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StuartieGDay 6

1 mile in 7:55 6 months ago

StuartieGStand by Me (177th)

Watched this a few days ago, the 43T blog can’t have saved properly. Really enjoyable coming of age film! 6 months ago

StuartieGAmelie (69th top)

Fantastic feel good movie! 6 months ago

StuartieGDay 5 - 1 mile - 7:02

Pushed a wee bit harder today, 4/5 effort wise… 6 months ago

StuartieGTo Kill A Mockingbird (70th top)

Had been putting off watching this one, but really enjoyed it! :) 6 months ago

StuartieGDay 4 (yesterday) - 1 mile

7:45 6 months ago

StuartieGThe Apartment (99th top)

Tremendous film from 1960! 6 months ago

StuartieG 18 months ago

StuartieGCompleted spur of the moment

I’m 99% sure that I found it tonight – it is very faint and difficult to see but pretty confident. Got a taxi fare out in the countryside towards the end of my nightshift so pulled over on way back for a look. No bright city lights and a clear sky made ideal conditions. Used’s “how to find Andromeda” guide and also my Google sky map. I can definitely clearly see all the stars nearby in the correct part of the sky, problem is that Andromeda is so feint it is difficult to spot with the naked eye. Plus the way human night vision works is that its more sensitive in the area slightly away from where your focussing. So basically I focused on a slightly different part of the sky and could just make a faint light out in the position it was supposed to be in. Will be interesting to check with binoculars or a telescope too! Also its hard to believe that that tiny spot of light is a distant galaxy containing more stars than the world has grains of sand! Pretty amazing when you think about it! 6 months ago

StuartieG10/40 lessons done

Today I learnt about Christmas, also learnt a Spanish Christmas song “Navidad, Navidad” 6 months ago

StuartieGConcentrating on other Spanish for now

Already busy with Duolingo & Coffee Break Spanish, may come back to Pimsleur at a later date tho 6 months ago

StuartieGDay 3 - 1 mile

New route round the park, took it easy as still have this cold. 8:32 6 months ago

StuartieGRequiem for a Dream (79th top)

Powerful film about people’s struggles with addiction and the effects. 6 months ago

StuartieGDay 2 - 1 mile

Run to the supermarket, 7:54. Still getting over the remnants of this cold. 6 months ago

StuartieGThe Third Man (76th top)

OKish old movie – I can see that for it’s time it must’ve been really impressive. 6 months ago

StuartieGTime to give this another shot - Day 1

Looking at my stats, haven’t been for a run in 22 days (although that was a 16 miler to be fair!). Ran just a slightly different route today, 1.32 miles in 10:28 6 months ago

StuartieGInto The Wild

2007 film charting the true story of a young man who decides to give his entire $24,000 savings to charity and travel America (including time in the wilderness of Alaska) instead of going on to University. Enjoyed it most of the way through, I don’t want to spoil the film but in the end I started to think “Really? People look at this guy as a hero? Think he had some great ideas but he also seemed either naive or stupid. 6 months ago

StuartieGThat's a good one

I was thinking of a different quote. Checked and I think it was: “Brave men may not live forever, but cautious men do not live at all.” 6 months ago


Makes me want to go there and order a “White Russian” 6 months ago

StuartieGJust discovered these podcasts last night...

Great help with pronunciation! There are 80 podcasts, 15-20 minutes each. Currently on podcast 7. Good fun so far! :) 6 months ago

StuartieG 6 months ago

StuartieG146 - The Big Lebowski (132nd top)

Typical Coen Brothers film, pretty decent! 6 months ago


Just read through your quotes so far, some pretty inspiring stuff there! I remember back when I first joined 43t I read a particularly good motivational quote in one of your entries – it really struck me at the time. I’m struggling to remember which one it is haha, but I’ll rack my brain try and get it will let you know! 6 months ago


I’mamazed at how qquickly I’m getting through this course – 270 words learnt in the last half week! Feel like its really starting to come together, although I’m a long way off being fluent. Another big help has been the discovery of the “coffee break Spanish” podcast series – 80 fifteen to twenty minute lessons – all good fun so far and great for nailing pronunciation! 6 months ago

StuartieGStarted this last night

There are 4 levels of Spanish to listen to / talk back to/with, covering 64 hours – all split into 30 minute lessons. I’m assuming level 1 just lasts 32 lessons. 6 months ago

StuartieG 6 months ago

StuartieGIt's open

2-4pm on Sunday’s during the Summer. Next weekend it’s open Sat & Sun, but then will be closed until next Summer. 6 months ago

StuartieGClimbed today

Free entrance, easy walk, great views! 6 months ago

StuartieG 21 months ago

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