...having a Carnival tabanca! :(

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Congrats on your progress so far. Wishing you all the luck and cheers for your 6 months. 2 days ago

TriniprincessMaybe a glitch the system. Similar to how sometimes we are able to cheer the same post twice. I wish everything was like her’s though. We could see the comments of others although they’ve deleted but can’t see their profile in its entity….if only :( 2 days ago


Most of the comments are deleted…mainly due to people deleting their accounts, but here is the link3 days ago

TriniprincessOld 43thingers

I just spent hours reading old posts I made in the “Post Random Questions” goal. I have not laughed so much in a while. When I read one of questions that asked “Why isn’t 11 called onety-one?” and all the ridiculously cleaver responses, it really made my day.

We really had some good times on 43things. There really a lot of people I miss on here. Smarty, witty, supportive persons makes 43things what it is!

3 days ago

Triniprincess#5 - Behaving the Worst - Skinny Fabulous

One of my favourite songs for Carnival 2014! This was the song you put on to get ready to head to a fete! ... the last song you play in your car when you reach the fete to “start de bachannal!”

Skinny Fabulous isn’t from Trinidad but he brought it to Carnival this year! At the end of the video for this song (around 3:55) shows a tiny glimpse…of the epicness the song brought in parties! Oh Skinny….this here eases my tabanca.

3 days ago

Triniprincess 1 month ago


for now.

I don’t have “coming soon” on my profile anymore lol.

Although I’m hoping to keep updating it to my total satisfaction, there is something on there…actually there’s a lot of stuff on there. I’m satisfied at this point. Will do some fine tuning later on to be totally happy about it.

3 days ago

TriniprincessIncreasing Vegetable intake

So I absolutely hate vegetables…but I absolutely love fruits! I can eat fruits all day; and this obviously doesn’t contribute to a balanced diet. So recently I’ve been trying to eat more vegetables. Carrots, lettuce and broccoli are okay…but still I know I need more.

So I started making green smoothies with spinach! First time was terrible and my body reacted negatively but I stuck to it and I’m doing okay with it. I bought a bunch of spinach, blended it and froze it. So now when I realise I need some vegs I pop a couple frozen cubs in the blender and add some other stuff and have myself a tall glass of green smoothie. I really hope this motivates me to start eating more vegetables. But for now it’s doing its job and I’m happy.

3 days ago

TriniprincessApril...well half of it anyway.

So I’m also late with my Bootcamp post. I have been swamped with school like never before. Have been going to bed at 4 or 5 am…waking up at 6…heading to work (which is increasingly stressful)...coming home…getting something to eat, bathing…heading to University to study until 4am..and doing it all over again! I am TIRED! (to say the least).

Anyway….my Bootcamp goals for the rest of April are:

  • Survive School so I can come into Bloom.
  • Despite the craziness, eat healthy so I can bloom beautifully.
  • Try to exercise at least twice a week to get strength to bloom.
  • Do one (small) business project so I can afford to bloom.
  • Scratch one thing off my continuous “to-do” list to create roots for blooming.
  • Daily meditation to ease my mind before bed so I can have a good night’s (or hour) rest to continue blooming.
  • Plan a day of absolute fun and relaxation to rejuvenate the blooming process.

3 days ago

TriniprincessFebruary 2014

Oh my! Carnival was in the air in February and oh how I took it in!

Free Community Fete

Our Member of Parliament, who happens to be the Minister of Arts and Multiculturalism, launched Carnival on Feb 08th, in our community with a free fete for our residents. It was indeed a great initiative and I got my first taste of Carnival 2014 there. The Soca artists came out and they delivered!


Bought myself a laptop! Did the research, walked in the store and bought myself one.

Valentine’s Day

Co-worker bought me wonderful cupcakes with my name on it. It was so cute!

Panorama Semis

Whilst I’ve been to Panorama semi-finals before, this was the first time I went all out and organise with my friends to move together. I designed and printed jerseys and packed a cooler and had myself the most epic time on the Greens!

There were men, there were women, there was drinks, coolers, horns, soca artists, music, food, pool, games, fog machines, confetti, powder, rhythm sections, drums, flags….there was vybz! The party environment was spectacular! From hot 1:00pm sun to cold 11:00pm breeze we partied hard! Next year I’m in it AGAIN…with a bigger crew!

Panorama Finals dance rehearsal

So I got this amazing opportunity to be part of a Steel band presentation for Panorama (concert of steel bands). We were the dancers and had to learn a dance with large flag-like accessories that went on our arms. Being in the panyard at 1:00 am to rehearse with the band was a great experience. Especially on the Thursday before the finals when the yard was filled with on-lookers. Rehearsals were just as entertaining and great as the day of the show.

3 days ago

TriniprincessJune 10th 2014

That’s the date I will be submitting my last paper! Right now it seems far off when I see all the things I still need to do in order to complete this degree. However, that’s no longer my focus, I’m looking at the date. Knowing it’s right around the corner is driving me beyond the sleepless nights to do what is required.

This definitely was a huge undertaking. And whilst I have so many dark factors that are working against my successful completion, I’m going to let the fact that this is want I desire outshine my surroundings.

So 2 exams, 1 assignment and 1 dissertation to go….and I’m out! Looking back at my previous entry, I was scheduled to finish last year. And whilst that can be depressing, it just fuels me to go beyond the obstacles. 3 days ago

TriniprincessMe too

I find it most convenient. 1 week ago

TriniprincessMonday 31st March 2014

Today I’m grateful for:

1. A holiday at the beginning of the week! Long weekend!

2. Gorgeous weather! I felt like being outdoors all day. Not too hot but perfect!

3. Getting my hair done so I won’t have to care for it much in April.

4. Clean house, clean room, clean heart.

5. Finding the photo for a potential client. I hope she likes it and if she does…I’ll have a pj to do! Excited!

6. Getting accepted to join a health group and the positivity and motivation among the members.

7. My thesis proposal….although I’m not finished and I hate working on it, it is keeping me grounded and focused!

8. Evening of music and prepping for work and healthy eating tomorrow!

2 weeks ago

TriniprincessMarch Round-up

I would say I was 50% successful with this month’s Bootcamp. I could have probably achieved more if I didn’t start to go down “depression” lane somewhere mid-month. However, I regained my focus and I’m ready to face another month.

AchievementsSchool: I made progress on this, but definitely not where I need to be. What I did achieve however, was that I conducted all the necessary questions with tourists. Spent alot of evenings after Carnival begging for people’s time. It was interesting and I now have that behind me.

Business: Probably my biggest achievement this month! I got my two companies registered! Officially! As in I now possess two certificates of Incorporation! Major smiles with this one!
I also kept my business FB page up to date every other day. Hope to do more in April.

My business and school has really been my main focus and will continue to be so. Although I wish this month had gone differently, I’m still happy with the little I have achieved. The blueprint has definitely been laid…now I’m going to start building on these plans.

2 weeks ago

Triniprincess#4 - To meh heart - 5 Star Akil

I heartthis song. It was one of those songs that captured how you feel as a Trinbagoian and being in Carnival. The vybz that this song brings in parties is awesome! The video was shot at different locations throughout Carnival…I’m in there somewhere as well lol.

_“Izza drinker to meh heart.
Ah winer to meh heart.
Izza feter to meh heart
Ah masquerader to meh heart.
When you thinking that ah done, done, done…
Ah now start!”_

2 weeks ago


That sucks. It really was a fantastic experience. Can’t wait for us to start hosting more of these conferences. Summit of the Americas was great also. 2 weeks ago

TriniprincessRace against time.

Do the clocks change where you live? If so, when did / do they change?

No they don’t…and I always thought it was only the US that did this. We learn something new everyday.

What do you like best about clocks going forward? Or back in the Autumn?
My days are usually crazy and have personal meetings or limes after work, so I like when the looks go forward because I have an extra hour to get home to watch tv series. I also hate that sometimes when I have to stay up until 11 to see something that usually starts at 10.

I’m not a big tv watcher anyway so its really not that big of a deal for me.

What does affect me is that I no longer can figure out the time difference between myself and my US friends, which can get a bit crazy when I attempt to call people at an ‘ungodly’ hour.

Without looking up, do you know why the clock changes began?
I think its because of the sunlight and the fact that people would loose an hour of work if it didn’t change. Not really sure.

Are there any tips or novelty strategies that you employ at this time?
Move to the Caribbean?

Do you think we should continue this practice, or is it just an outdated annoyance?
If there is logic to it…I think it should continue. But personally I can’t speak to the practice nor it’s implications so I can’t answer logically. 2 weeks ago

TriniprincessI think...

stress really makes the value of a job decrease for persons.

My job now was highly stressful so I hated it. I learned how to manage the stress and a couple other variables changed so it’s not that stressful any more and I like my job now…although I’m doing the same things. 2 weeks ago

TriniprincessPaid reading.

That’s a nice one as well. I know a lot of people who would also love that job.

It seems like your job is a good balance indeed. 2 weeks ago


It’s a wonderful opportunity! And if you’re a social butterfly and like to experience new things and travel this definitely is a dream job.

8 is good! Working on an island gives jobs a 2 points advantage. ;) 2 weeks ago


You have no idea how so many people don’t have that happiness and love for their job. It’s what a lot of people thrive for and many of them die before experiencing that feeling.

Cheers to you! :) 2 weeks ago


I have no idea….I stole borrowed that pic from online.

You’d work in Apple for free? The place that can probably afford to give you a ridiculous salary? But yes I guess if your passion is there it doesn’t matter.

” prove a point” that. 2 weeks ago

TriniprincessHugs to you.

3 weeks ago

TriniprincessTuesday 25th March 2014

1. An easy morning, with all the right timings to start my day.

2. Checked off to-do lists which came at the end of a productive work day.

3. Stopping by a convenient store and being able to pick up some needed and useful household items.

4. Technology that brings so much information to me.

5. Easy afternoon, although I have so much to do. Felt easy at heart.

3 weeks ago

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