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Cal 2 months ago

CalTwice Blessed Group

started at church. We are assigned shut-in members to visit on a regular bases. It is a blessing to me, but hard when they pass away. 2 months ago

CalWe bought Surly

Long Haul Truckers to make the ride. However this winter has been so bad, we have not even been on the bikes as of now 2 months ago

CalThe date is set

April 1, 2014 I retire from paid work, stari collecting retirement and Social Security. Now to work out the travel bit. 2 months ago

CalI retire in a few months

and I intend to buy new touring bikes for my wife and myself. We will then go on our long tour, God willing. 3 months ago

Cal 9 years ago

CalThe are moving:-(

My daughter got an offer for a good job in DC. So her family is moving. That will make this goal harder, but not impossible. 9 months ago


I am greatly rewarded each time I do this, but don’t do it near enough. What makes me hesitate in doing something wherein everyone wins? 10 months ago


CalWe joined a bike club

We are members of the Arkansas Bike Club. Not a bunch of racers, but a group of people who enjoy bike riding. This picture was taken on Bike TO Work Day. 11 months ago


We went to Natchez on vacation this past March and drove on the Trace. We also rented bikes and rode them in Natchez, our dream is to ride as much of the Trace as possible. 11 months ago

Cal 11 months ago

CalJust physical attraction at first.

However that as enough for me to really get to know her. We went along in a hit or miss relationship for years. After I accepted Christ as Lord of my life in 1985, then I was able to be the kind of husband my wife deserves. 11 months ago

Cal 11 months ago


On March 10, 2013 we will celebrate 41 years of marriage, not always fun, but full of joy. 13 months ago

CalPumpkin patch

It has been a while since I posted a picture of them. 16 months ago

CalOn the road

I went to three meetings in New York while there. BTW I now have 27 years sober. 16 months ago

Cal 9 years ago


I volunteered for the Surge Force,at work. That is where I go out as a FEMA worker in a major emergency. I spent three weeks in New York after super storm Sandy. I am tired and have a broken toe, but I heading home having completed this. 16 months ago

CalThank you

And to think I didn’t use the Internet to start with :-) 20 months ago

CalWords with Friends

Is a wonderful way of improving my spelling , while having fun! 22 months ago


That is so true, thank you. 22 months ago

CalThis will be hard this coming election

there is no one that I can get excited about. I guess I will have to decide who is the least objectionable and vote for him. 22 months ago


That is my plan. One day at a time! 1 year ago

CalGet with sober people

I am not talking about people who do not drink, but ones that know where you are and have experienced it for themselves; but now live a life without getting high. I could never get sober by myself. 2 years ago

CalTwenty Six years

My last drink was October 25, 1985, during that time I have had hard years and wonderful years. There have been ups and downs, but it has always been worth it. 2 years ago

CalOne thing that works for me

is to eat S-L-O-W-E-R, if I eat well and slowly I eat less, and am satisfied quicker. 2 years ago

CalLooks like a problem this year

I don’t wish too involved in politics here on the 43T site, however I don’t see much difference in the choices I have in the upcoming US elections. No matter how I vote, I hope that I can do it with one hand, as I will have to hold my nose with the other. 2 years ago

CalI have really fallen behind in this

I am eating too fast, and therefore eating too much. I am also eating foods that I know are not good for me, such as sweets and fried foods. I must straighten this out or I will be way over weight again! 2 years ago

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