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ready for recovery week, and data pushing.

Recent entries from Trauma_Junkie
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Trauma_JunkieAll is well...

14 miles done. I need to do these faster, if I have any hope…but I still have 3 plus months to train my tail into shape… And the heat has got to eventually abate. right? 15 months ago

Trauma_Junkiethe never ending goal

Nailed my Yassos today. What an awesome confidence boost.
Looking back to the last time I was doing yassos, these are better. Much better.
so I am progressing. 16 months ago


Trauma_JunkieBack on track.

Yeah. I am back on track. both with track workouts and a fairly decent email/plan from my coach. I think I am expecting something from him that he simply can not give right now.
what a crisis of confidence today was it was such a strange one.
Thank God…for my Coach even though I currently am not feeling the coaching love, I am feeling the coachign expertise, which is more important. 16 months ago

Trauma_JunkieI think it's awesome

that you learned it and you are also willing to admit that this was not exactly your cup of tea. So many times these days we are pressured to make everything !* or *Awesome and some things you know aren’t

Trauma_JunkieCrash and Burn Long run

Wht is it with this plan? I just can not succeed with it. I am now of the belief that it isn’t me, it’s the plan. :( 16 months ago

Trauma_JunkieSaturday Brick

This was the exact workout from last Saturday and Wednesday. Man, if I were doing a Tri, I’d be set for the run off the bike!!!!

No problems though, because I kind of like the run off the bike. Brick me baby, Brick me.

I did however. fall fast asleep on the couch for 2 hours after the workout. Dreamed of iguanas, multiple filling bathtubs, interviewing for an easier job and on it goes… 16 months ago

Trauma_JunkieRamp up week

Almost done. (ha, so not true, I have HUGE workouts this weekend. Mostly I have one speed workout today and I am a little terrified of it. Ah well…Fatigue is creeping up on me as most days the workouts have been kind of tough. Will sleep in on Saturday a bit and that should help. 16 months ago

Trauma_Junkiegreat job!

great streak!

Trauma_JunkieSo mad I could Spit.


I ran a 7 miler today. It was a bit slow, but I was OK with that. On Saturday I did a 17 mile bike ride in an hour and ran 4 miles off the bike. Today my legs felt a little tired.
I posted the time on my training log and forgot about it.

The lady I ran with on Tuesday posted this crazy comment “You did great, too bad it was my rest day or I could have helped your pace” AS IF. and not only that but I never once commented in my original log that I was concerned with pace.

Firstly every run is not a tempo run. Some are going to be a bit slower and thats the way it is. Every run is not a competition, and thirdly, I think if we had to have a competition right now hands down I’d kick her ass… I’m in better shape, which was obvious on tuesday. I’m also just recovering my my Piriformis injury, so I’m not supposed to be setting any land speed records.

Well, I guess I have some new fuel for the training fire.

Too bad too because I thought she was a good friend, but I see now she is a good friend if she is the better one. This sadly seems to be the case a lot. I’m glad I am not that way. 17 months ago

Trauma_JunkieI've been a lot better at this.

And it does seem to be helping me. 17 months ago


I am again stressed about work.

1. change sheets
2. laundry
3. dishes4. marinate salmon for dinner5. vacuum
6. make some study cards
7. walk dog
8. do a little bit more organization
9. email Skeletor10 get Sisters bday card ready.
11. get ready for Monday. :/ 17 months ago

Trauma_Junkie5er at 5

met a friend this morning for a 5 mile run. It was, errrr, interesting. She either has lost fitness nd I have gained or vice versa. At any rate, there were multiple hills. loads of hills. I admit I do not think we love the route, but it probably is good for us, kind of like cod liver oil. 17 months ago

Trauma_Junkieoh yeah

but usually my rest days tend to have some small 15-30 min workout. this one, totally just Off, was a change. I enjoyed it- sort of. THink I will enjoy tomorrow better. 17 months ago

Trauma_JunkieOh yes...

I think I irritated the Coach, though he was kind of neutral about it. I was rewarded with a rest day, and a reminder to relax. So rest day…

WHy do they never come when I feel the desperate need for them? They only seem to come when I don’t want them!!!! 17 months ago

Trauma_JunkieHalf Marathon over...recovery week over..lets see what is on the horizon

I think it’s recovery week #2 actually.

I had a rough time running this week as I seem to have tweaked out my piriformis on both hips. OUCH. I finally was able to get 3 on the TM on saturday and then 6 on the trail today. Kind of a slower pace, but I was so happy to be able to run. Now wearing my compression sleeves and trying to figure out how to explain to my coach how 6 miles occurred rather than pool running. thats how I imagine I might look explaining… 17 months ago

Trauma_Junkie 7 years ago

Trauma_JunkieI did this once

And it was awesome. your entry is encouraging me to try it again!

Trauma_JunkieOh Wow.

So… The weekend in Bryce Canyon was “worth it” indeed. BUT EXPENSIVE. For the rest of the month I am going to have to figure out ways to save. My primary way in the past was to work a little bit of Overtime. Overtime is no longer available for me, so I have got to find some other ways to save. It wouldn’t be so bad, except that I needed new shoes, had to do the root canal and pay my car payment all at the same time. :( 17 months ago

Trauma_JunkieGreat 5 miles today

had another odd workout. run the 5K course rest 2 mins and run 2 miles.

So I did. I decided to run the 5K course fast. And I found I was faster than I believed possible. Not PR fast, but for a hilly course…and no race hype, I did very well. Took my break, and went off for 2 more miles. Very tempted to do the 2 more miles on the TM but the gym wasn’t near open, so I got in some more good hill work.

Feeling very ready for the half this weekend, I just have to rein it in a bit during this week, and just do the workouts and not overdo it. 17 months ago


to the store today for Ice cream. Took the dog, bonus, dog got exercised, Car got rest, environment was not harmed, no gas used. Now…if I had just not had to have ice cream!!!! 17 months ago

Trauma_JunkieLove swimming

But I do it alot. If you are ever in Florida you must come and swim Lucky’s Lake, we’ll give ya a patch and everything. Of course we throw in the ameobas and alligators for free.

Trauma_JunkieI think I may try this

As I have not been feeling too positive lately. 17 months ago

Trauma_JunkieStress apparently

Makes me negative. I don’t really complain but I do a lot of funny things. Like I say not so positive things. Today while running with a friend who knows how slow I run, I could not stop apologizing for my slower pace. NOW… she knows the pace I run. She actually chose to run with me, so what was my issue. Must correct. 17 months ago

Trauma_JunkieGood job today

Went to the gym. I mostly wanted to talk to one of the trainers.
So I rode a bike for a bit at a VERY low low resistance, and then stretched and foam rolled. It was actually helpful post 7 miler. I probably need to keep this up after most runs. 17 months ago

Trauma_JunkieSummer running

Is pretty tough. Did a 7 miler as my long run this week as I’m on a taper for a half. I’m not pleased with the time, but then again it’s freaking HOT and humid out and I chose a super Hilly course for it.
So…A bit nervous about the half coming up its going to be chilly and we will just have to see how I do..
Did get to run with a buddy though, so that was very very worht it. 17 months ago

Trauma_JunkieHoliday weekend

And I am entirely stressed about work.

Bike n runtake dog to parkstudy
fold laundry (partly done)
groceriesfind renewal for renters insurance and deal with that. (Agency is closed, so…)
look for a race for sunday. came up empty, oh well will SAVE money.
Think about work actually so that I cna be productive and problem solve my anxiety about it, feeling less anxious.
Pick up prescription
maybe go to library. 17 months ago

Trauma_Junkieloreal intense smoothing

shampoo which I bought by accident, works very very very well for my hair. I look Much much better. 17 months ago

Trauma_Junkiecrown mold made

today. Getting a crown is a really long process not so sure I like it. Today there was some more numbing, but luckily I knew to ask for the non-epinephrine kind.
Much faster today. Whew. 17 months ago

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