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My God, it's full of stars...

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Tarrador"He Readies My Hands For War"


Sometimes the battle against mediocrity has to be taken out of one’s own arena and fought on a larger field. Every day I can battle against my own weaknesses, but I don’t live or work in a vacuum. Sometimes the mediocrity of others bleeds into my own sphere. If I’ve spent a lot of energy getting poison out, I can’t really be expected to passively let someone else’s poison seep in.

I’ve always felt that the value of effort is in direct proportion to the resistance you encounter when pursing a goal. Sometimes it seems the first day you determine to go running it rains. You plan to go to the gym after work and you have to stay late, you decided to give up sweets and get invited to a friend’s birthday party the very first week. How you fight through these resistances is a measure of how strong you will become. Truthfully, when I face resistance, I seek to be grateful; it verifies I’m on the right track. The more resistance I encounter, the more likely I am do be pursing the most beneficial goals.

People are the same. When people get uncomfortable with me for pointing out failings, lapses, over-sights, and outright laziness, it proves to me that I am hitting nails on their heads. When people admonish me to “tone down” my criticisms, reserve my judgments, and not make people feel singled out, then I am sure I have found the stream of poison causing the problems. The people always most insistent that we “tone down” the conversation, not try to “blame” people for their mismanagements, or seek to smooth things over as quickly and quietly as possible, are the ones most stung by criticism. When I run into this kind of resistance, I know I have found the biggest challenge to improving and success.

Look, if someone comes to me, or even to a group, and calls me out for lacking or for carelessness or failure to plan, I welcome the discussion. Maybe they are wrong and don’t know it. Maybe they are right and I need to hear and absorb their criticism. But I square my shoulders and I face the challenge. So when I call you out and you dodge and twist and try to spin the criticism back on me by saying my criticism is too bold and hard and condescending (I say it is calling like it is), what that says to me is that you are wiggling like a worm on a hook because you know the criticism is correct, but you don’t want to accept it. You’d rather make excuses and shrug your shoulders. And soon it is washed over and the beach is smooth again, and you’ve slipped through the cracks again, convinced you could do your job better if only everyone around you wasn’t failing you.

I’m tired, so tired, of not being able to take big strides at work because other managers keep tripping and falling in front of me. I’m tired, so tired, of my own staff looking at me and wondering why every other department can get away with being late to work, losing their paperwork, not being organized or ready or on station when an event begins. Why can’t they just say “WTFE” and do as they like? Why can’t the kitchen fail massively and just chalk it up to “Oh well, in the end it all worked out”, only to have the cycle repeat itself?

I got a scolding email from the General Manager about my more vocal observations on how the weakness of some departments undercut ALL our efforts. What good is it to have the world’s greatest quarterback if when he throws the ball down field there is no one there to catch it? What does it matter if the coach sends in a winning play if the team can’t execute it? My GM’s message was that I should bring issues I have to him directly, and not broadcast to the team in general, and to keep my remarks regarding professionalism to myself. And if I would like to discuss this further we could sit down and talk.

So of course, we are going to. You bet your ass we’re going to. And the GM’s arguments are going to have to be pretty persuasive to get me to back down. Enough of this bullshit. Don’t sugar-coat the fact that we just hit an iceberg and tell the band to just keep playing. I’m going in to tomorrow’s meeting with my fist wrapped and hardened for battle. He is the GM; in the end I may not be allowed to openly point out the inadequacies of other departments, even when they affect my own. It is currently my opinion that he is merely seeking to cover his ass, since he’s embarrassed that my observations and criticisms are getting back to the owners, who are now, like, WTF? So he wants to shut me up and reroute my complaints so that they only go to him, where he can bury them.

The most likely result is that I am going to walk out of tomorrow’s meeting with confirmation of what I already know: It is time to move on. My ambitions are constantly smashing into the ceilings of limitations wherever I work. I start a new job, I rebuild the structure, I bring in and train staff, I write menus, I do a ton of foundation work, and then when I push for the peak of style, taste, and creativity, I crack my head on the mediocrity of the environment around me. If I have time to look around and see how other operations are letting our company down and how no one is saying or doing anything about it, then it is time to punch through that barrier and pursue another challenge. Let someone else who cares less, works less, thinks less, and is happy to be pocketed if any remark he makes draws the ire of those who are causing the problems. To me, this is nothing more that resistance training. Resistance is looking to see just how tough I am, how sincere, how committed.

Resistance is going to need some reinforcements. 8 months ago

TarradorDon't care...

how big he was, YOU were a hero and he was a skulking coward. What a punk. Don’t get me wrong… I’m glad he ran off but I’m not surprised. I’m more surprised by your emergency operator interrogating you about how maybe a guy in a black jacket with a black helmet, hammering away at your door, and running off like a jack rabbit, might have been an over zealous friend who just came by with a crowbar for a cup of tea. And a woman asking another woman repeatedly “Sweetie, are you sure you aren’t just over-reacting?” regarding a home invasion is just staggering.

All your feelings and reactions are understandable and don’t indicate a weakness of character on your part. Fight or flight response and the brain hormones involved can sideline trained soldiers. A panic attack was almost bound to happen, kiddo. You came through it and stuck with your goal of chronicling on 43T. I’m proud of you for facing the fear, feeling the fear, but not being crippled by the fear.

And I’m very glad you are okay. 8 months ago


you know it!

;) 8 months ago

TarradorAll Of The Good Ones Are Taken

It is perfectly natural for us, as humans, to self-identify with our names. It is how we are called, it is how we are tribed, it is how we are culturally identified. Some of us have cool names, some have dork names, some reach for the Bible, some are begotten from the latest teen drama series.

And some of us are ambitious enough to reimagine ourselves through changing or adapting our names. William Clinton is stately, Bill Clinton is beer-buddy-friendly. Some people have rearranged their names for dramatic effect; apparently Julius Caesar was more badass than Gaius Caesar. We know about marketing changes like John Wayne and Cary Grant. Hemmingway was Earnest on his book jackets, but Papa to those in his circle (or those wanting to be). You called him “Bugsy” Siegel because he was a crazy mofo and everyone knew it, but you never identified Mr. Benjamin Siegel as “Bugsy” to his face unless you wanted a tommy-gun enemea.

Names and monikers can empower us as well. But these days everything has been used, and using it seems like a cheap copy of the original. There’s already been an Alexander the Great, an Ivan the Terrible, a Mad Monk. All the good names are taken: Malcolm X, The King, The Boss, Conan the Barbarian, W, Col. Mustard, Jack the Ripper, Queen Bee, Jesus Christ/Superstar, American Caesar, The Punisher… I’d like a moniker to up my self-image, to be an automatic pep-talk, to be a big S I can put on my chest.

I could adopt a titular label consistent with my personality, but Simpering Weed and Wannbe Jones don’t cut the image I’m pursuing. Lumber Jack is manly, but lacks sophistication. Jack Attack has been used to describe my seduction technique, but again, lacks sophistication (as does my seduction technique). Of the various nicknames I’ve picked up and been given, “Papi Chulo” is the only one I like and “Diablo Blanco” is the only one I use to great effect. They just don’t personalize and identify me as well as I’d like.

The names we call ourselves (stupid, lazy, worthless, cowardly, weak, hopeless, fat, ugly, awesome, fantastic, amazing, smart, beautiful, loving, brave, fit, accepting) definitely have an impact on us, which is why we should always be using the most positive self-talk in our internal dialogues. I think the same goes for the nouns we use as well as the adjectives. What if we approached our challenges with the mental image of ourselves as Dave the Magnificent, or Awesome Audrey, Tall Bill, or Jack Tastic? Not just as screen names or anonymous avatars, but as actual senses of our own identity.

I’m going to find an awesome label for myself, something that would be historical if ever I was to be made historic. A name among names. One that when it is spoken, everyone knows right away who they are speaking of. I never expect it to come to that, but I want to have such a scenario in my mind, changing my thoughts, changing my energy. God Almighty is taken. The Great Emancipator is taken. Grizzly Adams is taken. Hannibal the Cannibal is taken. All of the good ones are taken. But I’ll keep looking until I find the one that fits. 8 months ago

TarradorPersol PO0714 Sunglasses

A year has gone by and it’s time for me to get some new sunglasses. I got tons of compliments and great feedback from last year’s ruby-colored Oakley’s. They gave me a rockstar garnish. This year I’m going for movie star status with a pair of Havanna Gold Persol sunglasses. Persol has a long history of designer sunglasses and if I’m going to spend money on shades, these will be the ones.

These were personal favorites of Steve McQueen, and he wore them prominently in “Bullitt”, “The Getaway”, and “The Thomas Crown Affair”. He made them part of his off-screen wardrobe, too. They are still popular amongst the Hollywood crowd.

I’ve checked multiple sources and found out where I’m getting them. I’m closing the deal this week.

8 months ago

Tarrador 8 months ago

TarradorWhat a Cold Shower Can Do For You...

There are many benefits linked to regular cold showers. It’s hard to gague which ones are hokum and which offer real benefits. But among the reams listed, it’d be play to enjoy even the most benign:

  1. Enhance immunity against infections and cancer
  2. Give your glands (thyroid, adrenals, ovaries/testes) a boost, improving hormonal activity
  3. Jump-start your mood and motivation
  4. Crank up your metabolism to fight type 2 diabetes, obesity, gout, rheumatic diseases, depression, and more
  5. Normalize your blood pressure
  6. Decrease chronic pain
  7. Train and improve your blood circulation
  8. Detoxify your body
  9. Fight fatigue
  10. Strengthen exhausted, irritable nerves
  11. Rejuvenate, heal, and tone the skin
  12. Deepen your breathing
  13. Help with insomnia
  14. Improve kidney function
  15. Reduce swelling and edema
  16. Improve lymphatic circulation, thereby increasing immune function
  17. Reduce stress by regulating your autonomic nervous system
  18. Regulate temperature, fighting chronically cold hands and cold feet and excessive sweating
  19. Keep your hair healthy
  20. Improve hemorrhoids and varicose veins
  21. Reduce aches and pains

I also read that Liam Neeson took ice cold showers while filming “The Grey”. He said it helped him acclimate to the harsh and freezing filming conditions. He also said he kept it a secret from the other actors, who marveled at his toughness and manliness. 8 months ago

TarradorGo for it...

My experience is that two minutes can seem like a very long time.

Mind over flesh, my friend. Good luck. 8 months ago

TarradorOut In The Cold

This is a brutal regimen, and I’ve not progressed as I planned.

I started with a cold dousing for 30 seconds at a time. I didn’t move up to warm water after that, I just shut off the shower and grabbed a towel.

When I thought I’d be getting more acclimated, I have actually been losing the psychological battle and actually avoiding even going into the bathroom for a shower, let alone tackling it and increasing my endurance and discipline.

Yes, it is a psychological battle, because whatever the mind can determine, the body (usually) can be brought to do. And this is also a learning process: Learning the lengths to which my mind will fight me on doing something like this.

It is said you can lie to others, but you cannot lie to yourself. That is a lie. I have come up with so many reasons, rationalizations, reflections, excuses and evasion to not to this routine that it is amazing how much resistance I have formed to the idea. Still, I have also learned that what I resist is usually what is best for me. So, I keep working my way under the biting cold stream, hoping for gradual improvements. 8 months ago


Sorry you have been feeling sick. It has as much of a sapping effect upon ambition and effort as a lack of water does for a flower.

Sending you energies for improved health and sustained recovery, and for a return to blossoming and growth. 8 months ago


people have to be hit below the belt or in the face in the most visceral ways to remind them that there are other viewpoints out there.

It may be impolite to shout out dissenting opinions, to plaster inflammatory posters around, to be the voice that makes everyone else uncomfortable, but that is the vital role of the dissident. It was only 13 years ago that our culture moved dramatically from one where dissident speech was a right and an obligation to one where dissident speech was re-framed as anti-American and traitorous. In those years wide range government abuse, including illegal spying, torture, institutional corruption, revocation of basic human rights, and “shoot-first-ask-questions-never” have festered and taken root like cancerous cells masquerading as healthy, patriotic, God-fearing, democratic cells.

It was the shocking footage from Auschwitz and Dachau that convicted a Western culture that had up to then denied the atrocities of the Nazis and sought to downplay incendiary protests. It was the television images beamed into American households from Alabama and Vietnam that built the momentum for civil rights and anti-war. There were years and years of conversations and panels and hearings on police abuse in Los Angeles, but it was a citizen-made video of Rodney King being pummeled by half a dozen police men that brought the issue to a head.

Dissident voices, no matter how outrageous, are the watchdogs of our society. They let the guards know when there is a crack of a twig or a chirp of a bird or the incursion of an enemy. Let Michael Haydn answer when challenged, or let others defend or deny these accusations. Let them be denounced or affirmed. But let’s have the conversation. And let’s not demonize (or in the case of those with something to hide marginalize or even criminalize) the shrill voices of dissent. 8 months ago

TarradorWhen we are at the crossroads...

it can be difficult or impossible to see that the choices we make or the paths we take are actually going to be the ones we reflect back upon as the moments our lives changed for the better.

While nursing a broken heart it can be hard to realized that what we view as “blooming”, or coming into happiness, comes to us in ways we don’t expect. You very well may be on the point of unfolding and blossoming in ways that the circumstances you were in previously would never permit. No renovation progresses without some tearing down of what was there, and the removal of what wasn’t working.

Without knowing your situation beyond what you described above, I would offer that you not give up on blooming and progress. If you are in a relationship that is largely making you unhappy, where you are demeaned and insulted, where you are on the cusp of physical abuse, and where the only peace of mind you have is the random islands of “good times” in a sea of turmoil, then it is possible, (uhm, even probable), that you are going to be poised to grow and bloom and find your happiness outside a relationship where the best you have is nostalgic memories. Maybe the reason your boyfriend and you didn’t fit well was because he wanted your soul to remain an unfertilized seed laying in the earth, while your soul kept seeking to bloom.

If you were in a relationship that was making you unhappy, and now you are out of that relationship, consider that fixed – in a way. You have made progress. There is hurt and pain and regret and second-guessing that goes on at the end of a long (even bitter) relationship between two people. But that doesn’t mean you haven’t been successful in fixing the situation. I suggest that for all the work you have put in, you are more like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, leaving the husk of a past life that has served its purpose behind. The “you” that gave too much and tried so hard until there was nothing left actually now has “everything” to give, but to yourself and your own healing and life and future. This may be exactly the happiness you are seeking within yourself. That may mean taking that happiness and moving on rather than investing it back into an unproductive and unfulfilling relationship. It takes very brave steps to walk into the future, rather than huddle in the past.

Don’t give in just yet. You may be at the crossroads that change your life. 8 months ago

Tarrador5. A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

I’m going to participate in this goal this month, but in a slightly different way. Instead of hunting down items and taking pictures I am going to use the scavenger hunt as a daily theme for “spit-painting”. I’m going to take of the items and spend 30 – 45 minutes making a digital drawing or painting.

I’ve learned about spit-painting from my research and there is even a Facebook page for people to show their spit-paintings. I’m guessing it is a take on “spit-balling” which is a slang for coming up with ideas at a fast pace, not worrying about detail or organization. The idea is to quickly get the idea down in a recognizable form, add such colors and details as may be needed to be of use if the artist wants to come back to the illustration at some point in the future. Also it is an exercise to get the mind working on images.

I chose to represent “A dream is a wish your heart makes” with an image of a person blowing a soap bubble that is filled with a universe of potential. I allowed 45 minutes since it was my first one and it took me about 55. As usual I over-did it with detail and color that wasn’t necessary.

This goal will fit in with my other goal about doing daily digital sketches. What is good about using this goal is that if gives me a pretty wide variety of subject matter, which was starting to dry up with my other daily sketches.

Ideally future scavenger sketches will be simpler, more concept oriented, with stronger blacks and negative space values vs trying to make an actual “work of art”. This isn’t the goal of spit-painting, it’s just a way to flex creative muscle and improve speed, skill, and composition. 8 months ago

TarradorThis sounds...

like a very prosperous and successful month on all fronts. Congratulations! 8 months ago

TarradorThat's very exciting...

I think he will definitely get value from it. 8 months ago

TarradorI just finished...

listening to Talk Like TED on Audible. It gives a lot of insight into how the best TED speakers create, refine, and deliver these speeches, and background on TED’s origins and mission. It is an excellent audiobook and if you are into TED Talks it’s like a behind the scenes look at what goes on. Some TED Talks begin their genesis years before they appear so effortlessly and smoothly presented upon the stage.

The book alone has gotten me into watching TED talks of all subjects, which I am enjoying very much. 8 months ago

TarradorOn review...

of my own advice, I see what you mean… It is listed as out of print at Amazon, which is weird since it is less than a year old. It is also not part of the Kindle library. There are pdf links, but I’ve never used those for downloading books. It’s not even available on Ebay!

It makes me wonder if Amazon pulled it as part of some kind of copyright or intellectual property dispute. The author may have withdrawn it for one reason or another, but it is more likely it is being forced off the market for legal reasons (that is only my guess). There is no way to print or transfer Kindle books that I know of. My only advice now is to keep a look out at bookswap sites, see if it comes back to Amazon or becomes available from another source, or investigate the pdf download option. 8 months ago

TarradorIt's available...

from in multiple formats. Mine is on Kindle, so I don’t have a copy to trade or sell. It is also available from multiple book sites and can be downloaded in pdf form. Try a Google search for the title, you should get a lot of hits. 8 months ago


I’ve been trying to work with a broken system for a long time at my job. It became crystal clear to me yesterday during a meeting yesterday that 1) started 20 minutes late, 2) lost focus faster than Mr. Magoo dropping his glasses, and 3) demonstrated that the person in charge (who called the meeting) knew fuck-all about what she wanted, or how to explain it. Seriously, this chick is so mis-directed I don’t think she’d hit the ground if she fell out of a plane. We all got up from the meeting having accomplished nothing, agreed upon nothing, and having no goals or timetables. 90 minutes crippled by “paralysis of analysis”.

After the meeting I called down our event manager to the kitchen. I told him the meeting we’d just come from was a waste of time, and he agreed, expressing the same frustrations I felt. In 15 minutes we worked out a plan to solve the issues we had failed to resolve in committee during the meeting. “She won’t like it, but I’m past caring,” the event manager told me. I concurred and we set our little conspiracy in motion.

Today I talked to two of the salespeople, and chose one to become part of our cabal. I now control the kitchen and food production, B. controls the event execution and staffing, and L. is our partner and wedge in sales. I have told them both very frankly that I am fed up with the malaise infecting our operation and that we three can do something about it, if we stay in agreement that we want to do better work. There are people whom we may not be able to work with, but we can work around as a team. We three can break the malaise and accomplish some great stuff. And it will help us stand out to the company owners, who are ready to see change as well, and won’t see it with a person who won’t push new boundaries and tries to sit on her past laurels instead of adapting and growing.

Each member of our team brings their own contacts and interpersonal relationship strengths. Where one or two might struggle, the third can succeed. Point all three of us in the same direction and we cannot help but achieve. We are still three individuals with our own independent aims, but we have common goals and common enemies, too. The unspoken consensus was that we have too long been victims of policy, tradition, loyalty, and restraint due to a lack of vision.

Since I am the organizer and the only one who recognizes we are now a sharply pronged trident, my aim is to consolidate my kitchen, menus, staff, and operations, and keep communicating with my two partners, feeding them, encouraging them, empowering them, and rewarding them.

I am no stranger to taking control of a kitchen or operation where wishy-washy management and lack of leadership poisoned morale, hobbled production, and would have led to slow death. I thought I’d broken that cycle coming here; I saw this job as my training ground for bigger and better things, a jumping off point. I didn’t think I’d have to fight the same battles again, just with a different title. But, when called to war soldiers must answer. I’m sure I can learn something playing this new game of chess.

And my opening gambit uses the Power of Three to mount a formidable attack on the bastions of mediocrity before us. 8 months ago

TarradorSending positive...

energies for health and continued determination. You and Mr. HC have a lot to look forward to, and I know you can conquer these issues. 8 months ago

TarradorWent to Kindle...

bought. Looking forward to reading your work. Congrats on putting it out there and publishing!


Cher was pretty smoking hot in that era, too.

I think one of the reasons the film resonates so strongly as Americana is because of the Robin Hood/Fight the System/Underdog/Win One For The Little Guy themes that cycled around during the Depression, during the anti-war era of the late 60’s and early 70’s, and even continue in the “occupy Wall Street” fervor we still see today. Bonnie and Clyde are an iconic mishmash of all the “heroic” gangsters and bank robbers who stuck it to the Man, struck a blow against the establishment of wealth and privilege, and balanced the social scales between the desperately, abused poor and the fat, elite rich which the corrupt status-preserving government would never do. It’s the same idealization of the hero/rebel that fueled The Scarlet Pimpernel, Zorro, and Star Wars. Bonnie & Clyde’s brilliance was to pull back the glittering facade and explore the frail, flawed, selfish, broken, and human faces of our heroes.

I love that film, too. 8 months ago

TarradorOh, thou Goddess...

I worship thee and all thy good works. 8 months ago

TarradorI approve...

of his experiment, but I cannot say how successful it can be. I haven’t read any of the other comments posted here, so if I reiterate something someone has already said, please forgive.

Based upon the article, I think this man has had his faith run up against his religion. While acting in a way that felt right to him, he was fired from his job because what he was doing was against the mission and principles of the religion he was involved with. Losing your job after 19 years is enough to shake your sense of identity no matter your spiritual persuasion. And getting divorced can rock your deepest belief that flowers are pretty, sugar is sweet, and all things work to the good of those who love Him.

A mid-life crisis of faith is nothing new, not even for pastors. Setting up a blog to recount one’s personal challenges should barely rate a blip on the interest meter. There is something egotistical and self-righteous about that element, I feel.

And I don’t know that you can “pretend” to be an atheist any more than you can pretend to be a person of faith. Jesus said even a tiny amount of faith (that of a mustard seed) can generate enormous energy (E=mc2). If he is going to continue doing things the way he always has, minus the dogmatic trappings of custom and regulation, where does he suppose the good will to do good works comes from? Does he really believe God is just in the rules and rituals of men?

More interesting to me is the response from the people around him. From the schools that cancelled his contracts, to the friends and family that “need to talk” to him about his decision, to the lukewarm reception from elements of the atheist community, to the tinsel celebrity interest the media bestows upon him: “A man of faith, leaves his faith! Loses his jobs! Gets 20G!” Like it is the first time its happened. The Bible is full of examples of people who questioned their faith and relationship with God, from Adam to Thomas.

To me there is nothing remarkable about this guy or his circumstances. But I do think what he is trying is a worthwhile experiment, whatever his motivations. If he can rediscover the core values of his faith, or of whatever he ultimately believes, and can separate that from the piousness, rigidity, and conformity of religious dogma, then I think his experiment will be well worth the year.

After all, it’s not like God is going anywhere, if He even is anywhere. 8 months ago

TarradorDuplicate entry...

Deleted 8 months ago

TarradorI've had sardines...

on many occasions, and I really enjoy them when I am in the mood for them. I am fortunate to have access to fresh sardines, which I prefer over canned. I don’t eat them often, but when I do one of my favorite ways is to lay about 4-6 sardines in a skillet, drizzle them with olive oil, sprinkle with sea salt and cracked pepper, and top with parsley, lemon zest, minced red onion and minced garlic and put them under the salamander on high for about 3 minutes. Munch with some mixed olives and a bright, steel fermented Chardonnay. They are cheap, high in omega 3, low or free from mercury, and are a stable, sustainable fish. 8 months ago


Coming from the tax preparer tonight and in a good mood. Looks like our return/refund is going to allow us to pay off all our credit debt, all our outstanding attorney fees, all our HOA fees, pre-pay 6 months of day care, paint the outside of the house, and make maintence repairs on our vehicles. Our little bundle is saving us a bundle in tax credits, and an amendment to our 2011 tax return allows us to get refunded almost all our expenses incurred working with our adoption agency.

Our state return will be healthy, too. And we also got in the mail a surplus reimbursement check from out mortgage company, giving us back the money they did not use in last year’s escrow fund.

I made it a goal at the beginning of the year to focus on and eliminate our credit debt this year, not anticipating this windfall at all. I am endlessly amazed how the Universe delivers what we ask for when we don’t attach conditions or expectations. 8 months ago


These threes are so common, so pervasive, so archetypical, they are a part of nature and our psyche:

My Three Sons

Root, trunk, leaves

“Vedi, veni, vici”

Hit, stand, or fold

Huey, Dewey, and Louie (sp)

King, Queen, Jack

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil

The Power Puff Girls

Bambi, Thumper, and Flower

Lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!)

Blue Man Group (pretty sure there’s just three of them)

Primary colors: red, yellow, blue

Reading, writing, and ‘rithmatic

Man, woman, & child

Beg, borrow, or steal

Truly, it goes on and on and on… 8 months ago


Paul, and Mary 8 months ago

TarradorKelly Garrett, ...

Sabrina Duncan, Jill Munroe 8 months ago

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