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chrysania43) Kenya

I meant to go last year already, but got sick in the minute so had to stay home. So now I finally made and I am so glad. I am having a good time meeting interesting, knowledgable and professional people, so life is good. 11 months ago

chrysania5) Chris Pavone - The expat

From the back cover I thought I could not not like this book, but I really suffered through it. While the story line is ok, there is not one character that has been developed thoroughly, the writing sometimes could be better and overall it just doesn’t work. 11 months ago

chrysania4. Deon Meyer - 7 days

Going to the beach for the Easter vacation was the best thing to do. I enjoyed the book feeling the sun on my skin, looking at the sea and only layed it down for some snorkeling and eating good food. It was the perfect addition to that. 12 months ago

chrysaniaHappy Birthday!

I hope you have a wonderful day as the start of an amazing year. Hope to hear from you how you achieve all the things you want to do. 13 months ago

chrysania3) Charles Cumming - A foreign Country

I liked it. An easy to read spy story, with lots of references to current politics etc. Nothing to last, but quick, easy and nice. 13 months ago


I cleaned out my closet at my parents house which really exists for no reason. I went trough all the clothes I wore at the end of high school and start of college. They were things I wore over and over again, I guess that’s the reason I couldn’t let them go. Now it’s time, so bye-bye my favorite shirts from a long time ago. 5 years ago

chrysania2) Michael Connelly - The Black Box

Picked it up at the airport before boarding an 11 hour flight. I got exactly what I was hoping for – a quick interesting read. I actually liked this book better than a few of the later ones, because it is almost going back to basics. So that was nice and easy. 14 months ago

chrysania1) Gregory David Roberts - Shantaram

Finally starting on this year’s reading and the first pick were almost a 1000 pages of Shantaram. I really liked the way the book made the characters and India come alive for me. I have a clear picture of every character, every street and every emotion. This is very rare for me. I also liked the story – a mixture of easy smiles, emotions, action and some philosophical questions about life. The last 200 pages (the Afghanistan episode) could have been shortened, but overall a very nice read. 14 months ago


Still not sure how to tackle this one. I made up a few routines and put them on The website is not great, really, but it does help to track daily routines. Any ideas for other websites are welcome – or maybe 43 things could add this. Anyway.. things are going so so. I was doing quite well on some (not so well on others) and now that I have started travelling again, it’s all back to square one. Argh… 14 months ago

chrysania41 (&42)) - Israel and Palestine

Now it becomes tricky. Palestine has been recognized as a state by 130 countries, but despite the UN recognition as an observer last year, this does not count as a state recognized by the UN.

This whole situation is so difficult… it’s frustrating just to watch, unthinkable to be involved in. 14 months ago

chrysaniaRunnin 09/02

4.5 km
29:19 min
6:30 min/km 14 months ago

chrysaniaFirst step

booked private lessons starting next week Friady! So far, so good. 14 months ago


- 15 min of putting things away /decluttering
- make the bed
- clean the sink
- drink tea
- before bed routine

- laundry
- recycle paper and plastic
- get a massage 15 months ago


it was a bad day for getting the basics done. Basically I didn’t. I got home late after, i went from work to a birthday party etc. No excuses, i know. But if would get it done everyday, I wouldn’t need the goal, I guess. Tomorrow will be a better day

- 15 min of putting things away /decluttering
- make the bed
- clean the sink
- drink tea
- before bed routine

- laundry
- put all clothes away
- recycle paper and plastic 15 months ago

chrysaniaTodo 13-01-2013

- 15 min of putting things away/declutteringnot that you can see a lot of progress, but it’s baby steps, right?
- make the bed
- clean the sink
- drink tea
- before bed routine

- pick up package from the postThere were actually two. What a nice suprise. Plus I could help somebody who couldn’t figure out how the machines works.
- pick up the bikeConnected to an hour long walk. Time to reflect and get some movement.
- pick two books to read Guillermo Martínez – Los crímenes de oxford & Lois Frankel – Nice Girls don’t get the corner office. I am finally trying to tackle the Spanish book goal.
- plan the weekThis one didn’t really work out. I could plan on so many levels. So I went for defining a focus.
- chose one article to readPolitical fragmentation, decentralization and development cooperation: Ecuador in the Latin American context15 months ago

chrysania 2 years ago

chrysania25) Mandy Roussow - Mangaung Kings and Kingmakers

It was an interesting read, just not enough to fill a whole book. The consequence was a lot of repetitions. Basically, all the interesting stuff was said in the first chapter and then repeated with an additional detail here and there. 15 months ago

chrysania24) Jo Nesbo - Phantom

Another Jo Nesbo with Harry Hole. Gruesome as always, but a good story. 15 months ago

chrysaniaTo do in 2013

When I am back from my vacation I will have to start looking for a teacher for private lesssons. It will only be possible at weekends so I will have to find one that works saturdays as well. 16 months ago

chrysaniaThe Gym

15 min on the stairmaster
20 min running

plus some weight training 16 months ago

chrysaniabefore the christmas break

I want to do this before the christmas break and leave for the holidays with a clean slate. As of now, that leaves 215 emails in my mailbox and 4 reports to write. There are 9 working days left before the break and some additional things will come up, but I really, really want to mark this goal done for once. 16 months ago

chrysania23) Ian McEwan - Sweet tooth

I am a bit undecided about this one. Unlike the Review in the NYT, I didn’t see the ending coming from the start, so I liked the twist in the end (maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention). As always, I also liked McEwan’s style, which is clear and engaging. The story itself could have made more sense (there are quite a few gaps or things that are highly unlikely), but that is ok.

Funnily, I read Sweet tooth at the same time as I read The Paris Wife and both are written from a female perspective in love with a professional writer. From both experiences, I don’t ever want to date a writer. Much too self-absorbed :-) 16 months ago


I travel a lot for work and a lot of it is by myself. So I usually spent my nights in cities I don’t know and I don’t have a kitchen. I feel akward going to “real” restaurants by myself (I know there is no reason for that, but I do), so fast food is an easy way out. The easy way. I am looking for alternatives, but I don’t even know where to look. 16 months ago

chrysania22) Paula McLain - The Paris Wife

Loving Paris and loving the works of Hemingway, I had to read a book about Hadley Richardson, Hemingway’s first wife. The book describes the 6 years of their marriage, from their first meeting to their divorce. Obviously, knowing that Hemingway had four wifes, the story itself is not much of a surprise, but I actually liked the idea of trailing those two through the beginning of his career as a writer and their life in Paris. On the down side, the life in Paris never really felt real, I could never feel the excitment, not even what was keeping them there. It was a bit like the name dropping in the book – Stein, Pound etc. – it was just one more name that was dropped. What comes out best in the book is the feeling of losing a love. This is done with a lot of emotion and felt real to me. Overall, an ok read. 16 months ago

chrysaniaA happier person?

So, everybody tells me I have to be more competitive in order to succeed. Hence, I have been reading these books about status, power games etc., so being tuned to it, I am sensitive to situation when someone is “putting me down” – like cutting in line in front of me, making me move out of the way so the other person can walk his way and other little things. I never cared before, I don’t mind stepping aside, I don’t mind letting someone pass in front of me, because I am sure he has his reasons. Now however, I feel offended all the time! And it doesn’t make me happier, it gets me angry. 16 months ago

chrysania40) Uganda

Though not the last trip, it will the last new country for the year. I was suprised to see how green it is and it was great being back in Africa. I hadn’t been all year and just when I entered the country I realised how I had missed Africa. I wished I could have stayed longer and explored a bit more… I definitely have to come back for the gorillas. Politics are difficult, obiously, but I met a lot of interesting, committed people. A good trip! 16 months ago


- Leaving work at five without feeling bad about it
- Coming home to the new things in my apartment – the carpet, the flower, the little nice things… 17 months ago


Until recently, i haven’t even thought about power as something tonstrive for. I was so naive and probably still am. I thought u just had to do a good job and you would be promoted and eventually become a manager. Hah…no, you just need an instinct for power apparently, something that is alien to me. But neither do i want to be subjected to the power of these instinct people without skills….so it’s apparently either playing with the boys or leaving. 17 months ago

chrysania2 more

Bought two more, now there are 2 more missing. Plus they still need to be hung. :-) 17 months ago

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