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"Energy and persistence conquer all things." - Ben Franklin

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My favorite is this Black Forest cake recipe from Cooking Light, but that’s kind of a special-occasion thing.

For everyday, I like Buttermilk Brined Pork Chops. 4 months ago

SimplicityInTheLBCdos mas

On the off chance that 43T will actually be read-only at the end of this month (dubious, as the robots have proven themselves lackadaisical in terms of adherence to deadline), I’m marking this goal as DONE.

I have two more masses to do this month (since there are 5 Sundays in August, more’s the joy). Then I can walk away from this job. I’m hearing rumors that we’ll all be asked to come back for special stuff, like Thanksgiving/Xmas/Easter etc., but I don’t know that I’m going to feel like doing that.

I haven’t heard from the other church. Inasmuch as it’s a bit disappointing to do a good audition and not get called, I’m finding it hard to be bummed.

I can see the finish line. Must keep chugging away. 4 months ago


I love these! The Germans especially have a knack for putting together pre-existing words to describe something perfectly (even if they often use far too many letters). I done been feeling some serious schwellenangst these days, and it’s nice to have a word for it. 4 months ago


Party Time

Coffee cake

Morning, noon and night

Sleep tight

My Favorite Things

You’ve got me feelin’ Emotion

Moonlight Sonata

Stormy Weather

Sweet suffering Jesus, woman!

43 ways to barbecue an emu4 months ago


I am happy that so many people have gotten so much out of this site, and that I have been blessed enough to journey part of that way with so many of you.

I have popclogged myself (just plain ol’ Simplicity over there) and I hope I’ll see many of you doing the same. To those who aren’t making the move, I know that your adventures will lead you to amazing things outside of 43T.

To everyone who has followed me, left me comments, and generally been an amazing source of inspiration and courage on this site, I thank you for giving and sharing of yourself. Community is a beautiful thing, and I know I have deeply benefited from being part of 43T for the last few years.

I leave you with the text of one of my favorite pieces of music, Stephen Paulus’ “The Road Home.”

Tell me, where is the road I can call my own
That I left, that I lost so long ago
All these years I have wandered,
Oh when will I know
There’s a way,
There’s a road
That will lead me home.
Rise up, follow me, come away is the call
With love in your heart as the only song.
There is no such beauty
As where you belong.

Rise up, follow me,
I will lead you home. 4 months ago

SimplicityInTheLBCOh Ru.

This is so beautiful. I can’t imagine what it feels like to lose that one, and I hope it will be a long time before I do know. Thank you for the reminder to celebrate each day that we have with our friends and families, and for sharing the positivity you have gleaned from that “black hole” feeling. 4 months ago

SimplicityInTheLBCA thought

The area I live in is a very walkable, dog-friendly area. Is it possible (I know the pup is very young yet) to maybe take a leash with you and tie her up outside the store, like to a bike rack or something? Not a great solution, but at least then you don’t have people losing their shit next to your car. I see this frequently in our downtown area, where people like walking with their dogs but they’re still not allowed in the stores. 4 months ago

SimplicityInTheLBCLove this

Not only for this site, but because it makes me appreciate the people I have offline who are that faithful, sifting hand. Thank you for sharing it! 4 months ago

SimplicityInTheLBCYears and years

of natural selection and sexual selection. For a very long time, some of what we think of as “traditional” indicators of beauty/femininity and strength/masculinity were appealing to the opposite sex because those people generally tended to be the people with the strongest genes, which was attractive to others looking to reproduce. Large breasts on a woman, for example, indicated fertility. A man with a symmetrical face indicated strong genetic stock. Babies were made accordingly.

Also, back in hunter-gatherer times, men who were small and weak may not have lived long enough to pass on their genes – they failed to gather enough food, or were killed by predators. The bigger, stronger, more testosterone-filled guys were the ones who passed along their genetic material.

Humans are not the only species with sexual dimorphism (visible phenotypic differences between the male and female of the species). Most tellingly (in my opinion anyway), it can be seen often in primates, who are arguably our genetic cousins. 4 months ago

SimplicityInTheLBCAnother Irish blessing

May the road rise up to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face
And the rain fall soft upon your fields.
Until we meet again, my friend,
May God hold you in the palm of his hand.

The text of one of my favorite pieces of music, listenable here.4 months ago

SimplicityInTheLBCSo often,

clothes are an “emotional” declutter. I know I am still hanging on to some things because I am not ready to let go of the person that I was when I was wearing them, or willing to give up on the person I might be who would wear them. Good on you for being honest with yourself :) 4 months ago

SimplicityInTheLBCMy favorite TED talks

involve demonstration. Like Bobby McFerrin and the pentatonic scale. I like to see results, rather than just listen to yapping. The “motivational” speaking thing doesn’t really appeal to me. 4 months ago


Done, done and MORE DONE. Even though I know by the time we finally get around to doing all this, it’ll probably cost more than we were anticipating. Gonna keep socking it away because why not.

Las Vegas elopement looks better all the time. 4 months ago

SimplicityInTheLBCInstead of bustles,

we now have Booty Pads (to help you achieve your inner JLo). 4 months ago

SimplicityInTheLBCI am convinced

that the main way a low-carb diet works is to take all the fun out of eating.

“Let’s see, lunchtime, hungry…what can I have? Broccoli and chicken. Again. Maybe some cottage cheese. Tuna salad with almost no mayo?

...Never mind, not hungry after all.”

I have recently resigned myself to the fact that if I want to exercise and not feel like I’ve been hit by a truck, I need some carbs. They don’t need to come from chocolate chip cookies, but I can’t train for a marathon eating only fish and vegetables. Balance is everything. 4 months ago


it probably has a lot to do with the invention of mass media. Before radio and television, I think “trends” moved much more slowly, simply because in order for a style of dress or music to move from one place to another, actual people had to take it with them, and then it had to spend some time catching hold.

I think that probably everyone for all time has considered their parents’ generation and all its trappings to be embarrassingly old. This has probably been exacerbated now by the fact that modern medicine lets us live long enough to see several generations come to fruition.

In terms of fashion…I would posit that fashion, just like music, tends to be a reaction to the decade or so before it. Or at least that’s been the case from the fashion I’ve been alive to observe. Especially the fashion that is worn by musicians. Ex:

1980sthe look
tight EVERYTHING, big hair (incl. men), bright colors, workout wear, shit tons of makeup for both men and women, high-waisted pants

the sound
long masturbatory guitar solos, synthesizers everywhere, very slick studio production, eight-minute songs that end in a fadeout

1990sthe look
oversized everything (the hip-hop/CrossColours trend), grubby jeans/t-shirts/flannels, low-rise jeans and crop tops, the “kinderwhore” look

the sound
stripped-down three-piece bands, DIY recording aesthetic, dropped-D tuning, two-minute tunes with lyrics that are often totally obscure

I hate fashion. Hate it with the burning fire of a thousand suns. This is why most of my clothes are modeled on a “retro” (generally 1950s) aesthetic. It suits my body type, it’s currently considered cute and kitschy, and it ain’t gonna be changing anytime soon. 4 months ago


I too struggle with that whole “object at rest tends to stay at rest” thing. Getting the first part going is the toughest. 4 months ago

SimplicityInTheLBCmarathon training, week 6

7/21 – REST
7/22 – 3.01
7/23 – 5.01
7/24 – 3.01
7/25 – REST
7/26 – 7.02
7/27 – 1.5mi walk (crosstrain)

TOTAL: 19.55

I am one third of the way through my training program. Yikes! 77 days till the marathon. 4 months ago


There are a few reasons that doctors like to run a yearly pap. I know that when I was younger and not necessarily in a monogamous relationship, I think my doctor would use it as an opportunity to make sure that I’m seeing after my sexual health on at least a yearly basis. Or if you don’t have a normal doctor that you visit regularly (like you get your BC at a Planned Parenthood clinic or somesuch). Or, if your family has a history of cancer, or you have a history of abnormal test results, they like to check up on you.

However, for most women, a yearly pap isn’t necessary. I think every year when I go for my annual bloodwork/physical, I ask if I need one and they usually go “Do you want one? Is there something bothering you?” “No, no, I’m fine, just checking.”

I don’t know if they can withhold your prescription though. That seems…shady. 4 months ago

SimplicityInTheLBCI want one of these!

They’re supposed to be great for city driving. A friend of mine who plays upright bass loves his – it has enough room for his gear without being a gas-guzzling SUV. A bicycle has slightly different dimensions though.

You’re getting to do a lot of choosing and nesting of your own right now – I don’t doubt it would feel better if it had happened under different circumstances, but from what I see on my other end of the interwebz, you seem to be handling it all with grace and aplomb so far. 4 months ago


So now your next stop is a 10K, right? :) 4 months ago


more Schubert! Der Töd und das Mädchen is one of the art songs that I give to my advanced girls’ choir every few years. So simple, and yet so musically brimming with stuff.4 months ago

SimplicityInTheLBCWell, you've got me beat!

And every time I see this one, I never check it and I always feel bad about it:
I put people first and results second.

Such is the life of a middle school teacher. 4 months ago

SimplicityInTheLBCI recently ran across this image during a time when I needed it,

and I think maybe you might benefit from it as well.

Best to you. 5 months ago


1) Giving myself a pretty manicure, and enjoying the few months of the year when I can grow my nails long.

2) Finding super cheap curtains at Ikea in the color I wanted. Now I just need to hem the damn things, since they are full size and the window they will cover is not.

3) Doing my 5-miler today even though I really, really didn’t want to.

4) Lovely birfday celebration stuffs winding down.

5) The Man found my favorite pen! It had been hidden by some other things. (Reason #485 why decluttering is awesome.) 5 months ago

SimplicityInTheLBCI feel yo pain!

I never go into IKEA without knowing exactly what I’m there for. “I need a rug for the bathroom, a glass mixing bowl, and five of those stupid CD-size paper boxes.” Otherwise I will walk out with a dozen pretty things that I do not need.

When we moved into our new place, we painted first before taking furniture in. So much easier to do the taping and such (and fewer drop cloths to buy) without furniture in the way. Then again, we only pain accent walls, not the whole room (because we lazy like dat).

So many decisions! Don’t forget, this is supposed to be fun :) 5 months ago

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