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Noraihan Salleh Hudin

was told that she's fat.

Recent entries from Noraihan Salleh Hudin
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Noraihan Salleh Hudinhow to find myself a boyfriend

first off, i must stop shying away too much. 3 years ago

Noraihan Salleh HudinUntitled

tampal L la..dah nama pun learner :p kalau dah bole tampal P alangkah bahagianya! 3 years ago

Noraihan Salleh HudinUntitled

bole message ke kat sini? maybe sebab login pakai facebook punya account kot (ada kena mengena ke?) 3 years ago

Noraihan Salleh HudinPre-Learner course: done!

now im waiting for my learner’s license application to be processed. when it’s done, i can go on to actual driving lessons. which i cannot wait because im dyin to cross this one goal off the list. 3 years ago

Noraihan Salleh HudinUntitled

tak boleh panggil physicist la. sebab minggu lepas ada student dtg nak tanya kinematics, pastu tak dapat jawab sebab dah lupa. maluuu gilaaaa!!!

owh paham2. tgk how i met your mother terus paham hahaha.

anyway selamat berpuasa gak. pakcik murtabak n kuey teow goreng kata puasa2 ni die tak buat delivery :p 3 years ago

Noraihan Salleh Hudinlet the searching begins

when i was small, i thought i wanted to be a fire-fighter. then i grew some and wanted to become a computer programmer. and i grew some more and wanted to become a creative writer. and then i went to university and i thought a career as a physicist might suit me perfectly. and then i further my studies and i thought it’s best to become an academician. now i am a lecturer, and i am happy. but not happy enough to stop myself from thinking: am i on the right track? is this what i really want?

it might never end, but i will never stop searching myself. 3 years ago

Noraihan Salleh Hudin 3 years ago

Noraihan Salleh Hudinquestion

encik, jumping the grenade tu apa? lg satu, wingman tu apa pulak? english berhabuk kat sini heheh.. 3 years ago

Noraihan Salleh Hudinsome of the people i know

are happy to dump all their work on me. they are making me unhappy. 3 years ago

Noraihan Salleh HudinUntitled

sometimes i just want to act like a child. other times i’m acting too old for my age. most of the time i just want to do what i feel like doing, like laugh out loud and run towards the sunset. ok that may be too cheesy. anyways. i just want someone who would want to do that with me. someone who would not be ashamed of me. one person that would not judge me, and never ask me to change the way i am. and that, i know, is a little too much to ask. because i know it’s hard to accept people the way they are. 3 years ago

Noraihan Salleh HudinUntitled

someone said to me the other day that to be happy is all about acceptence. it’s true. i feel better accepting things about myself, like how i’m not good at cookings or gardening or housekeeping or other girls’ things. and now i’m trying to accept other people and my surroundings and stop being too frustrated when things dont go the way i want them to. i’m the kind who often thinks too much, and i’m not going to change that, but i’m sure there’s a way to put that to good use. or at least dont let it ruin my fun in life. 3 years ago

Noraihan Salleh Hudinthe hardest thing is

to convince myself that i can do it. not sure who said it, but here’s a quote that suite my situation perfectly:

“there’s nothing to fear but fear itself. ” 3 years ago

Noraihan Salleh Hudinsorry for the late reply

i just noticed your comment, well the downside of this site is that it doesnt send a notification when a comment is sent to one’s post. anyway i have always wanted to visit the Taj. i never had a boyfriend nor ever felt romantically loved before. to visit Taj is like a reminder for me that true love did exist, and i can hope that it still does exist for me. and i am very much amazed by the story behind it, not the love story alone, but also the effort put to build such a beautiful, amazing architecture and maintaining it.

Taj is a wonder. and i cannot wait to see it myself and enjoy that experience that i know i would never forget for the rest of my life. thanks for your comment. though i’m not planning to do it in nearer future, i would definitely not back down from this goal :) 3 years ago

Noraihan Salleh Hudingetting there

this one can only be done once i finish taking driving lesson and pass the driving test. i already have a car in mind, but i’m not going to tell. i just spent a full grand and some on a gold anklet, so i guess i have to save more of my salary for the downpayment of the car. not sure how much should i pay, but the more the better because i dont want the monthly payment to be burdensome. 3 years ago

Noraihan Salleh Hudinsecond phase

now that i passed the drivers’ education curriculum test, i am holding learning drivers’ license. but still i cannot learn how to drive before sitting for a 6 hours pre-learning course, which i dont plan to go to this weekend because i am really looking forward for my very much needed rest. next week, i guess. after that i can start driving (with the instructor beside me) and cross this one goal off the list. cannot wait for that to happen. 3 years ago

Noraihan Salleh Hudinthe needed getaway

i really want to do this. feels like i cannot wait. i need to get away from here for a while and i dont think i care anymore if no one is going with me. 3 years ago

Noraihan Salleh HudinUntitled

i guess you’re right. thanks. 3 years ago

Noraihan Salleh Hudinsecond thought

i’m not sure how i’m going to do this one. this one is too subjective. i mean, one minute i am happy, the next i may be not. how do i measure my happiness? when will i be unconditionally happy? i dont know and i may never know the answer. then how am i suppose to cross this one out when i dont even know what am i pursuing?

looks like this one goal is not helping me become happy. perhaps i will be happy without trying too hard. i should just take life one day at a time, and stop thinking too much about what makes me happy and what not. i am considering to delete this one, as it is not only making me feel worse, it also makes me confused as to know how to measure my happiness. 3 years ago

Noraihan Salleh HudinUntitled

roti telur? now that’s so classic sekarang dah ada macam2 roti; roti pisang, roti bom, roti bawang, roti cheese, roti tisu :D

oh australia day i’m going to add visit australia as a goal..but not before i at least train-travel across peninsular malaysia..putting too much goals make them see impossible to do..

if you really want to come back to malaysia, make it as your personal challenge. my personal challenge right now is to get my driver’s license. if i fail, i’m going to pay my dad for his service. soooo not going to happen! hahah.

Noraihan Salleh Hudintoday

i attended the road safety talk, first step towards getting my learner’s license. i’m liking the progress. i even met a new friend, Rin, who is a cross-dressing makeup artist. and he’s ten times prettier than me. hahah. we agreed to sit for the computerized test in two weeks. 3 years ago

Noraihan Salleh Hudinno more fever

..but down with flu.. 3 years ago

Noraihan Salleh Hudini have been down with fever

..for 3 days now. two times i intended to see a doctor about my fever. but i chickened out every time. today i’m going to the clinic because i cannot afford not getting well for the rest of the week. i got many other things to do - classes to teach, notes to write, exercises to complete, assignments to grade - than to feel sick and self-pity like this.

i am not afraid of doctor. i am just not comfortable when they start asking questions about pleghm, pee and poop. 3 years ago

Noraihan Salleh Hudinthe main question is

..who would want to go with me? 3 years ago

Noraihan Salleh HudinUntitled

i’m a malaysian :)

Noraihan Salleh Hudinwell..

i dont even know where to start. 3 years ago

Noraihan Salleh Hudini registered a driving school on saturday. will be seating for road safety class next sunday. i’m going to cross this one off as done once i get my first driving lesson. after that, my focus is to cross off my other thing on the list: get a driver’s license. 3 years ago

Noraihan Salleh HudinUntitled

mehhh..local ke?? punya la beria promote langkawi… :p

Noraihan Salleh Hudinmy plan for today

im goinh to buy myself a mattress today. then i’ll scrub my floor and rearrange some stuff and lie out a carpet to cover the cold tiles. and i’ll throw away everything i dont need. and hang a face mirror on the wall. 3 years ago

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