Is celebrating MOON AVATAR WEEK a little early!

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Bedhead2I'm a little late here...

Do you think she has a colostomy bag? Maybe it’s leaking.

Otherwise she probably can’t reach, maybe she needs one of those shower sprayer things to clean herself off.

She should try to time her ‘going to the bathroom’ so that she’s not at work.

In nursing homes they give the people living there “chlorophyll”, if you take it internally it will deodorize everything your ‘poop’ and your ‘b.o’ and everything else will be neutralized a bit.

Make some suggestions to her. Tell her your are sorry to have to say this to her but it’s only because you care. Hopefully you can tell her without letting her know that everyone knows. That would be really embarrassing. Then again, it sounds like she is in total denial so she might need to know it’s not just you with the sensitive nose. 4 weeks ago


a quarter tsp. of baking soda in water. 4 weeks ago


What is your favourite comedy TV show? I like Frasier & Black Books

Who is your favourite stand-up comedian? Eddie Murphy, Bill Hicks, Dylan Moran, George Carlin

Link to a funny video you’ve seen online? I love this clip from Black Books.

What’s your favourite joke? I really like the marketing/advertising joke by Bill Hicks but I don’t think most people will like it. I also like when Eddie Murphy talks about how his mom used to make them burgers at home—hilarious stuff!!4 weeks ago

Bedhead2Thanks for the update Donna!

I hope your having fun while you are away! Check in when you get back.

I woman came into my work yesterday with a giant hoop!! I wanted to hoop with it right then and there. This is the perfect time of year to start hooping more. 4 weeks ago

Bedhead2Ooh! I'll take some now.

Does anyone else take the kind of niacin that causes a flush? Even a little bit in your multi?’ 4 weeks ago

Bedhead2 5 months ago

Bedhead2Diana the Huntress

Moon, worn thin to the width of a quill,
In the dawn clouds flying,
How good to go, light into light, and still
Giving light, dying.

By Sara Teasdale (1884-1933) 1 month ago


By the illustrator Jane Ray 1 month ago

Bedhead2I will post lots of pictures of moons here too!

:) I can’t wait to see all of the beautiful moons and moon poetry posted! 1 month ago

Bedhead2Sure! I would love to join! :)

Moon lady—-the first one…I’ll start early. 1 month ago

Bedhead2 15 months ago

Bedhead2I took Niacin last night and today!

I took some last night and then forgot about it. An hour or two later I started feeling itchy, my legs itched…then my arms itched…pretty soon I just felt itchy all over and I thought it was just because it’s been dry out. Then I remembered that Niacin can do that…I went to look in the mirror and I had patches of red on my knees, my elbows and around my collarbone area. From there it started to spread!

I took it again today and I got a flush at the grocery store. My entire face, arms, legs (I checked my ankles and they were red). I felt hot for a while but I liked the feeling.

I’ll take niacin again for a while. Taking niacin makes it really easy for me to quit sugar and caffeine. Maybe I’ll do that in a few weeks :) 2 months ago

Bedhead2My friend took it

She has ice cold hands all the time. She took niacin and turned red everywhere except her hands. Her hands stayed white the entire time. Weird.
I think if she continued to take it the blood vessels would widen and she would get circulation to her hands. Her first niacin flush was so intense for her though, I don’t think she will do it again. 2 months ago

Bedhead2 4 months ago

Bedhead2Thank you for starting this goal!! I do love hula hooping!

and dogs.

This will be a good month! 2 months ago

Bedhead2 2 years ago

Bedhead2Sea buckthorn helped---Genesis today brand liquid.

When I take it regularly, it helps. When I forget…the ringing comes back. It’s good stuff.

I’m closing out this goal so that I can add a hooping goal~! <3 2 months ago

Bedhead2Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy....

I heard this today and remembered how much I liked hooping to this version…

I learned a new trick because of this song. I brought out my hoop and loved it!! :) :)

I really want to learn more hooping tricks and I want to get better at paddling…which is what I learned while this song was playing!! 2 months ago

Bedhead2 2 years ago

Bedhead2Oh, you're talking about my avatar?

I got him out of the shelter 2 hours before they were going to kill him. He stayed with me for 2 weeks to heal up and feel better and i fell in love with him. I brought him to a foster last Sunday (I’m not supposed to have dogs here) and it broke my heart. Anyway, sounds like you had a similar looking dog—-I am sure he was great!!! This guy is amazing.
His name is Henry, he’s just under 15 lbs and 1 year old. 4 months ago

Bedhead2I'm hooping right now.

Listening to some of my favorites.

It’s been a while! It feels great. 4 months ago

Bedhead2Thank you Donna

For creating this goal. It really makes me happy to see it. Thanks everyone for joining. Let’s try to get some hooping in this month, it always feels great!! 4 months ago

Bedhead2Happy Thanksgiving Hoopers! I'm thankful for you!!!

1950’s hula hoopers 4 months ago

Bedhead2 8 months ago

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