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She's Awake!Reading Kathleen Reardon

I was going to get her book “It’s all Politics” out of the library, but realized I had her much older “they don’t get it, do they?” book on communication with men in the workplace. Still a good read; on Chapter 4 now about stereotyping. Chapter 3 gives slightly-outdated, but often still relevant, techniques on how to derail inappropriate gender-based assumptions and conversations in the workplace. But then again, yesterday I got into a really asinine argument on Facebook that I wished would not happen but with some guys is inevitable.

The first rule is don’t get into an argument. The second rule seems to be don’t back down when you do.

Whenever I come across gender-assumptive stuff in communication, you have this thing to deal with about where the real differences are and where they are not. Also, whose onus it is to hear or be heard. This is where I want to do the most work. Most of the time though I have to think of video games: when the zombies and monsters come out, you must be going in the right direction. 6 days ago

She's Awake!SMART is viral but redundant

All you need to do is be specific about what it is and why you’re doing it, put it in steps and put a timeline to it.

No sense doing a what if it doesn’t address the why, unless someone else is requiring you to.

Men who are well-dressed are better respected and earn more money than men who don’t.
Forget trendy books. Read Clothes and the Man by Alan Fusser or another classic one.

BTW you have the right idea about the love of your life. But the wrong (oh so wrong!) about biking – unless you buy wool gear. Real bikers don’t care for bike weenies, we only ride for joy and then the performance that we earn. 3 weeks ago

She's Awake!I made it a goal to get it under control too

It is a long game to change e-mail practices, but we must.

One good thing about having a Joe-job and down time in it is that I could finally sort and apply searches and filters based on who it was coming from, and subjects discussed. Once you do this, it really cuts things down into conceptual ease! Also, I archive all my mail that is over 6 weeks old, read or not – if I need it, or took enough notice of it to star/flag it, I will see it again.

I also called the most important ones things like #Startup, #SNAP, #BizG, because those require I stay on top of them. Here’s a snapshot of the rest of my organizing, and it really does help. Another point is that I don’t actually filter my mail other than Gmails’ own Priority inbox; I filter it manually: once I’ve read and dealt with it, it goes in the folder, if I’ve delayed acting on it, I star it or start a draft response. Presently I whittled 350+ stars down to 123, and I aim to keep only a roster of 50 stars going of stuff too important to lose / not done yet. 4 weeks ago

She's Awake!I just realized: not quite done

I have to merge what I chose on Good Reads with what I got out of my borrower’s history at one library. There are several libraries that I borrowed from, but no clue how to login and get my history. 1 month ago

She's Awake!Found some has ethical funds. Yes! And they are available through the Desjardins group of credit unions. On Monday, I intend to visit a branch and proceed with selection – and then transfer my dirty investment account over first. 1 month ago

She's Awake!10 days ago

I turned what was a bad execution – not paying enough attention to the pattern – into a small lap blanket. That was 3 balls of wool. I have 4 more and I will start over again and do it right, and when I run out if wool, take it from the blanket. Might as well use it as a done object until the sweater has been proven. Meanwhile, I am finishing a sock I started. Well on my way there. 2 months ago

She's Awake!StartUp Weekend

Last week I participated. My pitch was not chosen but I learned I should do ToastMasters so I am less nervous and better at winging it. I may have been too formal compared to the others. I know my idea is good, and I put myself in the right place to learn and make connections 2 months ago

She's Awake!Below 130!

I was wearing shoes but I stepped on a scale at the hospital and it balanced at 130. This means I have finally list the extra 5 lbs I was carrying for the past two years. Thank you yoga studio and winter walks and now, I’m restarting the yoga (6 wk break) and will increase my XC skiing until winter. If I can hit 125, I will def’ly mark this goal done, but I might not hit it as I hope to gain some muscle. 2 months ago

She's Awake!To do soon:

Read the book on Agile-Iconix just enough to be useful for my wireframe/storyboards and back end design for the project 2 months ago

She's Awake!This weekend I will

Put together a presentation on my business idea – the service I want to build the world 2 months ago

She's Awake!January and February

In January, I joined OKCupid and am trying to take it seriously. I know, far from impossible, but it was certainly implausible for a long time.

I might come up with a better example.

February: Tomorrow night, ready or not, I will pitch my business idea in front of a room of my peers in a startup competition, and participate in whatever results. After that, I submit my business project to a program that may be funded, and start taking the start-a-business course (again, not impossible, but not been done before). And I will go out on a few dates. 2 months ago

She's Awake!Thanks,

I’ll write a new entry! 2 months ago

She's Awake!One route to take, on to-do list

Compile a list of the books I have read in the past 5 years, as that level of knowledge (considering how few people read actual books) contributes to expertise. 3 months ago

She's Awake! 3 months ago

She's Awake!Not a pointless, time-wasting goal

I know at first it sounds about as useful as “list 43 songs that I like!” and other such asinine goals as I see people adopt in droves on this site – goals about as intellectually and developmentally challenging as memorizing the makes of automobiles out there when you are neither a used car salesman or mechanic.

The point of this list is not just to prove-it as to that I can read, or that I’ve used hundreds of hours doing so (I’ve learned over the past few years that if you aren’t told by someone with authority to account for your time, don’t spend time accounting for it. That’s wasted time in trying not to waste time). I do not at all like the prospect that assembling this list could take 2 to 8 hours, and I’ll never know it’s complete.

The point of this is that, if reading one hour a day on a chosen subject matter can turn you into an expert in that subject matter in a few years, then I have overlooked some areas of expertise, and this list will be a prove-it considering topics and background knowledge. Considering how few people read anything of any quality, and I am of the small proportion of the population that does, then I’ve underestimated my knowledge. I might not know what I know.

What else I know, is I know a lot more than some people who try to put my informed opinion down when voicing theirs. I have not defended my authority enough on quite a few topics, and it surprises me sometimes that some will do so when they know I know more than them. Pointing out what books they should be reading might help undercut their newspaper-digest expertise. 3 months ago

She's Awake!Untitled

I cannot imagine how this goal is one you will know when it’s achieved. It’s a constant boxing match where the “Ding ding! You won!” is only for that round.

However, there are people in this world who use the internet as a tool, know when they’re using it for pleasure, and limit their time to just that utility. I want to be one of those people. I don’t want to get trapped reading amusing shit when I could be creating or taking care of more difficult problems that bring about better prospects. I’m also bored of motivational language and pep talks. Execute! 3 months ago

She's Awake!Untitled

One day, I will have a cabin in the North, warm enough for winter, tiny enough to contain all I need. I can retreat there and do work and read in peace. 3 months ago

She's Awake! 3 months ago

She's Awake!absolute props

You, sir/madam, are to be congratulated for doing what is necessary to do but what weaker souls cower from doing. Most people come up with a rationalization as to why they are the way they are (their © Story™) and find a way to make it Other People’s Problems if the Story™ interferes with what should really be happening in the present. People who realize that the Story™ is just a story, dysfunctional and probably wrong, but even if right is still in the past, are beginning to be masters of their own fate. Because they have suffered, if they can master their own © Story™ and keep on learning and rewriting it, they can empathize with others and help them, too. And we are all here to help others to the best of our abilities. 3 months ago

She's Awake!You have to be willing to walk alone and bear the judgment

People do not understand women who lead or want to lead. They will try to obstruct you. You will not easily attract people that you want to have around, because they will be too busy noticing others having misgivings about you. You need to make decisions about other people and their involvement in your projects and life and it is often very limiting. You really need to work on yourself so that you can rise to challenges, bend around obstructions and barbs, learn, be humble, and look for opportunities while giving up the need for perfection and control. You have to sell your work so that it is not unnoticed, unappreciated, or wasted; ideas (make sure you have some), and yourself because if you are not supported at home by family or a mate, you need to recognize that you present a challenge and you need to make it easier for others to accept you. You will feel “what is the point?” many times. If you need to give up for a while, do it as an experiment in learning. Explore and accept the failure, or the intermission on the way to success, rather than ignore it. And for heavens sake, do not gather too many so-called betas around you without challenging them to increase their capacities/abilities. They will frustrate you if you can’t lead them, and you will not be an alpha if you insist on leading everybody all the time.

In short: the road can be lonely, frustrating, filled with shortfalls and disappointments, but it is more character-building and satisfying than just shunting yourself from one comfortable perch to another with stomach-lurching insecurities in between. 3 months ago

She's Awake! 7 years ago

She's Awake!I read an excerpt

And decided to skip this read. I am very curious about the age difference thing though. 3 months ago

She's Awake!

She's Awake!

She's Awake! 6 years ago

She's Awake!December's challenge

is to ask a guy out on a date. A coffee date, but that’s a big step for me. I’ve been a big believer in that guys should do the asking, but when they aren’t asking, or they are asking and then failing to follow through (confidence problems), you kinda have to think “what is it I want?” and put it out there. And then let the guy take over from there. 3 months ago

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