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Morning SongTake control of my thoughts

I tried hard to manage my time, my finances, my career, my relationships, my health, my home. Why not spend some time to focus on my thoughts? After all, my thoughts determines my destiny. 6 months ago

Morning SongPrayer

I’m not sure how to work on this goal, since many factors are not in my control. I will start with prayer – hoping that this employer will extend me a long term contract. 9 months ago

Morning Songcalories count software

Installed one on my iphone. Hope it helps me to watch what I eat. 9 months ago

Morning Song

Morning SongMay 27, 2013

Sleep!! 10 months ago

Morning Songdaily veggies

They help keep depression away. I am prone to clinical depression, then one day I found a simple cure – 3 servings of romaine lettuce daily and the sadness stays away. 10 months ago

Morning SongPrayer

It’s funny. I’d never thought that prayer is my most effective self defense tool, but it is. 10 months ago

Morning Song

Morning Songreturning to this goal

This one requires constant effort. It seems that the older I get, the more difficulties I face. My faith is being tested, and stretched. I have to learn to trust God in every situation. It’s tough, tough, tough. 18 months ago

Morning SongIt's a boomerang

What I give to others have a way of coming back to me. It does not matter if the other person is nice to me. It does not matter if the other person understood my intentions correctly. It does not matter if the other person is a friend or enemy. What I give to others in sincerity has a way of coming back to me.

When I gave a compliment to Lisa, others sincerely complimented me even though Lisa misunderstood.
When I backed out on a job so that Kylie could keep hers, Lawrence did the same for me even though Kylie did not appreciate me. 18 months ago

Morning Songtreating myself well

Maintaing healthy weight is all about self care. If I just focus on the belly, I will fail. If I focus on the whole person, my body will automatically be restored to its ideal weight as a result. 19 months ago

Morning Songtough, tough, tough

It’s so hard to keep the weight off. All it takes is a little slacking off to gain it all back. Have to resolve to make a total life style/diet change forever. 19 months ago

Morning SongYou do not look 50

You look great in the photo. I would guessed that you are 40. 19 months ago

Morning Songswimming

It does not help me to drop weight, but it converts fats into muscles. 21 months ago

Morning Song

Morning SongHealthy weight: 06/17/2012

Start a food log 22 months ago

Morning SongGood for you

I wish it could be a piece of cake for me. I am still struggling with this goal. 22 months ago

Morning Songdevelop a daily exercise plan

Monday, Wednesday, Friday:
Walk after work. Strength train at home in evening.

Tuesday, Thursday:
Walk after work. Zumba at home in evening.

Saturday, Sunday:
Walk in the morning. Yoga at home in evening. 23 months ago

Morning Song 23 months ago

Morning Song 5 years ago

Morning Songrestarting this goal

I had to change my job in the beginning of the year and got distracted from this goal. Now I have to restart ;( 23 months ago

Morning Song5/15/2012

A walk after work to de-stress.
Zumba 23 months ago

Morning Songhappiness journal: 4/3/2012, Tuesday

A walk outside in beautiful sunset.
Yoga before bed time. 2 years ago

Morning Songhappiness journal: 1/18/2012, Wednesday

A walk in the nice weather in mid January :)
Singing 2 years ago

Morning Songday 4

check 2 years ago

Morning Songday 1

check 2 years ago

Morning SongHealthy habits:

1. No caffeine, no refined sugar, no greasy food.
2. Eat mostly organic vegetables and fruits.
3. Drink plenty of water (2 liters a day).
4. Eat an apple or other fruit for dinner.
5. Exercise daily.
6. Sleep 8 – 4. 2 years ago

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