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No matter where I go in the future I'll remember 43 things.

Recent entries from Collectorofcats
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Collectorofcats For Thursday, August 21, 2014

:-) My returning to work. My day off Wednesday turned out to be therapeutic.
:-) Picked up my granddaughter from school and her telling me how her day went.
:-) Picked up the rent from our tenants. Both what was owed from last month and all this month’s paid. Now it is time to pay my own bills.
:-) Too hot to cook or eat. I nuked chimichangas for G. I ate a slice of leftover pizza straight out of the fridge. Never realized cold pizza could taste so good.
:-) Ice cream for dessert. Topped with Hershey’s syrup and a drop of Carolan’s Irish cream. In a taste test, I could tell no difference between Carolan’s and Bailey’s.
43 Things was still up and running.6 hours ago

Collectorofcats kayak up a river (I hope I have a paddle)

Milk chocolate or dark chocolate? 6 hours ago

Collectorofcats Out

law 6 hours ago

Collectorofcats I travelled the world and the seven seas

What do you do to unwind from the day? Sometimes 43 things but soon Popclogs. sometimes a little Irish cream. Sometimes I’m wound a bit tight.
What is your typical bedtime? 9:30 to 10:30,
Do you remember your dreams? Vaguely, I use to dream about when I was in high school. At least that was the backdrop. At my age LOL
Do you get up often in the middle of the night or do you sleep straight through it? I wake a few times but I usually don’t need to get up to pee or anything.6 hours ago

Collectorofcats Yes

And it doesn’t generally turn out well. Our old dog Alexis brought us a baby rabbit when we lived on the farm and upon discovering it was alive, My daughter who was just 7 insisted we try to take care of it. It was a few weeks old and maybe if we had better training, we could have saved it. It lived for 4 days under our care. I have managed to bottle feed piglets, kittens and puppies before and they survived but the care of wild animals is best left to mother nature unless you know what you are doing.

Have you ever been homeless and actually lived out of your car or stayed someplace different each night because your had no residence? If so, for how long? 16 hours ago

Collectorofcats Untitled

Pancakes or waffles? Waffles every time.
How do you like ‘em fixed up? The last time I fixed them I added about 3/4 cup of applesauce because I didn’t have enough milk. I They turned out delicious. I sprinkled cinnamon along with the syrup. I generally always have sausage with waffles or pancakes and dip it in syrup. I’ve eaten them just about every way imaginable. fresh blueberries or strawberries, blackberry jam, cream cheese, real whipped cream.
Coffee or tea? I drink coffee in the morning. I may drink iced tea in the afternoon or evening. How do you like it? Sweetened.
I actually bought a can of Arizona brand sweet tea (Southern style) today on my way home. It truly amazes me how popular sweet iced tea has become in the last couple years. We use to order iced tea at a restaurant and while G always drinks unsweetened iced tea, It use to be that in restaurants around here, if you wanted sweet tea, they would bring you a sugar bowl or sugar packets. Nowadays, G has to make sure the server knows he wants unsweetened tea or they’ll bring sweet tea. When I go to McDonalds, I fill my cup half unsweetened/half sweet otherwise, it’s too sweet to drink.

Run or walk? walk
How often do you go for one? I’m on my feet 8 hours a day although I’m not confined to any work station. When possible, I try to take a brisk walk from the parking lot into work.16 hours ago

Collectorofcats Blower

fan 16 hours ago

Collectorofcats The Beatles

Elvis Presley or Michael Jackson? 1 day ago

Collectorofcats August 20, 2014

  • I decided to not to go into work and called in and took a personal day.
  • R remembered to take and send me pictures of P’s first day of school. P was so excited.
  • G and I went shopping and got a quick lunch. G just needed to get out of the house for a bit.
  • I took R to pick up P from school. Everything was so confusing. I’d been told school was dismissed at 2:55 so we came early.
  • I brought P home with me and was going to take her to the pool because it was so hot but they have already started draining it. We went to the park for a little bit and I read to her. We managed to stay cool and found some cucumbers ready in the garden.
    43 Things continues to be up and running. Hooray for one more day!1 day ago

Collectorofcats Another word game

This time I will start out with a word and the next person adds a word that goes with it. Example I type the word river the next person types in a word that can be attached to it like dance so together we have river_dance. The next person sees the word dance and types in a word that can follow it like craze so together we have dance_craze. And so on and so on.
I’ll start:

Let’s see who can come up with a word to follow new1 day ago

Collectorofcats Untitled

Highway. 1 day ago

Collectorofcats chili

surf or turf? 1 day ago

Collectorofcats Pitcher

Animal or vegetable? 1 day ago

Collectorofcats Duh? Like Rick Perry?

Maybe he isn’t a world leader but I think I could have handled the drunken DUI head of whatever better then him. I’m not saying she hid behind the color of the law to keep her job when she should have resigned but he used his office to try to bully her into resigning and even vetoed funds to her department to make her quit. I know a lot of people who make mistakes and can be mean drunks but who are gracious and know their shit when sober.

Have you ever had a supernatural experience?. 1 day ago

Collectorofcats Not exactly

Back in the day, my husband and I tried our hand at refinishing a cabinet. the result wasn’t what we hoped for so we took it to someone who refinished furniture professionally. He redid it and we ended up giving it to my mom for Christmas. she had seen it before we ever messed with it and when she saw it afterwards, she told us we did such a great job. I never got around to telling her until years later who actually refinished it. 1 day ago

Collectorofcats Untitled

I didn’t think of that. 1 day ago

Collectorofcats Untitled

:-) 1 day ago

Collectorofcats Untitled

:-) 1 day ago

Collectorofcats Sandals in summer

closed in shoes in winter. Not necessarily sneakers.

Silver or gold? 1 day ago

Collectorofcats Horse

Zoo or Safari? 1 day ago

Collectorofcats Yes

But I’m such an introvert. It is hard for me to just show up someplace even prearranged and meet anyone in person let alone in cyberspace. I’m not that good at connecting with people.

Have you ever had some camping experience you’d like to share? 1 day ago

Collectorofcats Five Star Motel

Because I don’t think I’ve ever been and I’d like to stay in one just one time and loot the minibar.

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

I know it’s passé but the books came out long before the movies1 day ago

Collectorofcats I'm now doing 43 things

Although it says I’m only doing 34 things at the top of the page. 1 day ago

Collectorofcats candle

bee’s wax or paraffin? 1 day ago

Collectorofcats Right now

The sound is messed up on my pc so I only get a visual.

Happy Trails to you, Hawk. 1 day ago

Collectorofcats I either went in late or took off last year...

on her first day of Kindergarten. I had already spoken to my supervisor yesterday about leaving work for 45 minutes this morning to accompany my daughter and granddaughter to school but my daughter decided she had everything under control this morning when I spoke to her. She sent me a few pics. 2 days ago

Collectorofcats Brunette

New-Fangled or old-Fashioned? 2 days ago

Collectorofcats I added to my life list

It shows 43 things while at the top of the page it says I have 34 things. 2 days ago

Collectorofcats Fenton Carnival glass vasey

That was easy. 2 days ago

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