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What I KNOW about me is more important than what you think about me.

Recent entries from chester1955
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chester1955Thursday gratitudes:

Today I am grateful for:
  • My beautiful little garden. So green and lush and peaceful.
  • Helping T with some buying for their shop. It’s fun visiting the wholesalers.
  • Finding a bell to ring to call The Inherited One in for dinner. Who says you can’t train cats?
  • An email from my friend in NZ. So good to hear from them.
  • Watching the last episode of Breaking Bad.
  • Keeping up to date with my journal. 10 months ago

chester1955Wednesday gratitudes:

Gratefulness abounds for:
  • A beautiful day weather wise. Warm with a light shower. Just right :-)
  • Being frugal and using what is in the fridge, freezer and pantry.
  • A good gym session.
  • An afternoon spent with K. We were so frustrated by Windows 8 that she has now decided to buy a Mac!! Yaaaaay another Mac user is born!
  • Cycling back to a 5am wake up. It’s good to start the day early. 10 months ago

chester1955Day 29 - 29 Jan - Ornamental tagines

I was given two small ornamental tagines which you can’t use for cooking, can’t use for serving because the serving size isn’t generous enough and they simply sit on the shelf collecting dust. Time for them to go. 10 months ago

chester1955Time traveller's wife

Brilliant book. I read it about 8 years ago and loved it.
Have you read The Book Thief ? It has just been made into a movie but the book is so much better. 10 months ago

chester1955Tuesday gratitudes:

Joyful gratitude for:
  • A good workout at the gym. It’s good to be back on deck.
  • Beautiful rain.
  • Playing ‘Fast and Furious’ with the Star Dogs.
  • A nice afternoon coffee meetup with L. I bought a book she recommended.
  • Being up to speed with my Uni studies.
  • Not overeating.
  • A good night’s sleep. 10 months ago


Hi Golden 190,

A link to the Tangalooma Resort dolphin feeding web page.

Enjoy the YouTube video :-) 10 months ago

chester1955Thank you

Yes, you are so right, simple and effective. It is amazing how we collect and inherit “stuff.” Often it’s stuff we have been offered and not felt strong enough to say … No thank you, it’s lovely but I can’t use it, don’t have anywhere to display it, don’t need another one …
At other times it’s just impulse buying so my new rule is to stop and ask myself … How will this add value to my life? Will I use it? Does it serve a purpose? Do I need it? Can I borrow/hire one instead. If I buy this what will I let go of … this especially applies to clothes i.e. the one in one out rule.
It’s an ongoing process and it will be interesting to see what the list of 365 things looks like at the end of this year. 10 months ago

chester1955Love the water

Hi Golden 190,
Yes, it was lovely to have the dolphin join us. The two Star Dogs were sitting on the boogie board and everyone started getting excited and pointing to the water and then the dorsal fin popped up. It swam around the entire inlet saying hello to everyone. We were lucky enough to be only 10-20 metres away from it at one stage. So cool.
There is a place here in Brisbane called Tangalooma where your the wild dolphins come into shore and you can feed them. I hope to do that one day. 10 months ago

chester1955Day 28 - 28 Jan - Unwanted DVD's

I inherited a lot of DVD’s that are not in any genre that I like. Mostly war and crime related stuff. I have a friend who has a gift shop filled with an eclectic range of goods. A few DVD’s here and there at second hand prices will sell OK, so I am giving them to her to sell for me. 10 months ago

chester1955Monday gratitudes - extra day off for the Australia Day weekend

Today I am grateful for:
  • An early morning trip to the dog beach. 5am start to the day, nice long swim at the beach and a DOLPHIN joining us for some frolicking. How awesome is that?!!
  • That The Inherited One is settling into sleeping indoors. His cat fight wound is healing nicely and he is much less stressed now that he doesn’t have to deal with the bully Tom who rules the neighbourhood.
  • A day well spent catching up on some Uni reading.
  • Looking forward to going back to the gym tomorrow.
  • A birthday dinner with D and C at a new bar and bistro that has opened locally. It was lovely and the food was very good. 10 months ago

chester1955Day 27 - 27 Jan - Wii Crossbow

I have not used this since the day it was given to me over 3 years ago. Time to put it up for sale. 10 months ago

chester1955Australia Day - Sunday 26 Jan 2014

Gratitude in abundance for:
  • This wonderful country I live in. Australia is truly an awesome place to live in. To all my friends on 43Things who live elsewhere, come on down under and be amazed :-)
  • A wonderful relaxed, enjoyable Australia Day.
  • A visit from A and H. It’s the first time they have been here since the garden reno in 2012. They were amazed at the change and how green and lush and peaceful my little urban oasis is. :-)
  • A nice phone call from my Son in NSW. He’s had a bout of bronchitis but is starting to feel better now.
  • A day without the Star Dogs which was soooo good for The Inherited One.
  • Finding my copy of What The Bleep Do We Know? Yaay :-) 11 months ago

chester1955Day 26 - 26 Jan - Unread and unwanted books

I inherited a lot of crime books which I have no time or interest in reading. There is just no point in keeping them at all so I am giving them to the good will. 11 months ago

chester1955Book 60 - Breaking the habit of being yourself - Dr Joe Dispenza

This book was recommended by someone who shares the same understanding and philosophy. They thought it would be in keeping with the type of reading I am doing for my Uni course and they were so right in that.
I loved it. A really good book for people who are trying to change the way they interact with the Universe. 11 months ago

chester1955Bundled phone and internet services and saved a bundle too!

What can I say? That was an exercise worth doing :-)
I started looking at the cost of my phone and internet service and discovered that by porting my phone number to my internet provider I could increase my 25Gb peak/25Gb off peak download to a 100Gb all day download AND SAVE $30 a month.
How good is that?!! :-)
This is excellent as I now have twice as much download all day which means I can download all the online Uni tutorials for my course and not have to worry about going over my download allocation and being shaped. Woo Hoo.
$30 a month saved…YES! 11 months ago

chester1955Saturday gratitudes:

Buckets of gratitude for:
  • Getting the lawn mowed just before the rain shower came down. Thank you thank you.
  • The smell of newly cut grass :-)
  • A nice relaxing day spent reading and planning.
  • My wonderful healthy body that serves me so well day in, day out. I love you XXX
  • Dinner with T and some interesting conversation. 11 months ago

chester1955Friday gratitudes:

Good to be home gratitude for:
  • A nice visit to a friends place. I enjoyed the visit, but it’s good to be back home in my peaceful, tidy unit.
  • Big loves from The Inherited One when I came home. He’s a soft old pussy cat :-)
  • An amazing Webinar that confirms that I am DEFINITELY doing the right Uni course. Thank you thank you :-)
  • An amazing Webinar that has helped me to re-focus my own goals and re-commit to the change.
  • This wonderful life :-) 11 months ago

chester1955Day 25 - 25 Jan - Wheat pack

I had two of those wheat packs that you heat in the microwave. I have only ever needed one. The unused one has been given to someone who needs it. 11 months ago

chester1955Thursday gratitudes:

Today I am grateful for:
  • An nice easy organised day before travelling to my friend’s place.
  • A nice meal at a Chinese restaurant.
  • Torrential rain that cooled everything down and no doubt flooded a few low lying areas, but boy we need the water.
  • A cool room to sleep in, thanks to the rain.
  • Overcoming a problem setting up the wireless sound system for my friend.
  • Getting out of the house and visiting someone. 11 months ago

chester1955Shop around for cheaper utilities providers

Sitting down and doing my budget yesterday has led to me taking a good look at my phone, electricity, health insurance and internet providers and the charges they make.
It’s time to shop around for a better deal. The market in all these areas is very competitive right now and I’m sure I can do better and save money. 11 months ago

chester1955Day 24 - 24 Jan - Hanging organiser

I am a day ahead with this one as I am spending the night at a friend’s place and I don’t want to break the rhythm of this goal.
I was given a hanging organiser months ago. At the time I knew I couldn’t use it.
Lesson here is to be honest when people are trying to recycle their possessions. If I honestly don’t like it or can’t use it, I will just say “No thanks, I don’t need another whatchamicallit doohicky impedimenta right now, but thanks for thinking of me anyway.” :-) 11 months ago

chester1955Day 23 - 23 Jan - Brand new but unused toiletries bag

This one has been hanging around in the linen cupboard for about 2 years. It came with the ex’s purchase of cosmetics and has never been used. I already have a great toiletry bag for when I travel so this one can go to the good will.
Why do we keep these things if we are not using them???? 11 months ago

chester1955Wednesday gratitudes:

A wonderful day of gratitudes. I am grateful for:
  • Having the time to sit down, meditate, contemplate and plan. It feels like 2014 is going to be a year of ‘getting things in order’ for me.
  • Getting my 2014 budget done before the end of January. It’s good to know where the money goes :-)
  • An amazing thunderstorm last night and the bolt of lightning that hit outside in the street near my unit. What awesome energy! The room lit up with bright white light, there was no delay between the light and the HUGE boom of the thunder clap, but most amazing was the rush of air that came through the open doors and windows. Truly awesome. I just love tropical rain storms :-)
  • My thumb having healed beautifully and that it is no longer painful, just itchy.
  • More episodes of Breaking Bad. It’s a bit like Dexter, I keep asking myself “Why am I on the baddies side?” LOL11 months ago

chester19555/354 - Wed 22 Jan - Another day without spending any money

So, this is the 5th day I have not spent a cent on anything. Interestingly enough, it seems all my ‘no spend’ days are due to staying home. A lot to be said for not going anywhere or doing anything LOL11 months ago

chester1955Day 22 - 22 Jan - Old quilt and polo blankets

I had a bit of a clean out of the linen cupboard and found an old quilt that hasn’t seen the light of day for 3 years and some polo blankets that have kept it company for the same amount of time.
I have all the blankets I need. 11 months ago

chester1955Woo Hoo - Budget Done :-)

Well that definitely feels better. Now I know exactly what my recurring expenses are, exactly what I can give to charity, exactly how much I can save and how much I have to live on. It’s a good feeling to know you are going to do more than make ends meet.

Lesson here is … if you don’t budget you will wonder where your money goes. If you do budget you will KNOW where your money goes.
I am joyful about that :-) 11 months ago

chester1955Budget time

It’s interesting how easily money gets spent. I’m starting to realise more and more that I really do need to plan a budget and go back to using cash for day to day expenses so that I appreciate where the money goes.
I’ve had a few lunches, dinners, trips to the movies. All done on the credit card and the truth is that I would have been more aware of costs if I had had to pay cash.
Old school budgeting around cash is probably a good way for me to stem the leakage. Today is going to be my budget planning day. Time to review all the “ins and outs” and become more aware of how much money I have to enjoy life with. 11 months ago

chester1955Tuesday gratitudes:

Today I am so very grateful for:
  • A wonderful lunch with LS. Such interesting topics of conversation came up.
  • A day of intense heat in the high 30’s followed by an evening of beautiful cooling rain. Thank you, thank you.
  • Mexican food before a movie.
  • A clean study. I had another tidy up in there as it had got a bit out of control again.
  • A good night’s sleep. Thank you thank you thank you. 11 months ago

chester1955Another little Lotto win!

Working my way up to the jackpot LOL :-) 11 months ago

chester1955Day 21 - 21 Jan - Unused wine rack

I’ve had this for three years and never put a wine bottle in it yet. Time for it to go. 11 months ago

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