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Recent entries from RubyToo
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RubyTooGoal.... get rid of truck debt.

Why am I paying 11% interest on this and only earning .5% interest on my CDs? I love my CDs, love the thought of having savings, but this is just stupid. The truck is currently at $3048. I have $2400 worth of CDs that is free. When the truck is paid down to $2400 I’m going to pay it off from the cds then send the truck payments to my savings account. Besides which, I want to be debt free enough to feel like I can walk away from my job if I want. My car loan is down to $16,100, at 1% interest, at least my payments are doing something. The horse trailer is down to $14K. I still flirt with the idea of trading it in for something with LQ. 9 months ago

RubyToo$12K, as if.

One of my goals is to save $10K and that just seems impossible! I will say that I managed to save enough to live for 3 months out of work with the baby. Man it was tight at the end though. 9 months ago

RubyTooSmiles from the baby

I just love when he’s happy and smiles at us. 9 months ago

RubyTooSigh..... slow saving

I’m currently only sending $30/mo to my savings. Another $10 to my holiday savings. That’s it. It’s going to be real hard to scrape up another $3K to make the $10K goal. But I’m not letting the goal go. It will be a milestone when I reach it!

It doesn’t help that the extra few dollars I gather here and there go into the baby’s savings not my own. lol 9 months ago

RubyTooNot sure

I’m just not sure that I’ll be able to open that $1000 cd this year. Realistic life is that I don’t have extra funds. Even with the tax return, there are things to be done. Sigh. 9 months ago

RubyTooScraping along

It’s sad when the $10 out of each paycheck is missed. I refuse to back down though. So the measly $10 continues to accrue in my IRA. It is up to $1855. The good news is my 401K. It is up to $30600! I know in the grand scheme of things this is piddly, but to me, that’s a chunk of change. It’s growing rapidly now, compared to 5 years ago. This too, I refuse to back down from my contribution. It is also a good sized chunk of my pay, like 7%, plus the employer 4%, but I need these funds to grow. I’m hanging in there! 9 months ago

RubyTooTook a hit

Thanks to baby. I think I’ve got about $6500 in total savings at the moment and my only real savings goal for 2014 is to open another $1000 CD. So I don’t see acheiving this goal anytime soon. 12 months ago


Well, I had worked hard and for a reason. I did have baby and was oow for 3 months. Used some of these savings. Currently I only have 3 cds, but they total $5200, so not as bad as could be. Goal for 2014 is to open 1 more cd for $1000. I have to keep it realistic with child in life now. 12 months ago

RubyTooOverdue update

Baby is 5 months old and that means many things have taken a hit. Back to work now, so IRA does have small $10/biweekly deposits. It’s up to $1795. 401K was like $24K last I had an update. I’ll have made the $1800 goal for 2013 by end of year next week. So as things are tighter with baby this year, my goal is going to be $30/mo or $360/year. $2200 by end of 2014. 12 months ago

RubyToo$4 winnings!

I’ve not been doing this at all, but I won $4 in gold coins at a horse show this weekend so added them to my stash. 12 months ago

RubyTooJackson's account

Our soon to be son, Jackson, already has an account. His pappa Jones has been saving coins for him, so I openend an acct to put coins in. He’s almost at $100! lol 19 months ago

RubyToo 5 years ago

RubyToooffer made and accepted!

We made an offer on 11 acres and it was accepted. The bummer part is that it is contingent on my place selling…. which also has an accepted offer, but contingent on financing. 19 months ago

RubyTooLet's start again

I’ve not done this in years. So let’s try again. Right now I will make it my goal to walk for the sake of walking a minimum of once a week. 20 months ago

RubyToo 6 years ago

RubyTooA year later and...

It’s worse. I borrowed against the truck to buy a trailer. I purchased a new car. :( So truck is at $4700 and car is $19K. Share loans aren’t bad, I’m at $1682, and $300 of that will be gone by end of month. Still, the vehicle debt is hard. They are both paid ahead currently and will remain so until after baby comes. At least I’m thinking somewhat smartly there. 20 months ago


I tried Norm’s veal marsala the other night. It was ok. Texture almost of chicken. Can’t say I hated it or loved it. 20 months ago


We made an offer on 15 acres, but still haven’t heard from the owners. It’s been 5 days. :( 20 months ago


That’s new. Baby had mid term ultrasound today. Everything looks great! Got a few pictures. :) 21 months ago


CDs are up by another $100. I’m sending a “bonus” to my savings account as soon as the money from the saddle sale hits my account. I haven’t decided how much, but I’m leaning toward $300? If that’s the case, I should be $8700 solid towards my $10K goal. 21 months ago

RubyTooMarch CD ^^^

I’ve renewed the March CD by adding $100 to it, bringing it to over $1300. As a savings plan, the revolving cds are working great. They are earning next to nothing. Litterally less than $1 a year. But they are saving. 21 months ago

RubyTooSold a saddle!

Now, what to do with the funds…..

I believe I will pay down on a share loan that is set to expire in April. I will send a bit to my savings. And then have to think on it. So that will easily make my savings over $2K by the time the baby comes. I will hopefully have no share/certificate loan debt. I’ve just added $100 to another of my CDs. So I’m cruisin’ right now. That said, we are looking at purchasing/selling properties. That could be a mess. 21 months ago

RubyTooMore board

My total monthly board income is $900, but let’s call that $400/mo profit. Lessons are hit and miss, so maybe $150-200 total a month. 22 months ago

RubyTooSaw Daddio

I was in Colorado last week and got to have dinner with Dad and Jeanie. 22 months ago

RubyTooJust an update

Not much to add, but my IRA is currently up to $1550. I DO have a baby on the way, not due until the end of July. That means with my regular contributions I’ll have $1710 before going out of work. I should easily have the $1800 goal. Let’s bump to $1900 to make it a challenge.

My 401K is over $20K! Yaya! I don’t watch it regularly, just the quarterly statements that are mailed to me. The Jan raises were pitiful, really bad, so I didn’t change my contribution. 22 months ago


This is what I’m up to currently. CDs are at $6720, which is great, because that’s secure funds. The savings are wishy washy as to how much is going to be spent on baby. I’m REALLY striving for the $7K or more in CDs to help cement this goal. If I want to get technical, I’ve got my $10K now, with my tax return in my account, but I know I’m spending much of that. :( I’ll update when that is all settled. 22 months ago

RubyTooCool idea!

I love the concept. 22 months ago

RubyTooTaxes and whatnot

It’s that time of year, when things come together better. Share loans are under $2300. Paid my auto loans ahead and want to pay them further ahead yet with my tax return, so that come July/Aug I won’t have to make a pymnt. I’m going to leave my savings acct money alone until then. It’s currently almost $1500, if my contribution stays the same, I’ll be over $2K.

With my tax return I have to pay property taxes as well as paying the loans ahead/down. I’ll put a good chunk at the CD loans so that if need be I can borrow on them again. 22 months ago

RubyTooFebruary opened and upped.

My Feb cd renewed, I added $200 to it, so it’s up to just over $1200. So that has me with $6720 in CDs. Awesome. I have ones renewing in Mar and Apr. I should be able to add to those 2. Then I have some renewing in July & Aug, likely won’t be able to add to those since not working. November at the least I’ll be able to add from my holiday account, which is currently only up to $60, but by Nov should be a minimum of $140. Even though I just got my tax return, there are more pressing matters besides the CDs to consider, in order to get ready for baby. 22 months ago

RubyTooGolly $10K is hard

I’ve got $6500 in CDs. $1300 in savings. I’ve made a few purchases over the last 6 months that ate up some funds. My CDs should be up to $7K by the end of the year, but I really want that $10K by end of year. Will think on this. 22 months ago

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