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What I KNOW about me is more important than what you think about me.

Recent entries from chester1955
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chester1955Day 4 - March 10 - Had to watch a movie for my Uni studies.

Can you believe it was recommended I watch Shallow Hal for my Uni studies? Yep, that’s right. So, had to fire up the TV for this one. 9 months ago

chester1955Monday gratitudes:

Today I am super grateful for:
  • A phone call to say that work is starting on Wednesday. Yaaay :-)
  • A great weights workout at the gym.
  • A good day’s study done.
  • An invitation, to a workshop that will help skill me for when I start my Life Coaching business, coming right out of the blue. The Universe at work again :-)
  • A revelation that was a tad embarrassing but point taken ;-) 9 months ago

chester1955Sunday gratitudes:

Today I am grateful for:
  • A rest day from the gym which means study, study, study.
  • Yaaaay! Finished module 6 of the study plan and booked in for 3 Webinars this coming week.
  • The realisation that all the NLP webinars I have to do are the recorded ones and not live. This means I don’t have to worry about losing work to do my study. Thank you thank you.
  • Magnificent rain. It poured in the afternoon and there was that lovely rich earthy smell in the garden afterward :-)
  • A lovely chat with The Bee Man, making arrangements for the 3 of us to go and see The Lion King on stage in Sydney in June/July.
  • That work is starting up again sometime this week. Thank you thank you. 9 months ago

chester1955Day 3 - More study done thanks to no TV

Completed another study module tonight instead of wasting time watching TV, then treated myself to a TED talk. 9 months ago


Hi Triniprincess,
The 20/20/20 and 30/30/30 cardio workout are my own invention. Just a way of keeping my cardio training interesting.
On Tuesdays and Wednesdays I have limited time at the gym so I do 20/20/20 and on Saturdays I can spend more time so I do 30/30/30

30 minutes rower/30 minutes spin bike/30 minutes treadmill
30 mins cross trainer/30 mins bike/30 mins treadmill
30 mins stair master/30 mins bike/30 mins treadmill

Are you up for the challenge? ;-) 9 months ago

chester1955Additional to Day 2 - I have unplugged the TV

TVs on standby mode consume a lot of energy. Seeing as I am only watching the football on Friday nights there seems no sense in having it plugged in all the time so today I unplugged my TV.

TED TV is so much better – prepare to be amazed 9 months ago

chester1955Day 2 - Added things to my Vision Board

I spent the evening adding pictures to my Vision Board. It was fun and my Vision Board looks great :-)
The picture is not my vision board, but it’s starting to look as good as this one. 9 months ago

chester1955Yaaaay contract :-)

So good to be valued! Congrats on being the first to be selected. 9 months ago

chester1955Saturday gratitudes:

Today I am grateful for:
  • WOW! a 30/30/30 workout at the gym that left me sweating buckets and feeling fantastic. Thank you thank you :-)
  • A much needed day off from study. Phew!
  • Turning up the stereo and dancing around the lounge room for no reason other than I felt like it.
  • Semolina for breakfast. Topped with blue berries and a dash of maple syrup. Delicious.
  • The most amazing synchronicity of the Universe. I had been thinking about doing a motivational talk to a group of people and just playing with the idea when lo and behold I run into a complete stranger who starts chatting to me and they are looking at doing a series of talks at the local community centre and would love to have me come and deliver a segment. 9 months ago

chester1955Squirrel supper

I loved the stir Golden 190. It was fun to see how many people wondered what the heck a Guinea Pig dinner was.
This one turned out a bit mediocre. It was a bit too oily. I will have to modify the recipe and try again.
Squirrel eh? Those beautiful furry little critters get eaten? I know some people consider them to be vermin but I think they are cute. 9 months ago

chester1955Day One

I spent this evening working on my Uni studies, my Life Plan, creating my Vision Board and writing in my daily journal. 9 months ago

chester1955The project

I had a few nights in a row where I mindlessly watched DVD’s and after one particular session of a particularly poor quality production I asked myself why I had just used 90+ minutes of my life on a very unsatisfying experience when I could have done something else.

That same day I had also, for a brief moment, watched was passes for the NEWS on TV. I had to ask myself how dumbed down do we have to be? When did an infomercial about a brand name product become NEWS? And why was it so important to know what some celebrity was doing in their life? Was this really NEWS?

I realised that I was completely dissatisfied with the quality of TV programming and I would have been much better off doing some study or watching TED TV on my computer, so I have decided to give up TV for 12 months. Yep, that’s right… NO TV for 12 months – well, almost ;-)

There will only be one exception to the No TV and counting project and that is the NRL Friday night football games this season. I enjoy supporting and watching my football team and because I get viewing value from watching the games I am excluding them from the NO TV project.

The purpose of putting this goal on 43Things is to keep myself on track, to journal some of the activities I do instead of watching TV and to share links with people to the things I choose to watch on TED TV and other interesting websites.

So, here goes….. 9 months ago

chester1955 9 months ago

chester1955Friday gratitudes:

Today I am grateful for:
  • A great weights workout at the gym. I am fit, I am strong, I am awesome :-)
  • Finally completing module 5 of my Unit studies. It was gruelling but worth it.
  • Excitement about the possibility of my first pro bono life coaching client accepting my offer.
  • ONE – the number of days I have gone without watching TV. Hmmm maybe I should add a new goal called ‘No TV and counting’ :-)
  • Knowing I have time for everything I need, want or choose to do in my life. 9 months ago

chester1955Well done Letterboxer!

Almost right Letterboxer.
I have posted a comment explaining what a Guinea Pig Dinner is. One thing for sure is that they are fun.
Chester 9 months ago

chester1955Save the Guinea Pigs - LOL

Hello Everyone,

I love hosting Guinea Pig Dinners and NO, heaven forbid, we don’t actually eat guinea pigs LOL :-)

You know that old adage about NEVER use a new recipe if you are entertaining, always cook a dish that you know turns out well?

Well,The term Guinea Pig Dinner came about when I did the unthinkable and tested out a new recipe on guests.

I invited my friends to dinner and explained that I was going to serve something I had recently found in a foodie magazine I subscribe to and that I couldn’t guarantee how it would turn out. I said they would be my Guinea Pigs and so the Guinea Pig Dinner was born!

It was a beautiful meal and since then I have hosted more Guinea Pig dinners with great success.

It’s actually quite fun as it stretches my cooking skills, even I don’t know how it is going to taste and everyone gets to be a mini food critic.

Someone usually brings a dessert that we will all enjoy. We figure that at least that way if the main course is a bomb out, then we can at least make up for it with dessert LOL ;-) 9 months ago

chester1955Thursday gratitudes:

Just as well work is starting next week, I am losing track of the days. Today, whatever day of the week it is LOL, I am grateful for:
  • A great 20/20/20 workout at the gym. 20 mins row, 20 mins bike, 20 mins treadmill.
  • A full day of hard study. Progress is being made.
  • Spinach, poached egg and mushrooms for lunch. Fantastic! And the wilted baby spinach was soooo delicious. Yum!
  • The book I am reading.
  • Another Guinea Pig dinner arranged for this coming Saturday night. Yay!! ;-) 9 months ago

chester1955Wednesday gratitudes:

Gratefulness is present for:
  • Subtropical autumns where everything stays green but the early mornings and late evenings are cooler. Contrast makes you appreciate all things.
  • A great workout at the gym.
  • The most difficult day’s study I have had yet, but it was worth it.
  • My new Vision Board – a work in progress thanks to the difficult day’s study I did today ;-)
  • Deciding to not watch commercial TV or DVD’s for the next 12 months. I watched a veg-out DVD last night and at the end of it I realised that I had truly wasted 90+ minutes of my life. This caused me to have a rethink about how television viewing has crept back into my life and that I need to be more mindful of the quality of what goes into my mind. Oh, I have to add a disclaimer here the upcoming NRL football matches are acceptable ;-) 9 months ago

chester1955Tuesday gratitudes:

Today I am grateful for:
  • A fantastic treatment with J. As always I come away feeling sooo much better.
  • A phone call to say we will be starting work next week. Exact day unknown but thank you, thank you, finally some money coming in.
  • Lunch in the shop with T. It’s nice to see it being kept neat and clean. Ended up hanging paintings and wall ornaments, which was enjoyable.
  • Going to the movies. It seems like ages since I have been to the movies. Saw Philomena starring Judi Dench. She is such an awesome actress.
  • Deluge of rain overnight that woke me up. So heavy a downpour. It was lovley.
  • This week being the recycling collection. I missed it 2 weeks ago and my recycle bin is full to overflowing. 9 months ago

chester195518/354 - Going strong

I have been helping a friend in their shop recently and there were several days where I took my lunch and because I was so busy I didn’t go out at all and spend any money. The best kind of workplace…arrive at the door, stay in where there is no temptation and then go home. LOL9 months ago

chester1955Monday gratitudes:

Appreciation and gratefulness are present for:
  • A good workout at the gym. Weights and a 10kkm run. Feels so good :-)
  • Rain, rain, rain. It was wonderful. It rained heavily on and off all day. Lovely, cool, refreshing autumn rains. Thank you thank you.
  • Getting back into my studies. I revised a couple of modules just to refresh my memory.
  • Fresh lime squeezed into tonic water. So delicious.
  • The gracefulness of cats when they leap over large distances. The Inherited One often jumps from the deck railing to the roof of the house and he does it so beautifully and lands so lightly. He is as graceful as a ballerina. 9 months ago

chester1955Sunday gratitudes:

Gratefulness is present for:
  • A wonderful relaxing Sunday that began with sleeping in a little.
  • Getting my CV updated and my job application ready.
  • A nice chat with K who is planning a trip to New York in July of this year.
  • How neat and tidy my little unit is all the time and how easy it is to keep it that way. There is something to be said for living on your own ;-)
  • Looking forward to getting back to the gym after a week and a half of helping out at the shop every day. 9 months ago

chester1955Saturday gratitudes:

Today I am grateful for:
  • Notification from Bunnings that they are recruiting for staff at the very store I would most like to work at! How cool is that? Time to update the CV and send in an application :-)
  • A brilliant, relaxing day doing whatever I wanted.
  • Chilli con carne for dinner. Hot hot hot.
  • My health. I am so grateful for this healthy, strong, flexible body.
  • My daily Brain Training session. I have improved my scores on so many levels. Use it or lose it :-) 9 months ago

chester1955Friday gratitudes:

Today I am grateful grateful grateful for:
  • The health magazine I subscribed to and promptly forgot about arriving in the mail. Que suprisa!
  • Getting up to speed with my Uni studies. I’m not behind but rather lost my place in where I was up to in my study plan after a week at the shop. All good now and full steam ahead.
  • The glorious weather we continue to have. Heading gently into autumn. The nights and mornings are marginally cooler.
  • The purrs and snuggles of The Inherited One. He really is an old softie :-)
  • Love and inspiration to live a full and happy life :-) 9 months ago

chester1955Thursday gratitudes:

Today I am grateful for:
  • Having my eyes tested. It has been almost 3 years since my last eye test. I need new glasses, yaaaaay, then I will be able to see more clearly.
  • My health insurance fund which covered most of the cost of my new glasses. Thank you thank you.
  • A lovely conversation with my son in NSW aka Bee Man. His bees have entered the hive and are settling in nicely. He is so excited about having a bee hive. Awww bless him :-)
  • A visit to T in the newly cleaned and organised shop reveals that they are being more organised and methodical about how they deal with stock. Opening one box at a time, pricing it all, putting it on shelves or into stock. So much better than opening every box, cluttering up the place, trying to serve customers and throwing stock on shelves un-priced just to get it out of the way. It would appear they are respecting my work. Thank you thank you.
  • An early night. 9 months ago

chester1955Wednesday gratitudes:

Today I am grateful for:
  • Coffee with C. It was great to catch up we haven’t seen each other since before Christmas.
  • The amazing beautiful awesome weather we are having.
  • J returning from NZ for a fleeting visit. J,K,T,S and I had dinner last night and it was wonderful. So much laughter :-) Good times.
  • Starting the job application process with the hardware company.
  • The unbelievable realisation that February is nearly over! OMGoodness where did that month go? 9 months ago

chester1955Tuesday gratitudes:

The very last day working in the shop and I am grateful for:
  • A mammoth job well done! :-) I originally estimated 3 days for this job, but that was before I realised the front counter area needed a massive clean up too. It has taken 6 days to get the place into working order. Time to turn my attention to my own needs.
  • Meeting interesting people while I was working in the shop. I enjoyed the social interaction.
  • The suggestion that I apply for a job with the local hardware company. They are recruiting and several people have encouraged me to apply for a part time customer service position.
  • Love and cuddles from The Inherited One.
  • A good night’s sleep. 9 months ago

chester1955Monday gratitudes:

Today I am very grateful for:
  • The very last day in the shop, so says I :-) LOL It’s just one of those things. I keep finding more to do. Not as daunting as when I first started, but there are little things that need tidying up now. Pottering, pottering.
  • The reasonably easy installation of a shelf under the desk. Finally a place to keep the tissue paper.
  • L coming in and helping out with re-stocking the shelves. She’s a trooper.
  • Left over Thai Red Curry for dinner. Yummy.
  • A lovely chat with my son in NSW. He has just started keeping bees and his first bee family is arriving this week. He is very excited as he has wanted to keep bees since he was 9 years old. Awww bless him :-) 9 months ago

chester1955Sunday gratitudes:

Elation and gratitude are here for:
  • Completing the re-organisation and cleaning of the entire shop. Little by little, bit by bit it has been transformed. There is a different energy in there now and it feels wonderful :-)
  • A fun gathering in the newly cleaned shop. 4 friends who just happened to wander in while we were having a coffee break and lo and behold, magic happened!
  • A long Life Coaching conversation with a friend which I knew has been waiting to happen. Decisions have been made.
  • Morning meditation that The Inherited One just has to join in on. I meditate to purr purr purr instead of OM ;-)
  • The good feeling that comes from service to others. 9 months ago

chester1955Saturday gratitudes:

Gratitude is present for:
  • T’s willingness to try the changes I made to the front service area of the shop. Normally ANY change would have met with resistance, but they can see how this ‘might’ work better and are at least willing to give it a go. It would appear that personal progress has been made :-)
  • Thai red curry take away for dinner last night.
  • A really good night’s sleep. I have spent 4 days revamping the shop and some of it has been hard physical labour, moving shelving units, display cabinets and very heavy items. Love my body for being strong and so very grateful for sleeping well and recharging each night. Thank you thank you :-)
  • A solution to the coat hanger problem.
  • Attention and affection from The Inherited One. We had a big purr session yesterday that ended in cat dribble all over the place. He was truly blissed out LOL :-) 9 months ago

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