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Triniprincess was good, whilse it lasted!

Recent entries from Triniprincess
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Triniprincess#10 - Come out to play - Benjai

This song is just vybzzzz It really says what everyone wants to say during Carnival!

It was a big hit…and very controversial was Benjai performance of this song.

“Leave meh lemme do it na. Free Up!” Definitely the words of Carnival….anything goes!

1 month ago

Triniprincess 2 months ago

TriniprincessGot it!

There was so much drama as the people working at the Passport office have been striking for the last month. So they have been operating on reduced working hours….until 11 am. I thought it would have been impossible to get there but I did and my passport was ready. So happy! US Visa next??

1 month ago

Triniprincess A lil pass mid-way update

So June has been good…it’s just speeding! My happiness level is up although I have been having some not so good moments. But thankfully, it’s only moments and nothing more. Been really focused on keeping my mind at a place where I feel at peace, where I’m not frustrated or anxious.

I just got back from a three-day Tobago trip and I really wanted to do some introspection in Tobago but for some reason it just did not happen. Got home last night and had a 3 hour conversation with a friend on What’s App and surprisingly we spoke alot about life…and surviving…and doing the things we love…and being who we want to be! It was everything I needed! And I got it in the place I was no looking at all.

Today, is the start of a four-day long weekend in T&T and I’m hoping to be very productive. Need to get back on my healthy eating bandwagon as Tobago was too good to me when it came to food. At least I resisted getting crab and dumplin! (the struggle was real).

Last weekend I spent at our national library trying to get information for my paper. So between today and tomorrow, I’m hoping to finish another draft.

Went to a 5k and after-party with foam last week Sunday…it was totally awesome! Have about two more exciting events for June…one this weekend, a Street Art Festival.

Happiness is still flowing! ... and I’m loving it!

1 month ago

TriniprincessFriday 13th June 2014

1. Wonderful Friday morning. Great weather and an early morning meeting at the Hyatt.

2. Wore a new top that I bought a couple months ago “just because”. Got compliments on it too :)

3. Collected passport from Immigration office that happens to be striking. So glad that’s out of the way.

4. Wonderful local creole lunch whilst watching the game.

5. Getting great assistance at the heritage section of our library! Got a book that has almost everything to complete my paper.

6. Spain vs Netherlands! OMG! What a game!

7. Tobago trip for next week is booked and everything is ay okay!

8. Went to a fashion show casting….and I got chosen! not to be model! But, for the next 10 weeks I’ll be doing events management for an regional fashion show! So freaking excited! And my cousin (who is my bestie) got selected to be one of the designers!!!! I think I’m more happy for her!

9. What’s Apping local and foreign friends. Technology really makes the world a better place (if used right). Shared in so many experiences today!

10. Comfy bed and sheets….with open windows…that let in Caribbean breeze!

1 month ago

TriniprincessTuesday 10th June 2014

1. Early start to my day. Feels good to be ahead of time.

2. Very positive feedback on my thesis paper from a past lecturer and she’s willing to help me work through it. I feel so relieved!

3. Crazy day at the office but at the end of it all everything worked out for the best.

4. Tobago trip postponed until next week…but that provides an opportunity for me to be in Tobago for our 4 day long weekend!

5. Grocery shopping for healthy options.

6. T-shirts for Sunday’s Fast and the Foamiest run confirmed!

7. Relaxing evening with wine with friends who paid a surprise visit.

1 month ago


Love this pic! 1 month ago

TriniprincessToday's Progress


I’ve been doing really well in trying to change my lifestyle into a healthy one. I did a meal prep last night and I was able to prepare breakfast, lunch and a snack of fruits today. Didn’t have to spend one cent today.

I started my personal water challenge and I got to about 1.5 litres of water. Pretty good for my first day…if I do say myself. Can’t wait to see where I reach with this at the end of June.

I also did a simple workout this morning and bought myself some vitamins this evening. :)


Bought pills to help me stay up but I haven’t taken any yet.

Received an email today from my subject specialist saying there is no time for her to check another draft in time for my deadline of Thursday so she looks forward to my final submission….nothing’s going to break my stride....I’m up tonight working on my paper to the best of my ability…without her!


Brainstormed an idea for about an hour. Simple enough.


Enjoyed simple pleasures today. Took time to write a couple postcards to send out. Have surrounded myself with music as much as I could today. Took time to enjoy some online socializing.

1 month ago

TriniprincessMonday 09th June 2014

1. Waking up before the alarm!

2. Morning routine that is taking form. Breakfast, exercise, music!

3. Feel good Monday! No Monday morning blues.

4. Clients that are productive even before 8:00 am.

5. Confirmed tickets for an amazing yacht party in July! Island life!

6. Healthy eating…and 1.5 litres of water down today! Yay!

7. Postcards in my mailbox!

8. Headache not transforming into a migraine.

9. Response from a lecturer that has suggestions on my thesis paper! Was loosing hope.

10. Just me…music…and my mind…hard at work into the morning.

1 month ago

TriniprincessSunday 08th June 2014

1. Waking up to showers of rain…which made for a wonderful lay-in-bed-thinking session.

2. Watching the clouds roll back as it allowed the sun to rise and play itself as the day progressed.

3. Love notes.

4. Another day of dressing up! I guess it’s the only thing that motivates me to leave the house.

5. Music! Lots of music!

6. Preparing for my week ahead. Clothes, hair, meals!

7. Being in a good mood and having a great feeling about the week ahead despite the challenges ahead.

1 month ago

TriniprincessI lost three as well...

on both sides. 1 month ago

TriniprincessHappy Birthday AFC!

I know I’m barely making it in time, but I do hope you’re day was as fabulous as you wanted it to be….as and great as you are! You were on my mind today and I took some time indulging in simple pleasures in celebration of YOU today!

So glad you lived to see another year….and I hope it surpasses all your expectations in a positive way. May each day help you be a better you…and may God meet you at the place of your needs and desires this year!

Have a wonderful birth-year!

1 month ago

TriniprincessHappy Birthday wishes

To Always Free to Choose

Do you want to join me in wishing a really cool 43thinger a Happy Birthday ? Well by now it may be belated :(

Can’t seem to find the darn invite button all day! Gah!

1 month ago

TriniprincessSeems your day ...

was hard. But there are still some wonderful things wrapped up in and all over this entry.

P.S. Have you ever considered writing? You paint such great pictures. :) 1 month ago


you must rest…and you should rest your hands as well. I would say 43t isn’t going anywhere….but it is….however, we need to have you around for wherever our goal-seeking adventures take us.

Balance is needed and I hope you find a way to fulfil the tug in your heart to write and think…as well as…the need to heal and rest.

I should be getting ready for work but I’m on here…so I know about the desire to be on here and catch up.1 month ago

TriniprincessSaturday 07th June 2014

1. Raining all night….like all night! I’m guessing it’s officially the rainy season.

2. Despite the rain, I managed to get up and get out of the house before 8:00 am.

3. All the volunteers and children showing up for the tree planting event, although we eventually had to cancel.

4. Mid-day nap!

5. Grapefruit infused water….and a bowl of fruits that lasted all day…watermelon, oranges and grapes!

Having my brother help me rearrange my bedroom. More space and bed in now facing the window! Can’t wait for the sunlight to wake me in the mornings.

6. Dress up kinda day! ... although I was simply going on campus.

7. Not a school productive evening, but a business one. Started a logo design…and discovered some cool tools to help manage the people working with me on my big project.

1 month ago

TriniprincessFriday 06th June 2014

1. An extra hour of sleep as I had a late client visit.

2. Client visit went well….and the audit team gave her the thumbs up! I’m so happy and so is she!

3. Work day over by 12:30 pm!

4. Visit to a new restaurant to start my week! Sushi, drinks and dessert!

5. Received sponsored baby plants for my World Environment Day project to hand out to the kids! So happy the company came through.

6. Evening of music, laundry and a little cleaning.

7. Snuggling under new sheets as the rains came!

1 month ago

TriniprincessIt was.

I didn’t realise how cool it would have looked. Our teeth and all glowed in the light! And it was totally a surprise. I wish I can at least attend another on a greater scale!....with glow sticks and all the jazz!

Oh not my pic btw, but I found it really cool too1 month ago

TriniprincessAdvantages of living on an island!

I went to the beach two weekends ago when my client and I had missed each other’s appointment. It was a…”well….I’m heading to the beach instead” moment.

I’ll be definitely going this week as I head over to Tobago on Tuesday. My hotel is usually on the beach and I take a morning and afternoon swim when in Tobago. I ❤ the beach!

I go to the beach more when I’m in Tobago than home. Trinidad is the bigger island and the beaches are further and I usually need a vehicle to go. Thankfully I’m in Tobago quite often! I get to see and take pics like the one here.

I never understood when I first started interacting with people online that they’ve never been to the beach…..pretty much like their reaction to me never seeing snow! 1 month ago

Triniprincess(((((((((Joie De Vivre)))))))

That cheer was a supportive one. Hoping your sun shows itself in your horizon soon. 1 month ago

Triniprincess#17 - Our Fashion Industry

With Anya Ayoung Chee making the biggest impact and revealing some of our offerings to the world, our fashion industry is brewing! It’s great to see so many “Fashion weeks” and fashion shows and having our University having a notable fashion department and programme.

The use of schools, prints and the “resort wear” look that simply embodies T&T is back in our stores and in focus. I’m really proud of our influence in the Caribbean and even the small appearances we’ve made internationally.

We indeed are creative people, with so many ideas surfacing not only in the fashion industry. It heightens at Carnival then spills over throughout the rest of the year. And now we’re ready to get credited for the inspirations we have given to others.

This video highlights what T&T has to offer in terms of fashion. A bit long but very much information and inspiring video.

1 month ago

TriniprincessJune Bootcamp!

In May school was the cause of lots of stress and unhappiness and sickness, so for June I’m going to take it for what it is suppose to be and not allow it to break the progress and strides of the other things in my life.

My word for June is Happiness...because I had none last month, so I hope to double up :)

In June, my focus will be on the following:

➳ Healthy eating, meals consisting mainly of fruits and vegetables.
➳ No skipping of breakfast.
➳ One cheat day per week.
➳ Be able to drink 2 litres of water comfortably in one day by the end of June.
➳ 30 mins of exercise six days a week….even on weekends.
➳ 1 rigorous activity for June.
➳ Get more than four hours sleep.
➳ Take vitamins.

➳ Finish IP1 proposal.
➳ Make contact with Interviewees
➳ Create survey for photographers.
➳ Get help with completing thesis paper…somehow.

➳ Design logos for the two clients.
➳ Start FB page for graphics company.
➳ Regroup committee and restart activities.
➳ 1 place explore with group.
➳ Print the blasted postcards for goodness sakes.
➳ Set up online gallery for postcards.
➳ Discuss and decide on new venture for UpMarket.

➳ Listen to music everyday.
➳ Enjoy simple pleasures.
➳ Each week take a “me-time” session.
➳ Enjoy the last of the dry season in the sun!
➳ Visit one new place.

➳ Collect passport.
➳ Apply for US Visa.
➳ Opening savings account.

Friends and Family
➳ Visit or make contact with friends I have been avoiding last month.
➳ One event with friends.
➳ Catch up with mom in June…one date evening.
➳ Adopted sister date.
➳ Adopted mother date.
➳ School friend date. 1 month ago

TriniprincessMay 2014

  • Surprise neon party for a friend! We were asked to dress in white or neon….the dance floor had black lights so we glowed! Really good party!
  • Smoothies and tuna croissants at they Hyatt (waterfront).
  • Studied the hardest I’ve ever studied in my life, which brought on other news such as staying and studying in UWI for 22 hours straight. 4 days without more than 4 hours of sleep. Making new friends from simply being on campus so long and frequent.
  • Bought myself a new phone. Have always received a phone as a gift and have gifted phones to others but I’ve never bought one for myself as crazy as that may sound.
  • Had a chicken wrap from Pita Pit….a new healthy establishment in T&T.
  • Paid trip to do some work in Tobago for someone.
  • Went by my mom…first time since she moved out of her Central location to the West.

1 month ago

TriniprincessApril 2014

I joined Junior Chambers International T&T group and our very first event was to do some cleaning during a hike to one of our waterfalls. I missed the hike because of class but I was able to join the team for a really great motivational session and a quick beach trip. Have been placed on the event’s committee as well. Really proud to be a JCI member!

Sold one of my photographs! I was extremely excited about this opportunity but also very scared. But the lady loved it and I bought two different prints from me! My first sale as a photographer-ish.

Went to the Canvas! A wonderful little gluten free cafe in Long Circular. I didn’t even know it was gluten free until I saw them featured in our local newspapers some time after my visit. What stood out is the amazing service. A sweet girl who couldn’t be more than 18 was serving us. The food was really good as well! Can’t wait to go back.

Shopped online from Forever 21. I’ve always ordered things from Amazon…but bought some cute, miscellaneous things from Forever 21.

1 month ago


Being the inventors of the steel pan and calypso and soca, you’d think this should be easy for me to suggest right? Well, our artists hardly ever do full albums and those that do usually produce one genre of our music, which is usually upbeat soca (Machel Montano and Bunji Garlin come to mind).

But, I think if you can get a Kes the band CD it will paint a better representation of T&T’s style of music. The link is for his 2011 album but he has evolved so much over the last year but has not released any full albums over the last two years.

You can hear all his songs on the side bar of his website though .... not sure if you’ll count that as a CD. 1 month ago

TriniprincessOlaf is the cutest thing....ever!

Because when I speak about Frozen to alot of people they give this deep hidden meaning and usually focus on the either sister as their favourite…so I thought I’d have enemies.

I love Olaf’s outlook on life! A snowman thinking of Summer! He is just so cute, funny and positive! “Some people are worth melting for!”

You’re not crazy….you’re amazingly creative! I’d so prefer if he had powers too. Imagine you had a better plot that the geniuses at Disney?? Imagine that!

We don’t have Halloween here and I don’t have a sister…..but I’d totally be excited too if I had those two options…and I’m 26 :)

I prefer that sheet blue thing! .... it has ammmm fleer! ;)

1 month ago

TriniprincessOh man...

her ras is sick! (as in wicked…as in cool…as in fab).

She looks happy…so it’s definitely agreeing with her. You sure that’s your daughter grumpy smurf? lol 1 month ago



I’ve got my eyes on you Tartsy :) o_O 1 month ago

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