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I really hate all the SPAM that accumulates here on 43Things. I have reporting suspected accounts most of the year, and keeping track of the numbers via other goals.

Anyway, I would like to report at least 12000 SPAM accounts this year. To date I have reported 3885 for 2014.

Anyone interest in helping out, enter the “blog” goal and report away. Over 99% is SPAM. 2 days ago


Straha 2 days ago


Straha 3 weeks ago

Straha"great article"

Thanks for posting this. It was all really interesting, and I appreciate that you provided links.

I love the Affordable Care Act, and am happy that 8 million fellow Americans are insured under it.

Keep fighting the good fight. 3 days ago

Straha"rough 16 April"

So today really sucked. I sat most of the day in a drop dead boring Army class. The subject is cool, but the teacher as the personality of a boiled ham. It is almost like she went to instructor school and is determined to do everything they tell you not to do.

In addition, my commute to where the classes are taking place sucks. The drive there isn’t too bad, but the drive home blows. Holy fucking shit, it takes 90 minutes to go 30 miles.

Anyway, the spouse made me pizza when I got home, because she is very nice and kind. I am a lucky guy.

To decompress I reported 108 bogus accounts. New total for 2014 is 3733 bogus accounts reported. 6 days ago

Straha"update April 15"

Over the last three days I reported 105 bogus accounts. Again, most were posting under the “blog” or “daily entries” goal.

I also watched a lot of Deep Space Nine on YouTube. Today, I am going to some Army training.

My new number for 2014 is 3625 reported SPAM accounts. 1 week ago


Straha 1 week ago

Straha"update April 12"

Was here on and off all day, and did a SPAM report binge. The short of it is I reported 300 bogus accounts. Again, most were posting under the “blog” or “daily entries” goal.

It was a nice day. I gave a lot of cheers away, and watched a lot of Star Trek on YouTube. I fucking love Star Trek.

My new number for 2014 is 3520 reported SPAM accounts. 1 week ago

Straha"another 100"

Yesterday I had the same group of students collect trash before we started class. There were five boys in the group, and they suggested it. For whatever reason, they like cleaning up around the building. I think the “bonus behavior points” I give them has something to do with it. ;)

However, one of my kids (Daniel) stood back when we were done and admired the work. He looked over at me and said “It sure looks a lot better. We should start over by the fence next time, because the wind is blowing all sorts of trash there”.

I picked up a hundred bits of paper and broken junk. 1 week ago

Straha"200 trash picks"

My students and I picked up trash around the school yesterday, because there was a nasty windstorm. I accounted for around 200 pieces. I didn’t keep track of the student total, but it was a lot. 1 week ago

Straha "cheering the day way"

As it stands today, I have given 17,133 cheers out through 43 Things. I am very close to my 18,000 cheer giving goal.

The Neighborhood Watch program here on 43 Things has really increased the number of cheers I have to give.

Anyway, I love giving cheers. You would be surprised about all the cool ideas I get (and do) because of your goals. 1 week ago

Straha"10 April Update"

Spent the night reporting 100 bogus accounts, again mostly in the “blog” section. It looks like a couple of hundred bogus accounts are set up daily.

With the way things are set up, it really doesn’t take much for the system to be overrun with all the SPAM.

Anyway, the new total is 3220 bogus/spam accounts reported for 2014. 1 week ago


Straha 1 week ago

Straha"09 April update"

Spent the evening relaxing, and managed to report another 160 for 3120 spam reports for 2014.

As usual, most are under the “blog” goal, but there are several under the “daily entries” goal. If you are hunting SPAM, that is a target rich environment. 1 week ago

StrahaApril 6

Knocked out another 125 bogus accounts, bringing the 2014 total to 2735. Most are still under the “blog” goal.

UPDATE 7 April: Looked at the “blog goal” this morning, and 12593 people had it marked as a goal. It is easily the most popular goal, and is at least 90% SPAM.

Also did another five reports, for a new total of 2740 SPAM accounts reported.

UPDATE #2 7 April: Just did another 170 reports. Again, most were under the “blog” goal.

The new total of 2910 SPAM reports. Crazy how much SPAM there is.

UPDATE #3 8 April: Reported another 50 for 2960. 2 weeks ago

Straha"April 1"

Did a quick 50 reports, bringing the new total to 2610 reports for 2014. Really want to report a lot of SPAM this month. 3 weeks ago

Straha"season 4 ending"

Just watched the Season 4 Finale, and it was amazing. I really enjoyed all of it. The group is pretty much reunited, but stuck in a boxcar surrounded by cannibals.

We are still left hanging with Beth, Carol, and Tyrece, but they are the random factors for next season. Rick is pretty bad ass. I really like the direction his character is taking.

Can’t wait for Season Five this Fall. Terminus will burn.

Straha"hot and cold"

This has been a pretty hot and cold goal. While I haven’t completed a lot of my own fiction work, I have written a lot of stuff teaching stuff. I would like to work more on my own stuff, but will have to wait until summer.

Still, I am working on stuff. 3 weeks ago

Straha"so far 16,285"

Since I joined 43things, have given 16,285 cheers. I would like to give 18,000 cheers by the end of May (or sooner). I really like giving out cheers, and seeing what everyone else is up too.

This is a really positive site, and I just want to keep it going. 3 weeks ago


Straha 3 weeks ago

StrahaMarch Update #5

Reported 118 bogus goal setting accounts today. New total for 2014 is 2550. It was easy today, because I am watching The Walking Dead
Season 4 Marathon.

The first 24 reports I did today were labeled under the “blog” goal. I reported the others through community watch.

I also defended one user that was labeled SPAM by the robocop, but is an actual site.

3-31-14: Last day of the month, and I did another 10 reports. New total is 2560. 3 weeks ago

Straha"play 5 new games: X Wing"

Played X Wing, a table top miniature game featuring spaceships from the Star Wars universe. It was pretty cool. The starter set allows you to be either an X wing pilot or run two Imperial Tie Fighters.

Each ship design has different stats, and there are also pilot cards that allow you to do different maneuvers. The starter set also comes with movement counters and dice.

Anyway, I really liked the game and will definitely play more. 3 weeks ago

StrahaMarch Update $4

Sitting around and hit knocked out out another 40 SPAM reports. The new total is 2432 reported dodgy accounts.

Again, a lot of these bogus sites are labeled under the “blog” goal. If you want to nail an easy SPAM, just type in “blog” and start hitting the “report user” option. 3 weeks ago

Straha"spam and spam"

Selling stuff. Please take a second and report. 3 weeks ago

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