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I’d like to tell you that I’m “no one, really” but that’s Knox Harrington, the video artist. If you note my 43things, I’ve got an odd life, but I’m not a musician. In 2006, I was sent to Europe, mostly France with stops in Prague, Italy, andd Budapest. Two years later, I was back in America and declared myself retired. No dice. I got shipped from my hideout in rural ID to Asia, mostly Japan with engagements in Taipei, Germany, and London. My contract is up and I’ve got one last commitment in Poland, a month in France and then (maybe) back to America. Tomah, WI was one of my favorite places as a child and I once took my old lady to Mt. Horeb. I’m glad to hear you have a child—I’m childless myself (a little sad about it) so never underestimate your child. Given the current state of the world, I hope you have secure work. If I can ever help… 2 years ago

asstronaut 8 years ago


I’ll send you something? Fun or cash? But it will be a while because I’m “mid-world-tour”. 2 years ago


How can I ever repay you?
You’ve done humanity a service. 2 years ago


Nope. Still a mystery 2 years ago


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