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Recent entries from StuartieG
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StuartieGJust clearing some space for another goal

Will definitely come back to this! 14 months ago

StuartieGDay 12 - fastest yet!

1 mile in 6:56. Started at an average pace then upped it for the last half mile. My all time PB is 5:37, not quite fit enough to attempt that but will give a 6 minute-ish run a shot on the last day of this challenge (Tues) 14 months ago


OK will post the video after I’ve done it. Lol! 14 months ago

StuartieGCharity Night

Am performing this song for charity in just over a month, need to learn the lyrics (difficult because they are mainly in Korean!)

Obligatory link to the most popular YouTube video of all time: 14 months ago

StuartieG43/64 units done so far

Slightly slower progress, as I’m also doing another couple of Spanish courses at the same time. 14 months ago

StuartieGDay 11 - 1 mile 7:50

Definitely feeling the difference energy wise throughout the day from getting out running daily. 14 months ago

StuartieG3/30 units done

Have started to learn the first 150 words or so – the app will periodically get me to repeat them to check my knowledge. Some were new, some easy to work out (eg tremendo = tremendous), and some I knew already. 14 months ago

StuartieGPaths of Glory (50th top)

Great WW1 Stanley Kubrick movie with Kirk Douglas. Brilliant battle and trench scenes for it’s time – also the court martial part was interesting too! 14 months ago

StuartieGDay 10 - 1 mile

6:55 fastest run yet, still have more in the tank for a faster run! 14 months ago

StuartieGWatch that many films

Sometimes I think if I’m not in the right mood I can not take to a movie as well as other times… 14 months ago

StuartieGToday - 1.25 miles

Did another slightly different run, 9:52 14 months ago


Didn’t particularly enjoy this one, Jack Nicolson was good though! 14 months ago


Memrise is an app/ website that let’s you work at remembering things. There are several (user created courses, where you can do anything from learn capital cities to languages). The app teaches you words then refreshes them at a set period. Priority is given to words that you get wrong. To date I’ve done two other memrise courses already – Hacking Spanish & Learn Basic Mexican Spanish. So far about 60 words into the 1,500 word course. 14 months ago

StuartieG15/40 completed

I know most of the stuff I’m learning here already, however its a great help with my speaking and pronunciation! Also reviewing the lessons too… 14 months ago

StuartieG 14 months ago

StuartieGDay 8

Another mile loop before work, 7:48 this time 14 months ago

StuartieGGrave of the Fireflies (99th top)

Japanese animation about a brother and sisters experiences during WWII. Not a massive fan of Japanese animation, but it was decent enough… 14 months ago

StuartieGDay 7 - 1 mile

Felt a bit ill before running today, however made myself go out and do it (albeit at a slower pace). 8:32. I felt a lot better for the run, have felt great the rest of the day! :) 14 months ago

StuartieGDone all the Stage 7 lessons

Fairly happy with this section, a bit easier than the last! Still wanting to practice my suspended chords (Asus2, Asus4, Dsus2, Dsus4, Esus4), also try and work at remembering the notes on frets on the thickest (6th) string, practice my power chords along with doing the minor pentatonic scale. Consolidate these and then onto stage 8! 14 months ago

StuartieGStage 6 Complete - Onto Stage 7!

This has been the longest I’ve taken to get through a stage. Had real problems with the F chord at first – still not the fastest at fingering it compared with other chords but at least I can play it well. Had been putting off the ear training exercises as I wasn’t confident (have had low scores on previous stages), however surprised myself by getting 10/10 chord quality (saying if it’s a major, minor, or 7th chord by ear), 7/10 chords correct (using guitar to help check – I still struggle to tell the difference between E, Eminor & E7), and all 3/3 chord progressions correct also. Pretty happy with that! :) 14 months ago

StuartieGDay 6

1 mile in 7:55 14 months ago

StuartieGStand by Me (177th)

Watched this a few days ago, the 43T blog can’t have saved properly. Really enjoyable coming of age film! 14 months ago

StuartieGAmelie (69th top)

Fantastic feel good movie! 14 months ago

StuartieGDay 5 - 1 mile - 7:02

Pushed a wee bit harder today, 4/5 effort wise… 14 months ago

StuartieGTo Kill A Mockingbird (70th top)

Had been putting off watching this one, but really enjoyed it! :) 14 months ago

StuartieGDay 4 (yesterday) - 1 mile

7:45 14 months ago

StuartieGThe Apartment (99th top)

Tremendous film from 1960! 14 months ago

StuartieG 2 years ago

StuartieGCompleted spur of the moment

I’m 99% sure that I found it tonight – it is very faint and difficult to see but pretty confident. Got a taxi fare out in the countryside towards the end of my nightshift so pulled over on way back for a look. No bright city lights and a clear sky made ideal conditions. Used’s “how to find Andromeda” guide and also my Google sky map. I can definitely clearly see all the stars nearby in the correct part of the sky, problem is that Andromeda is so feint it is difficult to spot with the naked eye. Plus the way human night vision works is that its more sensitive in the area slightly away from where your focussing. So basically I focused on a slightly different part of the sky and could just make a faint light out in the position it was supposed to be in. Will be interesting to check with binoculars or a telescope too! Also its hard to believe that that tiny spot of light is a distant galaxy containing more stars than the world has grains of sand! Pretty amazing when you think about it! 14 months ago

StuartieG10/40 lessons done

Today I learnt about Christmas, also learnt a Spanish Christmas song “Navidad, Navidad” 14 months ago

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