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Out of clutter find simplicity

Recent entries from danadoodle
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danadoodlethanks, nico

I like how we look here (in front of NYPublic Library). Would like to take more pics like this and see the world with him. 2 years ago

danadoodletue, jan 10

What I’d like to apply for is UrbanGlass’ bead making program in Brooklyn. If anything, it’ll keep me thinking foward beyond the surgery.
On New Years weekend I found an email about it at the top of my inbox and took it as a sign. Lou printed out the application for me, and have been gathering up papers regarding my income I have to make copies of. Would be really exciting if I got in this semester or next. 2 years ago


it is! :) 2 years ago

danadoodlei feel like a jinx

whenever I start blabber mouthing about someone I like it tends to go straight down the toilet. At times I can be agressive and that scares the guy off, or the wrong guy is attracted to me and while we’ll like each other very much, when word gets around that we do, it gets weird or he’d find another shiny thing catching his eye and move on. I’ll be emotionally invested in this person, and end up completely devastated even when I knew better.

When I first started dating in junior high, my mother and I brought up who I was dating to my familly, and while Bunny thought this was so cute, my great-aunt and her children flipped out. After that, and other unconventional experiences I hesitate to bring up the dudes more and more until its long since over.

Watch. Now that its outted, he’ll probably break up with me with some dumb excuse: I hate your cat; I’m married with 6 kids; You’re fat and poor; You can’t get into Dr Who, its just a TV show to you; I’m marrying JLo with an excellent prenup. 2 years ago


My friend and neighbor Gypsy had been trying to convert me into a Dr Who fan and several other scifi shows for years now, and back in 2005 she took me to a Dr Who meetup at Swift’s where I met Lou and other fanatics. He was an acquaintence I kept in touch with through facebook, and this spring he had the nerve to ask me out. He said that he had wanted to kiss me the first night we met, and I was very taken with that.

We’ve been seeing each other on weekends since May, and have been through a lot in just a few short months. We’ve are there for each other emotionally as we both are being much needed family for one another, and are making a good fit this way. He’s wonderfully sensitive, sentimental and romantic and he makes me cry so easily…in a good way, as I haven’t been in a real relatioship in so long I didn’t think I’d ever be in one again my gratitude just pours out in tears. Because of my current situation, we’ve exchanged keys last week, and Lou has met some of my cousins on Christmas.

This was the kind of love I’d been looking for. The kind that will be there for you as a friend with deep affection and emotional support and security. To nuzzle quietly like two great bears, and not be embarrassed to be human (to fart, blelch, show emotion) and be comfortable in our own skin… and see each other as beautiful souls. 2 years ago

danadoodleMerry Christmas to all at 43things!

Have a lovely holiday and may the new year bring us closer to our dreams and goals. 2 years ago

danadoodleMerrry Christmas, John

and a bright, shiny New Year 2 years ago

danadoodlebetter than before

but still really really really stressed out.

The neurologist said this is the best situation considering the possibilities they were running during the week. She said the finding was a complete surprise to them.

The discharge paper had MASS MASS MASS all over the place and the attending didn’t completely explain in my freaking out, the pituitary gland itself becomes a tumor when it enlarges and I was under the impression it was the gland plus a growth. So its better knowing thats not the case. Its over twice its regular size and irregular shaped, and they’d like to take it out without using any reduction drugs. She said my sight should be restored after the removal, which I’m VERY relieved about. I don’t know what I’d have done if it was something progressive. 3 years ago


I have had nothing but health problems all last month, and was just discharged from the hospital Wednesday (been there since Friday, 12/2). Have been throwing up, fainting, fever, blurred vision in one eye. MRI on Wednesday showed an enlarged pituitary gland and possibly a mass (official finding not written up yet). Have to get situated with neurology as an outpatient and hopefully find out more on Monday…. 3 years ago

danadoodlesafe journey

My heart goes to you and your family, spyrunner. I’m sure your mom did wait so her children could be with her. Love brings us all together and carries our memories always even when we’ve moved on.
Hugs and love.
(((((((spyrunner)))))) 3 years ago


Congratulations! New beginnings are always so exciting! :) 3 years ago


I’m so sorry, spyrunner. I know how hard this is. 3 years ago

danadoodlei feel so proud

and honored!

Plus, I got to bring back disco! 3 years ago


Just be yourself, John, and don’t worry what others might think. You’re here to help yourself, not entertain them. 3 years ago

danadoodleAnd the rest of my life

Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! Cheer!Wish I could just cheer this sentence a billion times. Go, girl! 3 years ago

danadoodlewed, nov 9

- Bead: Started joining pieces together. So far beading is the one thing thats keeping me calm. I’m losing myself in my work, and I like that.

- Declutter: Its slowed down. Have to pick up the pace later.

- Meds and monitor: Been taking the meds but not being regular with monitoring. Been sleeping an awful lot, throwing up and very stressed. After almost six months of paper work and office interviews, SS turned down my application. Now I have to appeal and do it all over again. Just don’t know when the bullshit ends. I’m very upset.

- Get off Coke: Got a bottle of ginger ale today.

- Walk: Walked around the block some, but not much more than that. 3 years ago

danadoodleIts never too late

to run buck wild. Have a grand birthday, Simon. 3 years ago

danadoodlehave fun!

Window shopping is so relaxing and fun.
Have a great birthday and a terrific year to come! 3 years ago

danadoodlemake a wish

Not as much as cat hair from mine and other people’s cats. 3 years ago

danadoodlesat, nov. 5 and sun, nov. 6

- Bead: Really pleased with how this is shaping up, and got to spend more time with it this weekend.

- Declutter: Making little pockets of space…that will soon be filled with new boxes. I just feel like bringing all this stuff in is going to paralyze me, and am really dreading this.

- Meds and monitor: Started a new drug Sunday and its making me drouzzzzy. Should probably take this before going to bed instead.

- Get off Coke: Drank another 2 liters over the weekend…ugh.

- Walk: Walked quite a bit Saturday; was sick and throwing up Sunday, so didn’t go out or even watch the marathon and I love the NYC marathon…. :/ 3 years ago

danadoodle((((((((((purple lady)))))))))

Thank you so much. Hope the year ahead does get better. x 3 years ago

danadoodlestrength to you

Feel better soon. 3 years ago

danadoodlethur, nov 3 and fri, nov 4

- Bead: Coming along nicely, and feel good about it.

- Declutter: Got a garbage bag out Thursday, and some heavy pieces on Friday. Going to see if I can bring something from storage tomorrow.

- Meds and monitor: Felt awful Friday and slept most of the day, and my blood pressure and sugar levels were actually lower.

- Get off Coke: Drank the last of the Coke Thursday, and only bought seltzer Friday.

- Walk: Stepping out the last two days but haven’t left the neighborhood. 3 years ago

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