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atinygoatHe is darling!

And how is it that he is now 21 months!? I feel like he was just born. 1 week ago

atinygoatHummingbirds remind me of my grandma.

They are her favorite bird, and I’ve only ever seen them (in person) when I’m in her presence. 1 week ago

atinygoatI'm happy that this blipped on my radar.

Thanks for mentioning this in a public way. My husband is going to be speaking at TedGlobal in October, and this can be useful in helping him to prepare for his actual speech. 2 weeks ago

atinygoatWe met with the tax assessor's office.

We met yesterday and talked about our plans to raise laying hens, dairy goats, vegetables, and fruit trees/bushes.

They were more easygoing than I thought they would be; we just need to be able to show proof that, starting this summer, we are working at making our land into a small scale farm (and thus earning our agricultural tax rates). 2 weeks ago

atinygoatYou made my jaw drop.


I’m totally envious of you.. nicely done! 3 weeks ago

atinygoatYou are going at the most beautiful time of year!

Poland is very dear to me; I think about it every day.

I hope you and your family have a lovely trip! 3 weeks ago

atinygoatbaby bok choy

I saw some of this at the market the other day and recalling how it was on a weekly grocery list for a family I used to nanny for, I decided to buy some and take it out for a spin.

I cleaned it, cut it into more manageable pieces, and sauteed it with garlic, ginger, salt, and a little sesame oil. I then combined that with (sauteed) mushrooms, carrots, onion, water chestnuts, and tofu served with a little udon in broth.

I found it to be underwhelming, and I have to wonder what the big deal is. I do admit though that I did no research or reading up on using this ingredient. 3 weeks ago

atinygoatwe submitted her application today

In 4-6 weeks, we’ll have F’s passport in hand, and this goal will be complete. 4 weeks ago

atinygoat 4 weeks ago

atinygoat 4 weeks ago

atinygoat 1 month ago

atinygoatdone and done

As of about noon today, The Husband and I are now proud owners of a decent-sized piece of dirt that is just waiting for us to turn it into something that will nourish our lives. 4 weeks ago


We don’t yet know how things will take shape, but we definitely have plans for:

living quarters
laying hens
dairy goats
a rather large garden
some fruit trees
a fire pit
a nice laundry line
room to grow, breathe, and play

And we’re currently living in a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Chicago, so this will be a tiny bit of a change. Our lease is up in August, so we’ve got a little time to get things figured out, but not much! 4 weeks ago

atinygoatI've written two posts since January..

So, I’ve got one per month for 2014.. not great, but given the numerous other things we’ve got going on, I’m happy with it. 4 weeks ago

atinygoatMy Gma turned 80 this week.

And last Friday, The Husband, Baby F, my brother, his wife, and I flew out to surprise her. In AZ, we were joined by all five of my cousins and two of my aunts. It was a great weekend, and Gma and I got some good talks in. 4 weeks ago

atinygoatWe close on Tuesday.

We’ve got our tall stack of cash, and we will be exchanging it for about 14 acres next Tuesday morning.

We’re all really excited about this.. even our 6 month old daughter and our two cats. I’m even more excited to move into the next phase of this goal. 4 weeks ago

atinygoat birth certificate and application form obtained

On our walk yesterday, we swung by the post office to get an application and then headed to the Daley Center to get F’s birth certificate.

All that is left to do is fill out the application, walk over to the post office with F and The Husband, and submit our app and fees. Hopefully, this will be happening on Tuesday after we take care of some other important business. 4 weeks ago

atinygoatsix months and nearly 15lbs

F is happy and healthy and up until last weekend, exclusively breastfed.

Her first taste of solid foods was a mashed up bit of carrot that her uncle fed to her, and since then, she has devoured about half an avocado and tried a bite of banana.

After overcoming a few small hurdles, breast feeding is a piece of cake now. I can’t believe six months have passed since she was born, and that she & I are halfway to reaching this goal! 4 weeks ago

atinygoatYou ask good questions, viobio!

Thanks for your comments and for raising some good questions!

We haven’t yet submitted her application, so I don’t know if we will have any issues regarding her smile or the fact that her head is turned.

I hope they’d cut us some slack because, like you mentioned, it is not easy to get little ones to sit still, let alone have a blank expression on their faces. Our worm is a smiley creature, so trying to get her to not smile is pretty much impossible. 4 weeks ago

atinygoatpassport photos

Yesterday, we booked our flights for our trip to Cartagena.

That added some fuel to my desire to complete this goal, and so today, I took F to get her passport photos taken.

We’re one step closer to her having her passport and me having this goal complete. 4 weeks ago

atinygoatI just heard the good news!

Congratulations! I just learned you are pregnant, and I’m so happy for you and your partner!

I hope you have a happy and healthy rest of your pregnancy! 1 month ago

atinygoat 6 years ago

atinygoatAfter several years, I'm done with this goal.

And I ended up sending my hair to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program instead of Locks of Love.

At any rate though, my hair is growing longer and my bag full of pony tails has been sent off in the mail. 1 month ago

atinygoatMaking peace with this goal..

Last June, I had about 12” of my beautiful hair cut off.

And I HATED it!

More than half a year later, I’m finally making peace with that action and this goal.

It’s just hair, it’ll grow back, and it’s for a good cause, but maybe cutting my long, beautiful locks off while feeling very fat, very hormonal, and very pregnant was not a good idea.

As silly or superficial as it may sound, it really shook my sense of self and made me feel very unattractive. The fact that I had a horrible haircut didn’t help either. The stylist seemed to misunderstand what I wanted, and after she cut and styled my hair, I was too upset to try to get her to fix it.

Just this last week, my hair has grown to the point where I can put it up in a (very short) ponytail. And after a few trims, the horrible cut has somewhat righted itself. That and losing most of my baby weight plus having more stable hormones has brought me back to no longer feeling unattractive, but for a while, it was really bad.. like so bad that when my daughter was born, I wanted no pictures with her, and I really regret that now.

I wish I had considered the effect that being pregnant may have while cutting my hair off for donation. I may or may not grow and donate again, but I will not do so while pregnant.

I’m now okay talking about it without bursting into tears, and I just took my hair out of the salon bag and put it in a food storage bag in preparation of sending it out tomorrow. 1 month ago

atinygoatI'm so sorry for your loss.

I’m late to discover this, and I hope you and your partner are doing as best you can.

I’m so very sorry for your loss. 1 month ago


Congratulations!! That is awesome news!

I hope it is a great learning experience for you, and that it’ll help you in years to come too. 1 month ago

atinygoatI wish we had ads like that in the US!

And yet ad after ad with barely dressed people showing just about everything. I don’t mind that end of things, I just wish people in general here were more accepting of breastfeeding and nursing in public. 1 month ago

atinygoatWikiTree is another great site.

I recently started using WikiTree to share our family’s information. I love that it’s free, easy to use, and accessible to people around the world (who also don’t need to pay to access it).

Also, I love your name/handle. My great-grandmother’s name is Euphemia. 1 month ago

atinygoatI've had this goal in my head.

The Husband and I have been talking about and passively searching for a piece of dirt for the last few years, and when we moved back to the US in 2012, we began actively searching for the right parcel for our tiny farm.

Over the years, we’ve made a couple offers on places.

Yesterday, we found out that our offer on our most recent bid was accepted.

The Husband is on his way right now to deliver our earnest money, and we close at the end of March. 1 month ago

atinygoat 2 years ago

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