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SimplicityInTheLBCMake Our Garden Grow

I loathed singing this when I was at the university, but these days Bernstein’s Make Our Garden Grow from Candide means a bit more to me.

You’ve been a fool
And so have I
But let’s be man and wife.
And let us try
Before we die
To make some sense of life.

We’re neither pure
Nor wise nor good,
We’ll do the best we know.
We’ll build our house
And chop our wood
And make our garden grow. 2 days ago


1) Adjudicated a festival today, and heard some really beautiful singing.

2) The Man and I went out to a wine bar last night to see a friend of mine play. He had beer, I had champagne, we shared a Spanish cheese plate, and got to have some nice conversation in a new place.

3) Ice cream sandwiches!

4) When the drunk frat assholes woke me up last night at 3:00a with their hooliganry, the Man came in and petted my back till I went back to sleep.

5) A quiet day in – tomorrow the Easter madness begins. 2 days ago

SimplicityInTheLBCVery cool!

I am interested in possibly becoming part of a man-made reef in Florida postmortem. 2 days ago

SimplicityInTheLBCMay 5 - OC Half Marathon

By the time I was ready to sign up, the HB Ocean Run was closed! So instead I’ll be doing the OC Half Marathon on May 4, which is nearly three weeks sooner than I had originally planned. Gulp.

I have been slacking quite a bit lately, but now is the time to pick it all up again! I’m on spring break right now, with all the glorious sleeping that such a thing implies – running on 9 hours’ sleep is an awesome feeling. And when I go back next week, my work schedule will have slowed down significantly, so I can continue training multiple times per week.

Also going to make an effort toward healthier eating – I can feel it when I run now, and I don’t like it :( The Man and I are in agreement on this.

I’ve downloaded my app for marathon training. I’ve also ordered my GPS watch from Amazon, since the app I currently use doesn’t show me my distance until after my run (which is most unhelpful).

I’m feeling a bit like I may have bitten off more than I can chew. I have run a half-marathon distance once before, but that was over a month ago when I was in far better shape. Guess that’s incentive to start kicking my own ass again. 4 days ago

SimplicityInTheLBC 3 months ago


1) My first day of vacation!

2) Got a run in today with the Man.

3) Downloaded an app to begin my marathon training this week, and ordered my new GPS watch from Amazon. Half-marathon in less than a month! >.<

4) Got lots of errands done today, and enjoyed being a bit lazy as well.

5) Also have a day off tomorrow, which means I got to catch the lunar eclipse this evening. (Were it a worknight, I’d have conked out long ago.) 4 days ago


Are you an introvert or an extravert? Or neither? What are your features best fitting this or that label, if you choose one?

Definitely an introvert, and a bit of a curmudgeon as well. Interacting with people exhausts me and I have little patience for the general population.

As an introvert, how do you feel around extraverts (and vice versa)?

They seem like foreign creatures to me. I can’t fathom why anyone would want to be around other people so frequently. They can’t fathom how I can spend so much time by myself without being horribly lonely.

Is/are your significant other(s)/unworthy emu same “type” as you or opposite?

The Man is much more social than I am – I think he swings between introversion and extroversion. Then again, he doesn’t spend his entire day being around middle school children.

What are the best aspects of your type? Worst? Any you’d like to change?

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like introverts do better with things that require intense focus. However, in my job as a teacher, there are definitely times when I wish I was more comfortable with the schmoozing aspect.4 days ago


I’ve heard of it. I believe that there is some truth to it (in that our expectations definitely have an influence on how we perceive certain situations), but I don’t buy it as being the magical cure-all that The Secret cultists tout it as being. I think more than anything else, being generally optimistic and positive has a positive effect on your life, so that even when you encounter setbacks, you are better able to overcome them or at least see where they can be learned from. 4 days ago


1) Spending yesterday at Knott’s Berry Farm with the Man, for free! (courtesy of the choreographer I work with)

2) After tonight, I get two whole days where I don’t have to be anywhere or do anything. Most people call this a weekend – I call it spring break.

3) An afternoon walk and delicious cupcakes.

4) Putting together a tasty Easter menu for the fam next week. For the curious, I’m doing:

Drinks, dessert, and mashed potatoes to be provided by other family members.5 days ago


I got to see Lea Salonga in Miss Saigon on Broadway waayyyyy back in 1999. It. Was. Amazing. 1 week ago

SimplicityInTheLBCand numero nueve

1. Animal Farm by George Orwell
2. Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger
3.Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
4. Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card.
6. On war by Carl Von Clausewitz
7. The World According to Garp – John Irving
8. Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
9. Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk
10. Next person’s choice 1 week ago


1) Getting to leave work at a “normal” time, and thusly missing much of the traffic on the way home.

2) Got my run in yesterday – not one of my best, but it’s something.

3) New magazines full of delicious food experiments to be tried.

4) Some really moving poetry performances by a couple of my students today.

5) THREE MORE DAYS. 1 week ago

SimplicityInTheLBCwe did in fact

discuss a sushi adventure. And there’s a lot of stuff at our local sushi joint that I will totally eat…because it’s cooked :) 1 week ago

SimplicityInTheLBCI had to look up geoduck clams

and whoa – I basically had to turn away from Google Images yelling NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. Giant penis clams is more like it. 1 week ago

SimplicityInTheLBCno soy pescadora

When did you last eat fish?
Two nights ago.

What type was it?
Not sure, it was a bite of something from the Man’s plate.

Did you like it?
As much as I like any fish. We didn’t grow up eating seafood in my family, so it’s kind of a miracle that I can stomach it at all.

Did you cook it yourself?
Not this one, no. I have cooked fish plenty of times though – usually salmon.

What about seafood?
Meh. I can hang with shrimp, and clam chowder. Anything else is too fishy-tasting for my palate, and/or creeps me out because it resembles a giant insect.

Only if it’s cooked. I like the shrimp tempura roll at our local sushi joint. Sashimi? Fuuuuuuck no.1 week ago


1) $2 worth of strawberry lemonade sorbet on a summerlike afternoon.

2) Started a new book received from PaperBackSwap.

3) Feeling rested when I woke up this morning.

4) Being alone in the house means I actually get some vocal rest.

5) FIVE. MORE. DAYS. till spring break.

6) Making plans to host Easter at our place this year. It will be my family’s first time seeing our new apartment since we moved at the end of January. 1 week ago

SimplicityInTheLBCwhat a loser

I picked up my bib yesterday, and then the Man and I walked to downtown for dinner (about a 3-mile walk). I wore my boots, and by the time we got done with dinner, I had a blister on the ball of my right foot – to the point where we called a cab to go home because it hurt like hell.

Woke up this morning and it still hurt like hell, so I didn’t go to my race :( Money wasted, and now I feel like a pussy for not just toughing it out for the 10K.

Not real happy with myself right about now. 1 week ago


1) Being recognized for my work in front of my colleagues. Awards make me happy! (And add good stuff to my résumé, should I want to transfer from this position at some point.)

2) Knocking out a bunch of music for upcoming show. It’s not done, but it’s closer than it was.

3) The Man making dinner for me, and cleaning up the house while I was at work.

4) Ten more days till spring break! 2 weeks ago

SimplicityInTheLBCAnd I think that this

is why I don’t really buy it. Christianity (and many other religions) tends to be so ingrained in the psyche that one usually doesn’t just “choose” to live without it. It often takes a massive crisis of faith, and even then, many of the faithful don’t completely break away from much of their belief system – they simply rule out the parts of what they grew up with that no longer fit their current situation.

His premise is an interesting idea, and he may genuinely believe that he is doing this for himself to broaden his horizons and become a better person…but I don’t truly think that he can suspend his belief system. His idea of “living as if there were no God” seems to be mainly eschewing ritual and superficial aspects of Christianity.

I haven’t read the blog, to be fair. But it seems to me that going into this with a Christian worldview would, by its very nature, skew his perception of what he thinks “living like an atheist” would look like. In the same way, I would think an atheist would have a hard time attempting to live like a Christian, and would probably only be able to do so in a relatively shallow manner.

(Speaking of what people thinking “living like an atheist” would look like: research shows that atheists and rapists rate the same level of distrust from the general public.WTF, America.) 2 weeks ago

SimplicityInTheLBCoh man

Frealz. Our funerals aren’t so bad, but weddings are the WORST (because to so many of these girls, “dressing up” means “dressing like a hooer”). 2 weeks ago


1) Kiddos got a superior rating at their festival today.

2) Getting a sub for the whole day, so I got to go home early.

3) Going to see Hotel Budapest with the Man when I got home early today.

4) Nobody has played any stupid April Fool’s jokes on me, as far as I know.

5) Getting to work quickly this morning, because I left early.

6) A gorgeous spring day outside. Reminds me why I love living in Long Beach!

7) A run with the Man this evening. Not one of my best, but better than nothing. I’m really not feeling great about Saturday’s race, but I’ll do my best. 2 weeks ago

SimplicityInTheLBCpipe those gams!

Do you wear skirts? What kind? How long are they?

I wear more dresses than skirts as well. I generally tend to knee-length skirts, which are appropriate for both cheeeeeerch and molding young minds.

I wear knee length/a bit past the knee. What is the length you feel most comfortable in?

Knee length feels comfortable to me. I have a few which are a bit shorter, which I can sometimes pass off at work if I wear them with tights. It has been a long time since I wore something really short out in public.

Are jeans your standard daily clothes choice?

Well, I work six and sometimes seven days a week, and I only wear jeans on “casual Friday” (poisonous phrase!). When I’m on my own time, I do prefer to wear pants.

Does your work environment require a more formal dress style?

The cheeeeeerch does, though it steams me that that’s true because you should SEE what some of the “faithful” wear to church.

The molding of young minds requires “business casual” – while some of my colleagues wear jeans and yoga pants(!) to work on a semi-regular basis, I have discovered that both parents and students take me more seriously when I dress nicely. (Also, since I am the same height as many of my students, it helps me to stand out in a crowd as a person of authority.)2 weeks ago

SimplicityInTheLBCoh man

Raiders fans. Holy. “intense” does not even begin to describe :P

I was thinking about attending the Grand Prix this year – I’ve lived in Long Beach for five years now and haven’t yet gone, so this year might be the time. As a fellow not-interested-in-sports person, is it entertaining at least? The Man is a science nerd and can geek out on cars as well. 2 weeks ago


1) A relatively good singing day, after yesterday’s travesty.

2) A compliment on today’s choice of dress from the checkout girl at the grocery.

3) A meal plan and ingredients in the fridge.

4) A pretty postcard from Belarus.

5) Only two more weeks till spring break. I think I can, I think I can….

6) A walk with the Man for smoothies and cupcakes. 2 weeks ago


1) Watching some Dexter with the Man.


3) The earthquakes from this evening weren’t strong enough to break anything, they just scared us a bit. 3 weeks ago


I would imagine that Beauty cries a lot mainly because there may be folks reading these books who find the idea of a woman crying to be a, shall we say, massive turn-on. Also, possibly because it underscores how young she is (which is also often a massive turn-on for some).

In the later books, a major part of the story is the idea that the slaves are passed around and used by many, which again caters to the kink of some – this “sharing” also figures heavily in The Story of O and several other pinnacles of the genre, most likely because it is degrading to be humiliated publicly. I don’t know that Beauty and the Prince were really meant to have a relationship as such – Rice’s writing doesn’t seem to revolve around that bit of it much.

And if you enjoy pony play, this is a great book! If you don’t, some of that shiz gets old and boring pretty fast. 3 weeks ago


This is one of my (many) grievances with the cheeeeeeerch – I think it’s ridiculous to get marriage “counseling” from someone who’s never been in that relationship dynamic. Buh.

(That whole business of celibacy only got started so that popes/cardinals/priests wouldn’t leave an “heir” who was entitled to church property. A bit outdated now, as are many other tenets of the Vatican types.) 3 weeks ago

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