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Recent entries from diosa
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diosaThanks Rose, Ive

really tried to utilize my resources because this had brought me to the pt of feeling overwhelmed. I think Im ready to write about it and that means Im ready to process so Im taking it as a good sign. 10 months ago

diosaDistress tolerance not going so well ... need a cup of tea....

So I did have big plans for Jan but im not sure how well things are going. I have still been really struggling with processing the issue I was disputing with Mr. D. We are still in open discussion and in it together but it doesn’t take the stress down a notch b/c all our options have negatives. We have to make a choice among all negative options for the least negative option.
Im starting to have distress dreams (I always have the same kind when under significant stress). Still not ready to reveal all here but just feeling a bit sad and overwhelmed.

So far
-Doing well fiscally this month, and working hard but this has compromised my muscles. Significant soreness in my back and shoulder. I think i need to head into regular maintenance again and no slacking. 10 months ago

diosaPost Xmas Clear out

So this xmas we focused on asking for more things we needed than wanted which has turned out to be a great idea b/c we have really shopped quite a bit in the post-xmas sales. So I have been dedicated to replacing some of my most worn out pieces (winter coat, boots) and making sure they get out of the house.

I resisted the B and B sale and only bought 2 lotions and 2 antibac. Have recently put a bottle of lotion by the bedside and am using it nightly. Also have placed a candle on the coffee table and have started using it more often as a result.

Mr. D has joined in the fray and bought out more notepads which we are actively using. Cleaned our office and disposed of more papers/articles that are no longer needed with Uni wrapped up. Managed to fit all my paperwork into the boxes I have so more are not needed!

Tea – trying hard not to hoard my tea and drink it up. After all, its a relatively inexpensive habit. 10 months ago

diosaHappy news!!

many wonderful congratulations! 10 months ago

diosaFreezing my buns off in ON

The weather is so not conducive to feeling good. Feel grouchy, out of touch, and physically achy b/c Im scrunching up my muscles against the cold! URGH

-Sleep (getting lots but trying not to oversleep due to the cold)
-Bang on with the vitamins
-Have fallen off the exercise wagon – doing some light yoga and watching my knee but know I need more…
-Ate out 2X – burgers..not so good!

Fiscal Chapter
-First week of good take home – Started 2 new clients at the one place and both have agreed to come back
-Need to hustle harder at other practice to get new clients

New Adventures – sigh…low on adventures lately…maybe this is on hold until I feel more comfortable heading outside… 10 months ago

diosaMonday morning up with the lark

-WORST sleep, lots of insomnia as I try to digest the big changes we have been discussing, unfortunately I don’t see this going away anytime soon but I don’t think allowing it to impact sleep is useful
-good vitamin intake
-low water intake
-one muffin, one donut, pecan tart, latte over last 5 days – 1 refined treat a day…hmmm appear to have fallen off the wagon so to speak….
-No gym as I really want to heal my knee – brainstorming alternate activities b/c starting to feel sluggish

Fiscal Chapter
-Have officially made more this month than I did on residency (really not hard to do!), hopefully the rest of the month will bear more fruit – Im taking this as a sign that things are looking better

New Adventures – not many, been feeling hibernation-like 11 months ago

diosaIt has begun

1) Got study materials – DONE!
2) Formed study group – DONE!

To do
-Form regular study schedule
-develop review system
-flashcards?? 11 months ago

diosaAttended book club!

Enjoyed it very much, though other members were much older than me. Our book was ‘the hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet’.

Next book: ‘the paris wife’ 11 months ago

diosaHad 2 days of relatively

little processed food and very little refined sugar and then sudden craving on yesterday. I think I’m going to aim for 2 low sugar days in a row then a small treat. Maybe if I know its coming it can help me resist the little daytime hurdles. 11 months ago

diosaGet well

soon! 11 months ago


Health Chapter
-1 bodyflow class, other than that really focusing on resting my knee. I think I may need to try other types of exercise. This sore strained knee has gone on too long.
-lots of vitamins, not enough H2O

Fiscal Chapter
-3 no shows this week. Its tough and frustrating when you arrive on time and ready to work and its 3 no shows in a row on Monday morning. Sadly, I kind of carried the grouchiness with me through the day and it was hard to alleviate. Also, it equals lost income.
-Had 1 new client at the new practice, so 2 clients there now. Worked to completed an assessment for the end of the month to get the payment for it in Jan….not sure if this will work but I’ll try.
-Applied to a job in my field, i was specifically invited to apply so thats hopeful but it is a difficult job in terms of travel. However I will not count my chickens and Ill just wait and see how it plays out.

Life and other complications
-A bit of a war with Mr. D, we don’t often argue but this was big and we were not ourselves for 3 days. He felt unsupported and I felt unheard. We made peace and had a good long talk last night. I think we will face complications on this topic (not ready to explain yet) but I think we have got over the worst of it. Its tough when we’re not on the same page. Oh the difficulties of compromise.

New adventures – S5 of True Blood has me hooked, tried a new coffee shop close by the house (yum!)

Happy friday to all bootcampers, thank you all for your support! 11 months ago

diosaSunday morning ease

Health Chapter
-2 bodyflow sessions (yoga + tai chi + music)and lots of hot compresses to my sore knee
-Getting an early sleep when needed on Friday night
-Vitamins, and H2O
-Choosing sushi when I ate out and resisting the timbits

Fiscal Chapter
-Had my first client at the new practice this week, its quite a bit different working there. Very independent, no secretarial help, and less overall organization. I think its good practice for the future but it will be an adjustment.
-Started a study group with friends at other work for licensing, first session was on Friday

New Adventures – we are taking a trip in Feb and we spent Saturday planning it. It was tough to plan but Im so excited and please about the trip. I have wanted to do this for a long time! 11 months ago


Health Chapter
-massage – was wonderful!
-vitamins in
-Food fail – chips bought, and cookies..sigh. Still better than over holiday but not so good

Fiscal Chapter
-Assigned 2 extra clients at work
-had a no spend day (yay!)

New adventures – being out in this cold! Hoping it doesnt go on too long… 11 months ago

diosaOrdering tea at the coffeeshop

and keeping the sugary latte as a treat. Now how to deduce what is the healthiest cookie to go with my coffee?? 11 months ago


What I did and may or may not do again.

1)Got my PhD (!!!)
2)Moved again (please God – no more moving) to live with my husband
3)Finished residency
4)Traveled to Jamaica
6)Met new ppl but struggled to connect and form deeper friendships
7)Got a physical and got very very sick
8)Lounged in the sun
9)Wrote a story and submitted it for publication
10)Published an academic article
11)Learned to cook new things
13)Enjoyed many yummy lattes and delicious dishes 11 months ago

diosa2014 resolutions

‘don’t be blue, try new’
‘love in action’
‘don’t hate, liberate’ 11 months ago

diosalove the picture

:) 11 months ago

diosaResolutely resolutioning

Health Chapter
-Light workout yesterday
-Taking my vitamins and bought FE vitamins
-Made food and tried to eat in as much as possible

Fiscal Chapter
-Called 2 new potential clients – booked one
-Asked for more clients at work
-Applied to teach a course at a small college

-I’m thinking that my focus will be encompassed in the three areas I mentioned before but maybe giving myself brief ways of triggering these changes in my head
-‘don’t be blue, try new’ – new things are adventures (!)
-‘love in action’ – love for my partner is seen through actions for him
-‘don’t hate, liberate’ – less hating in my head, more breathing 11 months ago

diosaCalled about the book club,

now I must just attend a meeting…. 11 months ago

diosaOnce upon a time

there was a girl, who called herself Diosa online.

I’ve been waiting to write an entry b/c Im still brainstorming some resolutions for the year. Then I thought maybe this is the place to do so.

For this new chapter I would like to continue to focus on
Health – vitamins, water, balanced exercise
Fiscal Improvement – new opportunities, study for licensing

Potential Resolutions
-Try more new things
-Be kinder to my partner
-Do favours with a reduced expectation of ‘tit for tat’
-Curb judgmental thoughts – I don’t often say what I think but the issue is that (I’m ashamed to admit) the thoughts about others are not always so positive or so neutral. I would like to work on this as I feel its unhealthy for me as well as others.

More to come I think, but just wanted to wish all A happy new year!! Happy 2014 11 months ago

diosaDearest Ru,

It sounds like a crazy day but I must say, I loved the writing style rhythm of your entry :) Hope you got through! 11 months ago

diosaDec Summary

-Worked hard at getting my hours up
-Acquired study material for licensing
-Submitted my thesis and all set for graduation in spring

-Baked, baked and baked some more
-Visited family, had a great 24th with close family/friends
-Attended my work xmas party
-Watched 1/2 xmas movies
-Listened to many many xmas carols

Felt some struggle to connect with the xmas spirit this year with stress of money, and social obligations. I’m committed to doing this differently next year and I’m excited about the possibilities of 2014. 11 months ago

diosa 11 months ago

diosaMerry Christmas

Dedication & Celebration
-Enjoyed the 24th (which is when my family celebrates)with lots of good company and yummy food and mass led by a warm and open priest
-Had a relaxing 25th with immediate family only and got some very cute presents but many were practical. This was a big switch for me. I asked for and recieved a few key things we needed around the house. Not a lot of treats or clutter. It felt a bit strange but overall good.
-Worked the 23 for a little more cash so feel good to have gotten some extra hours.
-26th-did some leisurely boxing day shopping. As opposed to the minimalist sentiment of Christmas. Though I did shop thoughtfully

Currently, have a bit of a cold so going to take it easy and rest up. No major plans ahead which is just right.

Im very grateful for the return of power to my parents home. This is saved Christmas. I hope that everyone else is back on the grid.

Happy holidays to everyone on 43T!! 11 months ago

diosaMas o menos

I don’t think I succeeded completely but I tried. Kudos for effort. 11 months ago

diosaChristmas with the Kranks

-Had a productive week at work, income will be disrupted by xmas but it was good to reach close to optimal income levels
-Caught up on financial errands, closed a defunct credit line and started up our tfsa contributions and picked our mutual funds and risk levels.
-Thesis paperwork completed and Im officially done (!!!)
-Made a list of tasks still to be done…ready to dedicate. I think the trick will be how to put down the sword and shield and practice relaxing.

-Trying hard to get in the Christmas spirit, not feeling it too much, or more aptly, it feels fragile
-Had a good brunch with my sis at a fancy place she would never go herself, as part of her xmas present. Aiming for more experience gifts as opposed to more clutter
-Self care – Had a movie night in, watched ‘Lost in Austen’ and relaxed with egg nog then had a good solid sleep
-Presents wrapped, packed to visit the parentals while watching ‘Home Alone’ 12 months ago

diosaVery glad to hear that

you are ok. Also, wanted to commend you on getting behind the wheel. Its a very brave thing to do. Much self-care is in order :) All the very best and merry Christmas! 12 months ago

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