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is wishing all a wonderful 2012!

Recent entries from Purplenails
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Have not followed through on this at all. As I am meant to be dedicating the next year of my life (or more) starting Jan 2013 – I’m doing a Screenwriting course- I really need to make this a habit.

A page a day isn’t hard. It’s more the juggling nature of it all.
The screenplay to read shouldn’t be that hard either. And I have been reading screenplays here and there (not consistently though.)
I have definitely been seeing movies! And watching them in the cinema, only problem now is I need to save all the pennies (for the abovementioned course) so not sure how I’m going to be going to the cinema every week.
And then on top of that I have to be stacking projects (14 hours a week.)

This is a lot to do all at once. A page a day seems to be the place to start. And reading a screenplay a week shouldn’t be that hard. 2 years ago

Purplenails21 FAILS

So I entered two script competitions, both which I FAILED (one claimed there would be feedback- so far nothing)
I re-re-entered the travel competition, and heard nothing FAIL
I tried Script Frenzy again and didn’t manage to complete it (FAIL) 2 years ago

Purplenails 2 years ago

Purplenails 9 years ago


1) clear my floor!
2) do some ironing! ( a lot of ironing- have no wearable clothes)
3) re-write my CV piece by piece
4) find a career’s counsellor
5) book my Pass Plus course
6) organise and charge ipod
7) get a bra fitting
8) pay cheques in!
9) organise my desk
10) re-organise folders 2 years ago

PurplenailsWell since the 27th

-attended contact lens appointment (and booked another)
-had my hair cut
-got my boots back (re-soled) and got some others fixed
-bought eye drops, glasses protection kit and toothpaste for trip
-Booked a hotel for a future trip
-booked several modes of travel and paid for the tickets, just booked train travel for like 3 weeks in advance (cheap!) and v unlike me
-ordered foreign currency
-worked on my screenplay
(and currently working on clearing my floor)
I’m sort of working on clearing my desks

So lots of important things just not ones from the list… 2 years ago

PurplenailsAnother Trio (hah there's a pun in there)

The Whole Nine Yards
This is a whole lot less clever than I remember having watched it before. And really the hitman’s wife and dentist?- they love each other, having spent one night together, and him having said she was beautiful. Well that’s sounds like a good basis for a marriage. Loved Amanda Peet’s character though, and Bruce Willis was fun, the general film was fun I just didn’t like the love plot for Matthew Perry- it was a little under-developed.

Wild Things
Naughty but nice, I think I must have originally seen a cut version of this film, as the threesome was a little less risque. It was a clever film, well acted and just great cinematography, the opening where they move along the swamp (?), and later on where it just holds on the court scene and then slowly moving out, it was a pretty clever film considering the subject matter. And it had Bill Murray! But yeah motivation- are people in real life that good actors? And who loved who? Did anyone love anyone? And how did the ending work exactly? I’m sure there was a body… And well done film on having a little Kevin Bacon nudity to do something for the gender balance.
He’s in some strange films (liked him in this) but Picture Pefect? Why Bacon, why?

And finally The Opposite of Sex
I think I tried to watch this on TV nearer it’s release date and thought it was all about sex. It really isn’t. It’s a great film, although once again motivation (at least) for the lead character is off. Are her actions due to grief? (The Stepfather?)Abandonment issues (her bio dad). Fear? We hear a lot of her point of view (which is pretty brilliant) throught the narration- which I usually hate, but she was a fun character to hear from and she didn’t state the obvious or warble on. I also loved a lot of Lucia’s comments, and generally the characters’ interactions. It’s a really brilliant mesh of characters. But the spark of why DeeDee acts the way she does isn’t clear. I guess you’re meant to think it’s her family life, but that isn’t obvious from what’s shown. Or it could be that she’s just selfish and manipulative, because that’s all she’s seen. Might have to watch it again. Anyway it’s sort of not quite a black-comedy, more a murky-gray because it’s got a really sweet message in the end. 2 years ago


So I haven’t completed either of the previously mentioned positions. And my role at my current company has been informally extended. Which is good because I was getting pretty stressed- although there was a sense of freedom of ending the job, there was also a sense of doom as my previous experience of job hunting was not good and the current climate for work is (or seems) pretty bad. Also I feel slightly over-qualified for the two positions. But I need to follow through so will try and get those out by at least Monday (cross fingers.)

I downloaded the Kindle version of the 2012 What Colour’s Your Parachute? (I’ve got the paperback 2008 version which I randomly found at a Charity Shop.) Think I need to thorougly look at the way I find job-hunt.

Definitely recommend the book, although the opening is very much America-focused. I’m going to go through it and see what I need to get going on! 2 years ago

PurplenailsHair today, Gone tomorrow

Booked hair appointment, yesterday printed out CVs and tried to organise computer.

Updated the list (done some ironing but not got rid of the lot)

1) clear my floor!
2) do some ironing! ( a lot of ironing- have no wearable clothes)
3) re-write my CV piece by piece
4) find a career’s counsellor
5) book my Pass Plus course
6) organise and charge ipod
7) get a bra fitting
8) pay cheques in!
9) organise my desk
10) re-organise folders 2 years ago


Did some clearing up of my desktop and files- they need a lot of clearing up!

And yesterday I did some ironing. Need to do more, but hey. 2 years ago

PurplenailsNed til Hundene by Helle Helle

Read the fist page- inspired by looking at 100 simple things to do to prevent alzeimhers, one of the is to learn a language and also challenge your brain.

Read one page. This is doable a day. Going through the dictionary on all the words is the boring part- and there are lots of words I don’t know just from this one page. I think if I read the next page tomorrow, and then look up as many of today’s words as I can stand, then continue on again- re-read page one, and the read page two, hopefully when I get to page three I would have moved on to filling in the words for the second page. Think this should work like supermemo, tells you you should look at the word 1-3 days later depending on how much you remember, but if I keep on reviewing it till it sticks, after a certain point I should just be able to move on to another section.

I’m only doing a page, as I am awful at doing these sorts of thing, have terrible attention span and will give up on things easily. If it’s just a page I can manage it. I could perhaps do more each day, but with the number of words I listed just from one page, think I’d be forgetting about it quickly! 2 years ago

PurplenailsWorked on my CV

Don’t think it’s very good, I can’t think of interesting things to say.
The layout’s better though.
Need to print it out and see what I can add/get rid off, neet to get some other people to read it through. See what they think.

Problem is interests section :) I don’t do anything! Well screenwriting-but if you put that and you’re applying for something other than film, and lots of my previous experience is filmmaking- think they’ll wonder why I’m applying. Am members of a couple of societys but don’t do much with them, all my interests are solitary ones- so but all my previous positions aren’t so hopefully that counter balances that. 2 years ago


Today I sent my boots off to be re-soled, and printed out my screenplay.

Just sorting out the printer took forever so feel this is a suitable “inifitely” better task.

Updated list:
1) book hair appointment
2) do some ironing! ( a lot of ironing- have no wearable clothes)
3) re-write my CV piece by piece
4) find a career’s counsellor
5) book my Pass Plus course
6) buy pop socks
7) get a bra fitting
8) buy a ‘copy holder’
9) organise my desk
10) re-organise folders 2 years ago

Purplenails3 movies

Ramen Girl- starring Brittany Murphy as a girl stuck in Japan supposedly because her boyfriend left her there- although she insisted she go along with him. Then she decides she wants to become a Ramen chef, and nags the local Ramen restaurant owner to help her.
It was actually quite sweet in places, but Murphy’s character is a little odd, her friends we barely meet and her boss is pretty over-the-top. Luckily there’s a cute guy she’s interested in and the search for Ramen perfection is kind of cute too, as are the other people at the restaurant.
Verdict: It made me want to eat Ramen and cook it as well.

The Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec
I’d liked this French film, and I’d wanted to see it for a while. I guess it’s a family film, or a kids film in France, but it still appeals and works well. There’s a feisty female lead- Adele Blanc-Sec who is trying to raise her sister from a pretty serious head injury. To do so she raids a tomb in Egypt for a mummy she believes is an excellent doctor, and she prepares to have him resurrected. Meanwhile a pterodactyl has hatched from a 100 million year old egg (give or take a couple million years) and is flying round Paris causing lots of hijinks. This was a fun film, I think a French Family film rather than perhaps the fantasy-drama it’s being billed at (or I felt it was), I was most proud that I could understand a large majority of the French. I think I’d watch it again, most likely for the quick banter of the main character who’s a lot of fun, which made me quite dislike the ending, as I felt she was being punished in a way for just being her. Although she’s a well known French comic book character, so it might be that the ending was familiar to French audiences and led on to another story (here’s hoping).
Verdict: It made me want to work on my French. And get a Scottie dog. Who’s pterodactyl proof (they borrowed that from Armageddon)

And finally… View From the Top
Apparently Gwyneth Paltrow only did this film for the pay cheque, so you have to give her dues, I mean most people just doing a job for the money don’t do it with much enthusiasm (especially if they think it’s beneath them). This wasn’t too bad a “romantic-comedy” it’s got quite a nice, aiming for your dreams stick/ while also figuring out what’s important to you. And it was bright and bubble pop fun. Some not particularly nice stereotypes, and really Mike Myers what were you doing? But all in all it’s kind of sweet.
Verdict: No idea- made me want to find a job and a lovely boyfriend (who could find a lot of law firms in New York and you know relocate for my career too- but whatever) and yeah an appartment… also may be not want to have to sit through the paint by numbers ending…

(I think I’m suffering from low expectations having to sit through such shockers as Ghosts of My Girlfriend’s Past, Valentine’s Day and He’s Just Not that Into You, and Mean Bosses (or whatever that was) will do that to you.) Or maybe it’s hormonal. Who knows. On the TV front I’ve been watching lots of Dexter. So violent tendencies are being dealt with-maybe means I need to composate with soppy stuff. 2 years ago

PurplenailsDay off

Well I’ve done-5 tasks already, in 3 days, so today’s my day off.

The ink arrived-now I just need to print off my script. 2 years ago


I sorted my European Health Card (an extra task) plus did some essential ironing (an extra but well essential task).

And I’ve just renewed my travel insurance, probably completely unecessary but there all the same. 2 years ago

Purplenails 2 years ago

PurplenailsContact Lens

Appointment booked. Very easy to do, booked for next week during my lunch break.

There are lots of other bits and bobs I have to do, I feel like I should write a huge master list ( but that sort of makes me overwhelmed and I tend not to do any of them.) Will write 10 things and work on them for the next ten days! (That was easy) Will not necessairly do them in the order written :)

1) get travel insurance
2) get european health card done! whoop and v easy, being posted
3) get my boots re-soled
4) book hair appointment
5) do some ironing!
6) re-write my CV piece by piece
7) find a career’s counsellor
8) book my Pass Plus course
9) buy pop socks
10) get a bra fitting 2 years ago

PurplenailsPrinter Ink

Sorted it. It’s ordered and on it’s way.

Next task for tomorrow: book contact lens appointment!

Have had problem for ages and haven’t been using the contacts. I hate my opticians though so have been avoiding going there. Can’t do that any longer. 2 years ago

Purplenails2nd Application

Working Title’s Intern. Due date 17th of February. I’d like to get it in by the end of the week as well.

Their questions are a little harder, and you don’t have many words to convey what you mean. Also needs CV (which I need to work on) and a photo.

Fun Fun Fun 2 years ago

PurplenailsBBC Intern

I’ve begun the online application process. The deadline is the 14th of February, and I really need to get it in a lot sooner than that as

I consitently leave these applications to the last minute- which doesn’t leave a good impression.

The placement would be perfect, it’s for a month directly after my contract finishes.

Also means what I send in is hurried and not thought out as well as it could have been.

I’ve begun the process. Need to work on my “essay” questions.

Would like to be able to send it this week. 2 years ago


Is probably an overstatement hence the quotation marks- but still, these will be (most likly small) things that have been bugging me for ages and I just haven’t done anything about them- the problem then snowballs.

So very simple task to do today- buy ink cartridges for my printer. Without them I’m unable to print my script and do some proper editing (it’s easier than on the screen) nor am I able to print out job details/ideas. 2 years ago

PurplenailsMystery Men

Certainly not perfect, but a lot of fun.

Geoffrey Rush as Cassanova Frankenstein (love), the Disco Boys (brilliant) Eddie Izzard and Janeane Garofalo, plus well everybody else!

It could do with some tightening, and Garofalo’s character should have been in it more-only one female superhero and “main” character, besides bitchy waitress- who turns nice, and tough yet proud housewife. So not great female casting. But still fun.

Great lines as well. Garofalo speaking to her father’s skull welded in a bowling ball, having killed his murderer (he fell down a elevator shaft onto some bullets):
Ok now I’m going back to Graduate School. That was the agreement.

I think the skull in the bowling ball was one of the best bits of the movie. 2 years ago

PurplenailsWhile You Were Sleeping

I love this film.

And realised when I first saw it, I was visiting Denmark, and through the power of subtitles the movie taught me what doggie poopie was- although knowing now what I do about the Danish language they actually translated it to dog shit- not so pretty.

Anyway-the beginning was not as I remembered-the flashback/backstory element. But after that I can’t really fault it. Yes it’s about a desperately lonely single woman living with her cat. But she’s not that lonely- she’s got friends, a great boss, a kindly landlord and his son who’s sort of a loveable creep. Also there is reason behind her loneliness. It isn’t the desperateness of being single. What she really misses is family, having lost both her mother and her father, and having dropped out of uni to support her father while he was having experimental treatment. It’s understandable having suffered such a loss that she would feel her life had something missing.

There is also an equalness between Jack and Lucy- she helps him be upfront about his wanting to start his own furniture business, and he shows her that she really wants to be travelling the world- and that she should. And we see that he really likes her too- both of them are conflicted about the situations (real/imagined) that they find themselves in, and there’s no ridiculous airport scene and sudden necessary- “something went wrong moment”- it all seems to flow better than that.

Plus chemistry!

Well it’s funny and sweet, the ending is quite of over-the-top but hey it works for the genre and for the situation.

I love, and liking that Netflix provided it for me. Netflix new to the UK at the moment. 2 years ago

PurplenailsLiked this goal

When I did this back in 2009 (gah!)

I don’t believe I’ve watched that many movies recently. Need to double check- I’ve started some things and then given up.

Anyway this will help with my 1,2,7,14 goal. I’m meant to watch 2 movies a week (and preferably one will be in the cinema.) 2 years ago

Purplenails 2 years ago

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