Ik you like the stache

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WinggedDemon 15 months ago

WinggedDemon 15 months ago

WinggedDemon 15 months ago

WinggedDemonHey guys long time no see

i haven’t been here in like forever and i forgot what the process for the wing growth is help? 15 months ago


I gots a blue aura!! 2 years ago


FYI: Thts really my face XD

and i have more like tht on my profile and only one thts normal lmao i bet i can confuse you for a second.. cuz there me (Female) and Sam (Malekinda) which one is better? 2 years ago

WinggedDemon 2 years ago


CT..XD 2 years ago


Make tht 2 more lol 2 years ago

WinggedDemon 2 years ago


Lol 2 years ago


I got Indiana Jones BEAT!

And Justin Bieber

Lmao 2 years ago

WinggedDemonAgree!! XD

I completely agree lol u look really cool in the moonlight..and that sounded really awkward..lmao 2 years ago


Thanks :) in that case i have some that just started to form 2 years ago

WinggedDemonWing Bumps

What do they even look like and like what are the stages?

and my back just cracked..XD 2 years ago

WinggedDemonBack Pain..

Lol I read the comments about the back pain and stuff and everyones like so excited about being in pain.. yeah yeah ik i am too but isnt it just funny? “I’m in pain…WOOO!” 2 years ago

WinggedDemonOMG..Weird back feelingsss!!!

I just tried Hero’s spell and like 5 mins later my back felt weird and kinda like sunburn.. i touched my shoulder blades and it stung.. WOO! im SO PUMPED! thnx Hero!! 2 years ago


or wait till they go to bed 2 years ago

WinggedDemonLOL XD

lol haha tht was funny 2 years ago


Can anyone please give me a spell that worked for them..pleasee 2 years ago


Rin what spell did you give Dante?
and can you give it to me.. please? :) 2 years ago

WinggedDemonMy Profile XD

Real Name: Sara
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Looks: Shoulder length blonde hair, deep teal/gray eyes,5’6,..idk
Powers: Medium, Aura Reading, Automatic writing/drawing,Clairvoyant,Clairaudience,Clairscentient,Clairempathy,Déjà vu,Demonomancy/Demon Summoning,Empath,ESP,Mirror Gazing,Psychic Medium,Pyrokenisis (Almost),Telepathy (in the works)
Likes: Anything Paranormal/Supernatural, Demons..
Dislikes: If i listed what i dont like it wouldnt fit on here..
Weapon of choice: Body (fists, feet, ect.),Gun and or knife
Personality: depends on my mood, Can be sweet,loving, motherly XD, Protective,funny, or bitch…a really bad, mean bitch.. dont be on my bad side.. ;) 2 years ago


is it possible for someone who is 5’ 6 to have a wingspan of 27 ft?? i mean could i hide them if i wanted to? 2 years ago

WinggedDemon 2 years ago

WinggedDemon 2 years ago

WinggedDemonWing Spell

Hii! :) i was wondering if I can have a spell? I want the same things as Dante except i want black wings instead and waterproof (if possible)
oh and retractable.

~Thanks! XD 2 years ago


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