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chester195512/354 - Nothing to spend here

Another day spent at home which means nothing got spent :-) It will be interesting to see what happens when I go back to work. I used to buy a coffee every day, but now I’m thinking I can actually resist the urge LOL2 months ago

chester1955Friday gratitudes:

I am grateful for:
  • Another beautiful day spent in the garden pottering around, cutting back the Mock Orange and Gardenias, trimming the herbs and enjoying the lighter work.
  • A nice Face Time call with T in Bali.
  • The sensitivity of Douglas Star Dog. I was a bit low, missing my son. Douglas hopped up on my lap, leaned into me with all his little body weight, and snuggled his head into my neck as if to say “It’s OK, I understand.” Awww, he’s such a sweet dog :-)
  • The gentle joy of sitting in my garden, reading, relaxing and recovering.
  • The movie The Other Son about a Jewish and Arab baby that are accidentlly switched at birth and brought up by the wrong families. An interesting study on overcoming prejudice. 2 months ago

chester1955Thank you

Thank you for your support rosewilder.
People here on 43Things have been so loving and supportive since his death. We are, indeed, a family :-)
Chester 2 months ago

chester1955Valentine's day

I couldn’t agree more.
It was barely 1 week after Christmas that the shops had Easter Eggs and hot cross buns on the shelves. Talk about a money grab.
I hate the whole consumerism around these so called reasons to celebrate.
I live in Australia and unfortunately halloween is also making inroads into our culture. I have lived over 50+ years without it and I can’t abide that we are so readily adopting it.
I don’t know if you live in the USA or not, but it really saddens me that so much of American culture is invading my country.
When I was a kid we had garbage cans, NOT trash cans, we ate biscuits NOT cookies, it was called a footpath NOT sidewalk, there was no Starbucks, MacDonalds or KFC. There was also very little obesity!
I never knew what a Valentine was, nor did I feel unloved and insignificant because I didn’t get one on 14th Feb.
I stand with you creativecalling. Down with money vacuums!! 2 months ago

chester1955Thursday gratitudes:

Today love and gratitude are present for:
  • Glorious summer weather. So many days without sleeves! I love it :-)
  • A day of rest and relaxation.
  • A lovely lunch with LS. It was the first time they had come to my little unit and we had a lovely time.
  • An enlightening, long VOIP call with T in Bali.
  • Thoughts of a fountain for the front courtyard running through my head. It would be rather nice to be able to hear dancing water as you come onto the property :-) 2 months ago

chester1955Thank you

Thank you for your hugs Saraband. Some of it has been difficult, other parts have been easier. There is a huge reassessment of life when you have to do this sort of thing.
My other son offered to go to our old hometown where Michael had a storage unit. Chris said he just threw most of the things out as they had no value and it was mostly ‘crap’.
I gently reminded him that what he thought of as crap had been important to Michael, important enough for him to store it for 6 years and that one day someone in his family would have to go through his possessions and they too would think of most of it as crap.
He was quiet for a time and I could tell that some things were being put into a new perspective for him.
At the end of the day we are NOT what we own and that, in part, is the goal of Edit 365. To re-evaluate life and, as William Morris said, only have things in my home that I know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. 2 months ago

chester1955Day 44 - 13 Feb - Assorted bed linen

Another pile of assorted linen for the good will. I am really paring things down a lot now. This must be the third time I have gone through the linen in the household and each time I seem to be able to let more and more go.
I aim to end up with only two sets of linen for each bed in the house. I’m getting there LOL2 months ago

chester1955Day 43 - 12 Feb - Set of curtains

Brand new set of curtains from my late son’s possessions. They are quite nice and I’m sure they will make some new home makers happy. It’s good to think that some of his things will be able to be used by others. It makes me both sad and happy.
What can I say? There will be a lot more of this as I go through his things. Sigh. 2 months ago

chester1955Day 42 - 11 Feb - CD's

I have been going through my late son’s things and his and my taste in music were definitely poles apart.
I’m sure someone will enjoy the type of music he used to listen to. 2 months ago


What a wonderful piece of reporting. They did a fantastic job h.g. and I hope the beautiful spirit that came through touches all the people who saw it and that they are inspired to give whatever they can to help your children in Nepal.
Chester. 2 months ago

chester1955Wednesday gratitudes:

Today I am grateful for:
  • Getting the lawns mowed and the edges trimmed. It looks and feels beautiful.
  • Mistakenly thinking it was Thursday, the day I had a friend coming for lunch, then I realised it was Wednesday and I had the whole afternoon to relax LOL :-)
  • The book I ordered from the UK book depository came. Bless Me Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya some parts are written in Spanish which is great. I haven’t read any Spanish for over 9 years and it’s still there in my head ;-)
  • Water that keeps me hydrated, keeps my garden looking beautiful, washes my body, washes my clothes. Thank you thank you for the abundance and ease of having water at the turn of a tap.
  • Re-establishing the habit of writing daily in a journal. It is starting to reveal some interesting things about myself and my thoughts about my life’s journey. 2 months ago

chester19551,000 gratitudes

Hi titja,
Not sure that there is a ‘right’ way to express gratitude, but what I do know is that my life is abundant.
I have a next door neighbour who is the most miserable person you could meet. Never a positive word comes from their mouth and they are miserable every day.
I cannot imagine what it must be like to live like that. To not even appreciate the fact that you kept breathing during your sleep and woke to a brand new day full of life.
I am grateful for everything in my life. Even the difficult times because there are lessons to be learned and character to be developed.
43Things is a great community. We cheer each other on and some of us have become regular followers of peoples posts. And for that I am very grateful.
Chester. 2 months ago

chester1955Tuesday gratitudes - 1,000 entries!

Today I celebrate being grateful for:
  • This being my 1,000th entry! Woo hoo :-) How wonderful it is to be part of this community and have posted so many entries expressing gratitude, be cheered, messaged and constantly reminded by others through their posts that life is wonderful and there is always something to be grateful for.
  • Lunch with S that lasted 4 hours. We had fun reconnecting.
  • My new ‘Green Bin’ that allows me to get rid of up to 70kg of garden waste every two weeks. The best part is the council turn it into mulch and put it on the park lands in the area.
  • A new foodie magazine coming in the mail. Yaaay! More delightfully delicious reading :-)
  • The iPad game Hashi. I do this as part of my Brain Training and I am soooo hooked! 2 months ago

chester1955Day 41 -10 Feb - Black sheet set

Linen cupboard time. T asked if I had any black pillow cases so I looked in the linen cupboard and for the life of me I can’t think why I would have kept a set of black linen. I find black so depressing on a bed. And what with cats and dogs that take advantage of the master being away ;-) black shows up pet hair like crazy.
I am very happy to let these go. 2 months ago

chester1955Monday gratitudes

Gratefulness is present for:
  • Another productive day in the garden. Pots re-potted, frangipanis replanted, foyer tiles cleaned. All good.
  • The lovely cooler, overcast weather we are having that makes working in the garden so much more enjoyable.
  • A nice long telephone call from my son in NSW. We had a lovely 45 min chat about house, home, pets, garden gates and living life.
  • A delicious stir fry for dinner. Yum! All the good veggies :-)
  • Music. Still listening to Frank Sinatra. Good crooners just keep crooning on. 2 months ago

chester1955Day 40 - 9 Feb - Old garden broom

I had this old garden broom that had been hanging around for years. Yesterday it was recycled as a ‘trailer broom’ when my friend came around to take the trailer they had lent me to the tip. I had put it on the top of the garden rubbish with the intention of throwing it away, but at the end of the emptying we used the broom to sweep the trailer and they said it was a good idea to leave it in the trailer for future sweepings.
I am really happy that it is being re-used. 2 months ago

chester195511/354 - A day spent in the garden = no money spent

I spent the whole day at home hard at work in the garden and yep, once again not going anywhere = not spending money. 2 months ago

chester1955Sunday gratitudes:

Today I am grateful for:
  • Another day spent in the garden. 5 hours on the end of a mattock getting rid of the rampant ginger. This is hard yakka but will be worth it in the end.
  • An imaginary massage that was as good as a real one and made my back ache less :-) Wow, the power of the mind!
  • Dinner outside in my beautiful garden with the candles and the fairy lighting. Magic.
  • Big gardening projects that make me appreciate the strength, flexibility and stamina of my body. I am fit, I am strong, I am grateful.
  • Reaching out and offering an invitation to lunch to a new person in my life. 2 months ago

chester1955Rampant Ginger

Unfortunately no, the type of ginger I was growing was ornamental. I had an ordinary ornamental ginger and this beautiful Torch Ginger. Neither is for culinary use. They both got out of control and took over the garden. It’s very invasive and can lift tiles, bricks and crack foundations. Lovely as it was it just had to go. 2 months ago

chester1955Day 39 - 8 Feb - Bean bag chair and ottoman

This one was in it’s package, inherited from my late son and I have no use for it, however a friend came around yesterday and took a lot of my Edit 365 stuff with them which was great as I got to see it bringing joy, being useful or being recycled by someone else.
This bean bag chair and ottoman is going in their bedroom. 2 months ago

chester1955Saturday gratitudes:

Today I am grateful for:
  • Friends with trailers. Thank you thank that all the garden rubbish has been taken away.
  • Vision. In my mind I have planted a beautiful garden, minus the rampant ginger plants, and it looks and feels so lovely. One year from now…
  • The joy my garden brings into my life.
  • love love love books and the ease of downloading.
  • My friend with the trailer being able to use, re-gift, recycle a lot of the things I have collected from the past 2 weeks Edit 365 goal. It was so good to see things being given new homes and purpose :-) 2 months ago

chester195510/354 - Trying for a record here :-)

Goodness me! I think I am going for a new record here! Another day spent at home and no money spent. That’s 3 days in a row. What can I say? I have to run out of milk and bread soon… LOL2 months ago

chester1955Friday gratitudes:

Today I am grateful for:
  • A wonderful hour or two pottering in the garden, taking gardenia cuttings, getting things tidied up for the coming autumn.
  • Inspirational books that I am being led to read.
  • Another day without spending money.
  • Finding a possible research topic for my Uni course.
  • Visualisation. The power of pulling the imagined future into your present. 2 months ago

chester1955Day 38 - 7 Feb - Milk frother

Not sure where this one came from or why it has traveled with me from abode to abode when I can’t ever remember frothing milk for my coffee. Wonder where it came from? On thing I do know is where it is going… into the goodwill bin I’m sure someone out there is looking for just this very thing :-) 2 months ago

chester19559/354 - I did it again!

So spending time at home = not spending money, again. Hmm maybe if I became a hermit I’d be filthy rich :-) LOL2 months ago

chester1955Day 37 - 6 Feb - Protein shakers

Another item that seems to breed in the cupboard. I have 5 protein shakers!! I need two small ones at the most, so 3 brand new ones are going into the goodwill. 2 months ago

chester1955Day 36 - 5 Feb Old and daggy shoes

I found some beaten up old shoes hanging around. Not good enough for wearing and not good enough for the goodwill so out they go. 2 months ago

chester1955Doggie cup cakes

Made me laugh too ;-) 2 months ago

chester1955Thursday gratitudes:

Gratefulness is present for:
  • A great cardio workout at the gym. 15 mins row, 20 mins hill run and 15 mins bike. That got the heart pumpin’ LOL :-)
  • Potting all the Brazilian Walking Iris babies and moving the Mother in law’s tongue to a new spot. It feels good do do some ‘tweeking’ of plants in the garden to create a better display.
  • A day of Frank Sinatra. A friend left some CD’s with me and I am really enjoying the old crooner :-)
  • A fantastic Webinar on Prosperity Consciousness. Very enjoyable.
  • My beautiful little home. So full of love and good energy. Me, The Inherited One and The Star Dogs just hanging out together. What else could I ask for? 2 months ago

chester1955Wednesday gratitudes:

Today I am grateful for:
  • A good workout at the gym followed by a nice time pottering in the garden.
  • Back on track with my eating habits. I became a bit of a ‘couch eater’ while I was hooked on Breaking Bad and my food choices became substandard which caused me to put on some weight. Last night I prepared a proper meal and ate at the dining room table sans TV.
  • Putting up the ‘Drive Safely’ sign in the garage. M would have appreciated the joke :-)
  • A beautiful day weather wise. Sunny with a nice cooling breeze. I do so much enjoy being out in my garden, even if it’s just sitting at the table reading.
  • Completing 2 more study modules for my Diploma. It feels good to be studying and getting ready for a new life path :-) 2 months ago

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