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is stargazing

Recent entries from pixienroll
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pixienroll 8 months ago

pixienroll 8 months ago

pixienroll 8 months ago

pixienroll 3 years ago

pixienrolli made it!!!!!

it took me more than 30 days,because i had few stopovers like being out of town and family gatherings,even depression swoops.

My advice – never ever give up on your dreams and goals,because these are the things that makes us stronger;) 9 months ago

pixienrollday 9

fav tv show”misfits” thirst thing in my mind,but to be true i’m a bigest fan of TwinPeaks ever. 10 months ago

pixienrollday 8

fav animated character.
Cartman 10 months ago

pixienroll 10 months ago

pixienrollday 7

fav word:
NAMASTE10 months ago

pixienrollday 6

fav book character.
Pippi 10 months ago

pixienroll 10 months ago


Taz,cheers!! your nice words are like gold to my soul! 10 months ago

pixienrollday 5

my best FRIEND.
Her name is Isabella.My pic is inspired by naive style which i adore very much..;)

materials:gouache,markers,pencils. 10 months ago

pixienrollday 4

FAVORITE PLACE ..Ayia Napa/Cyprus..
i used to spend my whole last year in this magic place.

materials:gouache,markers. 10 months ago


thanks a lot!! i applied mixed media technique .in a background of the hair i was using pencils and simple markers as well. 10 months ago

pixienrollday 3

fav foods :) 11 months ago

pixienrollday 2

finished few mins ago;)))
my it is 11 months ago

pixienrollday 1st

that’s how i portrayed myself (1st draw from yesterday session) 11 months ago

pixienroll 11 months ago


Here is a list 11 months ago

pixienroll 11 months ago

pixienroll 11 months ago

pixienrollFeeling like a cat;))

I’ve done this for 16 days now (everyday).Feeling awesome..;) once you start this habbit it becomes a lifestyle. 11 months ago

pixienrollAmanda Palmer

Born and raised in the Boston area, Palmer’s years of theater and performance art studies helped her to merge these art forms with her love of rock music. Post- college, she was notorious around Boston as a “living statue” street performer, art-party impresario, DIY theater director, and – occasionally – a piano-bashing singer-songwriter, setting up shop in small galleries and friends’ parties to share what would eventually become the first batch of songs for The Dresden Dolls. Upon meeting drummer Brian Viglione at a party in 2000, The Dresden Dolls were born and went on to create multiple critically-acclaimed records over the next seven years.

Palmer could have easily continued on that trajectory – but as the band hit their consecutive fifth year of touring, Palmer decided to take a breather and create her first solo album. After hooking up with Ben Folds for some creatively stimulating jam sessions, Palmer’s solo record, Who Killed Amanda Palmer, began to take shape. Spanning almost ten years’ worth of songwriting, Palmer had nearly thirty compositions to sort through with Folds when she finally went down to Nashville to begin recording them, with Ben Folds acting as producer, arranger and back-up one-man band. Who Killed Amanda Palmer gives the listener an entirely new angle by which to view Amanda Palmer as a songwriter, vocalist, piano-player and arranger.

Fans who have felt a kinship with Palmer – and there are thousands who pore over her words in her personal blog every day – will feel this bond strengthen even further due to the astonishing forthrightness and vulnerability in these songs. Those who know the backstory of Palmer’s personal struggles and musings will feel at home instantly; Palmer has piled every reference, challenge and acceptance from her very vibrant life into this album, inviting the listener into her home, as well as her heart. Who Killed Amanda Palmer sees our fearless heroine weaving together the many threads of her personality, her interests, her extensive artistic family, her astute, witty observations and the stark openness of her feelings into a dynamic record that pushes emotional boundaries while staying true to its genius creator. 11 months ago

pixienroll 4 years ago


i kissed enough frogs since i started my mission.
i realized that you’re here for me,but maybe we are not ready for each other somehow.. .
i feel your flame as we are from the same fireplace.
no matter if it will take the lifetimes, no matter how far you are.
you’re in my heart.and i am blessed with sense of your presence.


your princess 13 months ago

pixienroll20.Younger Brother – Crystalline

Don’t disappear
I need to know
You were there

Don’t fade away
Distant memory
Wait for my death

So you knew my heart
So you knew my heart

In another time
We would meet
With the worlds colliding
At our feet

I look through the air
See all the lives
I can see your eyes
They’re so bright

So you knew my heart
So you knew my heart

Be what you want to be
See what you want to see
Say what you want to say

Run if you want to run
Ride if you want to hide
Try but this won’t go away

So you knew my heart
So you knew my heart

Where did you come from?
How’d you get here?
Went across the sky
Without a care 2 years ago

pixienrollgrateful again n again

i am grateful with all my heart for:

1.that my lover is doing great work in foreign country.i’m grateful that he is waiting for me to come.i feel warm inside just knowing that he is simply ok.

2.weight loss.finally i’m doing body is a miracle. is just my inner knowing,but i feel that it is most powerful force in the universe..should i explain better?WATER…~~ seas,Oceans,rain,8 glasses of water everyday..smelly shower every morning ..warm bath sometimes..water.!

4.creativity.i’m full of it again.

5.positive people online.inspiring people in the world,wayshowers,lightworkers,indigos,crystals, loving people,simple people..i’m blessed with every individual i meet in my existence.

6..i am so grateful for this beautiful autumn in our country!!!!!i love is my favourite season;)

namaste~ 2 years ago

pixienroll19.India Arie - Just for Today

Just for today
I will not worry what tomorrow will bring, no
I’m gonna try something new and walk through this day
Like I’ve got nothing to prove, yeah
Although I have the best intentions
I can’t predict anyones reactions
So I’ll just do my best
I’ll put one foot in front of the other
Keep on moving forward
And let God do the rest

I don’t know what’s gonna happen
That’s alright with me
I open up my arms and I embrace the mystery
I don’t know what’s gonna happen
That’s alright with me
I open up my arms and I embrace the mystery

Just for today
I’m telling the truth like it’s going out of style
I’m gonna swallow my pride and be who I am
And I don’t care who don’t like it, yeah
I feel the fear but I do it anyway
I won’t let it stand in the way
I know what I must do
There’s no guarantee that it’ll be easy
But I know that it’ll be fulfilling
And it’s time for me to show improve

It’s okay not to know
Exploration is how we grow
It’s ok to not have the answer
Cuz sometimes
It’s the question that matters

I don’t know what’s gonna happen
That’s alright with me
I open up my arms and I embrace the mystery
I don’t know what’s gonna happen
That’s alright with me
I open up my arms and I embrace the mystery 2 years ago

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