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PinkAmaryllisNice words

Friends have been encouraging and telling me I am a great employee, and just to keep looking for work. 2 months ago


Not easy to review a budget without any money coming in. Just trying to be a frugal as possible to eke out the savings. 2 months ago

PinkAmaryllisOn hold

Due to unemployment :( 2 months ago

PinkAmaryllisRest in Peace

The wee fellow just keep losing weight although looking bright. Then got a respiratory infection which the vet treated with antibiotics but no time for them to work. The vet thinks there must have been sometime else going on internally. Dear little hedge. 2 months ago

PinkAmaryllisThe New Pope - humility, grace, tolerance 2 months ago

PinkAmaryllisValerie Davies - grace under fire, dignity and self knowledge 2 months ago

PinkAmaryllisDancing and my favourite music tracks

Great fun and better still free! 2 months ago


Waitangi the hedgehog arrived on Waitangi Day…under the weather and smelly and mangey. Bathed, relieved of ummm….’passengers’, feed, watered and tucked up safe and sound. Is making good progress. Vet treatment for the mange. Very cute. 2 months ago


It is time consuming alright…but have an interview on Monday so fingers crossed! 2 months ago


Very happy though it was not as easy as expected. Not addictive just a few ‘withdrawal symptoms’ which made me abit light headed for a few days. 2 months ago

PinkAmaryllisI agree!

It takes heaps of time – not sure if its worth it if time is a problem. For me, at the moment, I am ‘between jobs’ and the extra cash is helping alittle. 2 months ago

PinkAmaryllisGoals for tomorrow

  • Ring doctor to get a green prescription and diet support
  • Clear table so eating at the table is an attractive option
  • Continue to drink bottled water
  • Buy some good grain bread from the supermarket
  • Eat breakfast even if it kills me 2 months ago

PinkAmaryllisonce again, from the beginning

I really need to get my weight down and my fitness up. This is a huge issue for me (scuse the pun).

Reasons I want to lose weight (written down to remind me when my moral fibre grows weak)

1. To look better and feel better about myself
2. To feel comfortable in my body
3. To feel better when people take photographs of me
4. To ensure I don’t miss out on work opportunities by looking too big
5. To have a wider selection of clothes to choose from when shopping
6. To weigh less than my boyfriend (that’s an embarrassing one)
7. To have more energy
8. To show myself that I can do self denial.
9. To avoid heart disease, stroke etc – yes, yes…this should be at the top of the list, but its not.
10. I will leave this blank…but come up with something soon

Reasons to get fit
1. To help lose weight
2. To see if I can get back into dance
3. To be fit enough to handle what life throws at me. 2 months ago

PinkAmaryllisApplication sent....

I have applied for about 15 jobs so far…no luck. Maybe lucky 16th? Its an interesting one. 2 months ago

PinkAmaryllisMy partner said....

he loved me. This means a heck of a lot because he very seldom says things like that. 2 months ago

PinkAmaryllisMy mum said....

I am a very encouraging person. 2 months ago

PinkAmaryllisSomeone said....

I had a good work reputation around town. Yay! 2 months ago

PinkAmaryllis 2 months ago

PinkAmaryllisMaking progress

Selling excess stuff on Trademe. Its a timeconsuming project though. 2 months ago

PinkAmaryllisFind the Guinea Pigs a big outdoor enclosure...

so they can exercise in style 2 months ago

PinkAmaryllisMe too!

Big pile awaiting my attention 2 months ago

PinkAmaryllisAdvice from the experts

Keep applying for advertised jobs
Approach potential employers
Mirror the application criteria in the application
Reformat a few bits of the CV
Upskill computing skills 2 months ago

PinkAmaryllisFirst entries

I remember complimenting a friend on her community work today. And I told my Mum she looked very nice in the outfit she was wearing. I also said some nice things about how hard my partner works…but that was to someone outside his hearing, so I don’t know if that counts.

And yesterday someone (a volunteer) said to me that she thought I was a very nice person to work for. 3 months ago

PinkAmaryllisDid it hurt?

I mean, not just at the time…did you have sore muscles the day after.


I am an ‘over-breather’ an over achiever but not.

Swimming did not seem to help.

I think taking my asthma meds regularly would – but that gives me a very sore throat even when I rinse my mouth out.

I will continue to try and find a solution. 3 months ago

PinkAmaryllis 19 months ago

PinkAmaryllisPlant some trees

Lucerne, poplar and birch. 3 months ago

PinkAmaryllisFind a microscope

x 100 and x 400 3 months ago

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