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"Energy and persistence conquer all things." - Ben Franklin

Recent entries from SimplicityInTheLBC
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SimplicityInTheLBCWell, you've got me beat!

And every time I see this one, I never check it and I always feel bad about it:
I put people first and results second.

Such is the life of a middle school teacher. 23 hours ago

SimplicityInTheLBCI recently ran across this image during a time when I needed it,

and I think maybe you might benefit from it as well.

Best to you. 2 days ago


1) Giving myself a pretty manicure, and enjoying the few months of the year when I can grow my nails long.

2) Finding super cheap curtains at Ikea in the color I wanted. Now I just need to hem the damn things, since they are full size and the window they will cover is not.

3) Doing my 5-miler today even though I really, really didn’t want to.

4) Lovely birfday celebration stuffs winding down.

5) The Man found my favorite pen! It had been hidden by some other things. (Reason #485 why decluttering is awesome.) 2 days ago

SimplicityInTheLBCI feel yo pain!

I never go into IKEA without knowing exactly what I’m there for. “I need a rug for the bathroom, a glass mixing bowl, and five of those stupid CD-size paper boxes.” Otherwise I will walk out with a dozen pretty things that I do not need.

When we moved into our new place, we painted first before taking furniture in. So much easier to do the taping and such (and fewer drop cloths to buy) without furniture in the way. Then again, we only pain accent walls, not the whole room (because we lazy like dat).

So many decisions! Don’t forget, this is supposed to be fun :) 2 days ago

SimplicityInTheLBCmarathon training, week 5

7/14 – REST
7/15 – 3.01
7/16 – 5.01
7/17 – 3.01
7/18 – REST
7/19 – 10.01
7/20 – cycle 5.6 (crosstrain)

TOTAL: 26.64

The 10-miler on the 19th was brutal. Thank god this week is a stepback week. 3 days ago


Never seen it, and now want to check it out. Thanks for the rec!

(Also, you might like Orange is the New Black. Those women definitely talk about things that aren’t men.) 5 days ago

SimplicityInTheLBCNo one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

I’ll be honest – I don’t give two hoots for a good portion of Martha Stewart Living, mainly because I think gardening is boring and crafts are totally not my thing.

Most of her stuff seems to be aimed at people with an ass ton of disposable income, bucketloads of free time, and perhaps a team of household help. I think that’s kind of the point – it’s supposed to look beautiful and effortless, when in the real world there’s a team working behind the scenes to achieve that kind of nonsense. But even us plebs can do small crafts, or plant bulbs, or make a salmon loaf.

I don’t begrudge Martha her soft-focus perfection, as long as no one expects me to prepare nine different kinds of deviled eggs to be served on hand-stitched napkins “upcycled” from the sails we used last summer when we took the catamaran up to Nantucket :P 1 week ago


1) Surviving today’s 5-miler in the direct sun.

2) Looking forward to birthday dinner next week.

3) Starbucks lemon loaf turned out tasty.

4) An apparent misunderstanding, clarified. No work Thursday! 1 week ago


1) Pizzamania excursion yesterday while the Man was at work.

2) Got all three miles under 10:00 on today’s short run.

3) Birthday gifts that I love.

4) A fridge full of healthy food to eat.

5) Enjoying a new book.

6) A new recipe for Starbucks lemon loaf to try (with Greek yogurt as a sub for the canola oil). 1 week ago

SimplicityInTheLBCmarathon training, weeks 3 and 4

6/30 – REST
7/1 – 3.01
7/2 – 4.08
7/3 – 3.01
7/4 – REST
7/5 – 5.01
7/6 – walk 5.5mi (crosstrain)

TOTAL: 20.61

7/7 – REST
7/8 – 3.01
7/9 – 4.00
7/10 – 3.01
7/11 – REST
7/12 – 9.01
7/13 – cycle 5.63 (crosstrain)

TOTAL: 24.66 1 week ago

SimplicityInTheLBCYou can do it!

5K AHOY! 1 week ago

SimplicityInTheLBCI think the general feeling

is that stupidity and self-centeredness is boring, but not necessarily dangerous. Whereas guns and religion…well. 1 week ago


1) Car is FINALLY fixed!

2) Getting my running in this week.

3) A Philly cheesesteak sammich with my mum today whilst doing errands.

4) Hanging out with kitties.

5) Crossing stuff off the to-do list. 2 weeks ago

SimplicityInTheLBCVery cool!

I missed them when they were in LA.

It’s kind of fun to get to a place in your life when you realize that you’re actually incorporating minimalist principles without realizing it anymore – your example of your clothes and your boyfriend’s clothes is a good one. I can understand being upset about the perceived waste of money, but you’re right – they’re just clothes. Give him a hug, ‘cause it still sucks :)

(I try to live by the mantra that if it would destroy me to see it destroyed, it’s probably not something I should have.) 2 weeks ago

SimplicityInTheLBCaudition doubleplusgood

This morning’s audition for the new church went very well, or at least I thought it did. In addition to the tune I was asked to prepare, they asked me to do quite a few things which I know that not every cantor has the experience/ability to do:

- sight-sing
- make up harmony to the written melody
- sing and accompany myself on the piano
- fit different texts into a pre-written melody

Pretty sure I nailed all of it. Now I have to wait around for a while and see where this goes. The waitings, I hate them. 2 weeks ago

SimplicityInTheLBCOther favorites of mine

(which I see quite often, since I read so damn many decorating/organizing blogs):

Your palate is in your mouth.

A palette is where you mix paint.

A pallet is where you stack stuff before a dude with a forklift comes to take it elsewhere.

A pair is when you have two of something, ex: a pair of shoes.

To pare is to cut, ex: pare down my wardrobe.

A pear is a fruit which has about five minutes’ worth of ripeness before turning to mush.

(I guess really, I’m bothered by the incorrect use of homophones more than anything else.) 2 weeks ago

SimplicityInTheLBCChange of scenery

I’ve got an audition at another church (about equidistant from my home) on Wednesday morning. We’ll see how this pans out. On the one hand, money is always good. On the other hand, I would not be sad about having my Sundays back.

Counting down the masses until my primary church gig is done. 2 weeks ago

SimplicityInTheLBCContrarian Grammarian

Does it bug the living scheisse out of you to see punctuation problems, grammatical goofiness, spelling stupidity?

What’s your personal bugaboo?

Mine right now is the possessive and pluralization of a family whose last name ends with the letter S.

Mrs. Harris is here for her Botox appointment, doctor.

All the Harrises have had work done, though they’ll never admit it.

Plural Possessive
Woe betide you if you get in the way of the Harrises’ standing appointment with their plastic surgeon! 2 weeks ago

SimplicityInTheLBChome office

Today I tackled a few boxes of cables, cords, and computer peripherals that moved with us from the old house back in February. Some things went in the trash, some were consolidated and labeled, and some were put in the “Box Of Stuff That Will Go To Goodwill If We Haven’t Touched It By Christmas.” Selling a few things I don’t need anymore because there’s an app for that.

I mean, we had four iPhone charging cords even though there is but one iPhone in this house. Ridic.

And now I have all these empty IKEA storage boxes piling up around me! 2 weeks ago

SimplicityInTheLBCMaybe Tikini is talking about

those “senior communities” (55+ only)? I don’t know how that doesn’t violate housing discrimination laws, but I know I see the damn things all over the place. 3 weeks ago

SimplicityInTheLBCtoo true

When many Americans’s first instinct is “Let’s sue dem bitchez fer mah stupiditay!”, laws may be put in place as a safeguard against litigation. That sort of thinking has made the US the Land of Ridiculous Warning Labels. 3 weeks ago


1) Managed all three of this week’s shorter runs without walk breaks. Feeling like I’m getting back into my groove.

2) Our portable A/C unit. Godsend.

3) Two birthday celebrations this month (one of them mine).

4) Sleeping when I’m tired, running around doing stuff when I’m not.

5) Unfucking some of the house today. 3 weeks ago

SimplicityInTheLBCI'm kinda with you

on the business of being annoyed by laws that seemingly serve to protect against natural selection. F’rinstance, I think that if I want to use heroin all day and all night, I should be allowed to do so – as long as I’m not getting in anyone else’s way. If I decide to knock over a liquor store in order to pay for my $500-a-day habit, then nail my ass for robbery, but NOT for possession/use.

I do think it’s hard to separate “encroaching on individual freedom” from “I’m a taxpayer and I have to pay for your stupidity if this all goes pear-shaped.” The biggest one I see in what you mentioned is the laws regarding food – medical costs related to obesity, diabetes and the like are skyrocketing here in the US, and not all of it is being paid for by the individual’s personal medical insurance. I am young and healthy and it might bug me a little that a giant portion of my paycheck goes to pay for people who don’t take care of themselves with the same intensity that I have chosen.

Going back to the theme of natural selection, if we just let those hypertensive morons die out (after all, they’ve poisoned themselves with non-food to the point of contracting life-threatening conditions!), that would fit perfectly. But it makes us seem a little harsher as a society than the one I would like to live in. 3 weeks ago

SimplicityInTheLBCI think

in that case, we’re looking at a difficult-to-prove negative. The real question is, “How many children potentially didn’t slide off an adult car seat and injure themselves during the course of a normal drive?” We’ll never know, because they were strapped into seats that are made to prevent just such a thing. 3 weeks ago

SimplicityInTheLBCmarathon training, week 2

6/23 – REST
6/24 – 3.02
6/25 – 3.01
6/26 – 3.01
6/27 – REST
6/28 – 7.01
6/29 – crosstraining (5.02mi cycle)

TOTAL: 21.05mi 3 weeks ago

SimplicityInTheLBCI am curious,

what is the supposed purpose of the ban? If the idea is to leave the face open for identification by all the facial recognition software used by the CCTV cameras that are on damn near every street corner in many metropolitan cities, well, then….

I know that here in the US, we don’t allow full face covering to be worn for ID photos. Of course, then again, you can’t wear a carnival mask for one o’ them either.

It does seem to be aimed at a specific group. It’s also aimed at those who would wear ski masks in order to rob a bank.

Buuuuuut to be fair, if my religion says I should be naked at all times, federal/local decency laws unfortunately trump my religious freedom. At least at this point (who knows WTF will happen now that this Hobby Lobby decision came down the way it did). 3 weeks ago


1) 7mi run today, interrupted by stupidity, but I finished.

2) A quiet night in, playing Sims 3 (the Man’s early birfday gift to me).

3) Reimbursement check from the district.

4) Sleeping till noon. 3 weeks ago

SimplicityInTheLBCThis sounds

amazing! How fun. Rock some Moses Hogan for me (since I’m sure there’ll be at least one of his tunes on a program that includes spirituals). 3 weeks ago

SimplicityInTheLBCBe my guest, mothafucka

My friend R was one of the first people I met when I transferred to the college that I eventually graduated from. For about five years, we were very close. He was one of the few people who knew most of the dirty details of my year in a D/s relationship. I knew lots of his dirty details as well.

Over the last few years, we haven’t spent as much time together. His work schedule doesn’t coincide with mine. We both got significant others. But we still hung out every once in a while. I helped his paint his new house when he bought it, maybe two years ago. I still consider him one of my close friends.

So I was a bit miffed to see pictures from his wedding on teh Fasebuk – a wedding I wasn’t invited to attend.

I get that weddings are crazy expensive, especially if you have a large family that you have to invite. I just feel a bit…left out.
And I feel like a twit for being disappointed about this, but there it is.

I didn’t even get an announcement so that I could send a gift, for eff’s sake :(

Mostly, I guess this just underscores how little time I spend with friends. Between working like mad, trying to save money, and being an introvert…I’m not doing a very good job of being a friend, I guess. Contemplating potentially doing something about that this summer. If nothing else, I can bring people over here and cook a nice dinner to share. 3 weeks ago


1) Rest day from marathon training!

2) Seeing Pink Floyd’s The Wall with the Man on a big screen in the lovely outdoors.

3) Reimbursements from various places.

4) I’ve almost reached my money goal for our wedding! 3 weeks ago

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