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bfor40 3 years ago

bfor40 3 years ago

I joined a week ago and wow what an eye opener! It has access to my bank account so it breaks down my spending. I spend way more money on eating out then I could have imagined. Next month will be my first full month. I am excited because I can track my spending in real time. 2 months ago

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Right now I am reading Wicked… kind of weird and depressing but..damnit I need to finish a book! 2 years ago

bfor40starin this

I have signed up for this and classes begin 1/9/11 2 years ago


I have a budget and I start next month. Very very excited! 2 years ago

bfor40my brother-in-law

So last night I had a dream that my brother in law was flirting with my best friend…what does that mean??! 2 years ago


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