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cacruzWeek 2

Baby Step 2: Eat 1 fruit and 2 vegetables every day 2 years ago

cacruzJanuary to May 2012

Save 30% to 40% for emergency fund. 2 years ago

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Baby Step: Eat one fruit and one vegetable every day. 2 years ago

cacruz 2 years ago

cacruz 2 years ago

cacruz 2 years ago

cacruzReal Confidence

It will take some time to do this, and it usually needs a lot of humility and self-awareness; but if you persist, you’ll definitely see how it changes everything in your life! 2 years ago

cacruz 2 years ago


I think it’s better to be romantic than cynical. I’ve been the latter for so long, and somehow it made me realize that it’s good to add some magic and faith in your life from time to time. 2 years ago


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