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ready for recovery week, and data pushing.

Recent entries from Trauma_Junkie
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Trauma_JunkieDay 48

HUGE Blow Out in PT. It was brewing for a long time.

I told the PT that I thought I was a few weeks behind based on the protocol. He told me he didn’t even know what week I was on. I REALLY got angry. I mean, it is his job to rehab me, thus he should know what week I am on really. So he said, well, we can look at the protocol. And I explained that I had the protocol. It was given to me by the MD after I asked if I could do squats and lunges. I did tell a little teeny mistruth, regarding the reason I have the protocol,but it got results, and I hope it does not come back to bite me, as I am not in the habit of being manipulative.

He added a bunch of stuff in today, and now yup. I hurt like crazy. But I think we were finally able to communicate. He never explains where I am, where I need to go, what I need to focus on…he is starting to hear what I need, and he seems surprised that I need it. Most people it seems just go to therapy, do the exercises, dont ask questions and either get better or dont. I tend to ask a ton of questions, and try to push the limits….ugh.

Most frustrating, was that the nosy little pig faced PT aide (oh I guess I dislike her) then started to ask me intrusive personal questions and was very judgemental about things in my life. WTF.

I hope I have not hurt my hip by pushing for the lunges, boy does it hurt like hell right now! 3 years ago

Trauma_Junkieeven if it were

flat, that is impressive 88 km, twice in 2 days?

Yup, up year or down year the comrades is not flat. 2013, I want to be there… 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieOh Yeah...

WS 100…and the Leadville trail…

While you are thinking about traveling around Africa, could you consider running (just a small ultra) Comrades Marathon in South Africa? 88 km, from Piertmartzburg to Durban or the other way round….and one of the most wonderful races ever. If my Labral repair (hip) holds, I’ll be doing it the up version in 2013….
I can’t wait….

every pool run I do, I dream of This instead….. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 47

Really pretty good day energy wise.

Walked 1.5 miles with the dog in the morning
Did a pool jogging workout for the full 30 min.

rested a while, read a bit, iced.

Returned to the gym.
Biked 7.7 miles with a friend.
did a good weights workout, not as good as yesterday, but good.

Walked the dog 1.6 miles

Most of the day was pain free. Now with a little tiny adductor tendon irritation.

I have an early morning appt tomorrow. So no pool running the am.
PT in the afternoon. hopefully I will hear that I am doing well.
I feel I am but I am acting like an idiot lately.

Incidently. An Olympic star had the same surgery I had and is doing Rehab where I am. I need to encourage him. He looked a little frustrated today… 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDan is someone I also Admire

He is genuine and honest, and all the things you mentioned above.
You are “da man” Dan. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieOoooh, I would love to do

that, bit and piece wise, with the dog. The dog can not run with me more than about 2 miles, but he can hike ALL day long…boy its hot here though for long term outdoors stuff…that requires exertion! 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieOh My

Frightening. I am so so glad that you are ok. And that the car will be alright as well…. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieNot much

especially not now, since I had the hip surgery in May.
I used to a lot when I live in Oregon and even NC, but FLorida…doesnt really have a whole like of “hiking” perse. I’ll tramp around a lot of wildlife preserves…but its not really hiking…and then there is all that running that I want to do…. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieHow could I have missed Nameless!

The “nameless” detective series, written by Bill Pronzini is really a great treat for me. Short and well written….like Simenon, but uniquely American. Unlike Simenon, as Pronzini goes much more in depth in his characters, Namlesses wife is a full character, unlike Mrs. Magreit.

anyway. worth reading! 3 years ago


go to the library. They have a ton of videos, maybe not exactly the crunchless abs, but one to maybe get you going again without costing anything! 3 years ago

Trauma_Junkiehave you

tried some of those instant breakfast drinks? Much easier to deal with than actual food. You could also try a serving of Juice just to start with…. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 46....

Really Off day.

I walked 1.5 miles with the dog in the am.

Biked 5.5
Did a wonderful weights workout which cheered me up. (I hate weights, but I guess I no longer do.)
Pool ran for 25 minutes.
Walked 1.5 miles with the dog in the PM

I had a lot of irritation to my groin and adductor muscles as well as IT band area most of the afternoon. I went for the walk anyway. Oddly, things feel slightly better post walk.

I am sort of looking forward to my follow up at the end of July, but…frankly, I realize he wont be telling me too much anyway as he has already declared that we have the 6 months to wait…
Thank goodness I am not expected to walk on water…I leave that to Jesus! 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 45

Non rest day.

I ran in the pool for 600 yards. Took about 25 minutes. I could have done more but it is hard on me and I probably need to learn some limits.

Post run, I cycled. And my legs which are usually not very tired were exhausted form the pool!

I also did the majority of my PT exercises.

I went home, ate lunch and slept for about 3 hours. Guess the pool workout is more than I bargained for. For something that does not cause my HR to elevate or me to get out of breath, it seems to be tiring me out.

Groin area is a little tender. Took some anti-inflammatories.
going to try to walk the dog a decent walk but we look like major storm coming out way.

Gotta admit, I am now fully bored. ready to go back to work. and wishing the residual pain would leave my body! 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 44

this entry is for yesterday! I am shocked an amazed (perhaps you are all shocked and relieved) that I did not make an entry yesterday. I was actually on 43things too…

Well, it was a rest day, so I rested.

I was very bored, and spent a good part of the day Angry at a person who shall remain unnamed.

the hip felt tender in the groin, but overall fine. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieInsanity is brutal!!!

My friends have just started it. I can not due to the hip rehab, but you are probably in much better shape now!


get drunk all the time. i was hit head on by a drunk driver at about 1:30 PM on a Monday back in 1999 or so….

I do agree though, I do not like getting ensnarled in those check points (I support them, but…). I used to get stopped at them all the time because I worked a 2p-2a schedule. THey had more out at 2 am! 3 years ago


I have had my heart ripped out, smooshed, and sort of sadly wrapped up in a bow and handed back to me, by two people who I was friends with.

It really feels bad.

and the thing is there is no way to adjust my mindset, It feels bad. I get to feel bad for a while, I’ve lost a lot which was unexpected. I am sure I “learned” something from the situation, but to be honest, sometimes learning is not what it is cracked up to be. So, I get to hurt.
Sad sad Panda. 3 years ago


will be running the whole 5K in no time at all! 3 years ago


own watermelon!!!


thats a good pace. Someday I’d like to run that pace. 3 years ago


good for you! 3 years ago

Trauma_Junkiegood luck!

I am not a hooter, never really have been…
I would say though, if you switch up every weekend it is going to be harder than if you just stay fairly consistent. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 43

This was a lot less strenuous than yesterday.

walked 1.4 miles with the dog.

Stationary cycled 5 miles

Did PT. lots of weights.

fell asleep on the ice.

told to take a rest day on Saturday due to my exciting Thursday.
I will try.

Feeling very positive, though quite sore. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieDay 42

I believe I may have over done it. But I feel good. My hip area feels like, maybe it would like some painkiller (which fortunately, I have.)
7:00-7:30 waked one mile with the pooch.
8:30-9:00 swam 850 meters freestyle.

9:00-9:30 Pool ran in the shallow end ouch.


3:00 biked for 30 min.
3:30-4:30 weights work out.. added in all sorts of new weights (mostly for arms.)
I feel like my life is returning.
and I may have overdone it…but not this much yet… 3 years ago

Trauma_Junkiethis is true

After my surgery I was unable to walk well, and ended up eating fast food for about a week after all my protein shake mix ran out (poor planning!). I had a burger form steak and shake, which tasted grrreat, and then about a half an hour later in Physical therapy the lady noted I was turning green…it sat so wrong there in my stomach!

Trauma_JunkieIf you run

above the distance of bay to breakers, say up to 10 miles…or so, you will find race day to be really enjoyable, not a strain or a challenge, because you will already be quite capable of the distance! 3 years ago

Trauma_Junkiefood is

the enemy. This will never change, but I do eat it, so that is all that matters. 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieI hate to admit it

But I love a clean bathroom. I wish I could get that excited about a kitchen! 3 years ago

Trauma_JunkieI gotta say

the grilled peaches and salmon was outstanding! coming form someone who dislikes food…that is high praise. 3 years ago


to you for quitting. it isn’t fun, i am sure, but in the end it will be worth it for both your health and your pocketbook.

Right now though, I think I may avoid you a bit. 3 years ago


something I would def avoid! Wasabi and I do not get along at all! 3 years ago

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