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bergysgirlFinally given permission to...

... run without restrictions! My hip has mostly healed and hurts only now and again when overused but for the most part, I am good to go.

I haven’t really ran in over a year and I really need to work on the running! I will be waiting to begin my official training on January 2nd, when the gym reopens!

Can. Not. Wait.

I actually miss running! 2 years ago

bergysgirlToday is the day...

... that I will find out what my current timing is. My arm has finally healed enough from the injury that I think I can finally start focusing on this goal!

I really want to swim 1000 metres in 21 minutes!

So, tomorrow I’ll post the results of my first session and we’ll work our way to my goal!!

SO EXCITED! 2 years ago

bergysgirlSlowly getting there!

I’ve spent the past three months in french classes at work and after one more class, I will be able to write my test in french for the government exam. If I pass that, I will cross myself off in having accomplished this list! I may not be able to take that course until March, 2012 but it will be a challenge to keep speaking it/working with grammar until then!

But, I’m happy that I now understand about 75% of whatever french people speak, and each day that can increase a little bit! 2 years ago

bergysgirlJust moving into my new apartment...

I spent the past two years in “transition” meaning, I haven’t had a permanent place to live and my belongings have been in storage. I’m moving from a five-bedroom house to a two-bedroom apartment (one of the rooms, in which I am letting to a roommate) so really… I’m moving into a one-bedroom. There isn’t much room at all and I have LOADS of stuff. This is the PERFECT opportunity to declutter my entire home! I have over twenty crates of belongings that need to be sorted through. I will go through each one and try to sort with the following in mind:

Items to keep…
Items to donate…
Items to sell…
Items to give to friends/family…

All of the clothing that will go into the drawers, will be clothing that actually FITS. If something is too big, it is GONE. If an item is too small (and only slightly), it will be kept in one drawer and only enough items for one drawer, will be kept. Everything else, will go. I will also be sure to get rid of dated clothing that I am unlikely to wear.

Excited at the prospect of being clutter-free but – not looking forward to getting rid of everything! 2 years ago


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