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AdarAny news on this since?

You have my sympathy. Christmas is tough, tough, tough.

I would be tempted to say, Look, folks, it isn’t my holiday. It’s your holiday. I can be gracious about [insert boundary line here] but that is all I am willing to do.

But then I’d have to live with the consequences, whatever they are.

I don’t envy you the situation. 5 months ago

AdarSo far, so good.

I’ve only missed one day blogging during the move. I committed to this at the beginning of the month because i knew that with everything going on in my life this month, I was apt to ignore the blog altogether. I’ve built a nice little thing over there on ( and I didn’t want it to die from neglect. Instead, some very interesting things are happening, since I’m writing mostly from exhaustion. That’s ONE way to get around the Internal (Infernal?) Editor! 5 months ago

Adar 5 months ago


Well, I’ve done well but the stress of moving and packing and fixing up the new place is telling. I went to the chiro this week and he was able to help some—and 24 hours later, I was feeling it again.

One of the habits I need is to honor my body’s messages that it has had enough. It’s just hard to do that when there’s so much to do. 5 months ago

AdarI'm moving!

The big truck rolls on Tuesday morning. 5 months ago

AdarGREAT question!

OK, so as I understand it the conflict is among these factors:

1 – A man stole something that was not his.

2 – This man appears to be in need and cold.

3 – The vendor is careless with his goods.

4 – You reported the theft, to not much result.

And your question is, are you now responsible to do anything?

I can think of several possible responses:

A – You could go back to the vendor and tell them where he is.

B – You can say nothing, knowing that you’ve already reported it to the vendor.

C – You could confront the guy, and tell him

1 – that it is wrong to steal
2 – that he is not good at stealing, and could have been caught
3 – to put the shirt back

D – You could look for a cop, point the guy out, and tell him that the shirt was stolen and that you saw him do it.

Personally, I would choose B. Here’s why:

I’ve already reported the deed once to the vendor. If I go back there and get someone, odds are the thief will already be gone, anyway. Nor do I think that they want to reclaim the shirt, since it has been worn.

Confronting the guy is risky. I have no idea about his situation. He could be mentally ill, and by approaching him I may terrify him. Or he may be violent. Or he may be using. And again, the vendor does not want that shirt anymore. (This decision is colored by the fact that I’m a woman and conditioned to be wary of men I don’t know. It might be a different call for a man.)

Reporting to law enforcement is tempting, and were the theft anything more than food or clothing for personal consumption, I might choose that. However, the criminal justice system is not a fun place, and it’s already overcrowded. But the guy was cold, he stole a cheap sweatshirt that was put in a very tempting location.

So yeah, I’d say nothing in this case. But it would bother me, too. 5 months ago

AdarMazal tov!

Wishing your beautiful family many happy years ahead! 5 months ago

AdarIt's hard...

because I had piled up so much stuff, and I felt so frozen in the face of it, I hired an organizer to help me.

She was GREAT. She sorted like crazy, I sorted, and once I got moving, throwing out stuff and donating things was easier and easier to do.

I’m free! 5 months ago

Adar 22 months ago

Adar 6 months ago

AdarThe good and the bad

I have found a massage therapist who is very helpful. Win!

On the down side, the part of my leg that used to hurt is now numb. Granted, it doesn’t hurt but this is pretty weird. 6 months ago

AdarOnce I have gotten rid of things I don't use...

then I need to pack everything else.

Moving Day approacheth. 6 months ago

AdarMoving Day approaches

As soon as I have tossed the stuff I don’t use, I have to pack. After I pack, I have to Move.

The new place is wonderful. 6 months ago

Adar 6 months ago

AdarThis item has gone critical.

I’m moving in a month. Nuff said. 6 months ago

AdarWishing you luck

Things are jammed up because the demand is overwhelming – I think a lot of us have been desperate for affordable health care.

I had great health care when I lived in Israel – good old socialized medicine, no choice of docs, a certain amount of waiting. It wasn’t perfect, but it worked for the great majority of those who use it. And as a foreigner, I could buy into it for my year there. I loved it.

Then I came home to the US and couldn’t get insurance unless I qualified for a group, courtesy of the Pre-Existing Curse. It’s wrong, wrong, wrong, I agree. 6 months ago


I hope they get it figured out soon, Taj. I feel for you, going without insurance. I just recently got onto my honey’s plan, thanks to the fall of DOMA and Prop 8 so that we could marry. Our joke is that I’m a gold-digger marrying her for her health insurance, but there’s some truth to it – I was desperate for insurance. However, I am still waiting for the wheels of bureaucrazy to turn so that I am actually ON the insurance policy. The govt shut down has probably further delayed it.

Anyhoo, I hope the day comes soon when both of us are worrying no longer! 6 months ago


takes its own time.

You are more durable than it is. 8 months ago

AdarA little frustrating

I’m feeling my age, and many of the things I have been doing to “get healthier” have become things I do to avoid getting sicker. That annoys me.

I’m going to figure a way to do this with more joy. 8 months ago

AdarIn the Realm of Hungry Ghosts

by Dr. Gibor Mat̩ Рawesome reading.

I thought I was reading it for professional development, but now it seems I am reading it and learning a bit more about my own addictive leanings. Funny how that happens. 8 months ago


I was looking at my last messages here, and realized that a year ago I was really overwhelmed… and then went into a winter and spring of Overemployed Overdrive.

Now I know why I got absolutely nothing accomplished in July when it all finally came to a stop.

I’m back. Looking forward to catching up. 8 months ago

Adar 21 months ago

Adar 1 year ago

AdarAlmost there.

Cat and I were finally able to get married in CA.
DOMA is dead, and so as soon as bureaucracy allows, I can be on her health insurance.

Huzzah! 8 months ago

Adar 23 months ago

Adar 6 years ago

AdarAmazing, wasn't it?

The man might as well live on Mars, for all he knows about 50% of America. 18 months ago

AdarThanks, sherlock!

I did indeed take a week’s vacation, and was so scrambled by the time I took it that I:

(1) messed up my reservations so that I arrived at the hotel a day ahead of my rez (but the kind people helped me fix it.)

(2) My back went out promptly as soon as I got settled in my room


(3) While I traveled to a lovely place, I spent most of the week ASLEEP.

Clearly, the next vacation needs to happen before I am falling apart! 18 months ago

AdarSo happy for you, Jessy --

this sounds life-changing, in a good way. I’m glad that you have taken this step.

I doubt I’ll ever meet you and Nick, but you are dear to me and in my thoughts. I’m glad to see good things happening for you. 18 months ago

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