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Zanna Campanula

of the revolutionary trousers

Recent entries from Zanna Campanula
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Zanna Campanulathanks, SL

my own paws are going to be very much uncrossed, if you see what i mean ;) 2 years ago

Zanna Campanulaoh wow

that’s lovely, well done! must have been loads of fun to make. and sweaty …?! 2 years ago

Zanna Campanulathank you, wren!

paws crossed, eh. 2 years ago

Zanna Campanulathanks, my love

how are you doing? haven’t seen you round much lately. 2 years ago

Zanna Campanulasplendid!

now i just have to get myself one of those swiffer brushes and we’re all set. 2 years ago

Zanna Campanulawish me luck

appointment at 7am tomorrow morning. hope that’s going to sort things out. 2 years ago

Zanna Campanulaplease ask cora

if i can join her curling team. you know, apart from being president of germany, learning to curl is one of my top ambitions.

not sure why neither of them are on my so-called “life list”. ah well.2 years ago

Zanna Campanulaomg!

wah! congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 years ago

Zanna Campanulaoh ffs

seems like they’ve filled the position already. i hope they’ve checked out Herr Gauck’s knowledge of cake and the Kriminalpolizei, i really do. ah well, maybe we can do a dual candidacy thing together in 5 years’ time! ;) 2 years ago

Zanna Campanulayes, as long as you don't

loan lots of money for a house and stay in business people’s places for free when you’re on holiday you should be ok. especially if you say it wasn’t you at all with the champagne yoga. you can borrow my ID card, because i believe you actually have to be german to apply, strangely enough. good, we have that sorted then. i can’t wait to hear your speeches about the kriminalpolizei and kuchen. 2 years ago

Zanna Campanulacoolio

now you realise stine, that bagging loads of free stuff and traveling by limousine and being given champagne breakfasts and top-notch yoga coaching is perfectly acceptable … as long as you don’t later become president of germany. in which case it will all come back to haunt you and you will have to resign. whahahaha. 2 years ago

Zanna Campanulayay

just had some more money come back so joined you on this one. :D 2 years ago

Zanna Campanulaam realizing at the moment more than ever

that work fills the time available for it and that i really need a PROPER BREAK with no list of “should be doings” hanging over me all the fecking time. and having spent the day struggling through a dire article from one research group, and discussing things with alb, i mustered the strength to turn down a new inquiry from the same research group. which was particularly difficult seeing as (a) i know them personally and (b) it’s a post-review revision of an article i’ve already worked on.

but really, at this point it’s all or nothing. no moderation in all things. 2 years ago

Zanna Campanulathank you so much, tikini

everything you said is so right. the shock of losing helly has opened up a tiny glimpse of the big picture. and the silver lining is that i’m connecting with lovely friends i haven’t seen in ages. in fact, i’m about to ring one now… 2 years ago

Zanna Campanulaheheh

it had to be done! things were getting Out of Hand!

i believe congratulations are in order on at least two counts. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dear!!!! it’s a round one, right?

for you: both chocolate and cake (no crisps!). hope you’re having a lovely day. 2 years ago

Zanna Campanulait's so cool

in the middle of the month when the repayments are made and your account is suddenly full of money to relend :)
just made my 27th loan, to lovely ladies in 27 countries. splendid. 2 years ago

Zanna Campanulaturned down another editing job

it’s so much easier for me when i don’t know the clients personally/haven’t worked for them before. and this one would have been really difficult to fit in anyway (before the lux seminar). so no need for much rumination.

(but will they come back later if/when i need them? argh!!!)2 years ago

Zanna Campanulathis is going to have to be done by a professional

there’s a little saphire missing, and the little gold “fingers” that keep it in are very short. so i’ll need to buy a new sapphire from ruppenthal (gah, where are their opening hours?!) and then go to the Fasserin that inga recommended. or the other way round. egal, will have to do this on a weekday sometime. 2 years ago

Zanna Campanulahmph

i’ve just said i could do a translation at the end of march. the job is incredibly boring/technical, but there’s a lot of repetition and they pay well/promptly. i am a monkey.

i keep thinking back to long ago days when all this language-related stuff was fun.

on the one hand, i really need a rest. on the other hand, ... i’m scared that if i tell everyone to go away i will end up in the poorhouse at some point. if i just take on only a very few things and do them sensibly. as in, get them done, rather than sitting round staring at the computer for weeks. and one thing about this client is that he’s completely unconnected to my others (as far as i know). oh dear, in this respect i still am struggling with my all-or-nothing tendencies. 2 years ago

Zanna Campanulait's even amazing

after seeing the real thing, because you can get up so close and have a good nose around without setting off any alarms or inciting the wrath of the guards. :D 2 years ago

Zanna Campanulanot mine

i stole it out of the newspaper. but that’s charlottenburg palace and the park i run round. they’re hockeying on the lake i was running on today :) 2 years ago

Zanna Campanularun 12/12

ok, this is a new one. bit warmer today (minus 6 and sunny), but it feels just as cold because it’s damper. anyway, long lap of park plus a turn OVER the lake, round the skaters who had cleared a circuit free of snow. cheery cheery. walking back up the road i was fiddling with my hair, trying to find my hair clip. but no, i had lost yet another somewhere en route. i think i lose one every other run. anyway, couldn’t find the hair clip in my hair, but there were some hard bits of … ice! my profuse sweat had actually frozen in my hair! blimey!

i bet you were glad to hear that.2 years ago

Zanna Campanulaart history started again today, hoorah!

back in the supexellent gemäldegalerie, looking at giotto’s emtombment of mary. just got home and found the completely amazing google art project page, where you can look at the picture in detail and even walk around the gemäldegalerie. and plenty of other places. must finish editing this scheißchapter first and THEN have a proper look! 2 years ago

Zanna Campanulaout the window

with Wilbur Smith! oh, the freedom! 2 years ago

Zanna Campanulamay i apply

to join the club?
bah!2 years ago

Zanna Campanulai'm so sorry, my dear

i know that feeling of expecting to be relieved … but then just falling into a big sad hole. do take good care of yourself. big virtual hugs xxxxxx 2 years ago

Zanna Campanulaand another

editing job to do by next weds, so impossible really anyway. and, yeah, i had worked on a previous version of that article, but evidently not the last version … so it would have been a whole load of work. same stock reply: sorry, but unavailable for freelancing until july 12. 2 years ago

Zanna Campanulaone down!

ha! not a difficult job to turn down—for a nice client, but she was writing on behalf of some colleagues i hadn’t worked for before. and it was an editing job. so no qualms really. have told them i’m unavailable for freelancing until july 2012. ha. 2 years ago

Zanna Campanulaheh, me too!

that may have been my coldest run ever. it’s beautiful out there though, fresh and bright. and it doesn’t take long until the blood gets pumping and you’re warm from the inside :) 2 years ago

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