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Collectorofcats Wednesday, April 16

  • Enjoyed lots of sunshine and it was somewhat warmer then the day before even though extra breezy.
  • I got the new Disabled plates for George’s car.
  • George informed me when I arrived home that he successfully showered on his own.
  • I just found out we are going to have a carnival at this year’s Steve McQueen Day. It is fitting. It is said that he left home with such a group as a teenager.
  • We had simple cheeseburgers for dinner. 6 hours ago

Collectorofcats Tuesday, April 15

  • I took off work to take George in for his colonoscopy. Everything went well and the results were clear. Hooray!
  • We had new front tires put on George’s car so it would pass inspection.
  • George drove his car for the first time since November. We argued about it (just a little bit) because I thought his not driving after his procedure meant the whole day according to Doctor’s orders but he didn’t want me to drive because I left my glasses at home. (OMG! They are bifocals. I don’t need them to drive!)
  • We talked to Rachel and Paige on the phone. Paige misses us but she had so much fun last weekend.
  • I stayed up to watch the entire series prmier of Fargo. Hillarious! I also recorded it. 1 day ago

Collectorofcats Spring First

There are so many things I look forward to doing.
  • I’ve already gone to the local plant nursery to window shop for plants. I will probably buy some tomato plants the next trip.
  • Following that note is getting out there in our garden and planting.
  • Opening windows!
  • Listening to the sounds of the neighbors’ mowers and the smell of newly mowed grass.
  • Cleaning out the garage.
  • Going to rummage sales. Nevermind that I either need to have one or donate a lot of junk, myself.
    I wish I could stop time for a few hours to do these things all in one day.
  • Now for my favorite thing on such a list:

Morel mushroom season

I just cant pick out the first warm day for mushroom hunting. It has to follow a few nights that stay in the 50-60 degree range for success.1 day ago

Collectorofcats Do pay off what you can now.

About the best thing about student loans is that they usually are the lowest interest loan you’ll ever have. But even if they are a guaranteed loan, nonpayment will affect youy credit rating just like anything else. 1 day ago

Collectorofcats Sunday and Monday

  • We had opened some windows Saturday. We didn’t really need to close them until Sunday evening.
  • Got some vacuuming done.
  • I didn’t get to clean out the garage like I planned but I’d rather watch movies on a rainy afternoon, anyway.
  • Jessica and Nick came by for a visit.
  • George and Nick had fun target shooting with an air pellet pistol. It’s nice when your house is large enough to fit a target range inside on a rainy day.
  • The temperatures hadn’t dropped enough yet Monday morning for my car windshield to freeze and the roads were only wet with no ice for my journey to work.
  • Nick got bitten by an insect at school Monday. He had a serious enough reaction later in the evening that Jessica had to leave work and take him to the emergency room. All is well, now.
  • It was suppose to be snowing big time outside but every time I looked out there was nothing but some spitting. And everything melted when it hit the ground.
  • The forecast calls for a gradual warm up into the upper 50s Tuesday and maybe 70s Wednesday. As I live in Missouri, the 90s cant be far away. I’ve experienced a warm and humid Saturday followed by a cool rainy Sunday follwed by a cold and snowy Monday with a hard freeze Monday night. Yes, it certainly can be 90 degrees within the next seven days. This is Missouri.
  • Butter Rum Life Savers candies. A childhood favorite. 2 days ago

Collectorofcats Thank you

We have a prayer list going for just about everyone we know who is facing illness. 3 days ago

Collectorofcats Thank you

It just seems like everyone around me is becoming ill. So many people I know are battling cancer, are cancer survivers or have already lost the battle. Many are relatives.
My mother was a breast cancer surviver even though she is now diseased from other causes. Both my mom’s half brother and his wife died of colon cancer. My paternal grandmother died of pancreatic cancer. My father-in-law survived several different cancers including a brain tumor and testicular cancer. My daughter reminded me in a phone conversation last evening that my estranged brother’s wife is now battling lung cancer as well. It is unknown to me what sort of treatment she is receiving. I used to think cancer was something that happened only in other people’s families. 3 days ago

Collectorofcats Some Depressing News

We’ve been dealing with George’s cancer for over a year now. Actually, it’s reaccurance after 13 years. He finally has his clagett window sewn up (again) two weeks ago and it appears to be healing up fine. We already know he may have another small mass on his remaining lung and he has a PET Scan scheduled later this month to see if it has grown and therefore, malignant. If malignant, we already have decided no more surgery. Living with one lung and already having COPD is difficult enough. He is on oxygen. He will either have chemo or radiation.
Tuesday, he has a routine colonoscopy scheduled. My insurance offers colonoscopy screenings free as part of their wellness package. I’m planning mine in a couple months while I’m on vacation.
In the past year, we received the news that George’s brother-in-law is fighting malignant skin cancer the fourth time. Just before Christmas, our niece’s husband found out he has Hodgekin’s disease. He is fairly young, only in his mid 30s. Then last week my husband’s cousin in Colorado fell and broke his leg and after some routine blood test, he, too has cancer. His is already so advanced it is in his bones and the prognosis is dismal. Right now, all that can be done for him is pain killers and to make him as comfortable as possible. 3 days ago

Collectorofcats They were in costume, right?

Maybe the actual band members had stand ins to do the movie for them. 4 days ago

Collectorofcats Saturday, April 12

  • I worked a half day. Off before noon.
  • Picked up my daughter and went to some rummage sales and thrift stores.
  • I didn’t find what I set to look for but found what I needed.
  • George started to clean the refrigerator before I got home. I finished the job.
  • Greek vanilla yogurt and halos (mandarin oranges). 4 days ago

Collectorofcats Worst films #5

1. Animal Olympics
2. The Blair Witch Project
3. Avatar I disagree about this one but to each his own..
4. The Room
5. The Ring
6. The next person’s 4 days ago

Collectorofcats Untitled

Here is one credible argument for legal sterilization. Anyone ludicrous enough to condone bringing murder charges against an infant like this ought to be sterilized and their balls cut off for good measure.
And remember, in that part of the world, they stone women and girls for seeking education or showing their heads in public. 4 days ago

Collectorofcats Friday. April 11, 101st Day Of The Year

  • I went to work in spite of not feeling 100%. An easy day for me.
  • Paige is spending the weekend with her dad. Miracles do happen.
  • Our garden was tilled. Hooray!
  • Our strawberry plants are emerging! The rhubarb is already going strong!
  • I took George out for a drive after I got home from work. We went window shopping for tomato plants. 5 days ago

Collectorofcats Thursday (100th day of the year.)

  • Another picture perfect day.
  • George’s friend Bill drove George around to do some errands while I was at work.
  • I became ill at work and came home early. I worried I had food poisoning. Much better now.
  • I laid down and tried to nap all afternoon. Our kitten now named Ninja slept with me.
  • I watched The Americans which I had recorded. I like skipping thru commercials. It is amazing how short the show actually is without commercials.
  • We had a light supper. 6 days ago

Collectorofcats Wednesday, April 9

  • Hump day. Also the 99th day of the year if that means anything.
  • A day full of sunshine, warmer but a little breezy.
  • Picked Paige up and brought her home for the night. When I asked what she did in school, she replied “We ate breakfast, lunch and then had cake.” I told her that I hoped Michelle Obama didn’t find out about the cake.
  • I cleaned out the asparagus bed with a little help from little hands.
  • We had a super simple dinner of cheeseburgers.
  • I took Paige to the park after dinner. A nice stretch of exercise for me and a chance for her to bun off excess energy before bedtime. 1 week ago

Collectorofcats Tuesday, April 8

  • Tuesday turned out cooler but we were greeted with a brief afternoon Spring shower. I could smell the wet asphalt, one of my favorite smells.
  • I got off early to take George to his pre op appt. Everything went well.
  • Having lunch out with my husband. We had Taco Bell. Wasn’t bad.
  • Went shopping and finally bought a new digital camera to replace the one I lost over a year ago.
  • Took George by Jessica’s to show him where she lives. It was the first time I’d been inside. It is a small house but just the right size for her and our grandson. 1 week ago

Collectorofcats A few

Kind of a Drag by The Buckinghams was one that as a kid I always thought the words were Canada Dry. Another is Lay Down Sally. by Eric Clapton. I always thought it went Way down South.
They were the kind of song we sang along with on car rides. 1 week ago

Collectorofcats Monday, April 7

  • I remembered to stop at McDonalds for free coffee before work.
  • Another picture perfect Spring day. Oh, yeah, it is finally feeling like Spring.
  • Spoke with my brother on the phone. He’ll keep me informed when he begins finding morel mushrooms in the coming weeks. He has a nose for it just like our dad.
  • Leftover spagetti for dinner. Some dishes always taste better the second day.
  • An evening for folding laundry while watching television. I watched Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. It was both hokey and entertaining. 1 week ago

Collectorofcats 43. I only hope we don’t lose sight of one thing. It was all started by a mouse

Today, my granddaughter’s budding talent in chalk art is inspired by her (my) kitten. Maybe someday, she’ll be remembered as an artist, writer or photographer and know she owes it all to a cat. 1 week ago

Collectorofcats Sunday, April 6

1. Enjoyed a lazy morning with my husband and granddaughter.

2. Paige and I took advantage of the mild temperatures and sunshine and spent time at the park before the clouds moved in.

3. George has contacted someone to till our garden spot sometime this week. I’m planting cucumbers as soon as it’s ready.

4. Fresh strawberries and real whipped cream for dessert.

5. Fresh smelling laundry.1 week ago

Collectorofcats Saturday, April 5

  • Only worked until noon. I still got in over six hours.
  • Paige didn’t go to her daddy’s. I swung by and picked her up.
  • Taking my granddaughter to lunch at MickyDs. We both got our dose of vitamin D in their outside eating area.
  • Browsing thru a local plant nursery. I always feel like a kid in a toy store.
  • Just a specacular early Spring day. 1 week ago

Collectorofcats 10. Rainbow Connection

This month I have my assistant Paige helping me take photos. After several tries, she captured this one of her new McDonald’s toy My Little Pony Rarity representing rainbow power. 1 week ago

Collectorofcats 36. In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun

After watching her paint for a few minutes, my granddaughter Paige wanted to join in. It was almost like the scene form Tom Sawyer. The girl was getting paid to do it and Paige wanted to know how much I would give the girl to let her paint. And it was such a fun color. 1 week ago



  • As Spring in our area is about 2 weeks behind, we haven’t done any preparation for our garden, yet. George plans to call the guy who’s tilled it in the past as soon as the weather is dry enough.


  • Now that George is no longer house bound by health issues, he has a wellness colonoscopy scheduled this month. While it isn’t somthing I’m looking forward to, I see this in my future as well. Also, a mammogram.


  • Plans to clean out the garage and other general decluttering jobs this month. 1 week ago

Collectorofcats Friday

  • Window shopping. There is no buyer’s remorse.
  • I didn’t bring Paige home for the weekend. Her Dad hinted he might want her on Saturday.
  • I volunteered to work Saturday so another employee could have off to watch his grandkids play basketball.
  • Watched a new episode of Elementary with George that he had recorded on the DVR. He set it up to record Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and Abraham Lincoln,Vampire Hunter so we can watch them later while skipping thru commercials.
  • A quiet evening spent with hubby and cats. 1 week ago

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