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That could explain the one I can’t figure out, but I can think of two that are missing. 2 years ago

catherineaqMore people are deleting.

My subscriptions list is smaller this morning. I think it must be because of the proposed changes to the way subscriptions work.

It’s so sad. 2 years ago

catherineaqYou made me at least think about it.

I went to the blog for a second time, after reading your comment. I was thinking about adding a comment there. I’m a big girl; I can admit when I’m being sulky, as you said.

But then I read the comments that were there, and the responses to them, and decided, “No way.”

Comments in favor of the Robots’ decision were met favorably. Comments against it were treated . . . well, I won’t characterize it; you can read them and judge for yourself.

But I don’t need to subject myself to that kind of response. I can be mature and rational; I think I was, during buttongate, when I made many comments to the Robots on every forum possible, but did so in a polite, articulate, reasonable way. I didn’t think the responses I got then were mature and rational; I have no basis to believe the ones I’d get now would be either.

And that’s an entirely separate question from whether comments will affect their decision, but I’m using 43T so little now, that to quote Josh, I can “hardly expect [them] to give a lot of weight to someone with only a gnat’s whisker level of commitment to 43 Things.” So that’s another reason I won’t be registering an opinion.

I sincerely hope I’m wrong and you are more satisfied with the results of your input. 2 years ago

catherineaqThanks Amy

I miss everyone too. But I just can’t bring myself to be here the way I was before. It’s a loss I still feel deeply, though.

I read the blog about the proposed subscription change and the responses to comments, and . . . ugh. 2 years ago

catherineaqAfter Buttongate do you honestly feel it's worth telling them?

They’ll do what they want, regardless.

I’m already (slowly) deleting all my goals, and no longer really posting.

Now I’ll probably start unsubscribing to people really quickly. Because there are many people I read because I find them inspiring on the basis of a particular goal, but I don’t have much else in common with them, and therefore rarely cheer or comment on them. So it feels stalker-ish of me to subscribe to them, and I’ll be embarrassed if they see me as a subscriber and think, “Who? Really? Why?”

Although since I don’t post much and rarely comment anymore (since Buttongate) I pretty much feel stalker-ish anyway. I just haven’t been able to stop myself from swinging by to check on people I once talked to frequently, and grew to care about.

Sigh. 2 years ago


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