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ready for recovery week, and data pushing.

Recent entries from Trauma_Junkie
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Trauma_JunkieDay 53

I know, I know. when is this crazy chick going to stop this daily hip thing. Sorry. It helps

Today I woke up very late, and had some pain. So I did no weights or PT exercises, and only did the elliptical, the stationary cycle and the pool running. Still with some posterior hip pain. I’m alright with it, but would like it to stop.

I noted today too some amazing progress. I am able to lift my left leg up, as in the illustration. I have not really been able to do that for about 16 months now. It actually seems pretty easy at this point.

I am looking forward to my follow up next week.
I have fear that the appointment people have not made me a bunch of new appointments and have not paid good attention to that, but I will find out on Wednesday if they have contacted my insurance and worked on approval. Now that I have finally gotten a better working relationship with my PT, I would hate for the office to screw up… 3 years ago


My Sister’s Bday is tomorrow. I forgot. Well actually the time slipped away on me. I usually get her an exciting target gift card. She seems to like it. I did send her a lovely message on Facebook right away. It does help that my June birthdya gift from her has not arrived yet either. I want to make her a tomatoe quilt actually but that is for another year. 3 years ago

Trauma_Junkienice work

diosa! 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 52

Great Day!!!!

I was able to pool run in the morning and walk the dog.

took a 3-4 hour break where I did errands and such.

then. back to the gym…
elliptical for 1.10 miles, my HR was up to 144 after that, amazing.
stationary cycle for 5.20 miles
and HUmungous long PT exercise session which I am quite chuffed about.

I feel like I am making progress again. Very little pain after all this as well….pretty soon I will need a pair of these underwear.

I did take some naproxyn, and may very well end up taking some percocet…depending. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieBad news

Very sorry to hear. He may want to consider “” I know he is not getting chemo but that does not matter. It’s a good outside support. 3 years ago

Trauma_Junkiein my Marathon

I was close to the end, and when I finished the race director came to greet me (we had had email exchanges in the past) and I said, “Did I get to be last??” he loved it. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 51

A good day over all.

I am feeling isolated and such, but I just have to accept that this is the situation I am in.

Was able to use the elliptical for 1 mile
cycle the stationary cycle for 4.75
and run in the pool for 850 yards.

I also did a great deal of my PT exercises.

Got home and was pleased to find that I am not feeling a great deal of groin pain.

I may be really turning a corner. Hope so.

My gait early this morning was good, but as the day has worn on I see it getting odd…Continuing to try here.

I hate that this long recovery has got me feeling low and acting somewhat irritable, I seem to be losing friends over it. 3 years ago


formaldehyde thing is what got me too. I have to admit, I have gone back and forth though over the years. Currently I am on a kick of tonic water and fruit juice…. 3 years ago

Trauma_Junkiewalked in the bike

room yet??? 3 years ago

Trauma_Junkiereally great work

I love the cowboy theme!!!! Now I want to make one!

Trauma_Junkieyou can

do it easily! Keep at it. Summers half over already. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 50

I almost died in PT today.

Well, that is an exaggeration.

After Wednesday’s blow out, my PT was the PT that I imagined he could be.

He talked to me, watched me work on the weights and indeed had to correct some form issues which was what I needed.

He watched me Walk and Walk and walk, and finally figured out the issue, I take really big steps with my right, and small with the left. Apparently when I walk a little faster this disappears, so he has told me plainly, “Walk fast”

We did monster walk and lunges, and I felt like I would die, I am in terrible shape! It went on and on.

He also said by the end of October, I should be running 5K’s. Whoo Hoo. And a 10K in November.

Feeling relaxed for the first time in At least a MONTH. Whew. choosing Happy Feet, because if I googled “Happy Groin” I would not gett something nice…. :D 3 years ago

Trauma_Junkiegood going

I’ve been close to last in a lot of races, used to bother me a lot but now it doesn’t, someone has to be last, and sometimes I get to be last. It may have helped that I have run in some races where there were only like 45 runners… 3 years ago

Trauma_Junkieout of cheers

but this is nice and thoughtful of you to help her with both the shoes and the tops. Grandmas are really special. 3 years ago


this is a really fun Half. Did you pick your princess? I am thinkign about doing it if my hip improves. I live right in “mouse-house” land so All I need is reg. We are planning a a large Daily Mile meet up ( you should join us. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieThe Donut Hole

in Destin Fl makes key Lime donuts, they are really great. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 49

this is for yesterday. I intended to write it after I got out of the bath, but I fell asleep instead.

Yesterday was a simmering annoyed and angry day. I biked a little, used the ellipitical a little, and tried to use the pool a little. The pool was a bust. I waited for the kiddos to leave and immediately after they left, well…thunder and lightning hit.
So I got a pretty nice tan/burn, and in the end the rest may have been more important.

No PT. I was so so angry at the PT still, and feeling terribly bad, until I realized that I had not expressed my anger at anyone. I then felt a little better…because really when I get that angry and morose, I dont think very clearly.

One nice thing is that I was able to express mild frustration to a variety of people and they were able to express some concern for me and I did feel better.
I hope hope there is something better coming, though I am starting to lose hope.

I am worried about going back to work, which I need to do, with a still wacky gait. 3 years ago

Trauma_Junkiethe containers

sound great. I tried last year to grow upside down tomatoes. All was well, except I have a screened in porch so no bugs came to fertilize my tomatoes…so all i got were flowers….this year I just have flowers. 3 years ago

Trauma_Junkiethank you....

its needed right now. I am SUCH a baby. 3 years ago


they have 12 hrs to finish the actual race. I shall never do both runs in 24 hrs, that seems to me to be asking for super injury. 3 years ago


Our power used to go on and off all the time, I think just because we are a growing community, and we have lots of thunder storms. I’ve never been in the shower though when it was happening or needed a shower. Must have been an experience.
I hope you lost no Jam either. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 48

HUGE Blow Out in PT. It was brewing for a long time.

I told the PT that I thought I was a few weeks behind based on the protocol. He told me he didn’t even know what week I was on. I REALLY got angry. I mean, it is his job to rehab me, thus he should know what week I am on really. So he said, well, we can look at the protocol. And I explained that I had the protocol. It was given to me by the MD after I asked if I could do squats and lunges. I did tell a little teeny mistruth, regarding the reason I have the protocol,but it got results, and I hope it does not come back to bite me, as I am not in the habit of being manipulative.

He added a bunch of stuff in today, and now yup. I hurt like crazy. But I think we were finally able to communicate. He never explains where I am, where I need to go, what I need to focus on…he is starting to hear what I need, and he seems surprised that I need it. Most people it seems just go to therapy, do the exercises, dont ask questions and either get better or dont. I tend to ask a ton of questions, and try to push the limits….ugh.

Most frustrating, was that the nosy little pig faced PT aide (oh I guess I dislike her) then started to ask me intrusive personal questions and was very judgemental about things in my life. WTF.

I hope I have not hurt my hip by pushing for the lunges, boy does it hurt like hell right now! 3 years ago

Trauma_Junkieeven if it were

flat, that is impressive 88 km, twice in 2 days?

Yup, up year or down year the comrades is not flat. 2013, I want to be there… 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieOh Yeah...

WS 100…and the Leadville trail…

While you are thinking about traveling around Africa, could you consider running (just a small ultra) Comrades Marathon in South Africa? 88 km, from Piertmartzburg to Durban or the other way round….and one of the most wonderful races ever. If my Labral repair (hip) holds, I’ll be doing it the up version in 2013….
I can’t wait….

every pool run I do, I dream of This instead….. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieOh I have been

my goodness, I covered 11 miles using the pool, the bike and the ground today….my body is just not used to the sitting round…all the time. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 47

Really pretty good day energy wise.

Walked 1.5 miles with the dog in the morning
Did a pool jogging workout for the full 30 min.

rested a while, read a bit, iced.

Returned to the gym.
Biked 7.7 miles with a friend.
did a good weights workout, not as good as yesterday, but good.

Walked the dog 1.6 miles

Most of the day was pain free. Now with a little tiny adductor tendon irritation.

I have an early morning appt tomorrow. So no pool running the am.
PT in the afternoon. hopefully I will hear that I am doing well.
I feel I am but I am acting like an idiot lately.

Incidently. An Olympic star had the same surgery I had and is doing Rehab where I am. I need to encourage him. He looked a little frustrated today… 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDan is someone I also Admire

He is genuine and honest, and all the things you mentioned above.
You are “da man” Dan. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieOoooh, I would love to do

that, bit and piece wise, with the dog. The dog can not run with me more than about 2 miles, but he can hike ALL day long…boy its hot here though for long term outdoors stuff…that requires exertion! 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieOh My

Frightening. I am so so glad that you are ok. And that the car will be alright as well…. 3 years ago

Trauma_Junkiegood job!

I sure wish my pounds were coming off!!! 3 years ago

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