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Sttaci GoodmanWorking on it...

I have started this process. Anytime I see “Hoarders” or my husband complains I get more serious about it. I also did a fairly good job three years ago when we decided to move 1000 miles away. I still have quite a bit of things, but I realy try to donate on a regular basis, and I’m having a garage sale (things will be priced to sell, and what does not sell will be donated. Nothing will be brought back in the house. I think part of it is that I have many things with sentimental value to me. I guess I will know when I will be able to honestly make that I have done this, and I can’t wait for that day! 21 months ago

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My first task on this goal is to decide exactly those people that I do not want to lose touch with.
Second is to reach out to any of those I have been out of touch with already.
Third is to list the people who I am fairly sure will be in and out of my life for quite awhile, but who I am NOT responsible for making sure we stay in touch. I will be able to expect that some people just aren’t the ones who really, truly stay in touch. 21 months ago

Sttaci GoodmanAlmost there!

I have actually planned a picnic for my Mum and Sister in law when they come to visit from England. My mother, father and brother will be there are well. It will be in a park type area that I have never been, even though my parents live nearby. I plan to make healthy AND delicious wraps (to continue toward my get in best shape of my life goal) as well as some fruit and things. This is scheduled to take place in September 2012, and I can’t wait to mark that I have done this! Stay tuned! 21 months ago

Sttaci Goodman 21 months ago

Sttaci GoodmanAlmost...

Well, I was scheduled to volunteer/work wth HFH, but I had one of the worst Multiple Sclerosis relapse episodes of my life and I had to cancel. I couldn’t walk, much less try to work. It was frustrating and discouraging, but I’m determined and I WILL do it eventually. 21 months ago

Sttaci Goodman 5 years ago

Sttaci Goodman 5 years ago

Sttaci GoodmanI have started, and will do much more this year!

I try to make a box (at least) for donation pick up in my neighborhood for DAV, ARC, etc, so that helps. I will work on a garage sale for this summer, and then I will just really go through everything in our attic. If I haven’t needed or used something in two years, it will go. I will keep all necessary documents and paperwork, but otherwise, it’s got to go! 2 years ago

Sttaci GoodmanOk, ok...

I will make an effort to take the time and energy in 2012. I have decided that it might help if I decide on and put out my work outfits the night before. 2 years ago

Sttaci Goodman

I am up to 984.1. Each time I log in (at least weekly) I am hioping to see a .1 increase. I’m going to make an effort to get and stamp more bills as well. 2 years ago

Sttaci Goodman 5 years ago


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