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Recent entries from ZeroBG82
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1) Went out with some new friends after work. The Great Sushi Experiment, Part 2. This time non-vegetarian. Unsurprisingly tasty. I think I’m hooked, if you’ll pardon the awful seafood pun.

2) Surprised to find my best friend up late. But she was just the person I wanted to talk to. :)

3) Not being the biggest geek in the room. 3 years ago


1) Very productive day. I think I’m finally all caught up on what I need to be.

2) Baseball in October. Ok, sure, the home team got thumped tonight. But hey, it’s still baseball in October. :p

3) Good conversation with a good friend. 3 years ago


1) Dental appointment was cancelled, from the dentist’s end. So I had a few extra hours to get caught up on my schoolwork. Being sick sucks. Colds that last 10 days suck more, lol. But at least I’m functional now.

2) Got to introduce a fantastic movie to somebody who has never seen it before. I look forward to hearing what she thinks of it next week.

3) Fitting in a brief, but wonderful chat with my best fried in the afternoon, when we both had a moment to breathe. :) 3 years ago


Haven’t been around much. Waaaaay too busy.

1) Monday was bill payment day, and I actually managed to squeak through with a few bucks to spare, even after my root canal.

2) Got a lot done at school. And made it home in time to watch Castle. Wasn’t crazy about last week’s, but this week it was back in top form.

3) Tried a new recipe for dinner. Twice baked potatos alfredo. Pretty good, though I could have done without the mushrooms. Maybe sub in some broccoli or something next time. 3 years ago

ZeroBG829-14 through 9-17

Still busy, and being sick. Need to get back on task with these more frequently. But for now, a few from my week:

1) Feeling sooo much better, especially as the week wore on. Still have my root canal tomorrow, but I’m not too worried about that.

2) Think I made a new friend at school. She’s kind of like the female version of me. Although wow, can she talk, talk, talk. LOL.

3) Realizing, thanks to being sick, just how awesome my friends are. For the first time in a long time I feel like I have a support system for when things go bad or weird. Feels nice. :)

4) Delicious sesame chicen and sake, on my friends’ dime. Least the could do for helping them move. :p

5) Had something expensive come up (hello, root canal), but I’ve saved enough that I can manage it without going into panic mode. Which is a relief on so many levels.

6) Doctor Who. Second week in a row they’ve surprised me with a tear jerker. Good stuff. 3 years ago

ZeroBG829-6 through 9-13

Haven’t been on in a while. Busy week. Going to do three for the whole week.

1) Got to hang out with my best friend for a bit. Awesome is the only word I have, and it isn’t enough.

2) Got really sick, but, thanks to the miracle of antibiotics, I’m now on the road to recovery.

3) Got out with some friends I don’t see enough. Not a bad time all around. :) 3 years ago

ZeroBG829-4 and 9-5


1) Waffles. Mmmm.

2) Soooo boring at work. But at least the home team won their third in a row. Sort of made up for it. :)

3) One day closer to what I’ve been waiting for all summer.


1) Meant to relax and take it easy, instead wound up running all over town. Still, got in a nice long walk, and finally saw the exhibition at the art museum that I’ve been meaning to for so long.

2) A great conversation with my best friend. She makes me laugh. Where would I be without her? :)

3) Four in a row for the hometown club! 3 years ago



1) September rain. :)

2) Work was particularly dreadful after being off Friday, and didn’t help itself by being so slow (and therefore boring), but it was drama free.

3) Some laughter with a good friend who felt the need to tease me for an unfortunate choice of words. :p 3 years ago

ZeroBG82So Far Behind...


But another book down! Ghost Story by Jim Butcher. Harry Dresden has died, but still can’t leave Chicago without it’s only resident wizard. Started slow, but picked up nicely, and had some intriguing developments at the end. Can’t wait for next year’s volume! 3 years ago

ZeroBG828-30 through 9-2

Wow, it’s finally September. And now that long summer of waiting for all the stuff that I’ve been looking forward to this fall finally starts to pay off.


1) Work went well, and I finalized shift switches so that I won’t work on Friday.

2) Great weather, save for the clouds. Still, a nice start to the week.

3) Finished my book at last. Now to update my goal here. :)


1) Scarlet Spider action figure. Joy in plastic form!

2) The new DC comic book universe launched, so there was an unusually large crowd at the shop today. Had a nice chat with some guys about geek related topics. :)

3) Made plans for my Friday off.


1) Tasty breakfast burritos for lunch. Yum.

2) Had to work (to make up for Friday), but everything went more less smoothly!

3) Second day in a row of collector’s luck in the toy aisle. Today’s bounty: the mad inhuman, Thanos.


1) First Friday off in more than 3 years!

2) Had a good time out with friends. For the most part, lol. And I remain reigning skeeball champion. Which, as we all know, is the only accolade in life worth winning.

3) Had a really strange dream. But one that may finally be profitable, if I ever get off my butt and try to write fiction. :p 3 years ago

ZeroBG828-28 and 8-29

Accidentally labeled Saturday’s with Sunday’s date, D’oh! Oh well.


1) Getting caught up on Torchwood.

2) Home team swept the Northsiders. Always my favorite way to end a weekend. :)

3) Another beautiful day outside.


1) An unexpected message. And a Friday off!

2) Last week of freedom before classes start up again.

3) New budget is a week old, and so far I haven’t thrown it out the window yet. Lol. It’s a small victory, but I try to manage it one week at a time. 3 years ago


1) Let’s Kill Hitler! The Doctor returns in fine form.

2) Had a nice chat with a friend about a difficult subject. But I hope we both felt better afterward.

3) Some nice time spent reading again today. I don’t do that as much as I should, but was feeling motivated after talking books with a total stranger the other night. Good book too. 3 years ago

ZeroBG828-24 through 8-26


1) Great weather. Good day to get outside. :)

2) Hearing my mom’s bat story. I can picture her freaking out, lol. Mom, it’s just a bat!

3) Finally got back to a little reading. Book is starting to get good.


1) Got all my errands done in plenty of time to relax all afternoon. And moved my savings account money into a higher interest account. More cash with no effort. Ok, sure, it’s maybe 60 cents a year more, but still.

2) Had a good talk with a good friend.

3) Countdown to The Doctor: D-two days!


1) Work went by quickly.

2) Went out with some friends. Mostly an ok time. Got really bored at the end, so I borrowed a cute girl from the bar to chat, lol. Turns out she’s as big a geek as I am. Sort of saved the night.

3) D-24 hours. 3 years ago

ZeroBG828-22 and 8-23


1) Home team made it four in a row, but lost game 2 of the doubleheader. Oh well.

2) I slept good and late, and felt better for it.

3) A nice long walk down by the lake. Very refreshing.


1) Haikus with Andy. Day 3. Lol.

2) A great talk with my best friend. Haven’t been able to hang out with her in too long, going to have to remedy that soon. I miss her picking on me. :p

3) Dominar Rygel XVI. His royal frogness. Buckwheat. Kermit the Frog meets Henry 8. God I love Farscape. another show that died before it’s time. 3 years ago

ZeroBG828-19 through 8-21


1) I got to sleep late today, as my shift at work got moved.

2) Haikus with Andy.

3) Had a hard time sleeping, but got a lot of good reading done.


1) Didn’t fall asleep at work, despite being really exhausted.

2) Had a great talk with my best friend. Things seem to be going really well for her lately, and I couldn’t be happier. She’s had a rough summer.

3) Sorry, don’t really have a third one for Saturday, lol.


1) Feeling much better after a good night’s sleep.

2) Fresh pineapple with lunch. Yum.

3) Three in a row all over again for the home team. Great time to be a fan. :) 3 years ago

ZeroBG828-17 and 8-18


1) Got called in to work. Losing the day off sucks, but the extra hours should make payday worthwhile.

2) The first half of my Amazon shipment arrived as scheduled, and before I had to leave for work. Score.

3) Staying up late enjoying a good story and some Farscape.


1) No work! I love my day off.

2) My dad’s birthday. He didn’t want to celebrate, but we went out for dinner anyway. Mmm.

3) Found some collectibles I was looking for for much less than the price online. If I can turn them around quickly, I might have enough cash to celebrate after school books. :) 3 years ago

ZeroBG828-14 through 8-16


1) Three more in a row for the home team!

2) Delicious barbeque pork for dinner. Mmm.

3) Survived a long weekend at work.


1) Amazon finally got back to me on the status of my items.

2) A great day for being outside. Two walks, and some reading. Awesome.

3) A great conversation with my best friend. :)


1) Amazon offered me a nice deal to finally finish the saga of my missing items. Score.

2) Work was relatively free of trouble for once.

3) I’m halfway through August. September here we come! It can’t get here soon enough. :) 3 years ago

ZeroBG828-12 and 8-13


1) Got a surprise chance to chat with my best friend when her plans for the night fell through.

2) Bratwurst for dinner. While watching baseball. A good night. :)

3) Too tired to go out, so it was off to bed early.


1) Lunch with My friend J, nice to catch up, we’ve both been super busy.

2) Torchwood. Even if it still needs more Jack.

3) Guiness, a comfy chair and no place to be. 3 years ago

ZeroBG828-9 through 8-11


1) Home team makes it another fiv straight!

2) Work was busy, and went by quickly.

3) Got a great opportunity to spend some time talking with my best friend. We’ve both been so busy of late we haven’t been as in touch as usual. Felt nice to get caught up. :)


1) Six in a row! And thirteen of their last fourteen. Wow, what a streak.

2) Perfect weather. Got a couple of nice walks in, and read outside for a bit. Give me 100 days like today and i’ll show you the best summer ever.

3) Dinner with my mom. Hearing about all the bear sightings near their house.


1) Another perfect day outside.

2) I felt great, well rested, and energized to enjoy the day.

3) Car insurance rate went down. It may only be $4 a month, but I’ll take it. 3 years ago

ZeroBG828-7 and 8-8


1) Home team made it 11 of 12 with another sweep. Great time to be a fan.

2) Delicious cajun style steak for dinner.

3) Finally got around to watching the last two episodes of Torchwood. Things are finally heating up! But the show needs more Jack.


1) Had to work on my supposed day off. And we were sooooo slow. But overtime sounds nice.

2) Had a wonderful conversation with a friend that hasn’t been feeling well. Hope I helped cheer her a bit.

3) I got home and more or less passed out, lol. 3 years ago

ZeroBG828-5 and 8-6


1) Work was super busy and went by really fast.

2) Had a great talk with my best friend. :)

3) Bratwurst on Pretzilla brand buns for dinner. Surprisingly tasty. Thanks for the recommendation Uek!


1) Grilled cheeseburgers for lunch. Yum.

2) Survived my day at work doing the jobs of all three people that took off for the day.

3) Got to bed early. I needed that! 3 years ago

ZeroBG828-2 through 8-4

1) Got really sick, but it only lasted 24 hours.

2) State Fair with my dad. Everything you could ever eat, on a stick, and probably deep fried. Speaking of which, deep fried oreos? Magnificient!

3) Home team ground out a Wednesday win. 8 of their last 9 at home in the “w” column. Now off to the road, and hopefully not an embarrassing turn around. 3 years ago

ZeroBG827-30 through 8-1


1) Tasty leftover fish for lunch.

2) Survived work with relative ease. Nothing totally silly. And my coworker gave me beer, lol.

3) Went home and drank my Guinness. Yummy.


1) Hearing a friend made it through a trying weekend ok.

2) Home team made it 6 straight!

3) Finished all my task tonight early, means I got to bed early. :)


1) Woke up at a reasonable hour for once on a Monday, didn’t feel like the whole day was wasted.

2) 7 in a row!

3) Watching baseball with my dad. Good times :) 3 years ago


1) Fish fry to go for dinner. From a place we hadn’t been in a while, but just as good as I remember.

2) Home team made it 4 in a row. :)

3) But by far my happiest moment o the day was getting to have a great conversation with a friend who caught me unexpectedly. I thought se was busy all weekend, so it was a great surprise! 3 years ago

ZeroBG827-26 through 7-28


1) I got yelled at for giving a customer what he asked for. When he got mad, I simply pointed out that what he’d actually wanted was easily ordered, but that his choice of words actually VERY clearly indicated what he now had in his hands. And he stared at me slack jawed. Not sure if he’s surprised because I actually listen, or because the “kid” behind the counter thinks more clearly than he does. Either way, a win.

2) Grilled bratwurst for dinner. And not just any bratwurst either. Wisconsin state champion bratwurst. Sooooo very yummy.

3) Had the chance to make some tentative plans for Wednesday with my best friend. :)


1) Plans fell through, lol. Disappointing. But as a result of suddenly having my whole, rainy and gray, day to myself, I was able to go out and pick up “Ghost Story”, the latest book in the Dresden Files. When a talented writer combines noir detective stories with sword and sorcery fantasy, I’m a happy man.

2) Another benefit of having time on my hands, I was able to procure, and prepare, some tasty pork ribs. They were magnificent! I love bbq.

3) Went to see Captain America. I can safely say this was my favorite of the summer superhero flicks this year, and that makes me happy because I was hoping for nothing less. Though I’m sure my love for Cap didn’t hurt the movie any in my eyes. :p


1) Had lunch with a friend I haven’t seen in a while. Very nice time.

2) Experimented with a Lo Mein recipe my dad found online. Delicious.

3) Home team swept the Cubbies. Nothing quite as exciting as watching the north siders take a beating. :p 3 years ago

ZeroBG827-23 through 7-25


1) Work went by quickly.

2) Got grocery shopping out of the way early.

3) Torchwood.


1) My dad made cinnamon swirl belgian waffles for breakfast. Mmm.

2) Work was slow enough that I could listen to the baseball game.

3) Got to bed early, for once.


1) Sort of a wasted day, but I finally managed to get myself out of bed and out the door. Got my errands run too.

2) Narrowly avoided having an entire cup of coffee spilled on me by a redhead at the mall. Good thing I, at least, was paying attention.

3) Watching my next door neighbors finally get a ticket for not tying their dog out. 3 years ago


1) Tasty whitefish filets for dinner. We seasoned them with lemon pepper, and garlic, then grilled them. Mmmm.

2) Work went by surprisingly quickly. Always nice on a Friday.

3) Watched the Doctor Who series 6 premier on dvd. Come along, Pond. 3 years ago


1) Spent the afternoon with my best friend. We had a long talk that we’d been needing to have all week. And I for one felt a lot better aftrward. I hope she did too.

2) My dad and I celebrated the crazy summer weather with tasty cheeseburgers from our favorite burger restaurant for dinner. So much easier than cooking, and I’ve never had a better burger.

3) My neighbors, who had thought they would be blocking the driveway with their moving van for 15 hours, only actually blocked it for about 5. Which is unusually considerate of them. So much so that I’m waiting for bill, lol. But it’s nice to be able to get in and out of my apartment. 3 years ago


1) Just plain too hot today, but the new air conditioner held it’s own, thankfully. And it was really quite comfortable sleeping weather in the apartment at night.

2) Home team pulled out a late win. I didn’t learn of this until the next morning, because west coast games are a little too late to properly enjoy, but the box score in the morning paper is always more exciting when your team comes out ahead.

3) On this date, three years ago, I launched my program of walking. It’s not really working out, and it’s only exercise in the technical sense, but it gives me time to think, and I feel better at least pretending to be more active, lol. Here’s hoping I can keep it up for another thirty years! 3 years ago


I enjoy it. It’s sort of a loose spin off focused around one of the characters introduced on Doctor Who: Captain Jack.

The first two seasons were kind of hit or miss, but both ended strongly, I felt. And the first miniseries, Children of Earth, was brilliant.

Not sold on this new series yet, it’s a little too much “Gung Ho, look it’s the Yanks!” and a little bit too little Captain Jack, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t going to keep watching. 3 years ago

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