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She and I both share the same transendental dream where we own a boat and miss out on the entire fasad. 3 years ago

OscoNoxhitting some switchez with my bitchez

There is a cliché in West Coast RAP out of the Old School, when rapper’s 64 Impalas are kitted up on hydraulic suspensions, they Hit tha switches.
The reason why I would like to complete this is I think I would be a real ass thing to do. Me, coming from a history of freestyle rapping with a bunch of amateurs. We are all rhyming off the top of the head. The depth of the thought process of these cats comes out after they get all of their compositions out of the way. Then they start to reach for some bull shit like hitting the switchez with their bitchez. And in my mind I’m all like, “you can’t rap about something you have never done.” But I can’t pass my standards off on a another man, so I just make a mental note to myself to never rap about some experiences I haven’t lived.
Rolling a six four on switches is pimp. Man, that is the ideal image of an early 90’s West Coast G. The chapter we O.G.’z aspire to be like. If you own a Chevy on Daytons and Vogues, you hot. You already know.
How could I not rap about that? I’ll bet a dub it would be the realist rapping in the spot. And if there were bitchez involved? Well then I guess I just got back from hitting the switches with my bitches. 2 years ago


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