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Nathan Coppedge

Aspiring philosophers should read The Dimensional Philosophers Toolkit

Recent entries from Nathan Coppedge
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Nathan CoppedgeFor those Interested in Building Over-Unity

Simple instructions for the simplest over-unity device (non-electronic, perhaps a recent discovery): 12 months ago

Nathan CoppedgeMy next goal is

to find a few collectors who are willing to visit my art gallery.

“The Dimensional”
occupies my living room and entranceway.

Dozens of Hyper-Cubic works.

Visit if you have an interest in this type of work.

New Haven, CT

93 Orange St. Suite 503


Phone (203) 285-4102

Be one of the only visitors to see Nathan’s art collection. 13 months ago

Nathan CoppedgeI have numerous collections of quotes

It’s hard to tell when I began.

But I still suspect that I will gradually return to recording these on paper. But not right now—-!

Right now it’s up in the ether! 15 months ago

Nathan CoppedgePretty good

thanks. 16 months ago

Nathan CoppedgeFor the past several years I've been a writer

I write self-published books.

My interest in reading has been less pronounced.

I guess I do read. I’ve been buying books from Amazon. But it doesn’t feel like reading.

I haven’t been reading novels much.

I want to find a good book. Even if I have to write it myself.

That’s what I call “reading”. 16 months ago

Nathan Coppedge 16 months ago

Nathan CoppedgeWell

Book sales are continuing in spits and starts.

Some months I have not sold any books.

Some months I sell two.

I’d like to do better.

Advertising literature is usually overpriced. I really feel that I deserve a real audience, in spite of the fears that audiences usually bring up in people. There should be a standard of relation if there is no middle ground between success and failure.

I’m tired of selling books to medical nurses and my parents. Of course, if you happen to be a nurse, I do recommend buying one of my books. They’re worth reading, especially if you don’t like trashy novels. 19 months ago

Nathan CoppedgeI was productive on miniature artworks during the year of 2003.

The process has continued recently. In Summer 2012 – Spring 2013 I created nearly 100 24”H X 36”V digitally composed works which can be printed on canvas. They are in the astounding Hyper-Cubist style, combining the styles of the abstract expressionists and M.C. Escher. One of the works resembles the work of Jackson Pollock. Many others are equally ornate, and there are hints of both extensions of Cubism (Picasso, Chagall, Juan de Gris, and Joan Miro), and op-artistic qualities. One of my inspirations is the Vorticist art movement, which included the British-African artist Winslow Homer, who actually worked around the time(s) of Picasso.

My gallery is visible at . I have been advertising, but no sales yet. 80 favorites though. 19 months ago

Nathan Coppedge 19 months ago

Nathan CoppedgeSome while ago

I had an encounter with a girl named Colleen in a park.

We met at Starbucks and then walked over to another cafe and hung out.

It fulfilled a childhood impulse, since I had thought years before that I would be attracted to a Colleen, although I didn’t find the Colleen I knew in elementary school attractive. I didn’t like her family and she seemed too chubby.

My first attraction to grown women occurred in fourth grade. I was listening to a song about a drunk woman who tripped to a door, and I found myself very mentally aroused. Perhaps I was being telepathic with some of the grown men in the room during the performance.

At least Colleen gives me hope that my hormones mean something.

But she had a smoking habit which was a major turn-off.

And judging by her body type most people would think she deserves better than myself. I’m not very macho or outgoing. And my mother says I look like a woman when I take off my clothes. I’m not likely to find a romantic partner who thinks that’s a turn on.

So there’s writing and artwork which seem appealing. At least Colleen was something from the clothed vantage point (adding self-inflection self-inflictively).

She actually drove in a car alone to see me. That’s something, from my point of view. 23 months ago

Nathan CoppedgeMy two new book projects

received a special deal return policy. It may be possible to find my books in bookstores, even thought they are self-published. Cross your fingers.

Philosophers and psychologists may be interested in the two forthcoming titles:

The Dimensional Philosopher’s Toolkit, or Essential Criticism (2013),

Creeping Cadence and Cadence Continues: Poetry in the Life of a Schizophrenic (2013) 23 months ago

Nathan CoppedgeTry, try again at life

Ameliorgams, fast lifes
traveling away
prose paths, pruned wildly
dare roses Plaths
jickard crosses carry Mandilbrots 2 years ago

Nathan CoppedgeThe (Secret) List...

Popular and therefore valuable as links, as any webmaster would know (in no particular order): 200 completed goals ~naturalist
I had been thinking of waking up laughing sometime earlier…
so much of the artwork indicates a grasp of life’s secrets virtue-oriented 780 things done

Somewhat interesting or just less popular: what caught my interest was the interest in “biomechanics”. The strange book H.R. Giger’s Biomechanics made a big impression on me for its inclusion of Foley’s metaphysical artwork conquer fear of lightning
cicadas are amazing ambiential machines 7 years ago

Nathan CoppedgeOn Twitter

I’ve been encouraged that others are interested in art and writing.

Consequently I’ve made small strides towards promoting my book and artwork.

In an unrelated story, someone showed up at the cafe where I’m having my recent exhibit, and decided to buy one or two artworks. So that’s progress compared to selling work to my family.

My next book, The Dimensional Philosopher’s Toolkit, is expected to have a wider audience than my first book, because it’s easier to promote a book that resembles a previously existing title.

Anyway, in the Twitter department I’ve found ways to write about Zen and Economics in the context of irrationalism, leading to a new style of inspiration which I hope will catch on.

Not everyone knows that these quotes are from me, since I don’t always list my name. But all the quotes on Twitter under my profile that don’t have a source listed come from my head. At least until you find an earlier source. And I’m not at all clear who it would be.

Anyway, meaning has always been a thing for me. For example, recently I listed a weblink on my blog sidebar for combating depression (I don’t have depression, but I feel it is because I developed a principle against it emerging for me. I have been offered anti-depressants before, but actually escaped only because I hid it in my cheek when I was taking a meal. Later I lucked out and they asked me personally what medications I was taking, so there was no referral which got me involved in a second product. I’m not suicidal, so I recommend any professionals reading this will take the claim seriously when someone genuinely doesn’t exhibit suicidal symptoms. They probably aren’t suicidal. They probably have a will to live. And its not like that’s the only thing that would prevent them from committing suicide in real life. Even popsicles and shit can be reassuring). 2 years ago

Nathan Coppedge 2 years ago

Nathan CoppedgeDimensionism

There is evidence of this in my forthcoming book, The Dimensional Philosopher’s Toolkit,

My blog at

And on Facebook:

I encourage those interested to “like” the facebook page on dimensionism. Also, it comes up quickly in the search, so its easy to refer to later. Thanks! 2 years ago

Nathan Coppedge 2 years ago

Nathan Coppedge 2 years ago

Nathan Coppedge1-Page-Classics

is worth buying. Read the description. It’s a work of philosophy. 2 years ago

Nathan Coppedge 2 years ago

Nathan CoppedgeWhat I thought to be flawless philosophical rhetoric against war 2 years ago

Nathan Coppedge 2 years ago

Nathan CoppedgeSee for example, my blog entries in Oct. 14th 2012

Related to a theory of perpetual motion obviously. 2 years ago

Nathan CoppedgeI plan to publish a book titled The Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit

perhaps it will lead to teaching. But I feel wary. 2 years ago

Nathan Coppedge 2 years ago

Nathan CoppedgeNews about my art exhibit

on my blog:

and other samples at my non-commercial gallery: 2 years ago

Nathan CoppedgeMy book

The Dimensional Philosopher’s Toolkit, is due out in early 2013. 2 years ago

Nathan Coppedge 2 years ago

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