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chester1955Day 14 - 14 Jan - Pop maker

I love making pop sticks, but the pop maker molds I have are rather small. I have been looking for a ‘full size’ pop stick maker and finally found one.
My Zoku Classic Pop mold arrived in the mail yesterday, so it’s out with the old teeny tiny Ikea molds and in with the Zoku pop mold. 3 months ago

chester1955Monday gratitudes

Today I am grateful for:
  • A good night’s sleep. Thank you thank you.
  • The new book I am reading – Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself by Dr Joe Dispenza. Awesome read :-)
  • Another day without spending any money.
  • A beautiful steak dinner.
  • The arrival of the new Zoku pop stick maker. These pops are bigger than the one I have at the moment and will allow me to add fruit to the pops for a much healthier treat :-) It is also a much better made item that is not only functional but quite beautiful to look at. 3 months ago

chester1955Thanks imgladimme

Thank you for that suggestion. I will definitely begin writing down what I spend my money on during this year.
I just feel like there is such a strong pull towards spending for the sake of spending. Whether it’s the social aspect of going to the shops or because I’ve been programmed to be a consumer.
I subscribe to a www called Life Edited and they have some really great articles about consuming less.
I just feel that 2014 is my year for an overhaul.

Chester 3 months ago

chester1955Two good authors

Two of my favourite authors. Love Wayne Dyer. Enjoy the Kobo. 3 months ago

chester1955Book 59 - Chicken Soup for the Soul - Jack Canfield

This is part of my Life Coaching Diploma reading for Uni. Personally I find his stuff a bit ‘fluffy’ but it has some good stories in it. 3 months ago

chester1955Sunday - not a cent spent

This year I aim to spend less.
I have been editing my life and giving away/donating/selling things I no longer need, BUT I also realise that I need to curb my accumulation of stuff/things/goods on the other side of the equation in order to make it work.
Yesterday I had an interesting day where I talked myself out of getting in the car and driving to the shopping centre just to buy a steak for dinner when I had more than enough in the pantry to be able to make a meal. And make a good meal I did… tuna nachos with fresh salsa and avocado, delicious.
What I did notice was that the URGE to go out and buy was very strong, almost like an addiction. This got me to thinking about how we are programmed from a very early age to consume.
Like when you go to a store and they have those little mini shopping trollies for the kids. A friend of mine thought that was ‘cute’. I told them it was just a way of training the next generation to become consumers. We had an interesting discussion around that topic :-)
So my goal is to be more mindful of how and why I spend money.
I recognise that it’s impossible for me to not spend any money at all, but what I aim to do is to be more aware of how, why and what I spend money on.
I will use this ‘Spend less money’ goal to record the days when I am successful at not spending, or when I have resisted the urge to spend.
I think consuming is a habit a bit like smoking and you have to make a conscious decision to change which in turn interrupts the neural pathways that have been hard wired for decades. It will be interesting to see how I go over the course of 1 year.

Let the experiment begin !! 3 months ago

chester1955 3 months ago

chester1955Day 13 - 13 Jan - Rubber gloves

I have no idea why I have two pairs of rubber gloves that are two sizes too small for my hand.
It will be a bit like the Cinderella story, I’ll have to find someone whose hand they fit :-) 3 months ago

chester1955I know it's cold for you but...

what I wouldn’t give to spend time in the snow again.
I now live in a subtropical area and memories of snow come to me from time to time. Ahhh the crispness of it all, the crunch under foot, the feeling of cold cheeks, the wonderful tingle of blood returning to cold fingers and toes.

Enjoy! :-) 3 months ago

chester1955Sunday gratitudes:

A quiet day of gratitude. I am grateful for:
  • A very good night’s sleep considering my poor stitched thumb was throbbing a bit. Thank you thank you.
  • Finding a pack of unopened latex gloves (to keep the thumb dry when showering) and so didn’t have to buy some.
  • A day when I resisted the urge to go out and spend money. I need to be more mindful of my spending habits.
  • Amazing tuna nachos for dinner :-)
  • Milder weather and a few hours spent out in the garden reading and getting through my Uni study.
  • Listening to my tired body and going to bed early. 3 months ago

chester1955Day 12 - 12 Jan - Undies

You know how it is, you buy some undies on special only to find that the size was wrong, or the style isn’t right. You only tried them on, the tag is still on the article, but for some reason almost 2 years later you still haven’t exchanged them and of course, you haven’t even worn them.
Time for some needy person to get some brand new undies, tag intact, from the goodwill store. 3 months ago

chester1955Day 11 - 11 Jan - Duplicate cook book

I found a duplicate cook book in one of the boxes in the spare room. A vegetarian cook book to boot! And I just happen to have a friend who is a vegetarian and is always looking for new ideas.
This one is a definite ear marked give away. 3 months ago

chester1955Aurora borealis

Oh wow. You live where you can see the aurora borealis !! Awesome :-)
One of my dreams is to see the aurora for real, in the flesh, in real life… so to speak.
I have seen the Southern aurora only three times when I used to live in Tasmania, but the Northern lights … oh I’d love to see those. 3 months ago

chester1955Saturday gratefulness for:

Today I am super grateful for:
  • A really great treatment with J.
  • A free 1/2 hour massage which was awesome. I will be booking a full session sometime soon.
  • The new steel I bought that sharpens my knives so well.
  • The wonderful doctor who put 4 stitches in my thumb when I sliced it open on the super sharp knife that the new steel I bought sharpened so well ;-) LOL
  • The concert I went to in the evening with T. It was really good fun. I had booked the tickets as a surprise for T and what a surprise I got when T told me they had been friends with the lead singer over 20 years ago! 3 months ago

chester1955Friday gratitudes:

Smiles and gratefulness for:
  • A wonderful day spent with a friend. Shopping, bargains, new iPad, a movie and home for iPad lessons. A great day :-)
  • An excellent course webinar. More confirmation I am on the right path. Thank you thank you.
  • My legs recovering from the workout. 3 days of soreness? Didn’t think I worked that hard!
  • My old iPhone having risen from the dead! Has spent a month run down with no power and now after charging the touch screen works again! Go figure. The good news is I now have a spare phone.
  • A good night’s sleep at the end of a wonderful day. Thank you thank you :-) 3 months ago

chester1955Day 10 - Jan 10 - Another washing basket!

Washing baskets seem to breed in my house. Not sure why I have managed to collect so many of them, but I have found another one lurking in the spare room.
Makes a good receptacle for all the other things I am editing. 3 months ago

chester1955Thursday gratitudes:

Gratitude and thanks are present for:
  • A nice cool day with a good breeze to dry the washing.
  • My body getting used to being back at the gym and feeling strong again.
  • A long conversation with a friend.
  • My beautiful lush, green, relaxing garden.
  • Stepping out of my comfort zone and braving meeting a new group of people :-) 3 months ago

chester1955First little Lotto win of 2014 :-)

And January is off to a good start with a little $20.45 win. The girl at the newsagent and I have a little thing going with me promising that when I win the big one I will give her a car. We bling it up with every little win I have. So far we are up to mag wheels, metalic paint, leather upholstery, Bose sound system and fuzzy dice.
This year she’s going to get a new car ;-) 3 months ago

chester1955Day 9 - Jan 9 - Small mortar and pestle

I have re-inherited my old large mortar and pestle and so find I have no use for the smaller one that is sitting in the cupboard.
Will offer this to a friend and if they don’t want it I will give it to the good will. 3 months ago

chester1955Wednesday gratitudes:

Gratefulness abounds for:
  • A friend offering to take my garden waste to the tip, which in turn motivated me to prune the rampant vine, mow the lawn and do a quick tidy up. Thank you thank you.
  • That I had some ‘Council Waste Vouchers’ to give my friend so they got free entry to the tip.
  • Satay chicken dinner. OMG I just love home made satay sauce :-)
  • Sports liniment that soothes aching muscles that have got used to not being used to lift weight over the past 5 weeks. Nice peppermint smell too :-)
  • Dreams and visions for my new career and business. Dream BIG!! 3 months ago

chester1955Day 8 - Jan 8 - Excess bowls

For the past 10 years I have had too many spaghetti bowls. The dinner set I use can be bought in individual pieces and over the last 20+ years I seem to have collected more spaghetti bowls than I need. I have been meaning to cull them and now is a good time.
I have decided that I only need 6 of each piece of crockery, so out they go. 3 months ago

chester1955Day 7 - Jan 7 - Scented candles

I have a collection of half burnt scented candles. I looked at them and thought ‘This is ridiculous, I either need to burn them or toss them out.’
So, I am editing these down to one candle by burning a candle every day until I have only one left.
Gee the house smells nice LOL :-) 3 months ago

chester1955Tuesday gratitudes:

I am grateful for:
  • A good workout at the gym. Sore muscles from resistance training, but that’s to be expected as I haven’t done any for 5 weeks. It’s that ‘good’ soreness like you get at the end of a day of hard work in the garden.
  • Keeping a journal again. My Uni course requires me to keep a daily journal. I used to do this a decade ago and then life took over and I stopped doing it, which sounds ridiculous as that’s probably when you most need to be keeping a journal. Good to be doing this again.
  • Cooler weather. Ahhhhh
  • Beautiful lilies in my home.
  • Staying on top of my email inbox this year. Finally I am unsubscribing from all those people who somehow managed to put me on their mailing list. 3 months ago

chester1955Monday gratitudes

Thanks and gratitude are present for:
  • A hot hot day that ended with the most amazing tropical thunder storm, lightning show and downpour. Ahhh that feels better :-)
  • A good workout at the gym. Finally feeling like I am back into routine.
  • Deciding to get up at 5:30am each morning. This allows me to get routine things completed so I can spend time studying as much as possible.
  • Sharing the love by recycling old health magazines at my gym. Took about 25 to the gym with a ‘Please help yourself to a magazine’ sign. They were all gone in an hour :-)
  • Chester keeping me company during my webinar last night. He came in halfway through the tutorial and curled himself up in box that was on the study desk, looked at me and said “So, what are we studying tonight?” LOL :-) 3 months ago

chester1955Day 6 - Jan 6 - Sports tote

Goodness knows I have a sports store full of backpacks and sports totes.
Time to give one away. 3 months ago


What a cutie !! 3 months ago

chester1955Sunday gratitudes:

Today I am so very very grateful for:
  • A 4am start to the day with a trip to the dog beach. Such fun, 3 friends and 4 dogs. The water was wonderful and we had 4 exhausted doggies in the car on the way home :-)
  • The hot weather continues, but there is a slight cloud cover so it feels cooler.
  • A Skype call with C and J. This is great as I need to get over being camera shy. I have coaching sessions to attend via Skype for my Uni course and my son said he will call me every week on Skype to help me get over feeling self conscious. He’s a sweetie :-)
  • I finally met the Yoda puppy. He’s a Skpye hog! Cute as.
  • Getting a lot of study done and booking in for 4 of the 6 mandatory webinars I must attend “live” for my Uni course. Feeling good :-)
  • Clean sheets and a nice cool, cleansing shower before bed. Hmmm yummy. 3 months ago

chester1955A day at the beach with the dogs

What could be better than getting up at 4am and heading down to the best dog beach ever with friends and 4 dogs. It was awesome fun. The dogs love the beach and swimming for the ball as well as riding the boogie board. Awesome dogs!
Then around 10am you get the hungries because you didn’t have breakfast before you left. OMG BLT with cheese and and egg for brunch.
Yep, definitely one of the good things of 2014 3 months ago

chester1955Day 5 - Jan 5 - Small fan

Due to the really hot weather we have had this past week I have had to use the fan in the study more and I realised just how inadequate it was for the job.
I found another more robust fan in the spare room. This led to me scouting around to figure out how many fans I actually have.
So far I have found 3 fans of which I really only need two, so I am putting the smaller and more inefficient of the three into the ‘re-home’ basket. 3 months ago

chester1955Saturday gratefulness for:

38 degrees again and I am grateful for:
  • Iced water. Thank you thank you.
  • The cool interior of my little unit.
  • A day to do nothing but rest, relax, read through some of my Uni course study material and escape the heat.
  • Crisp, cool, refreshing salad for lunch.
  • Short, cold, refreshing showers to wake up my skin and cool down.
  • Beautiful, abundant, clean, potable water at the turn of a tap. I am so very very blessed to have this basic need so easily and reliably met. Thank you thank you. 3 months ago

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