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Recent entries from OtterGirl537
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I’ve added the October rides to my things and think we should strive for something like France or Germany. Especially if we have 2 or 3 more people joining.

You have to change the name individually. 14 months ago


For getting up for a run with KtL this morning.

For a Skype chat with G.

For friends checking in.

For my safety and the safety of my friends after the excitement this afternoon in DC.

For Leffe ale. 14 months ago

OtterGirl537Five Breeds of Herding Dogs

1) Australian Shepard
2) Border Collie
3) Australian Cattle Dog
4) German Shepard
5) Old English Sheepdog

Name 5 American TV shows that are remakes of shows from other countries. 14 months ago


For still being able to care for myself.

For having a job.

For friends who touch base with me.

For Malcolm Gladwell finally publishing a new book, David and Goliath.

For hearing from EH and KtL about running and not feeling so abandoned anymore.

For Vienna Lager which is tasty. 14 months ago


You’re welcome. 14 months ago

OtterGirl537Two Important Phrases

at least for me

Me gusta el café.
Me gusta el chocolate.

Not so hard or different from English, but now I can say them in Spanish as well. 14 months ago


Good luck! 14 months ago

OtterGirl537How About Madagascar?

Our total right now is at 321.5 miles (or 517 km). Countries we could have ridden across include Chile and Madagascar. Either would be cool, with Chile being very mountainous and Madagascar being an island. What say you, team? 14 months ago

OtterGirl537Is there

any room to negotiate the base salary? If you could a get a salary closer to what you need to cover your basic living expenses, would you feel more comfortable about it?

I definitely understand about the uncertainty. It’s scary. To me though, it sounds like you really want this job. And I have a feeling once you get it, you’ll do great and the salary concerns will melt away. 14 months ago

OtterGirl537What Are Your Reservations?

You seemed pretty excited about getting this job. What changed your mind? 14 months ago


For a nice bit of extra sleep this morning.

For my NY Yankees mink blanket from Korea.

For coffee.

For having B to confide in.

For giving myself a break and not forcing myself out tonight. 14 months ago

OtterGirl537What's Actually Next?

I’m getting good at doing the little thing, but I’m still getting overwhelmed by the more significant stuff in my life. I think I’m just tired of taking care of myself. The whole if-I-don’t-do-it-there’s-no one-else-to-get-it-done life… well, there are just days I don’t want it to be all my responsibility. I haven’t applied for a single job in over a month, probably closer to 6 weeks even though there have been good opportunities. I haven’t done anything with the Master’s thesis. I’m even struggling with the new job a little because I’m working from home. I have the time to do all these things. I play games on the computer and read every day. I spend time with friends. And I know I need to do these things too so I have happy, positive things in my life.

The problem is that I don’t know how to make the situation better. There’s nobody who is ready to step in and lift the load right now. Not even close. Which means another thing for which I have to be responsible: finding that person who will make my life easier by loving and caring for me. That takes work as well—dating sites, e-mails, phone calls, dates.

I just don’t want to go over into the abyss. I know it’ll be much harder to put myself back together if I let myself go totally. So how do I keep that from happening? 14 months ago


For waking early enough to go on my run.

For the beautiful sunrise with clouds streaked with orange against the brilliant blue sky.

For a yummy breakfast of yogurt with the fresh raspberries.

For being productive and confident for most of the day.

For a nice dinner at the Belga with Mk. 14 months ago

OtterGirl537What's The Worst

that can happen? One of the coping technique I’ve learned over the years is to write out what is actually the worst case scenario and then how you might handle that. Generally, I’ve found the worst doesn’t happen and I’m better prepared for what does. 14 months ago


I’m not sure it made any difference, other than I didn’t drink the coffee quite so quickly. I’ve started putting it my coffee again because it’s a treat that means I can have other sweet things. I’ll think on what it means long term. 14 months ago

OtterGirl537 15 months ago

OtterGirl537National Coffee Day

For waking with the alarm again.

For B having spare warm clothes so I didn’t freeze on the ride (12 degrees outside!)

For the hot shower after the ride.

For an afternoon with Sa, eating Mexican food, drinking Margaritas, window shopping, and actually finding things we needed.

For the new plum-colored sweater I found at the Limited.

For the sweet note from G, saying he looked for me on Skype (especially because we hadn’t scheduled it) and that he misses me. 14 months ago

OtterGirl537Last Miles of September

22 Sept – 22 miles
27 Sept – 16 miles
29 Sept – 28 miles

Total for September: 140 miles! 14 months ago

OtterGirl537Week 39 of 2013

Got in a run, an elliptical workout and 2 bike rides. This month has been good overall as well and I’m enjoying the mental wellness that is coming along with it.

Run 1 – 229 Cal/2 miles

Elliptical 1 – 368 Cal/3.19 miles

Bike 1 – 938 Cal/15.84 miles
Bike 2 – 2037 Cal/27.63 miles

Total – 3572 Cal14 months ago

OtterGirl53729 September

1. What did I learn/remember last week? That I’ve come a long way and am actually doing well.

2. What was my greatest accomplishment over the past week? Sticking to my schedule as well as I’ve ever done.

3. Which moment from last week was the most memorable and why? It was a very memorable week, but I think that getting puked on while riding home on the metro takes the cake. Really, what would top that?

4.What’s the #1 thing I need to accomplish this week? Get my projects going.

5. What can I do right now to make the week less stressful? Eat healthfully and then go to bed early.

6. What have I struggled with in the past that might also affect the upcoming week? The anxiety that overcomes me when I have events and I have events this week.

7. What did I spend the most time on last week? Was that good or bad? Learning my new job and setting up my new phone. Both good things.

8. Am I carrying any excess baggage into the week that can be dropped? Concerns about not being successful and doing things the right way.

9. What have I been avoiding that needs to get done? Thesis. Job hunting.

10. What opportunities are still on the table? Two networking events, helping PPMW with some VA election call banks, a Rosetta Stone group session, a winery tour with Mi on Saturday, hanging out with B and family on the weekend.

11. Is there anyone I’ve been meaning to talk to? Need to call Cy and Ct. Touch base with AK, KL, and KT.

12. Is there anyone that deserves a big ‘thank you’? B for listening and always being there.

13.How can I help someone else this coming week? I have a quiet week so I’ll focus on helping myself.

14. What are my top 3 goals for the next 3 months?
#1 – Find a full time job in DC.
#2 – Complete my MSA capstone project.
#3 – Complete the Connect with Anyone program.

15. Have any of my recent actions moved me closer to my goals?
#1 – I have a part time, temp job that will help me cover costs till at least the end of October
#2 – No
#3 – Because the Insanity program wasn’t working, I’ve removed it. Also in this time, I’ve started with the Connect with Anyone program to help me make more meaningful relationships.

16. What’s the next step for each goal?
#1 – Apply for jobs. Start networking again.
#2 – Outline, research, time lines.
#3 – Complete weeks 1 and 2 and start week 3.

17. What am I looking forward to during the upcoming week? The winery tour on Saturday. Spending more time with B and his family.

18. What are my fears? Failing at everything…

19. For what am I most grateful? For all the wonderful things that make up my life.

20. What can I do to make life more beautiful today? Send wonderful warm thoughts to all those about whom I care. 14 months ago


For still waking on time to do clinic escort duty this morning evening after not being able to sleep half the night.

For G listening and for saying the things I needed to hear to ground me.

For good conversation and lots of them you’s from passers-by in front of the clinic.

For a dark chocolate turtle mocha.

For fresh raspberries and Bartlett pears at the market today.

For my first party check in the mail!

For good baseball movies, For Love of the Game and Field of Dreams. 14 months ago


Feel better. 14 months ago

OtterGirl53727.9.13 (Early Edition)

Crappiness is threatening to undo all the other good of the day so I thought I’d do an early edition before that happened.

For waking with the alarm.

For a big breakfast and coffee before the morning ride.

For no traffic getting to Hains Point.

For the new pedals and a good test ride before Sunday’s long ride.

For figuring out that the left shoe clip needs adjusting.

For getting thru my To Do list on schedule.

For a nice lunch with my new CEO at a Lebanese place.

For lebnah. Yum!

For the woman with the handy wipes and the other woman with the hand sanitizer so that I didn’t have to ride the metro home covered in a random dude’s vomit.

For remembering to take my Ritalin prescription in today. 14 months ago


For another wonderfully cool autumn day.

For meeting KH and JW today and talking about my new role as DC chapter director.

For the tasty French Dip and fruit bowl at Old Ebbitts.

For being able to use my phone in more places now that it’s a ‘real’ phone.

For getting off my butt and working out today and planning better work outs for the future.

For new episodes (yes, 2 of them!) of The Big Bang Theory!!!

For a cool thought on a job from Ct. 14 months ago

OtterGirl537It's Always Nice

to hear how you’re appreciated. Glad you had a nice night with the parents. 15 months ago


For more lovely fall weather.

For finally replacing the old phone with a new Samsung Galaxy S4. Yay for a new and fully functional phone.

For making plans with Sa for Sunday.

For yummy caprese salad for dinner.

For delicious Vienna Lager (KT’s gift to me). 15 months ago


For giving myself the extra lie in time this morning as a final birthday gift.

For the chill in the apartment that greeted me on waking.

For not having to run the air conditioner all day.

For taking care of all the key things early.

For touching base with all the people I’ve been needing to talk to of late.

For feeling put together and on top of things of late. 15 months ago


For waking early enough to get to the planned run at Lincoln Park through VA morning commuter traffic!

For doing the run anyway even though EH wasn’t there.

For the Skype call with G.

For taking care of all my job related stuff early.

For an afternoon nap.

For the call from my parents to wish me Happy Birthday.

For all the notes from all my friends on Facebook. 15 months ago

OtterGirl537Week 38 of 2013

Did well last week: 2 runs and a long bike ride.

Run 1 – 187 Cal/2 miles
Run 2 – 332 Cal/3 miles

Bike 1 – 1,101 Cal/23 miles

Total – 1,620 Cal15 months ago

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