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chester1955Day 41 -10 Feb - Black sheet set

Linen cupboard time. T asked if I had any black pillow cases so I looked in the linen cupboard and for the life of me I can’t think why I would have kept a set of black linen. I find black so depressing on a bed. And what with cats and dogs that take advantage of the master being away ;-) black shows up pet hair like crazy.
I am very happy to let these go. 2 months ago

chester1955Monday gratitudes

Gratefulness is present for:
  • Another productive day in the garden. Pots re-potted, frangipanis replanted, foyer tiles cleaned. All good.
  • The lovely cooler, overcast weather we are having that makes working in the garden so much more enjoyable.
  • A nice long telephone call from my son in NSW. We had a lovely 45 min chat about house, home, pets, garden gates and living life.
  • A delicious stir fry for dinner. Yum! All the good veggies :-)
  • Music. Still listening to Frank Sinatra. Good crooners just keep crooning on. 2 months ago

chester1955Day 40 - 9 Feb - Old garden broom

I had this old garden broom that had been hanging around for years. Yesterday it was recycled as a ‘trailer broom’ when my friend came around to take the trailer they had lent me to the tip. I had put it on the top of the garden rubbish with the intention of throwing it away, but at the end of the emptying we used the broom to sweep the trailer and they said it was a good idea to leave it in the trailer for future sweepings.
I am really happy that it is being re-used. 2 months ago

chester195511/354 - A day spent in the garden = no money spent

I spent the whole day at home hard at work in the garden and yep, once again not going anywhere = not spending money. 2 months ago

chester1955Sunday gratitudes:

Today I am grateful for:
  • Another day spent in the garden. 5 hours on the end of a mattock getting rid of the rampant ginger. This is hard yakka but will be worth it in the end.
  • An imaginary massage that was as good as a real one and made my back ache less :-) Wow, the power of the mind!
  • Dinner outside in my beautiful garden with the candles and the fairy lighting. Magic.
  • Big gardening projects that make me appreciate the strength, flexibility and stamina of my body. I am fit, I am strong, I am grateful.
  • Reaching out and offering an invitation to lunch to a new person in my life. 2 months ago

chester1955Rampant Ginger

Unfortunately no, the type of ginger I was growing was ornamental. I had an ordinary ornamental ginger and this beautiful Torch Ginger. Neither is for culinary use. They both got out of control and took over the garden. It’s very invasive and can lift tiles, bricks and crack foundations. Lovely as it was it just had to go. 2 months ago

chester1955Day 39 - 8 Feb - Bean bag chair and ottoman

This one was in it’s package, inherited from my late son and I have no use for it, however a friend came around yesterday and took a lot of my Edit 365 stuff with them which was great as I got to see it bringing joy, being useful or being recycled by someone else.
This bean bag chair and ottoman is going in their bedroom. 2 months ago

chester1955Saturday gratitudes:

Today I am grateful for:
  • Friends with trailers. Thank you thank that all the garden rubbish has been taken away.
  • Vision. In my mind I have planted a beautiful garden, minus the rampant ginger plants, and it looks and feels so lovely. One year from now…
  • The joy my garden brings into my life.
  • love love love books and the ease of downloading.
  • My friend with the trailer being able to use, re-gift, recycle a lot of the things I have collected from the past 2 weeks Edit 365 goal. It was so good to see things being given new homes and purpose :-) 2 months ago

chester195510/354 - Trying for a record here :-)

Goodness me! I think I am going for a new record here! Another day spent at home and no money spent. That’s 3 days in a row. What can I say? I have to run out of milk and bread soon… LOL2 months ago

chester1955Friday gratitudes:

Today I am grateful for:
  • A wonderful hour or two pottering in the garden, taking gardenia cuttings, getting things tidied up for the coming autumn.
  • Inspirational books that I am being led to read.
  • Another day without spending money.
  • Finding a possible research topic for my Uni course.
  • Visualisation. The power of pulling the imagined future into your present. 2 months ago

chester1955Day 38 - 7 Feb - Milk frother

Not sure where this one came from or why it has traveled with me from abode to abode when I can’t ever remember frothing milk for my coffee. Wonder where it came from? On thing I do know is where it is going… into the goodwill bin I’m sure someone out there is looking for just this very thing :-) 2 months ago

chester19559/354 - I did it again!

So spending time at home = not spending money, again. Hmm maybe if I became a hermit I’d be filthy rich :-) LOL2 months ago

chester1955Day 37 - 6 Feb - Protein shakers

Another item that seems to breed in the cupboard. I have 5 protein shakers!! I need two small ones at the most, so 3 brand new ones are going into the goodwill. 2 months ago

chester1955Day 36 - 5 Feb Old and daggy shoes

I found some beaten up old shoes hanging around. Not good enough for wearing and not good enough for the goodwill so out they go. 2 months ago

chester1955Doggie cup cakes

Made me laugh too ;-) 2 months ago

chester1955Thursday gratitudes:

Gratefulness is present for:
  • A great cardio workout at the gym. 15 mins row, 20 mins hill run and 15 mins bike. That got the heart pumpin’ LOL :-)
  • Potting all the Brazilian Walking Iris babies and moving the Mother in law’s tongue to a new spot. It feels good do do some ‘tweeking’ of plants in the garden to create a better display.
  • A day of Frank Sinatra. A friend left some CD’s with me and I am really enjoying the old crooner :-)
  • A fantastic Webinar on Prosperity Consciousness. Very enjoyable.
  • My beautiful little home. So full of love and good energy. Me, The Inherited One and The Star Dogs just hanging out together. What else could I ask for? 2 months ago

chester1955Wednesday gratitudes:

Today I am grateful for:
  • A good workout at the gym followed by a nice time pottering in the garden.
  • Back on track with my eating habits. I became a bit of a ‘couch eater’ while I was hooked on Breaking Bad and my food choices became substandard which caused me to put on some weight. Last night I prepared a proper meal and ate at the dining room table sans TV.
  • Putting up the ‘Drive Safely’ sign in the garage. M would have appreciated the joke :-)
  • A beautiful day weather wise. Sunny with a nice cooling breeze. I do so much enjoy being out in my garden, even if it’s just sitting at the table reading.
  • Completing 2 more study modules for my Diploma. It feels good to be studying and getting ready for a new life path :-) 2 months ago

chester19558/354 Another day at home and not a cent spent

Feeling pretty good now. I’ve accumulated 8 days of no spending. Every no spend day is a challenge and I notice every no spend day is spent, excuse the pun, at home LOL2 months ago

chester1955Day 35 - 4 Feb - Magnetic knife rack

Can you believe this has been in the cupboard for the past 4 years?! It was one of those ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’ purchases which never got put up on the wall simply because I didn’t think about what I was doing at the time. I didn’t measure and it didn’t fit the space. I was always going to take it back, then it got tossed in a cupboard and … here we are.
I’m sure someone can use it, because goodness knows, I haven’t used it in the past 4 years!! 2 months ago

chester1955Longer days

Ah me, you days get longer mine are getting shorter. I have enjoyed the Australian summer even though the weather has been scorching at times. I have been reading other 43Thingers accounts of snow and your entry today made me think of how my beautiful garden will be slowing down it’s growth soon.
Life is a beautiful cycle isn’t it? 2 months ago

chester1955Tuesday gratitudes:

  • The Inherited One gets braver every day. He came forth from the study this morning and did a nose to nose greeting with first born Star Dog Douglas. Amazing! :-)
  • An organised and satisfying day attending an appointment, shopping at the hardware/garden store, grocery shopping and generally getting things done and feeling good about it.
  • Enjoying my 30 minutes of brain training that I am doing after lunch every day. Some challenging puzzles :-)
  • Spending time walking around barefoot on my beautiful lawn and grounding myself. The grass feels beautiful underfoot.
  • Loving life :-) 2 months ago

chester1955An unexpected gift

Woo hoo. I had a Myer One gift card come in the mail today as part of their rewards programme. I have no idea what I am meant to buy with it, so will hang on to it for now.
Thank you thank you to the Universe.xx 2 months ago

chester19557/354 Another day spent at home...

...and not a cent spent.
Yes, there is a definite correlation between not going anywhere and not spending. SURPRISE!! :-)
When I was a kid we didn’t have a car, so trips to the shops where planned and it was literally a once a week affair. I was brought up on powdered milk and it was a long walk to the local shop for a loaf of bread.
We didn’t go anywhere much because of bad public transport and so we really didn’t spend much money.
It seems mobility and being able to drive to the shops is one of the reasons I spend money unnecessarily.
I was going to duck out to get something yesterday, but I convinced myself that I could ‘make do’ until I was actually intentionally going to the store for a reason.
I not only didn’t have to have the thing I wanted right away, but I also saved in terms of petrol by not going out.
I feel I’m getting better at planning and finding was to curb impulse spending and getting better at looking for alternatives to just popping out just because I can. 2 months ago

chester1955Beautiful, just beautiful

Beautiful flowers h.g. 2 months ago

chester1955Monday gratitudes

Today gratefulness abounds for:
  • Getting some really messy stuff, which I have put off for too long, done in the garden. Now it’s all neat and tidy and looks and feels wonderful :-)
  • The amazing bravery of The Inherited One. He came and sat on my lap for a purr session even though one of the Star Dogs was sitting right next to me. It seems purr time is more important than the presence of dogs ;-)
  • Feeling confident about the future.
  • Getting some study done. Finishing the 2nd module of my Uni course and preparing the material for module 3 which I will start tomorrow.
  • Listening to some funny Abraham Hicks sessions. Good messages delivered with great humour. 2 months ago

chester1955DAy 34 - 3 Feb Dented and broken baseball bat

I found a dented and pretty beaten up baseball bat among my son’s possessions. Not good for much but recycling, so it’s going in the recycling bin today. 2 months ago

chester1955Day 33 - 2 Feb - Unused drink bottle

I seem to have collected water bottles. They come from companies promoting their products, gym memberships, any and every type of promo you can think of.
I simply have too many of them and every now and then one will pop up out of the back of the cupboard, or in a back pack or an eski. I swear I think they manifest out of thin air.
I’m sure someone will be able to use this if I give it to the good will. 2 months ago

chester1955Book 61 - E2 - Pam Grout

This was the most fun reading in relation to Law of Attraction and creating your reality that I have ever read. I enjoyed it immensely. Full of great quotes, fun experiments but most of all I loved her expression of things. Referring to the quantum field and the ever present energy of the Universe as The Dude Abides. It was a real smile and laugh raiser. Such fun to read. How could you not want to create your own reality after reading this book? 2 months ago

chester1955Sunday gratitudes:

Today I am very grateful for:
  • A nice, easy, relaxing Sunday.
  • Beetling through the new book I am reading.
  • Having the Star Dogs come and stay for 2 weeks while T is away in Bali. The Inherited One is not impressed but is adapting.
  • Baked potato with fried bacon, onion and corn kernels all wrapped up in a cheese sauce for dinner. Delicious :-)
  • Watching the last 20/20 game. Such skillful players on both teams and a good match. 2 months ago

chester1955Day 32 - 1 Feb - Unused belt rack

Here’s the thing about hanging belt racks like this one. They are OK as long as you have an even number of belts and they are loaded evenly. If not, the whole thing goes wonky in the wardrobe, hangs unevenly and the belts fall off or the hooked part starts to get caught in shirts and the like.
I have found that I tend to loosely roll my belts up and store them in a box on top of the shoe storage drawers in my wardrobe.
This is an item I really don’t use, so out it goes. 2 months ago

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