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Melanie 5 years ago

MelanieMy Bucket list

1. Climb on a really high mountain (with an instructor, base camp etc.)
2. Drive a car race on a racing track
3. Travel the world
4. Have children (own and adopted)
5. Write an autobiography
6. Get to know all of my half siblings (currently: 2 out of 5)
7. See/read all the great classics
8. Be fluent in at least 5 languages (German, English, Japanese, Latin, French, – and maybe Irish, Dutch, Chinese + Russian if I still haven’t had enough…
9. Get married to the love of my life
10. Train Kung Fu at the Shaolin Temple in China
11. Visit Disney World
12. Learn to play the violin, piano and guitar
13. Have lived in London, LA and New York
14. Go on safari
15. Impact the world (in a positive way)
16. Have a horse, dog, cat and tropical fishes in an aquarium
17. Design and live in my dream house (think environmentally friendly, renewable energy and maybe some high-tech stuff)
18. Have the guts to skydive and bungee jump (I should probably do that at the very end – in case I kick the bucket Oô)
19. Drive a Lamborghini
20. Jump from a 10 metre tower in a swimming pool
21. Take the initiative and kiss a man out of the blue – and get kissed back
22. Milk a cow with my own hands
23. Ride in a hot-air balloon
24. Learn to fly a helicopter and a plane
25. Learn how to sail
26. Take my German A-levels (started in June 2011)
27. Learn to write properly with my left hand
28. See Maxim Vengerov in concert (playing the violin – not conducting)
29. Do more genealogy research and pass it on to my future children or grandchildren

Last goal: finish everything on the list

Green = Done!

Blue = Currently working on it

TO BE CONTINUED... 5 years ago


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