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Recent entries from Collectorofcats
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Collectorofcats For Thursday, February 7, 2013

  • Spoke to grandson on the phone last night. He is doing well in school.
  • George made his appointment to get his cardio stress test done.
  • I got off early from work and snuck in a nap and then took a long soak in the tub. The bathtub is still the best place to get caught up on my reading. 22 months ago

Collectorofcats the tendency to hoard is inherited and contageous

I cam from a family of hoarders. My dad could never pass up a deal on coffee or green beans and bought cases of canned goods or lightbulbs at a time. He stopped and picked up every shoe, shovel or piece of furniture discarded on the side of a road, street, curb for city pick up. I thought it was just my dad who had the problem because while my mom never threw anything out, she had everything organized. When her parents died, she carefully went thru all their furniture and stuff and quickly sold, gave away or discarded what wasn’t worth keeping. She boxed all the family photos and papers and stored them carefully away. It took awhile for me to recognize she had the problem, too. She was just better at hiding it then my dad. She actually went into business selling the junk my dad had accumulated over the years. Eventually, however, She began going to rummage sales and auctions herself looking for bargains and antiques to sell at flea markets and her booths at antique malls. Over the years it became apparent she was acquiring far more then she was selling. Since all us children were out of the house, she used the spare bedrooms for her evergrowing inventory.
I’ve watched enough episodes of Hoarders to realise that no matter how different every hoarding situation is, there is at least one common denominator: The thrill of acquiring, shopping, buying, collecting. My endorfins got released in my brain everytime I found a new addition to my collection of glass or I was the successful bidder on three huge boxes of books at an auction (Hey, I got them for only $1 each) or a found a perfectly good basketbal hoop wih stand sitting curbside waiting for the first person to come along.
The differences is what we tend to hoard. I know people who continually buy new stuff (clothes, shoes, acessories, personal items and general merchandice and months and years later still have the price tags on everything. I always congradulated myself because I wasn’t like that. I always wore what I bought. It was rare for me to buy clothes I would never wear, at least while they fit. I read all those books. I found a spot for that new bowl. We used that basketball hoop all the time.
My problem is I cant throw anything away. Even if it outlived it’s usefulness, it is hard to discard. I have kept clothes that no longer fit because I intend to lose that weight I’ve gained. It doesn’t matter that I have too much furniture, almost all is antiques and possibly worth something and I can hardly decide which should go or remain. Also, I have a big house so there is a spare room or two to store things. We moved a year ago and we finally realized that we have to stop this insanity. We have thrown away, donated, and sold a huge amount of stuff this past year. Unless I’m wearing it, eating it or using it, I do not buy anything anymore. Our clutter is still there. We still have two spare rooms, and a garage full of things but we are no longer adding anything to the clutter. I’m working weekly to eliminate what we already have. It can be a slow process but it can be done. My diningroom is nearly clutter free. There is nothing in that room that doesn’t belong except for a couple boxes of photos. I’m actually going to keep those for now.

Collectorofcats It is .......

amazing. I’ve been trying it with just about everything. My granddaughter even eats it with carrots. 22 months ago

Collectorofcats For Wednesday, February 6


granola cereal with milk
black coffee

Mid morning break:

black coffee
breakfast burrito consisting of egg, cheese, bacon and hash browns in a flour tortilla
a handful of green roasted soy beans with sea salt.


Tuna salad with Ritz crackers
raw carrots with dill dip
2 Dove milk chocolate promises (now, they are all gone)

Late afternoon:

pear slices with sweet & salty caramel dip. (A bit different then apples but good)
Half & half lemonade/iced tea


Fettucini alfredo
green salad with ranch dressing
Half & half lemonade/iced tea

After Supper:

Way too many chocolate chunk cookies with milk 22 months ago

Collectorofcats Hump Day, February 6, 2013

  • Glorious Springlike weather. I spent part of my lunch break outside.
  • I picked my granddaughter up from preschool and brought her home to spend the night. We went to the park for 30 minutes. She practiced riding her scooter there and back.
  • After supper, Paige helped me bake chocolate chunk cookies. The premade cookie dough was guaranteed to be safe eaten raw. Yummy! 22 months ago

Collectorofcats Bittersweet

Sweet 16 and never been kissed
Do you remember being 16? Was it ‘sweet’ for you? Was it a special age to be? Were you kisses by someone desirable at 16? I hated my teenage years. I was the good girl with overprotective parents. I had a crush on a couple boys but that was it. Yeah, I kissed a few frogs. They turned out to be toads.

18 – becoming an adult
Did you feel adult? Did you like being 18? How stable were you at 18? I was already in college and away from home. Hurray. I was also sensible. I had a parttime job. I dated a guy (this being my freshman year) who I’m now positive was gay. We never got beyond holding hands in public or private. I saw him a couple years later. He was into body builing by then. He was hanging out with another body builder. They looked like they did more then just hold hands.

21 – keys to the house
Was being 21 any better/worse?
How independent were you at 21yrs old? By the time I was 21, I was living with my future husband which wasn’t okay with my mom. I found out I liked being an adult. Even if it was just to pissed my mother off.

If you could exchange 5 years of your present life for five years stuck at an an age of your choice, what age would you choose? I would pick 22 before I was married and didn’t have my daughter. Maybe it would be like the Ground Hog Day movie and I would live that year over 5 times making different key decisions like get married, not get married, etc. Of course, having knowledge or memory of what my life is like now would be part of the bargain.22 months ago

Collectorofcats That doesn't just deserve a cheer.

Performing Shakespear on a moving train even if you believe you’re the only passenger deserves a standing ovation. 22 months ago

Collectorofcats Current Top 10 Favorites

Carl Hiiasen
Nora Roberts
Catherine Coulter
Jude Deveroux
Diane Mott Davidson
Clive Cussler
Patrica Cornwall
Tom Clancy
Sandra Brown
J. A. Jance 22 months ago

Collectorofcats For Tuesday, February 5, 2013

  • My friend and coworker Susan disclosed that she and Greg finally had their second date this last weekend. They are both still a little gun shy but she said if things don’t work out between them romantically, she would still enjoy him as a friend. Greg is so easy to talk to. I’m still glad I set them up.
  • George called me at work and told me he had our friend Steve take him to the E. R. He was having chest pains. I left work early and drove over to the hospital only to find they’d already released him. The E. R. doctor announced it was only angina probably brought on by exertion and anxiety. He put George on a regimen of baby aspirin and told him to schedule further tests with our family physician.
  • My husband for all the little things he does to make my life easier. 22 months ago

Collectorofcats For Tuesday, February 5


granola cereal with milk
black coffee

Mid morning break:

vanilla flavored simplait yogurt
cinnamon almonds
black coffee


Apple slices with sweet & salty caramel dip
baby carrots wth dill dip
2 Dove milk chocolate promises


1 slice thin crust philly steak & cheese pizza
tortilla chips with rotel dip (melted velveta and rotel tomatoes)
chocolate milk 22 months ago

Collectorofcats Hey Simon

Doesn’t unreliability go hand in hand with unpredictability? We never know when you disppear or reappear. When you are gone, it give me something to look forward to: your return.
BTW, have you ever had cinnamon pringles? Someone told me they taste like cinnamon almonds, Lots of cinnamon. 22 months ago

Collectorofcats Until we moved last year

Smokie had always been outside. We believe she was an orphaned kitten adopeted by our daughter’s cat Mischief. We had neighbors who thought her mother was a stray they befriended and were feeding on a regular bases. They knew she probably had a litter of kittens somewhere. Then she disappeared. About that time, Smokie showed up. Mischief whose own kittens were about 4 months old was allowing Smokie to nurse. My husband had banned the cats from the house because of the fleas and messing so we never brought Smokie inside. It was originally agreed when we moved that our daughter would find homes for the three remaning cats at the house. It became quickly obvious that finding homes was harder once the cats were a certain age. It was winter and I couldn’t stand to leave them outside so George finally agreed to allow us to bring them to our new home. We had never handled Smokie much before this and as she got older, she became more wild. When we came to get them, we decided to catch her first. Otherwise, I doubt we’d ever see her again. We finally caught all three and put them in carriers and brought them home and kept them inside until they were all spayed. It took months to settle Smokie down, but now she is really a laid back cat. 22 months ago

Collectorofcats Untitled

So, in a day, what kind of pills do you take? How many perscription, how many over-the counter? I sometimes take 2 OTC naproxin depending on how my knees feel when I get up in the morning. other then that, nothing.

Do you also use eye-drops frequently, or cough syrup or cough candies? Ear drops? Special medicated lotions for skin conditions? Nerve pain? Dental issues? The eye doctor told me to use articial tears for my dry eye condition. I keep forgetting to use it. I use some lotion for dry skin. Currently, I’m trying out Vaseline intensive rescue repairing moisture body lotion. I like it.

Do you take sleeping pills? Pills to stay awake? Pills to stay regular? Pain pills? Cold medications? Nausia? Stuff for menstrual cramps? We have pain and cold medications and stuff for mentrual cramps. I haven’t had to use much of the cold medication this winter, thankfully. No one close to me has had the flu or a severe cold so I’m hoping not to need any cold remedies this season.

What do you take for vitamins? Any kind of dietary supplements, like protein mixes, or powders? Creatine or other boosters?
Be honest, does your bathroom/kitchen look like a pharmacy? I take a multivitamin when I remember. The pharmacy look is for all the stuff my Hubby takes.
How many of these pills are for a specific condition and are prescribed or recommended, and how many of them are just because you think you might need them?
I cant speak for my husband. Some are prescribed, some are recommended and the rest are just what he thinks will help him.
Do you keep multiple bottles of the same thing in several locations, or do you have single bottles, and use them until you run out? He keeps some pain meds and an inhalor for his COPD upstairs and downstairs both.22 months ago

Collectorofcats 2 miles are doing this in miles and not kilometers? Anyway, that’s better then what I’ve done this year. 22 months ago

Collectorofcats For Monday, February 4, 2013

  • I had a really good start to the work week. My supervisor will be absent all week visiting another facility and sometimes I think things run smoother without him.
  • I went outside at lunch break and managed to enjoy the gorgeous, although cool weather. The sun felt great as long as I stayed out of the wind and it tried to be warm.
  • Our cat Smokie has really warmed up to me and has even gentled down around our granddaughter. She nows allows us to pick her up and love on her without getting skittish. And she purrs. It is hard to believe this is the same, almost ferrrel cat of a year ago, both physically and mentally. 22 months ago

Collectorofcats For Monday, February 4


granola cereal with milk
black coffee

Mid morning break:

apple slices with sweet & salty caramel dip
some cinnamon almonds
black coffee


Progresso Rich & Hearty Chicken and Homestyle Noodles
5 Ritz crackers
2 Dove milk chocolate promises

Afternoon snack:

Vanilla flavored Simplait yogurt
pretzels with that damn addictive caramel dip again


2 chimichangas with sour cream and salsa
Daily’s light strawberry margarita (180 cal) 22 months ago

Collectorofcats When I tried to lose weight last year

I simply cut out all the soda and coffee creamer plus limited my carbs to one serving a meal. I also made a point of increasing my fruit/veggie intake. I found it harder to make myself eat 5 full servings of fruits and veggies then cut out the fat and carbs. Cutting out the soda was grand, but the immediate weight loss was mostly water and it took time to adjust. I think that is why so many diets fail. People loose the first couple pounds which is mostly water too quickly then nothing. They loose momentum.
I nearly lost 30 pounds then returned to most of my bad food choices. I don’t drink soda now at all and it is almost an economic choice as much as a diet choice. At the height of my soda drinking, I estimated I drank $20 in soda a week.
I think the biggest challenge to dieting is finding healthy low cal/low fat foods you like to eat rather then depriving yourself of the unhealthy food you love. The only other advice I can offer is portion control and some daily form of exercise that’s different from your usual routine.
Although I did gain a bunch of my weight back, I’m again trying to return to more healthier eating habits and hope to lose all the weight and then some. 22 months ago

Collectorofcats 22 months ago

Collectorofcats Good Luck

I guess I’m unfamiliar with Ruger automatics. I didn’t know they made a 45 acp. My husband says to stick with the GI 45s. He says Ruger has some problems with this model you might not be aware of. 22 months ago

Collectorofcats Untitled

That might be nice. 22 months ago

Collectorofcats Clay pidgeons

The fragile round clay disks replaced live birds originally used in skeet and trap shooting. The now extinct passenger pidgeon was very popular for this sport. 22 months ago

Collectorofcats No

I’ve never owned a chess set and have never learned to play. One of my few regrets. 22 months ago

Collectorofcats Week of February 3, 2013

Pay all bills due by the end of the week.Done
Notify the gas company that provides service at our former residence of switchover and where to send the final bill.Done
Assemble Hubby’s new chair. Tools are still in Marshall.Done
• Continue finding new ways to sneak exercise into my daily routine.
Collect February rent due on our two rental properties.Done
Make February mortgage payment.Done22 months ago

Collectorofcats If you have kept up with Presidential current events

Every president since Teddy Roosevelt has probably had his picture taken with a rifle or shotgun to show some knowledge of firearms and to demonstrate his ability as commander in chief of our armed forces. 22 months ago

Collectorofcats For Sunday, February 3


black coffee
1 fried egg with a slice of cheddar cheese
1 sausage patty
cottage cheese with salsa


1 Yoplait whips lemon burst flavored yogurt
1/2 yoplait whips key lime flavored yogurt (granddaughter decided she didn’t like it after all.)
tuna salad sandwich on wheat bread
Lays lightly salted potato chips
chocolate milk

afternoon snack:
3 Dove milk chocolate promises
4 or 5 funsize tootsie rolls (We found the last of the Halloween candy and it was still good fresh)

1 cheeseburger on wheat bread with mustard, ketchup and dill pickle
potato salad
baked beans
water 22 months ago

Collectorofcats For Sunday, February 3, 2013

  • We finally got the new chair out of the box and assembled it. It took no special tools and came with it’s own allen wrench. George decided it was just a tad small for him and now I’m using it. One of his friend’s claims to have fixed the castor on his old chair and it hasn’t come off since so he claims he can get by awhile without a new chair. I still plan to buy him a nice one once our taxes are done.
  • Jessica and Nick called us from Georgia. Nick said all the clothes we sent him fit fine. The new jacket has come in handy even though it doesn’t get as bone-chilling cold in Georgia as it does here. I just hope he’ll be able to wear it next winter as well.
  • I set up my DVR to record a Rugrats movie for Paige. We ended up watching it together while the Superbowl was going on. I still don’t know who won. 22 months ago

Collectorofcats At first

We thought she might be kept inside by someone. She is one of those cats that manages to make friends with the neighbors. She use to go two doors down where one neighbor lived who often gave her treats. They had a big friendly dog who liked Mischief and she didn’t seem to mind even though she doesn’t like dogs in general. They lost their house through foreclosure and had to move. Mischief disappeared before all that happened and they said they hadn’t seen her in awhile. Another neighbor has 13 inside cats at last count or so they claim.I doubt if they would admit they had her if they did. 22 months ago

Collectorofcats Untitled

I wondered the same. 22 months ago

Collectorofcats Blocking

Blocking is different from usubscribing. You would do it if you do not want to have any interaction with someone on this site. All I know is I’m no longer subscribed to this person and cant resubscribed, cheer or comment on any post this person’s post. Usually the person does something to offend you or is harassing you which might make it a good idea to block them. I liked a few of this person’s posts and cheered them and decided to subscribe awhile back. As far as I know I’ve done nothing offensive to them. I don’t know if I left a comment on an entry made they didn’t like or what. 22 months ago

Collectorofcats Block?

A lot of people have deleted from this site over the years I’ve been here. All having different reasons. Some have resurrected themselves with new usernames. Some have not returned. There had been so many lately that I haven’t really searched to find out who deleted. It would only be after someone else noted who last deleted that I realised my subscriptions or those who were subscribed to me were down. What surprised me today was coming across an entry by someone I was supposedly subscribed to and finding out they had blocked me. My last contact with them was a cheer I gave them in mid December for an entry they made. I have not idea why they blocked me and I guess I’ll probably never find out. I haven’t had anyone block me in a long time. That last person who blocked me sent me obscene messages telling me what a horrible person I was and thoroughly ridiculed me then immediately blocked me before I could respond. I guess this just makes me feel weird 22 months ago

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