want to go to. She laughs at my stupid jokes and I am really attracted to her. I feel I could be in a bit of trouble though. She has a boyfriend and I just cannot pursue her or tell her how I feel. My heart is broken on this one and I have had no choice in the matter! :( 21 months ago


I love this idea so I’m going to steal it and come up with my own list! Thanks for the inspiration :) 21 months ago

Mr_AccountantMy biggest challenge

This is my number 1 goal for 2013 and the thing I have found most difficult. I cannot say for sure whether I have ever been in love. Infatuation is possibly the closest I have been. It seems to have become so much more difficult in recent years to meet a woman that wants a straightforward honest relationship. A relationship between two people should be simple, uncomplicated, natural. Its the most natural and basic of human needs. However everywhere I go I see men and women struggling to connect at the most basic level. I will need all the help I can get on this one. I have been out of the dating scene for a long time, is dating even done anymore? I only ever hear of people “hooking up”. Where do I start? I think I need a period of preparation, maybe 40 days and nights, eating right, working out, updating my wardrobe, then what???? 21 months ago

Mr_Accountant 2 years ago

Mr_Accountant2013 Travel

I spent 2 weeks in Boston during January, its was work but it still counts. In February I went to Stockholm for 3 nights. My next big trip is in August, I will be flying to Tallinn, will spend 2 nights there, then getting a train to St Petersburg, will spend 3 nights there before getting another train to Helsinki, I will spend 2 nights in Helsinki before going home. 21 months ago

Mr_AccountantYTD Travel

As already mentioned this goal was tricky because it conflicted with my others goals such as paying off my debt. However I achieved three other important goals this year which were to find a new job, earn more money and make new friends. By doing these it opened up more possibilities in my life. As a result I have been to the following places this year:

London (Twice with third trip planned for a wedding in December)

Next year I will be going to Dallas for a week for work and will be taking my 2 weeks trip of a lifetime to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro. If I can squeeze in a city break too then I will. 2 years ago

Mr_Accountant 3 years ago

Mr_Accountant 2 years ago

Mr_Accountant 3 years ago

Mr_Accountant 2 years ago

Mr_Accountant 3 years ago

Mr_Accountant10th April 2012

I have been doing this now for a while, starting around a year and a half ago, specifically where one person was concerned. He was a “friend” of mine for a couple of years but I felt that he was a negative influence on me and my life. We used to go out drinking a lot, 3-4 times a week and I felt that I could not continue on this path and be happy and achieve what I was capable of. The last time we went out he got aggressive towards me. That was the last straw. Since then we have had little contact, living in a small town I bump into him or his family now and then. Its always awkward, he seems quite bitter that I’ve moved on, he always wants to meet up again for a drink. I always say I’ll call him but never mean it. I don’t want to go back there. The other night I was out with my family and he was out with his, it felt very uncomfortable for me, I avoided him, I didn’t want another awkward conversation. He sent me an abusive text that night saying to never talk to him or his family again. I feel so bad now, maybe I didn’t handle the situation very well, or maybe I am just a bad person. I would really appreciate some advice. 2 years ago


I’m going to Tenerife in May for four nights for a stag (bachelor party), with the wedding to follow in London in June. Booking flights for both next week. Finding the money is tough whilst also trying to elimininate my debt so this may be the extent of my overseas travel for this year. If I have another holiday this year I will most likely be staying in Ireland. 2 years ago

Mr_Accountant 2 years ago

Mr_Accountant5th January 2012

The first thing I needed to do was to update my CV, this is now done. I already know what kind of job I am looking for. I have contacted the recruitment consultants and have a meeting 8:30 Monday morning. The next thing to do is to get in the right frame of mind for interviews etc and to start preparing for questions that I might be asked. Wish me luck! :) 2 years ago

Mr_AccountantDay 1

I had done quite well with this target up until Christmas and had lost 12 pounds by cutting back on my carbs and playing football twice a week. Over the Christmas period I gained around 5 pounds of the 12 I had lost. I’m not too hung up on this as I enjoyed myself :) As of today I still have 13 pounds to lose and want to do this by the end of March. 2 years ago

Mr_AccountantThings I like

In terms of books I really enjoyed Great Expectations, 1984, Brave New World and The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt. I don’t think I have a specific favourite genre. I just really enjoy books that make you think or books about inspirational people. What is your favourite book? P.S congratulations on the new arrival :) 2 years ago

Mr_Accountant3rd January 2012

I am setting myself a target of reading 20 books for 2012 and will keep track of my progress on here. When I think about it, if I read 20 books a year for the next 50 years that would still only be 1000 books out of the millions that have been written, so I want to make sure that I read nothing but the best books out there! I would appreciate any recommendations :) 2 years ago

Mr_Accountant 2 years ago

Mr_Accountant 2 years ago

Mr_Accountant 2 years ago

Mr_Accountant 2 years ago

Mr_Accountant26th December 2011

I had been negotiating in principal a pay rise and promotion at work which I fully expected to be approved for January. However the board of directors at the company have rejected all pay rises in 2012 and have also refused to to pay bonuses due to employees. I would be able to understand their position if the company were losing money, however, in the last 2 years the company has grown significantly and is now doing very well and making a significant profit. This is like a kick in the teeth for people like myself that have put in hours and hours of overtime for which I do not get paid. In order to earn more money I will now have to find a new job and will start looking from January. Wish me luck! 2 years ago

Mr_Accountant26th December 2011

This is the area of my life that I really need to focus on next year. I am naturally reserved and introverted and a little shy around new people so have always found making new friends difficult. As well as this, I moved from the UK to Ireland several years ago so most of my friends are in a different country now. 2 years ago

Mr_Accountant26th December 2011

I started this process in March 2010 when I realised that my levels of credit card debt were unsustainable. I took out 2 three year loans and used the money to clear off my credit cards. I then closed all but one of the credit card accounts and reduced the credit limit on my remaining card to 1000 euros. I should be virtually debt free by March 2013, excluding my mortage of course. Having to adjust my lifestyle and limit my spending has been really tough at times, some months I have had very little disposable income and so have not always been able to buy what I want or go out at the weekends. I can’t wait until my debts are cleared so that I can start enjoying a comfortable and debt free standard of living. 2 years ago


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