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Recent entries from Zaldania
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ZaldaniaNovember 20, 2013

I am grateful:
-for playful moments at work.
-for Pandora!
-for progress forward in a certain field.
-for my ability to advocate for patients and point out the hypocrisy of the insurance system.
-for finally beginning to feel somewhat settled. 13 months ago

ZaldaniaNovember 18, 2013

I am grateful for:
-a most wonderful weekend.
-a new album to listen to.
-some time with meditation and breathing exercises.
-doing some circuit training that still has me a bit sore today!
-being safe from the winds that tore the region apart last night. 13 months ago

ZaldaniaNovember 15, 2013

I am grateful that the headaches appear to be gone, even if only momentary.

This afternoon didn’t become as overwhelming as I thought it might be.

I’m drinking more water, which makes me feel much better and energetic.

I actually got to escape for my lunch break today. Stretching the legs is a very good thing.

I’m getting back into exercising, slowly but surely. 13 months ago

ZaldaniaNovember 14, 2013

- I am grateful to be moving forward on work tasks/training.
- I am grateful to take some time to take a webinar.
- I am grateful for some sense of flexibility. I little goes a long way at work.
- I am grateful for a full night of sleep.
- I am grateful to reset my lifestyle as it relates to nutrition. 13 months ago

ZaldaniaNovember 7 2013

Side effects suck. 13 months ago

Zaldania 14 months ago


I am grateful that it’s Thursday. That means it’s almost Friday. That means it’s almost Saturday!

I am grateful that side effects from meds wore off. Unpleasant start to the day!

I am grateful for finding a good little gift for my sis and my guy.

I am grateful for being able to trick out my Betta’s fish tank ;)

I am grateful for some quality time at work. 13 months ago


-I was allowed the flexibility to work from home today.
-This allowed me the opportunity to clean up the apartment from last night’s damage from the storm.
-There was at least some resolution from the apartment office about getting things fixed.
-I bought a betta. I named him Zed. Then I realized he is now BettaZed…
-BettaZed isn’t dead yet. 13 months ago


I am exhausted. 13 months ago

ZaldaniaOctober 29, 2013

-I am grateful for having my own office.
-I am grateful for the new bag my sister gave me. It carries everything, but as a result, it is heavy as all get out.
-I am grateful for some evenings alone.
-I am grateful that I remembered to log on here, because I’ve been struggling with gratitudes lately.
-I am grateful that things didn’t explode here, today. 13 months ago

ZaldaniaPaid one off, added another

-Paid off medical debt. Gained new credit card debt after computer disappeared. 14 months ago

ZaldaniaOctober 22, 2013

-an opportunity for improving my role.
-starting a workout routine.
-new fancy schmancy computer.
-spending time with the sister.
-sister and boyfriend met for the first time, and it went well. 14 months ago


My computer exploded (in its own passive aggressive way) and I had to get a new one, which puts several of my goals behind. 14 months ago

ZaldaniaTo make this specific and measureable

I want to have my debt paid off by January 2013, specifically my medical debt, without adding additional debt to my credit cards as a result of poor budgeting. 14 months ago


I am grateful:
-that my dietitian’s plan worked and I had more energy when I got home. This means I had more energy to actually get a lot done, and fit in exercise.
-showing off crazy Halloween photos to the coworkers didn’t get me into trouble.
-it’s been relatively quiet today… so far!
-one of the people I work with actually contributes to Cigna’s ED awareness website, and is very savvy to the clinical information to help get our clients they help they need.
-It’s Thursday. Oh my, I love that it is Thursday. 14 months ago

ZaldaniaDay 3

Costume villain gender bending goodness 14 months ago

ZaldaniaOctober 3, 2013

My recent photo shoots didn’t quite get the response I had hoped for. 14 months ago

ZaldaniaOctober 2, 2013

Sometimes people still manage forget that I am headstrong and will make my voice heard, even though it seems like I have to do this on a near-daily basis. 14 months ago


I am grateful:
-for having some time to pace myself at work.
-for having a moment of self control at a time where it was necessary. Sometimes my anger has been a problem, and I roped it in… mostly.
-for having a second moment of self control with the clucking hens distracting me from my job, while they didn’t work at all. Headset was full of music as a coping skill, which was wonderful.
-for standing up for someone who couldn’t defend herself for the horrible things being said about her.
-for having the sense to let these thing go. It’s over and done with. 14 months ago

ZaldaniaDay 2

In honor of day 2 of 31 days of Halloween, I have finished (I think) photo-editing some costume villain photos done very recently! 14 months ago


It has been quite the colorful day. 14 months ago

ZaldaniaOctober 1, 2013

In anticipation for one of the most festival holidays of the year (in my world, anyway), I have decided I want to do something Halloween-y every day and track it. Why? For funsies!

Today I woke up in the wee hours of the morning, and after some time tossing and turning, I decided to start on this goal bright and early.

It all began with a jar of Manic Panic. The top of my hair is blonde, but the bottom is now a deep Violet- Ultra Violet, even.

I think the month is off to a good start. 14 months ago

Zaldania 14 months ago

Zaldania 14 months ago

Zaldania9/30/13 Sentence

It’s a good day to fight the corporate man. 14 months ago

ZaldaniaSeptember 30, 2013

I am grateful:
- that the work day is nearly DONE.
- that I seem to do well in advocating for our clients and fighting against corrupt insurance reviewers.
- that I got to do a little reading on my lunch break today.
- that it was quiet and I could get in “the zone”.
- for freebies from cool cat co-workers. 14 months ago

ZaldaniaSeptember 29, 2013

I am grateful for:
-my sleepyhead love who is still in bed at noon. Granted we stayed up until 7am. Whoops.
-2 back to back nights of themed portraits, complete with a little gender bending.
-knowing and be willing to construct our own makeshift props to give the photos a little more ‘umph.’
-going back to my little kid years, going to bed late and getting up early because I have stuff I’m actually looking forward to doing.
-yummy crockpot creations to last me through the week! 14 months ago

ZaldaniaSeptember 27, 2013

I am grateful:
-for being given the opportunity to take a moment and guide a coworker with her new ideas for getting a DSLR. She’s never had experience with this type of camera, so I was happy to provide a little feedback.
-for being given the opportunity to take off work a little early for self-care.
-for the moment of validation from a coworker.
-for realizing that certain topics need to be let go and it’s time to move on! Being irritated about it is not going to change the mind of the closed minded and uneducated.
-for having the time for creativity tonight! 14 months ago


Amazon is a huge one for me too! It’s so easy and so tempting! 14 months ago

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