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WETWATERYoui've left out the Deep South

I’ve been to 41 of the lower 48, and 7 states there is all I lack. I’m not looking forward to it. 3 weeks ago

WETWATERBe of good cheer

India values the Taj Mahal as a symbol of the nation and an architectural treasure, and will not let anything happen to it. The biggest threat is acid rain, which devastates marble. I’ve been to (and inside) the Taj and it’s worth the cost of the plane ticket to India. A fascinating country, by the way. 4 weeks ago

WETWATERIs it really that difficult?

How can you NOT look nice? You’d look nice wearing a burlap bag! 4 weeks ago

WETWATER89. The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism

That’s a REAL movie, believe it or not. 1 month ago


Probably have to make it yourself, which might be a rewarding effort. 1 month ago


Kumquat marmalade. Low sugar. Has ten times the flavor of orange. 2 months ago

WETWATERTry a Buzz Cut

CUTE! 2 months ago

WETWATERSorry, but Marlo Thomas beat you to it

. 2 months ago

WETWATERShould have tried this:

SHAVE YOUR HEAD! 3 months ago

WETWATERMkae an effort to make it happen

It’s worth it. 3 months ago

WETWATERWhatr, no Before and After pics?

Next time, try SUPERSHORT. Like a Buzz Cut. CUTE! 3 months ago

WETWATERNice photo, but ...

.. you’re facing the wrong direction! 4 months ago

WETWATERActually ...

ALL the Slavic languages (including Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, Serbo-Croatian) have a common ancestor. It may be called Old Slavonic. Russian and Ukrainian are just a lot more similar. Like Swedish and Norwegian. 4 months ago

WETWATERNice photo

. 4 months ago

WETWATERTry a Buzz Cut

Nothing boring about THAT. You’d look stunning! 4 months ago

WETWATERSet your mind free

End your hair anxieties with a nice, clean headshave! 5 months ago

WETWATERTake advantage of the opportunity

When you cut it to donate, cut it ALL off. Every woman should cut all her hair off at least once in her life. Experience what it’s like to have NO hair. The freedom. The exciting transformation. 5 months ago

WETWATERYou should KEEP it like that!

It’s a great look and I bet you enjoyed the freedom and convenience.

WETWATERIt looks fantastic!

You should KEEP it like that! 5 months ago


Those of you who want to try this, you should know that Lake Superior is COLD, even in the middle of a hot August. South Lake Michigan is the most pleasant. 5 months ago

WETWATERHere's a Book to Inspire

“The Age of Reason” by Thomas Paine 5 months ago

WETWATERGo all the way

Try a Buzz Cut. It’s even more convenient, and looks stunning on a female. 6 months ago

WETWATERBest cure for Trichotillomania

A nice, neat headshave. You’d look fanatastic! 6 months ago

WETWATERLet see Before and After photos!

Please? 8 months ago

WETWATERYou've got a long way to go...

... to catch up with me.

The worst of many I have seen is “Robot Monster” (1953). You should have heard of the immortal “Plan Nine From Outer Space”. So bad it’s good? 8 months ago

WETWATERSo, let's see Before and After photos

I’m sure you look absolutely stunning. Enjoy the freedom! 9 months ago

WETWATEREver try shaving your head bald?


WETWATERBest Way to Proceed

Shave your head and start over with your natural color. (You might actually LIKE being free from hair!) 9 months ago

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