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is back.

Recent entries from TashaBlue
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TashaBluePut one foot in front of the other! 12 months ago

TashaBlueWatching feel-good movies

while I get up the courage to go out and do laundry and buy cat litter. I just want to cocoon.

Currently watching: Santa Claus is Coming To Town 12 months ago

TashaBlueI'm pretty sure I have all the stuff

it just needs to be inventoried and packed up into a bug-out bag (which I also have – waterproof, even). I might be missing a few things, particularly a good first aid kit, which is sort of backassward, because I have a trillion flashlights and matches and knives and rope and all sorts of really hardcore stuff but not the basics. I need to take a look, though. Maybe over the xmas holiday. 12 months ago

TashaBlueTo a Young Girl at a Window, by Margaret Widdemer

The Poor Old Soul plods down the street,
Contented, and forgetting
How Youth was wild, and Spring was wild
And how her life is setting;

And you lean out to watch her there,
And pity, nor remember,
That Youth is hard, and Life is hard,
And quiet is December. 12 months ago

TashaBlueOh dear.

Yes, I can imagine. :( 12 months ago

TashaBluePeople Skills

Meet Your Neighbors – This is hard where I live now, but in better neighborhoods/circumstances, I’ve done this.
33. Deliver Bad News
 – Yes, can do.
34. Handle a Job Interview – I’m a great interviewer!

35. Remember Names – I am terrible at this. :(
36. Handle the Police – I can be humble and suck up as necessary. But I don’t like cops.

37. Give a Compliment
 – I love to compliment people. :)
38. Negotiate – No. Too stubborn and/or afraid.

39. Listen Carefully to Others
 – Listen, repeat back, keep checking in.
40. Be a Respectful House Guest – Make the bed, clean up after yourself, pay for your own groceries, etc.

41. Make a Good First Impression – I can be a little… assertive. Need to tone down

42. Detect a Lie – I don’t know why I have this on the list. I might replace it.

43. Give a Toast
 – I’m a good public speaker, even extemporaneously.
44. Speak at Least Two Common Languages – Sad. No.

45. Recite Basic Geography
 – Terrible with all geography. Embarrassingly terrible.
46. Dance Comfortably – I like to dance, and am comfortable dancing. I can follow a lead tolerably well. I’ll consider this done. 12 months ago


Divorce decree arrived the day before Thanksgiving. Ugh.

Also, was having a 50% off sale, so I did my will online. I need to get it witnessed and then send out copies this week. Glad to have that done.

Also, he got his own car insurance, finally. So everything is starting to wind up. 12 months ago

TashaBlueThank you!

:) 12 months ago

TashaBlueThen it's not a failure

it’s a process of discovery about the kind of writing you want to do. 12 months ago

TashaBlueThat is really

kind of you. :) 13 months ago


As Cool As I Am 13 months ago

TashaBlueNot random at all!

I appreciate the info. :) For me, the issue is stain expertise – knowing what trick removes what stains. For me, I especially need to learn to remove an oil-based stains. One drop of salad dressing, and a t-shirt is never the same. :( 13 months ago

TashaBlueHome Skills

17. Do Basic Cooking
 – I can cook generic food, and can follow most recipes
18. Canning – Some day. Probably when I have a garden.
19. Select Good Produce
 – No problem.
20. Relocate Living Spaces
 – Military brat. Need I say more?
21. Travel Light – Ditto

22. Paint a Room
 – My dad had us do all kinds of home stuff, so I have all this covered!
23. Use Basic Hand and Power Tools
 – See above. :)
24. Make a Simple Budget – Ugh. No.
25. Remove a Stain
 – Not good at this either.
26. Keep a Clean House
 – I can do this when it’s a priority.
27. Sew a Button onto Clothing – I can and have.
28. Hem Pants – I haven’t done this. I’ve used the fusing, but not sewn pants.
29. Tie a Necktie – No problem. At least for a basic single knot. I couldn’t tie a double windsor or a bow tie.
30. Iron a Shirt – Done. I loathe ironing, though.
31. Apply Eyeliner
 – I am excellent with all eyeliners except liquid liner, so I’m going to leave this unchecked, because that’s a skill I really want to have. 13 months ago

TashaBlueSo I have this thing

and I used to use it pretty regularly, but fell out of the habit. I’m going to keep it in front of the TV and see if that helps. I need to get back to daily skin care too, so maybe I should try and bundle this all together. 13 months ago

TashaBlueI really appreciate the suggestion.

I think that’s not quite the right direction for him…? He retired 30 years ago, and although being a Marine formed him, he wasn’t The Great Santini or anything. :) But the amount of thought you put into that is amazing – thank you! And I love the image of the phoenix you posted – that’s an image I would consider for myself!

One thing I didn’t mention is that he had a large collection of Asian art, primarily mid-century sosaku-hanga, and I read some Japanese death poetry at his funeral, so I may go Asian, but I’m just not sure. Not traditional japanese, though. Something more modern. 13 months ago

TashaBlueKeepin on keepin on

Finally saw my therapist on Friday after several weeks (scheduling problems). That was great and so helpful, and I should be more careful not to let it go that long again. We talked a lot about dream analysis.

I get nightmares – night terrors, according to my doctor, but I’m not sure I embrace that label – and I take a lot of sleep mends to help. But sometimes I still have nightmares – mostly if I forget to take the meds – and I’ve been recording them with my phone right when I wake up. My therapist is really into dream analysis and we tried some gestalt as well, and that was verrry interesting.

I’ve been really, really missing my dad. He loved Thanksgiving, he loved food, he loved going out to eat and having the owner come out to say hello, and all the waitstaff knowing his name. He was not a perfect parent, indeed far from it some of the time, but he mellowed significantly as he got older, and he was so proud to see that I had finally found my calling and was happy. I’m glad he saw that before he died, but I miss him so damn much. Some mornings I just wake up crying, or my eyes are all crusty and I know I was crying in my sleep. I know this is normal, this grief, but it’s the first time I’ve done this, and it’s just so hard to have it sneak up on me all the time. 13 months ago


Getting a little anxious waiting for the final papers. I want them, and I don’t want them. I need to be able to file as single for 2013, but I never anticipated being in such a rush to get divorced.

I also have my husband on my insurance, and I don’t intend to inform HR about the divorce, so he can stay insured, but I feel guilty about that even though I see the situation as the lesser of two evils.

And I need him to look into the ACA, because he’s the perfect candidate for that, but he’s blowing it off, and given his history, I am worried that he won’t look into alternatives until I kick him off my insurance, but I can’t do that, not yet.

Also waiting for him to get his own auto insurance, etc. We’re still all enmeshed, and he wants me to keep taking care of things, but he doesn’t want to be married. That makes me… frustrated. 13 months ago

TashaBlueWillmaker redux

Not going to be able to use the software, so I need to do a little research. Moving the deadline on the will to Dec 31. 13 months ago

TashaBlueForging ahead!

I needed to send in my medical waiver (last missing paperwork), so I just did that via email-to-fax.

Immediate next steps:
- Calculate costs for Spring and Summer, and decide on loan request
- Make hotel reservation for the orientation in January
- Get advising

Gettin’ excited! I need to get me one of these… 13 months ago


I’ll try to add details later, but here’s a quick record of recently watched:


World War Z
The To Do List
The Way Way Back


Kings of Summer


Dark Girls
Monsters University 13 months ago

TashaBlue 13 months ago

TashaBlueI just put this in the crock pot.

:) 13 months ago


My Dad was a career Marine. He was crazy intelligent. Very introverted, in the sense that he like alone time to recharge, but was a hilarious host, life of the party, with huge personality. He had a great sense of humor that tended to the crude rather than the sublime. He was a foodie. He was extremely principled – no shades of grey, all white and black. He expected a lot of people – often unreasonably. He scared the crap out of all my cousins as kids, but they were all devoted to him as adults.

My Dad’s ashes, per his request, are being shot off inside fireworks next summer. I wanted red and gold (USMC colors) fireworks for the tattoo. Even on a dark background, apparently that’s just not a good subject for a tattoo – too flat-looking, can’t reproduce the luminosity. 13 months ago

TashaBlueHave you seen this?

JCVD still has it… :) 13 months ago


That’s awesome. :) 13 months ago

TashaBlueGot the letter

yesterday! :) 13 months ago



12. Drive a Manual Transmission Vehicle
 – Need to do this! Really want to learn. Probably not happening in the near future, though.

13. Change a Tire
 – I can totally do this.

14. Jump Start a Car

 – I can totally do this too!

15. Parallel Park – Sadly, I cannot parallel park. I don’t know how I got my license – I don’t think I ever learned this. I just need to pick a weekend and practice with a friend. I used to have my husband do the parallel parking but now… :^/

16. Give Driving Directions
 – I work in a library. I am expert at this. 13 months ago

TashaBlueI started with this:

Hi theladywrath-

Then I modified it to suit me in these entries:

Hope you find this helpful! :) 13 months ago

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