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That’s like 700+ awkward breakfast conversations. 4 months ago


Curious: If you have a one-night stand with someone, is it utterly uncool for them to send you a friend request on Facebook?

And is it even more uncool to confirm?...

Just wondering… 4 months ago

TarradorHeh, heh, heh...

We should pm and trade notes… 4 months ago

TarradorYour bruschetta...

looks delicious!

Uhm, the red whisk is for the kitchen, yes? 4 months ago

TarradorHugs to you...

as you struggle with this goal. You have support and positive energy and compassion even though I don’t know what the goal is.

I’m about to suggest something I’m not very good at myself, so bear with me. Something I am learning (but by no means proficient at) is that it is sometimes necessary to begin with acceptance. That is not meant to dismiss the grieving stages, but it might soften their raucous company a little.

Much love to you. 4 months ago

TarradorElements of Style

Dispatches from the closet of an apathetic slob:

Closet inventory:
29 Assorted T-shirts
2 pair blue jeans, well worn
4 pair Wrangler-style slacks
4 pair of cargo pocket shorts
1 pair denim shorts
3 Hawaiian print short sleeve shirts
4 Assorted polo shirts
1 Charcoal suit, too small in the waist
9 Assorted ties
2 Dress shirts

You get the idea. Throw in a couple of leather jackets, some work shoes, chef jackets, 14 pair of black socks (literally no other color), 4 ball caps, 2 leather belts… and the sum total of my wardrobe is that of a scavenger hunt-style collection that leans heavily to the practical and working clothes, the occasional off topic fad clothes, and what I’d best describe as JC Penny chic. I have no real functional purpose for a wrist watch, since I can check my phone anytime, and the ideal of a watch for appearances only just isn’t… me. Not the me of now, anyhow.

But I am working on a new me, right? A new me that gets stuff done, makes grand plans and follows through, does cool stuff, is a good father. And a new me requires some new threads, I think.

Another problem is that I just don’t go anywhere worth getting dressed up for. That is the sad fact. I mean, I could go to the Chinese take out restaurant in a suit. But that seems kind of a waste. I used to get dressed up (in my JC Penny chic way) to go to church, years ago. I don’t go to church now, so that is out. Maybe it would be okay to wear a suit to the movies, or dress up for a Meet-up of boho vegans. No question my fuckability index goes up when I show up some place better dressed than the circumstances require. I’m tired of every picture taken of me has me wearing clothes I’d mow the lawn in. And I refuse to accept that white-trash trailer/Good Will-wear is my style.

I’ve read about people who work from home and dress up in suits as if they are in the office, saying it makes them feel more productive. I think what I wear puts me in a certain mindset, and I’m only as ambitious as my wardrobe allows. Truthfully, a Bugatti Veyron doesn’t have that beautiful coat of paint courtesy of a Home Depot spray can, does it?

I’ve written about changing my style and wardrobe before but it hasn’t really gotten me anywhere except for a few token upscale items that don’t really go with anything else I own. Maybe because I had only an inkling of what I wanted instead of a plan. Well, thanks to Pinterest, I have a growing collection of specific ideas to make a plan. Now my tight-fisted self has to be convinced that I can need to make the investment. In the coming year it is my goal to obtain a significant piece of wardrobe improvement each month. And I’m going out of my comfort zone to find places to wear these clothes to, as well.

As for the rest of my fall back clothes, I am undertaking a purge of 90’s Walmart-wear. Can’t be tempted to go out in ratty clothes that I no longer own.

In addition to clothes that make the man, I need to acquire other things that I think will fit the style I am looking for. A new wallet, cigar lighter, straight razor and lather brush, hairstyle, and a manly overstuffed leather arm chair (after all, I can’t be expected to rule the world from a paisley print sofa that my wife picked out at Rooms To Go, can I?) 4 months ago

TarradorAmendment A

In my “Miracle Mornings” routine, I have not been hitting the high points I set for myself originally. For one thing, I woefully underestimated my ability to get up at 6am after being up with a baby until 4:30am. But, rather than chuck that part of the routine, or berate myself for my mortal weakness, I decided to scale back my demands. Now I get up at 8am (my work schedule allows for this), and I will begin, week by week, backing it up by 15 minutes until I reach the 6am goal.

My risings are so lethargic that I wasn’t coming close to fulfilling my am exercise goals, even though they only take about 5-6 minutes. So each day I choose 1 exercise and do that for 1 minute. I think that when I can combine at least 3 minutes of exercise in the am, I can tip the scale and commit to the full 5-6 minutes. The sun salutations are currently about 3-5 every day, and the only affirmation is the mantra “Today will be a good day.” Meditation has not found its way in, nor has reading or writing. I’m compensating for the writing and planning by doing it the day before, which means I often end up trying to transfer the day’s list onto tomorrow’s list. The idea of doing it fresh in the morning was to prioritize for that day the most important elements, not think remotely about what I’d like to do.

I’m told that some regularity manifests itself in an infant sleep cycle after 8-10 weeks. Ideally at that point I will have slowly regained the ground I’m currently losing to progress on this challenge. 4 months ago

TarradorHappy to give...

the auspicious 43rd cheer for this entry! I love every sentence of this post, but most especially the acknowledgement that changes came about steadily, and slowly. Too many people (yours truly included) want the immediate, life-changing, revolutionary, and “everything’s better now because I said so” results to their vices and challenges. Mountains are climbed step by step.

I’m so happy that you have a life you cherish now, that rewards you and others. It isn’t hard to imagine that you would have achieved such success once you concentrated your energies away from what was not bringing you those things. I remember Sadie’s passing, and how sad we all were. But there can be no doubt that Sadie’s awesome life and wonderful years were only possible by the little changes you made, the struggles you overcame, and the determination you spend 23 years developing. Your life since has been a tribute to your strength and compassion as well. Happy Anniversary, and may it always be a day of sober, yet content, reflection. 4 months ago

TarradorCast Credit...

I’d have Jeff Bridges play me, because more than one person has told me we bear a resemblance. True, he’s got a few years on me… but he wears them better.

The Chef … Jeff Bridges
Wife of the Chef … Zoe Saldana
Dulce … Salma Hayek
Yoceli … Penelope Cruz
Kyle the Server … Tim Roth
Chasity the Server … Wanda Sykes
The Host … John Malkovich
The Hostess … Milla Jovovich
The Bag Boy … Cillian Murphy
The Pizza Guy … Kid Rock
The Cashier … Loretta Devine
The Manager … Allison Janney
Chick in Parking Lot … Taylor Swift
Wallet Woman … Juliette Lewis
The Sommalier … Samuel Jackson (Now, this is some mutherfuckin’ good wine!)

Original Songs by Mana, Anna Gabriel, Henry Lee Summer, Melissa Etheridge, and Pitbull

Sorry, the dream sequence with Ricky Martin coming out of the steam room in just his shower shoes had to be left on the cutting room floor… 4 months ago

TarradorI think that...

the power of positive belief can be utilized to turn any “bad” situation into a “good” situation. I have a friend who is deep in the GIN group, feverishly defending Kevin Trudeau. She includes me in unsolicited emails detailing his legal trials and I have to say, his supporters are intent upon turning every loss delivered by the court system into a victory, maintaining that everything, no matter how it seems, is working for their (and Kevin’s) higher good. While her (and her friends) positivity borders on slavish cultism, I guess it really does come down to changing the way you perceive situations and how you allow them to affect you.

Dulce is as sweet as her name, btw. But sometimes she is also la diabla. 4 months ago


would make a great webisode! 4 months ago

TarradorSounds like...

great fun! I always try out dishes on my dinner guests, and warn them they are guinea pigs for my culinary experiments.

What’s the contest? What’s the dish? And how are you going to choose the wine pairing? 5 months ago

TarradorTip The Odds

Saturday night I was doing a dinner party in Brookhaven area. While doing our set up check list, I noticed we had forgotten to bring the blood orange vinaigrette to dress the salads. I still had time before the start of the dinner, so I told the girls to get the apps ready and I would go to the store and buy some dressing to make a replacement. I had no hope of finding a blood orange vin, but I did find a citrus vin that would make a good substitution. I paid at the self checkout lane and while I was checking out S. returned a call I had made to her earlier. Distracted by the phone and the scheduling, I picked up my bag and walked off, leaving my wallet lying on the self checkout terminal.

I almost never, ever, do this. I’m very conscious about where my wallet is, because it has everything in it; driver’s license, credit cards, debit card, business cards, company cc, stuff to my professional and personal business with, and, on this occasion, about $400 in cash. I always carry some cash, but I had the girl’s money for helping with the event.

It took me about 8 minutes to notice I’d lost the wallet, and then I wasn’t 100% sure where I’d lost it. I went back to the Kroger and interrogated the cashier watching over the self checkout lanes. She remembered me, but had not found a wallet or had one turned in. I spent a few minutes looking around the checkout register, the parking lot, and my vehicle. Then I had to go back and attend to the party. S. came by and I had her follow back over my tracks, re-interrogating the cashier, and asking the manager to look at the video tapes. It was indistinct as to whether or not I walked away with my wallet or not. For all intents and purposes, the wallet was gone, gone, gone.

I cancelled my cards and tried to get my company credit card cancelled, but no one would return my calls. I told the girls they’d have to wait for their money, which they understood. I went through the process of figuring out how to replace or do without all the information contained in those leather folds, all the while putting out the multi-course dinner I was responsible for. One of the servers remarked that I was awfully calm about the whole thing, and I answered that I had a job to do, and in regards to the wallet, I had already done all I could. I did relate to them, during a break, how I had lost my phone in DC once, called the number, and a person answered who had found the phone and got it back to me. Also how I’d left my Ipad in a shopping cart once at the market, left the store, got to my next location, realized I didn’t have the Ipad, and dashed back to customer service, to have it turned over to me after a nice someone had returned it. So, I said, there was always a chance someone honest had discovered it somewhere.

S. reported no joy in the wallet search, and I headed home around midnight having done all I could think of to either find my wallet, or make it possible for any one who found it find me. I reflected upon the change in my mindset, how I chose to respond to this incident. A year ago I’d have beaten myself to a bloody pulp over it. I would cry over and over how stupid and careless I was, how unthinking and hopeless. I’d deserve it, deserve to lose everything. Such a loser. But now I viewed it very differently. I could not believe I’d just set my wallet down, or dropped it in the parking lot. But that is what had happened, so what now? Do what you can, hope for the best, accept the results. I made one small visualization of the wallet, back in my hands. I focused on just that, not the means, not how, not even when. Just that one image: wallet… in my hands. Then I released it with acceptance.

About 15 minutes later, my phone rang. At the end of the line was a young woman who’d found my wallet, and spent about 6 hours trying to figure out how to find me. She eventually found one of my business cards and called the number. She’d picked it up from the checkout stand and for reasons passing my understanding took it with her instead of turning it in. She could have saved me a great deal of stress and worry had she found my phone number sooner, but she was calling now so I made arrangements to drive to her house and retrieve it. When I got there I made sure to express my deep gratitude for her calling me, and got back my wallet, fully intact including the cash. I gave her $20 as a reward and told her to contact me and I would come and cook a meal for her and her family one night. As it happened, she lived one street over from my helpers’ apartment complex, so, upon leaving her house, I called Dulce and roused her out of bed, telling her to come downstairs and get her money. She must have been warm and comfortable because at first she told me she’d just get it Tuesday. I told her I was right outside, so she agreed to come down. She ran down, bare legged and barefooted, and took the cash and said she was very happy I’d found my wallet – not just because it had her money in it.

It is a strange, almost surreal thing to have happened. Each instance in itself seems improbable. From me distractedly setting my wallet down, to someone taking it, then calling me to return it. So many points at which it could have ended in disaster. I try to think of it in quantum physics (even though quantum physicists get really upset when you apply quantum rules to LOA), especially the cat in the box thing. At any given second, multiple possibilities existed for the fate of my wallet. Like slots on a roulette wheel, the ball of reality could have dropped into any one of them, determining the situation. Like a lucky gambler who bets on black 24, the ball dropped on my desired number. But was it luck? Was it visualization? Did I determine the cat’s fate by visualizing in my mind what I wanted, then releasing the hows and whys and whens of the outcome? Was karma making a circuit after I gave $20 to a bereft woman in a store parking lot a few days earlier? Some how, against what I consider very long odds, I got exactly what I wanted. Aside from a little extra gas to back across town and get the wallet, and the stress, it was like I had not lost anything. Within minutes of making that visualization, the reality gelled and soon thereafter the wallet was where I had visualized it; back in my hands.

Maybe what happened happened as it happened because it could not have happened any other way. Maybe the situation was set from the beginning of time to unfold exactly how it did. I hope not. In fact, choose not to believe that. I’d rather think that in a streaming multitude of possibilities, I was able to affect an outcome, to tip the odds just a little in my favor. I choose to believe that a visualization, followed by acceptance and release, molded an ideal possibility into a desired reality. That being the case, I should work to tip the odds more often, and to visualize my successes with the same spirit of gratitude, calm and acceptance. 5 months ago

TarradorAnother Private Party

Did another private party over the weekend. I mixed up the appetizers some, and they were pretty well received, but it was more a wine drinking crowd. The lamb balls were the favorite app. I copied a couple of popular items from my previous dinner, because if it works, go with it. The other dishes I had fun planning and executing. As usual my girls did a bang up job putting out the plates.

Everyone complimented the food, and one lady even came back into the kitchen and spoke specifically about the scalloped butternut squash side that went with the salmon. “It made my mouth happy!” she said. I got a big grin and told her that would be a great testimonial for my website… if I ever get a website.

  • Goat Cheese Stuffed Pimento Peppers with Basil Ciffonade
  • Crawfish Etouffee in Mini Cup
  • Moroccan Lamb Pop with Cucumber-Mint Sauce
  • Ginger-Carrot Bisque with Pan Seared Red Pepper Polenta Crouton and Dilled Mascarpone Cheese
  • Artisan Baby Lettuces, Sundried Tomato Tapenade, Shaved Cucumbers and Radishes with Sweet Potato Frites and Blood Orange Vinaigrette
Entrees (presented in three rounds as small plate-style dishes)
  • Anise Poached Lobster Tail, Saffron Seasoned Jasmine Rice with Green Peas and Scallions, Wilted Spinach with Lemon and Garlic, and Grain Mustard Buerre Blanc
  • Crab and Asparagus Stuffed Salmon with Scalloped Butternut Squash and Sage Buerre Blanc
  • Duck Breast Confit and Hudson Valley Foie Gras on Roasted Cauliflower Slice with Mushroom Mix and Creamed Leeks and Orange Chili Demi Glace
  • Truffle Box: Assorted Chocolate Truffles presented in Edible Chocolate Gift Box
  • Strawberry “Prosciutto” and Sweet Goat Cheese Foam with Chocolate Shavings
  • Tres Leche and Cake with Vanilla-Almond Glaze 5 months ago

Tarrador5 Seasons Brewery

I’ve been to the 5 Seasons Brewery a few times, and always had good drinks and meals. It was especially nice on this occasion because I got to dine with TG while he was visiting Atlanta on his whirlwind tour of the South.

I told S. I was meeting a 43Thinger for drinks and dinner, and we bundled up Universe and brought her along. The hard fact is that now we don’t go anywhere without the baby. I hope TG was looking forward to a raucous time on the town, because I showed up looking like the Cleaver family, baby car seat in tow.

We did have a nice dinner and TG and I got the brewery’s sample beer tasting set; six varieties of beer, each with its own luscious description. Not enough to get us drunk, or even put a buzz on, but tasty and good along with dinner. We hung out and chatted for about 2 1/2 hours. TG is easy company and authentic to his 43T personna. We did the obligatory photo of the two of us, him still on his crutches, me lacking sleep. 5 months ago

TarradorNovember has mattered...

but not in the “grand” way I originally envisioned. It has mattered in a multitude of small ways that have culminated into an awesome month of progress and fun. 5 months ago

TarradorDouble cheers...

if I had them on your list of goals. I am going to adopt some of them as well, or at least tailor them to my own home regimen.

Good luck and strong energy as you move forward to embrace these goals.

BTW, who has to be coerced to go to Hawaii? Just wondering… 5 months ago

TarradorAwesome deal...

on an awesome menu. Do you recall particulars from the Buddha’s Palm drink? 5 months ago


Debt free (credit debt)
Drug free (prescription, that is)
Take the next step in my career
Eat clean, exercise, get under 200 lbs
Be a good daddy and hubby
Spend a year practicing mindful willpower 5 months ago

TarradorStress is very...

contagious. But so is calm. Hoping that your grounding and centering will have a tranquilizing effect on your partner as well. 5 months ago

TarradorHay momentos...

en que tenemos que viajar sin saber el destino. Mantenga su corazón lleno de amor y encontrarán su camino en el tiempo. 5 months ago

TarradorSo weird...

you’d use the example of a woman with a kid, shopping at the farmer’s market. Yesterday, while I was shopping for my client’s dinner foods at the Buford Farmer’s Market, a young woman approached me in the parking lot and asked if I could help her. She had an index card on which was written “Single mother with child, lost my job. I have no food or money, please help. God bless you.” She was a tiny little woman, but dressed fairly well in a clean blouse, sweater, jeans and leather boots. Her hair was fixed, but her face was very downcast and she spoke in a small, accented voice. At first I told her I couldn’t help her, but she said again that she had no food for her child, and no money for food; could I help her in any way. I ended up giving her $20 and she thanked me, offered me God’s blessing, and wished me a Merry Christmas. I watched her walk into the store.

My wife would say I was a sucker because she was a woman, and I’d never give money to a man begging in the parking lot. That’s mostly true, but not entirely. I rationalized that a)I am keenly sensitive now to the desire of a parent to do what is necessary to provide for their children, even something as personally humiliating as asking strangers for money, b)I am fortunate to be prosperous right now, and that $20 will be replaced by the oceans of prosperity in the Universe, c)maybe she was a con, maybe she was a fraud, maybe she suckered me… but I’m no sucker. Whatever she does with the money, my action was right and karma will reward my intentions, not the results. 5 months ago

TarradorDinner Party

I was called to prepare a dinner party for a client a couple of weeks ago. It was a multi-course dinner with matching wines. The dinner went off very well, and I did well with purchasing and prep. Getting to use the kitchen at work to prep and stage from makes a huge difference from using my home kitchen. My chicas were totally on the ball and competent enough at the guest’s house that I was okay leaving them there to get the dinner ready while I went out and got us some sandwiches. When dinner time came, we knocked out the dishes in tight, well paced, order. The entrees were served as “small plates” in three separate settings.

We got lots of compliments on the great food and I even got two new clients for my home meal service.

The menu is listed below:

Welcome Appetizers
  • Porcini, Kabocha Squash and Coriander Spring Roll with Sweet Chili Sauce (Baked, Not Fried)
  • Firecracker Shrimp in Curry Coconut Broth in Asian Spoon
  • Rotisserie Chicken in Herbed Roasted Potato Cup

Henri Giraud Grand Cru Champagne, or;Jean Rijckaert Chardonnay “Arbois”, Jura, France

1st Course: Soup and Salad
  • Autumn Ale and Onion Stew
  • Artisan Baby Lettuces, Sundried Tomato Tapenade, Shaved Cucumbers and Radishes
  • Cave Ages Gruyere Cheese, Sopressata Ham, Marcona Almonds

Domaine Fosse-Seche, Chenin Blanc, Loire Valley, France;Agnes Paquet Auxey-Duresses Pinot Noir, Burgundy, France

2nd Course
  • Juniper Seasoned Venison Tenderloin wrapped with Pine Street Smoked Bacon with Creamed Rutabaga and Sautéed Collard Greens, with Bourbon Demi-Glace and Broiled Pearl Onions
  • Rosemary and Orange Stuffed Duck Breast with Roasted Three Corn Spoon Bread, Orange Glazed Asparagus Tips, Black Cherry and Balsamic Glaze Drizzle, Toasted Almond Slivers
  • Anise Poached Lobster Tail, Saffron Seasoned Jasmine Rice with Green Peas and Scallions, Wilted Spinach with Lemon and Garlic, and Grain Mustard Buerre Blanc

Chateau Cordet, Margaux, Bordeaux, France;Domaine Rafael Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley, California

3rd Course
  • Raspberry and Port Sorbet on Vanilla Infused Short Bread Bite,
  • Honeyed Apple and Pear Tartlets,
  • Coffee Mousse Trifle with Caramel Sauce and Crème Anglaise

Henri Giraud Code Noir Grand Cru Rose Champagne; followed by Leopold Gourmel 12 Year Old “Vieux XO” Cognac5 months ago


eggs cook at 150 degrees, and a skillet on high can get up to 400 degrees. Whisk those eggs beforehand with some cream or half and half (not with water), and add your salt, pepper, and whatever fixin’s you are going to add, except cheese. Set the heat to medium and most, spay, oil or butter the pan and let it get hot before introducing the egg mix. Pour the egg mix into the skillet and let it set for a minute – don’t stir yet. If your are going to add cheese, sprinkle it over the top, uncooked, part of the eggs, then fold them over, let them sit a moment, then flip them again. Use your spatula to chop up the eggs in the pan while the inner folds are still uncooked, then flip again. Now get it out of the pan. When I use this method, my eggs are soft, fluffy, and still together enough that I can put them on toast or focaccia bread.

Hope this helps… enjoy! 5 months ago

TarradorPervy Answers

1) When did you last get your socks off?
What time is it now? Ah, 5:30 pm, appx.

2) Did you get results?
Most certainly

3) What protection did you use?
Hand cuffs and safety goggles

4) Did you wish the Kitty was there videoing?
Only if it was POV and night-vision, with the green glow and the weird shining eyes

5) Have you ever had an affair?
Oh, yes… but I prefer to consider them “adventures”

6) How many partners have you had?
Like, ever? Hmmmm, I was never any good at math

7) Have you ever slept with someone famous, or known someone who has?
Not me, as far as I know. I know a woman who’s married to a professional athlete of some renown

8) What prompts you to answer the pervy questions on here?
Build community spirit…

9) Add your own pervy question here…
Leather, latex, or PVC? (Top choice, no “all three” answers!)5 months ago

TarradorLove comes in so many forms...

and no two loves are ever alike… not totally. Marriage and monogamy are customs and relics of tribal culture. Love is a force of the Universe, and cannot be bound to chains of insecurity and possessiveness. At different times in our lives we need different loves. Love of parents, love of friends, love of heady first loves, love of spirit (God), love of self, love our own children, love of a partner. Our lives change, and what we need and want from love changes, too. If we grow, we can be sure our love will grow and change as well. It may outgrow the person we have committed ourselves to in a ceremony designed to protect property, inheritance, bloodlines, and treaty. Or we may find ourselves on a path with a compatible partner who who grows and changes with us, and we never stop loving them will all our hearts. No right or wrong, just growth.

I feel like I am growing into greater and more powerful love with my partner. Our lives are intertwining in the most beneficial of ways and that we are stronger, happier, more successful, more loving and more amazing together than either of us could ever be alone, or even with anyone else. In our love I find peace, contentment, security and peace. It is restful, yet is grows each day. 5 months ago

TarradorThe hard sell...

really shouldn’t be necessary if his services are meeting your needs. If they are not, or if you have other priorities, he should respect your decision.

I think personal coaches go through ebbs and flows, maybe based upon their own self discipline and experience. My personal coach has had a session or two where I left feeling she’d not given me as much guidance and clarity as I needed. I wrote her an email the day before our next session detailing what I had been doing for the week, what was working, and what wasn’t, and where I was stuck. At our next session I found her advice and questions and suggestions to be much more relevant and on target.

Trust is very important in these relationships. If you feel your coach’s priorities are on booking sessions and collecting fees, you are right to move on. Probably you have made the progress with this coach that you needed to, and a new teacher awaits… 5 months ago

TarradorIt was great...

to meet up with you, too, TG. Hope you enjoyed you visit to ATL, And hope you get a chance to come back in the future! 5 months ago

Tarrador43 Days of Miracle Mornings

My recent Paleo experiment was not a solid success, but was not without benefit. When ever I ate at home, I ate clean and stayed on Paleo track. I found sources for wild boar and venison that are not cheap, but by packaging and freezing, could be a worthwhile investment. I also lost 10 lbs and found myself drinking more water that I had for a while. But, I did not eat at home as often as I should have, food prep was a challenge with all my other work, the baby came and disrupted my eating plan, and I ended up drinking more coffee that water in any given day, and falling back on sugary and fried foods for comfort and sustenance. I’ve learned what I can, and now I’m moving on. I will definitely take some lessons with me.

Now, with 43 days left in the year, I want to undertake a new challenge. I recently read a book called The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. It’s kind of a
“what successful people do before breakfast” themed book, but I found resonance with some of the ideas, and I want to try them out for myself. It has a lot about setting intentions for the day, offering gratitude, being positive, looking forward to the day… and, most ominously, starting your day early. Like 5 am early. I used to get up at 5 am for a job and I never recall having liked it or benefited from it. But my mind was not really in the best place then, either.

Right now my wake-up schedule is pretty disparate. Some days I get up at 7 am, some days I lay in bed until after 10 am. Most importantly, when I do get up, it is out of a sense of obligation rather than purpose. That is what I want to change.

A few years ago I got to meet and talk with Anthony Bourdain, the celebrity chef. He was chatting with us culinary types at a book signing and someone asked him how he found the time, what with his time-gobbling responsibilities as an executive chef, to write his books. We all looked on and held our breaths, anticipating that he would reveal how he took a year off and shut himself up in a cabin with racks of wine and reams of typewriter paper. Or how he dictated his memoirs into a tape recorder between waves of kitchen madness. Or maybe he sat on a leather sofa in a ghostwriter’s office, gulping bourbon and recounting verbally his fortunes and misfortunes while the ghostwriter dutifully scribed his tales. Tony gave us a bemused, daddy-o grin and said he just added it to his list of daily to-dos. In a kitchen, the prep sheet is the blueprint for how things get done. He said he added the task of “write for one hour” to his daily prep list. Someone asked where he got an extra hour in his day to spend writing. He shrugged and said “I get up an hour early, writing is the first thing on my list.” Well, I don’t think any of us liked that answer. But, to my knowledge, none of us has written a book yet, either.

If I could conquer one failing in my character, it would be my habit of procrastination. It begins with getting out of bed. Hell, it begins with getting into bed, sometimes. Delaying the necessary hours of sleep needed to be alert and productive because I have wasted parts of the previous day and don’t want to put it to rest yet. Of course, not doing stuff, putting stuff off, is the main reason I don’t get things done.

What’s involved in Miracle Mornings is getting up at least an hour earlier than you normally do. You use that hour to spend a few minutes in silent meditation, affirmations, visualizations, exercise, reading, and scribing (writing). Those are the basics, and there are a lot of additional discipline and mind-training to gradually perform. The claim is that it increases your focus, makes you more determined, increases your energy, and helps you meet any goal more easily. I don’t know about that, but I’m willing to try it on a trial basis and see what benefits I can get from it.

I was working towards this a few weeks ago, and had to abandon it during the baby-chaos. But now that things are settling down, I’ ready to try again, and this time do it for 43 days straight, until the 1st of the year.

This is my renewed morning routine that I hope will bring me miracle mornings>Get Up Early:

  • Get up at 6am 6 days a week. Sundays I can get up by 7am.
  • Silently offer gratitude for the rewards of the coming day.
  • Drink 16 ounces of cool water to re-hydrate.
  • Perform 10 sets of sun salutations, and at the beginning of each one, state a personal affirmation.
  • Perform 10 pullups
  • Perform 10 clean and jerks (that is a legitimate exercise, btw)
  • Perform a 1 minute plank
  • Perform 1 minute of squats
  • Perform 1 minute of Swiss ball rollouts
  • Perform 1 minute of burpee exercises
  • Sit and “actively” meditate: focus on breathing and generating chi, visualizations of goals and desires and drawing up energy. (I’m starting again with 5 minutes, then working up to 20 minutes by the last two weeks)
  • Sit and read something challenging for 20 minutes. I want to conquer 50 books over the next 12 months.
  • Write out my “prep list” for the day and prioritize it.

After that (hopefully about 1 hour) I’ll shower, shave, have a green smoothie, have my 1 cup of coffee for the day, and seek to make the best possible use of my day. And we will see if this experiment can nudge me in the progressive directions I’ve been leaning towards. 5 months ago


You were hoping to fit into it again, one day?

Nostalgic or kinky… or both. 5 months ago

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