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SammieComfy cushions

Made a few for the lounge room. Don’t know why I procrastinated so long on this one, they were quick and simple and make the room look inviting. (I went with shades of red in the end, to match our wine coloured lounge chairs.) 3 months ago

Sammie 4 years ago

SammieIt's not much, but ...

... I scanned all the pages that had been done so far before I sent the journal on. I may have also added the files to the usb stick traveling with it … can’t quite remember. Will msg you a link. I know it’s not the same as holding the physical journal, but at least you’ll get a peek at some of the content. 3 months ago

Sammie 4 months ago

SammieSo hot here today

I think it hit 37c and it’s still only Spring. Summer’s going to be a scorcher! This getaway was on my mind today, but still another 4 months away. I’m thinking I really need to be planning another sometime between now and then. 18 months ago

SammieIt was a lovely evening :)

and the movie was well worth it. Too many good points made in it to mention, and sooooo many laughs (oh, and a few really cringe-worthy moments too!)

It had a little of that Muriel’s Wedding feel to it, you could tell it was the same director.

Well worth a watch. 18 months ago

SammieLife Lessons

Just some musings on this week. Nothing to do with anything important, just something that’s been occupying my thoughts a little.

I keep thinking about the saying ‘when someone shows you who they are, believe them’. While it’s probably meant more for when people show you a negative aspect of themselves, I think it can also be applied to positives.

That said, it was a negative thing I was shown this week. Something that I know I’ve noticed before, but rationalised off or refused to acknowledge. So thinking deep thoughts on what this might mean and what my next step needs to be (if a next step is needed).

Aside from that little niggle, life is good :-) 18 months ago

SammieHe he

Cute :-) 18 months ago

Sammie 19 months ago

SammieOne excited boy

We did this the other week and it was a huge hit with the little man. He was so good in the theatre, sat through the whole movie – admittedly halfway through he ended up on my lap, but that was nice too :)

We did the whole popcorn and soft drink thing, not really a trip to the movies without them.

Madagascar 3 was bright and colourful and funny, so he of course loved it. Can’t wait for his next movie now! 18 months ago

SammieThings to take into Summer with me

... or perhaps more accurately, things to NOT take into Summer with me.

A little over 9 weeks until the first day of Summer in the Southern Hemisphere and I’ve been thinking about how I’d like this Summer to be, and what stands in the way of that happening.

I still crave that clutter-free existence, the one where the house feels spacious and airy and is a breeze to clean. The one where I can find things, because they’re where they should be and not hidden under a layer of “stuff”. The one where I can think clearly and focus on the task at hand, because we’re not surrounded by distracting piles of things screaming out “deal with me first!”

Each year I creep a little closer to the end goal, taking a few steps forward and then a couple backwards as busyness intervenes and the detritus of daily life starts to build up again.

Maybe this Summer will be the one that I finally step into unencumbered by my clutter?

[Photo credit:Mirabbi on morgueFile] 19 months ago

SammieFirst movie

He’ll be turning 4 in January and we haven’t been to see a movie at the theatre yet. I think he’s just the right age now to find it exciting and possibly even sit still through a movie ;-) Aiming to take him in the next couple of weeks as a special treat to see Madagascar 3. 19 months ago

Sammie 19 months ago

SammieLouise Penny's Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series

Wow! I came across this series quite by accident and haven’t been able to put them down since. There are currently 8 books in the series, plus a Novella (The Hangman) that sits between books 6 & 7.

I love a good mystery and these are absolutely wonderful whodunnits. The plots are rich and original and slowly wind throughout the books as each piece of the mystery is revealed. The imagery the author conjures up is so detailed that I often felt I was standing right there in Three Pines with Chief Inspector Gamache, strolling across the green to the bistro, waving to familiar townfolk.

Start with “Still Life” and I guarantee you’ll be hooked. 19 months ago

SammieFeeling a little stalled

The job is going wonderfully, the study not so much. It’s not that I’m not motivated to get it done, it’s just that … well, everything else is sooooo distracting! And I’m the absolute Queen of Procrastinators …

There’s also been a few hiccups with my course so I need to finish up my current unit and make a decision on whether to switch institutions or not. 19 months ago

SammieYou had me at "Sultry"

Must check this brew out, it sounds divine! 19 months ago

SammieSo I have my hands on the journal now ...

... and I’m just about to start my first entry. So much cool stuff in it already! 19 months ago


I know, it’s only a weekend away. 3 days with a change of scenary … but this household is so excited it’s not funny!

I guess that’s a good indication of how much we needed the break. sigh Can’t wait to do a lovely winter walk along the sand … 21 months ago

Sammie 4 years ago


That would definitely put me off it! 23 months ago

SammieHa ha!

I’m sure you’re right, he would probably love to tell Mummy off for drinking the bad stuff ;-)

Not doing too bad on this at the moment, have severely cut back and limited my daily intake. Even had a few days last week where I went completely without and no headaches, so it’s getting there. 23 months ago

SammieBathroom Makeover

My next big-ish project is to give the bathroom a fresh coat of paint. The hardest bit so far has been picking a colour. It has to be something that goes with the existing tiles and patterned border. I’m thinking white to be on the safe side, although a very pale pink or green would also work. 23 months ago

Sammie 3 years ago

SammieStill keen!

Very, very keen in fact :) 23 months ago


SammieBack on my goals list

5 and half years ago I successfully kicked the habit. Then it slowly crept back until in 2008 I was as bad as ever. May 2008 I kicked the habit again, made easier that time around due to bad morning sickness while pregnant with my son. I stayed off Coke for the entire pregnancy and while breastfeeding. April 2010 it started to creep back into my diet again and now I find myself right back where I started.

Going cold turkey leads to severe headaches. Easing off it slowly hasn’t worked. What on earth is in this stuff that I crave it so much?! It must be something to do with taste, because Pepsi does not sate the cravings at all – it has to be the real thing.

So, I find myself steeling for another battle with the big bad carbonated sugary beverage. 1 year ago

SammieBooked in

Eight months away, but booked in and it’s more like a week than a weekend. Can’t wait! 1 year ago

SammieBooked in

All booked for July – a wonderful winter weekend away from it all. Now to plan an activity or two for while we’re there. 1 year ago

SammieNeil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book

I’ve loved 99.9% of everything I’ve ever read of Neil’s and this book was no exception. Aimed at younger readers, it’s such a well written story that adults will have no problems being drawn in too. If you like storys that flow magically along and aren’t adverse to a slightly darker than norm setting, then grab a copy and settle in for a lovely treat. 1 year ago

SammieJaniene Frost's Night Huntress series

Okay, so not really one book but eight. Great series with well-rounded characters and storylines that really pull you in. If you like Charlaine Harris’s Southern Vampire series (Sookie Stackhouse / True Blood) or Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series, then you’ll like these too. 1 year ago

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