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Renee49Don't Care

With the impending Zombie apoclyspe I need lots of fat to live on. 19 months ago

Renee49Still working on it

I would like a tornado to kill me. What a glorious death that would be. 19 months ago

Renee49My Brother is an actor

My little brother has been acting since he was 15. He never made it big, or even made much money for that matter, but he has never given up and he always has a gig. He gets more work now at age 48 than he did when he was in his 20’s. He also invented an alter-ego named Jackie Fontaine. He gets alot of work as Jackie and people love his character!

I guess he does it because he loves it.

Break a Leg, kid. 19 months ago

Renee49Never going to happen

Mother is too busy making money and besides, her husband would never let her go. She would not let her go. 19 months ago

Renee49No time

I don’t have time to meet with Dustin Hoffman anymore. I’ll just watch the Graduate again. 19 months ago

Renee49 7 years ago

Renee49Still waiting

At this rate I will have to look for movies that need nursing home extras. 19 months ago

Renee49got one on

One of my tweets was on the Top Tweets! It went something like this-”I always pick green as my favorite color because no one else ever does and I feel sorry for green”.
Is it pathetic that this means so much to me and even more sad that I stole it from my best friend in high school in 1971? 19 months ago

Renee49What the hell?

Why do I have two accounts that have seperate passwords but the goals and entries are shared? this is dumb. 20 months ago

Renee49 20 months ago

Renee49I give up

eating is so nice and the world is going to end anyway—so eat up piggies, I say. 20 months ago

Renee49 20 months ago

Renee49 20 months ago

Renee49I'm done

Tornadoes do not exist. 20 months ago

Renee49Patton Oswalt

gentle Tweets is my new disease. I just opened a twitter account and have been following Mr. Oswalt. One of his pastimes is creating gentle tweets. Here is an example: I took a sip of camomile tea from a small cup and placed the little cup on the little saucer.

So ridiculous—but not a ridiculous as some real facebook statuses I see. None of mine ever make the page. 20 months ago

Renee49 20 months ago

Renee49I should do this!

I belong to a writers group and this would be great material. I really am the queen of cheap. 20 months ago

Renee49 7 years ago

Renee49 7 years ago

Renee49 5 years ago

Renee49Never did

I thought I had a chance because one of his famous friends lives in our community and I have actually babysat his child. but I am too busy and I’m sure Mr. King is even busier to meet. 20 months ago

Renee49 7 years ago

Renee49Uncle Russ

Sadly, Russ Tabor did not outlive me, but my inlaws are still alive and well! 20 months ago


My computer crashed. I lost all my photos, and half my recipes. :( 20 months ago


Been filming Daddy Long Legs and aquatic insects. Very interesting. Even caught some spiders in the mating ritual. Lucky! 20 months ago

Renee49Creative people

Just find a couple of creative types; actor, artist, performers. It will happen. Also start looking for fur, bones and antlers. 20 months ago

Renee49Can't even count anymore!

I saw two very close to my country home this year. One was huge! I have a game cam out in the woods, so far no bear. Just turkeys and deer. 20 months ago

Renee49Opened new store

I rented another booth in the college town my old shop used to be in. So far so good! I have also been invited to have a shop in an art installation at the Soap Factory in MPLS. Very exciting.

this is why I am never on 43 things anymore. 20 months ago

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