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Triniprincess was good, whilse it lasted!

Recent entries from Triniprincess
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TriniprincessEwan McGregor

4 months ago


Country or city? 4 months ago


Simon! :) 4 months ago

Triniprincess 4 months ago

Triniprincess 7 months ago


Feels good to actually fulfil a goal on my list the day 43t is suppose to be closing!

Although I have gone turtle watching already, I wanted to go again as it has been a couple years since. It really was a wonderful experience. Because of the time of the year I only expected to see hatchlings, but a mother turtle came up just as we reached….and was approaching shore as we were leaving.

To stand there and witness this natural phenomena is really invaluable. So many thoughts and questions run through your mind as you see this huge animal that lives in the ocean come on shore and find her way to a perfect spot and use her fins to dig up to 4 ft creating a hole. I think animals are amazing!

The tour guides taught us so much. I learned about their mating rituals and how the mother turtle deposits eggs that have nothing in it to create oxygen in the hole for the hatchlings….like how cool is that! She goes into a trance whilse she lays her eggs and not even the light from our cameras disturb her. Because of this we were able to touch her and see the eggs close up!

Later we released some hatchlings the guides had saved earlier from the evening hatchings and we watched them fight and go into the waters and swim for their lives. They are so strong and cute!

4 months ago

TriniprincessStill hoping NY can happen!

I am going on a trip to New York City.

The reason for this is __to celebrate my birthday! And I want to do something totally new!

The people going with me are __my 26 year old self…and I’m meeting my 27 year old self!

It’s imperative I don’t forget to take __ lots of photos because __that’s what brings me great joy and memories.

The chosen mode of transport is __plane! And I’m excited to hopefully ride the subway.

When I get there I intend to _explore as much as I can in a week, doing things i can’t do in Trinidad.

On my way home I will __probably catch up on some sleep.

This trip will go down in history, or at least my personal history, asmy first New York City trip …. as well as the trip that got my travelling life rolling!4 months ago

TriniprincessRussian Roulette

I have to go to a graduation now….but I do hope 43things is here when I get back! I don’t mind spending all of my night posting! :( 4 months ago

TriniprincessI always wanted to...

as well. And it was way more fulfilling that I anticipated! I took pics with a lil fellow who was my favourite Gave him a lil kiss and sent him on his way…praying he survives and future to the shores of T&T.
Have to run off to a ceremony but if I return and 43t is still here I will post a photo.

Yeah…I’m in smoothie making these days. A little more liquid than sherbet.

How was your day? 4 months ago

TriniprincessAnd all the best to you....

Thank you for your words and I wish the same to you.

Thanks for sharing in my journey.

PM coming your way ;) 4 months ago

TriniprincessHey you...

How’s your day been?
It’s been good. Went to see the leatherback turtles lay eggs and freed some hatchlings early this morning. Now I’m here, relieved to see that 43t is still here and I can make an entry and answer questions lol. Didn’t get to say good bye so I just stopped by.

Got any plans tonight?
I am going a graduation ceremony for one of my clients. Then may study.

Whatchya havin’ for dinner?
Have no idea. I’ve having watermelon and lemon smoothie right now though. 4 months ago

TriniprincessRita Ora

4 months ago

TriniprincessFarewell to 43things

It’s the 16th and I can still write an entry. I’m very happy about that…even if it turns out to be the last one.

My last months have drawn me away from internet life altogether and it goes without saying that 43things has been on my mind alot. Especially now as I am about to reach another birthday, this has always been my site to come to to do introspection and random ramblings that allowed me to clear my head and take in the things I needed to grow, to move, to conquer.

I found 43things by mere accident and I came on here not knowing anyone at all, but simply knowing something like this is what I needed in my life. Saying it exceeded my expectations is an understatement! I have gained life-long friends. And although I wish I was more active and not afraid to connect with people, I cherish those I have connected with. I have gained a great hobby of collecting postcards through this site…and I don’t think that will ever die either. I have developed habits and rituals, hobbies and coping mechanisms all through being on 43t. The site itself created a positive environment and the people that found themselves here added an invaluable touch that makes saying goodbye so difficult! However, it has to be said…but like everything I hold deep and dear in my heart, the memory and positive impact of everyone here will never leave me.

To the Robots and to the community…I love you guys and gals...thank you for the support, the laughs, the cries, the prayers, the hopes, the dreams, the accomplishments, the games, the fun, the ideas and inspiration, the cards, the gifts…..the love….and the cheers!


4 months ago


Good morning! :) 4 months ago

TriniprincessHi Todd!

I have not been able to be on here often as the site closes. But thank you for your words….thank you for your engagement. It was a total pleasure getting to know you as well and feeling totally thought of from someone so far away!

That chance may come sooner than we think. But I really do hope it happens! It will be a fine day! 4 months ago

Triniprincess#10 - Come out to play - Benjai

This song is just vybzzzz It really says what everyone wants to say during Carnival!

It was a big hit…and very controversial was Benjai performance of this song.

“Leave meh lemme do it na. Free Up!” Definitely the words of Carnival….anything goes!

6 months ago

Triniprincess 7 months ago

TriniprincessGot it!

There was so much drama as the people working at the Passport office have been striking for the last month. So they have been operating on reduced working hours….until 11 am. I thought it would have been impossible to get there but I did and my passport was ready. So happy! US Visa next??

6 months ago

Triniprincess A lil pass mid-way update

So June has been good…it’s just speeding! My happiness level is up although I have been having some not so good moments. But thankfully, it’s only moments and nothing more. Been really focused on keeping my mind at a place where I feel at peace, where I’m not frustrated or anxious.

I just got back from a three-day Tobago trip and I really wanted to do some introspection in Tobago but for some reason it just did not happen. Got home last night and had a 3 hour conversation with a friend on What’s App and surprisingly we spoke alot about life…and surviving…and doing the things we love…and being who we want to be! It was everything I needed! And I got it in the place I was no looking at all.

Today, is the start of a four-day long weekend in T&T and I’m hoping to be very productive. Need to get back on my healthy eating bandwagon as Tobago was too good to me when it came to food. At least I resisted getting crab and dumplin! (the struggle was real).

Last weekend I spent at our national library trying to get information for my paper. So between today and tomorrow, I’m hoping to finish another draft.

Went to a 5k and after-party with foam last week Sunday…it was totally awesome! Have about two more exciting events for June…one this weekend, a Street Art Festival.

Happiness is still flowing! ... and I’m loving it!

6 months ago

TriniprincessFriday 13th June 2014

1. Wonderful Friday morning. Great weather and an early morning meeting at the Hyatt.

2. Wore a new top that I bought a couple months ago “just because”. Got compliments on it too :)

3. Collected passport from Immigration office that happens to be striking. So glad that’s out of the way.

4. Wonderful local creole lunch whilst watching the game.

5. Getting great assistance at the heritage section of our library! Got a book that has almost everything to complete my paper.

6. Spain vs Netherlands! OMG! What a game!

7. Tobago trip for next week is booked and everything is ay okay!

8. Went to a fashion show casting….and I got chosen! not to be model! But, for the next 10 weeks I’ll be doing events management for an regional fashion show! So freaking excited! And my cousin (who is my bestie) got selected to be one of the designers!!!! I think I’m more happy for her!

9. What’s Apping local and foreign friends. Technology really makes the world a better place (if used right). Shared in so many experiences today!

10. Comfy bed and sheets….with open windows…that let in Caribbean breeze!

6 months ago

TriniprincessTuesday 10th June 2014

1. Early start to my day. Feels good to be ahead of time.

2. Very positive feedback on my thesis paper from a past lecturer and she’s willing to help me work through it. I feel so relieved!

3. Crazy day at the office but at the end of it all everything worked out for the best.

4. Tobago trip postponed until next week…but that provides an opportunity for me to be in Tobago for our 4 day long weekend!

5. Grocery shopping for healthy options.

6. T-shirts for Sunday’s Fast and the Foamiest run confirmed!

7. Relaxing evening with wine with friends who paid a surprise visit.

6 months ago


Love this pic! 6 months ago

TriniprincessToday's Progress


I’ve been doing really well in trying to change my lifestyle into a healthy one. I did a meal prep last night and I was able to prepare breakfast, lunch and a snack of fruits today. Didn’t have to spend one cent today.

I started my personal water challenge and I got to about 1.5 litres of water. Pretty good for my first day…if I do say myself. Can’t wait to see where I reach with this at the end of June.

I also did a simple workout this morning and bought myself some vitamins this evening. :)


Bought pills to help me stay up but I haven’t taken any yet.

Received an email today from my subject specialist saying there is no time for her to check another draft in time for my deadline of Thursday so she looks forward to my final submission….nothing’s going to break my stride....I’m up tonight working on my paper to the best of my ability…without her!


Brainstormed an idea for about an hour. Simple enough.


Enjoyed simple pleasures today. Took time to write a couple postcards to send out. Have surrounded myself with music as much as I could today. Took time to enjoy some online socializing.

6 months ago

TriniprincessMonday 09th June 2014

1. Waking up before the alarm!

2. Morning routine that is taking form. Breakfast, exercise, music!

3. Feel good Monday! No Monday morning blues.

4. Clients that are productive even before 8:00 am.

5. Confirmed tickets for an amazing yacht party in July! Island life!

6. Healthy eating…and 1.5 litres of water down today! Yay!

7. Postcards in my mailbox!

8. Headache not transforming into a migraine.

9. Response from a lecturer that has suggestions on my thesis paper! Was loosing hope.

10. Just me…music…and my mind…hard at work into the morning.

6 months ago

TriniprincessSunday 08th June 2014

1. Waking up to showers of rain…which made for a wonderful lay-in-bed-thinking session.

2. Watching the clouds roll back as it allowed the sun to rise and play itself as the day progressed.

3. Love notes.

4. Another day of dressing up! I guess it’s the only thing that motivates me to leave the house.

5. Music! Lots of music!

6. Preparing for my week ahead. Clothes, hair, meals!

7. Being in a good mood and having a great feeling about the week ahead despite the challenges ahead.

6 months ago

TriniprincessI lost three as well...

on both sides. 6 months ago

TriniprincessHappy Birthday AFC!

I know I’m barely making it in time, but I do hope you’re day was as fabulous as you wanted it to be….as and great as you are! You were on my mind today and I took some time indulging in simple pleasures in celebration of YOU today!

So glad you lived to see another year….and I hope it surpasses all your expectations in a positive way. May each day help you be a better you…and may God meet you at the place of your needs and desires this year!

Have a wonderful birth-year!

6 months ago

TriniprincessHappy Birthday wishes

To Always Free to Choose

Do you want to join me in wishing a really cool 43thinger a Happy Birthday ? Well by now it may be belated :(

Can’t seem to find the darn invite button all day! Gah!

6 months ago

TriniprincessSeems your day ...

was hard. But there are still some wonderful things wrapped up in and all over this entry.

P.S. Have you ever considered writing? You paint such great pictures. :) 6 months ago

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