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STILL w8ing 4 a call 2 go on 2nd interview :s

Recent entries from butterlfy
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butterlfyOff to London

this weekend for 5 days. Yay. Business and pleasure 2 years ago


Bra strap length last month. And heading towards waist lenght :D 2 years ago

butterlfyAlmost 1 year

Shall I stop with this? Since we are still not official? In december we will have know eachother 1 year….ooh dear relationship…men who can’t commit. 2 years ago


Spending 10 days in vienna for worktraining but i am also enjoying the city. So beautiful. I definately recommend it to travellers. Simply wonderful 2 years ago

butterlfythanks TSE

I got the job! So happy :) 2 years ago

butterlfyyesssss i got the job

I got the job and started on may 1st. Also it is literally a flying start since they sent me for a training in austria for which i had already to fly to the location in the afternoon of may 1st. I am flying back home this thursday. So far all is going well and austria is wonderful. 2 years ago

butterlfyDarnnnnn still waiting

Well today is thursday and I still have not heard anything for the company that I went to for my 1st interview last week. They had told me that they would let me know at the beginning of this week. But still nothing. I wonder what’s up. Are they just bad a managing time or can’t they be bothered to contact me? The waiting and not knowing what is going on is what is so difficult.Arrgghhhhhh 2 years ago


I am so tired of goodbyes
So tired of bad situations
So tired of obstacles
So tired of waiting

There I said it 2 years ago

butterlfy1st job interview

Last week I got a call back from one of the companies that I had sent a job application to. They had invited me for the 1st interview, which was last thursday. It went well from my point of view. The company is a great one, it’s international, the extras you get are also very nice, and the people seem very open/ nice/ friendly.

They told me that they will contact me at the beginning of next week to let me know if I will have the 2nd interview.

I figure I will be contacted no later then wednesday.

Keep your fingers crossed for me please. 2 years ago

butterlfyMr. Wonderful

My beau and I are still going strong! He’s punctual, romantic, funny, smart and ambitious. So happy that he has come into my life.

We have been dating for almost 4 months. We haven’t made it official but I am hoping that will come soon.

In the meantime, I am loving every second of our togetherness.

Who knows what the future holds….?? 2 years ago

butterlfyJust stop

Why are you all up in my business? Don’t you have enough going on in your won life? Stop it awful people just stop it…There I said it 2 years ago

butterlfyNew chances in 2012?

In december 2011 I was on holiday abroad and met this wonderful guy.
We were able to get to know eachother for 2 weeks before he flow back home. It so happens that we live in the same country, only different cities (just an hours drive apart).

When i flew back home, which was 2 and a half weeks after him, he came to see me that same day. And evensince we have spent more and more time together whenever our schedules permit it. So far we have seen eachother every other week.

He is amazing! We have soo many things in common and can also communicate very well. We have many common interest which makes it easy to plan and do things together. But I want to take things slow. Can he be THE ONE? 2 years ago


Horray for stepping out of your comfortzone. Like you wrote, in the past it let to great experiences. So it’s bound to be that way again. 3 years ago


Never, never,ever, give up! 3 years ago


So far so good. I am really trying to watch what I am eating and have also started taking my multivitamines again. Since I feel that I can use the extra boost. 3 years ago


Frank Lloyd Wright! During my studies I went to Chicago with my professors and classmates to see and study his work. I just love FLW’s designs!

A good thing that you mentioned his autobiography. I might put that on my reading list as well. 3 years ago

butterlfySo fun!

You should definately do this. I was in San Francisco last year and went on the cable car.
Very nice experience. So do you have a date planned when you wanna go to SF? 3 years ago

butterlfy2 blockages

I feel that in 2 areas of my life I have been experiencing deliberate blockage. Seem like whatever I do, things get blocked. Very very weird.

I have been thinking about how to remove these blockages but no luck so far.

People around me keep telling me that there is a reason why this is happening and I will later see why. I get that but still it’s very strange. 3 years ago

butterlfyAllergies :(

I guess I need to accept that I am hypersensitive and therefore I am have been experiencing many different allergies over the past years.

Since I have these different allergies I get very insecure because I never know when they will surface.

Go away allergies, I don’t want you.

There I said it. 3 years ago

butterlfyI applaud you

I think that it must have been liberating to write this. I can feel your emotions, doubts etc.

It must have been difficult to make “your choice” because of your religious beliefs. But I feel that God is with us and will protect us but don’t forget that he also gave us free will!
With the free will that God gave us he can test what we know and what we still need to learn in life. The union of our own choices (mind) combined with the spiritual aspect (feelings/ instinct/ godly guidance) is what is need for us to experience our journey here on earth.

Keep cherishing the beauty in your life! 3 years ago


I agree with you. Life is what we make of it. And yes, in certain situations others also play a part but we shouldn’t forget our part.

And concerning asking help from others, advise can be good but in the end we need to do it ourselves.

Not expecting too much from others is key. We often get help from those we least expect it from and those who we expect to get help from sometimes or often fail or are unwilling to help. 3 years ago


that you can and will overcome!

Do you have a fear of people in general or just a fear of people when it’s a crowd? 3 years ago

butterlfyClean sweep

Through time people come and go in our lives. Right now I am doing a bit of sweeping when it comes to people who no longer fit in my life.
I am happy with those I love and trust and who are positive people.

There…I said it! 3 years ago


Dealing with backstabbers, there was one thing I learned. They’re only powerful when you got your back turned. – Eminem 3 years ago


I just love LENNY! How cool that you got to see him perform. I haven’t up until now :( 3 years ago


Enlighting your own life is indeed priority number one.

Just remember: Que la vie est belle!!

Bon courage JWillow 3 years ago

butterlfyHow is it going?

I hope that you have been able to pick up your studies. What is your new date to have your degree?

Lots of luck…you can do it 3 years ago


“Don’t be afraid to go out on a limb. It’s where all the fruit is.”

Shirley MacLaine quote 3 years ago

butterlfySouth America and Florida

In 2 weeks I am leaving for a holiday of a little over 2 months.
Will spend my time in South America and Florida.

I am soooo excited. Can wait. I am counting down the days :D 3 years ago

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