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diosaThesis submitted

and convocation is in the spring!

So relieved and happy to be free :) 4 months ago

diosaDue to Christmas

this goal is def. gone into the mist. I may just let it go, enjoy, and return to this in 2014. Compensation will be achieved by maintaining a healthy exercise routine. 4 months ago

diosaDefeated by the Christmas Warrior

-Working away on the Monday to make my highest take home earnings at work so far. If all days become like this than things will really be ok.
-Snow days on the weekend – worked hard on removing snow and clearing up our cars, vacuumed, did some laundry and general house tidying

-Watched one of my xmas movies and baked banana bread (so yum!) BUT lost the spirit of the season in my 5hr Christmas warrior shopping expedition on Monday. I was determined to finish b/c time is limited for the rest of the week but it really wasn’t in the spirit of enjoyment or tranquility. Came home exausted and grouchy. However, the shopping is done and I resisted buying anything for myself. So successful, but how do ppl manage to do this leisurely and, more importantly, in a giving mindful mindset??

Grateful for: xmas movies and xmas tv specials, banana bread and scones, good coffee, first big profit day at work, safe driving for me and my clients, upcoming visits with family/friends, big hugs from mr diosa, new book (Im loving it so much unexpectedly!!) 4 months ago

diosaLove the folds of cloth

in her dress! 4 months ago

diosaHappy weekend

to u too , Rose 4 months ago

diosaFriday the 13th

Dedication-Just received the approval form from my supervisor and submitted it. One step closer to electronic thesis submission.
-A tough day on the work front and a series of serious talks with Mr. Diosa about how to raise my income. It has been steadily going up but not fast enough. I feel tense and pretty inadequate. At our last financial meeting the adviser is giving me the “you are a dr why are you not making more $” line of conversation. Ouch.
-Applied to a Uni to teach – no hiring right now, sent a cold email out to a private practice today (hope to hear from them!). In the meantime, acquired the study materials for licensing exams. I m trying to be pushy but all I really want to do is rest and celebrate. Not so much.

Celebration – Trying hard to get into the spirit. Will try to get N to make cookies with me and watch xmas movies. Feeling stressed by not having the presents done due to recent DIY xmas present fail. Sigh.

I’m grateful for safe driving in snowy weather, a good work xmas party, finding good movies at the library, finally getting my thesis approval form.

I’m hopeful that my income will continue to rise and that this too shall pass. 4 months ago

diosaverbal cheer

Im glad everything turned out well! 4 months ago

diosaPaperwork palooza & a power play

So now I’ve started the paperwork to do the electronic submission of the thesis and wrap this thing! but unfortunately my supervisor informed me that a committee member has suddenly come to her and wants changes. She is withholding her signature on paperwork until she sees proof of changes. Its a last power play on her part, Im not surprised, but Im disappointed b/c I would have wanted our relationship to end on a higher note. I will keep going and the goal is to have it truly done by Christmas.

update: paperwork submitted. Now waiting for permission to do electronic submission. Go go go!

Update 2: Tried electronic submission but it was sent back due to date error. Second attempt failed due to old computer brower. Attempt 3 coming tommorow. Please please!! 4 months ago

diosaThe last clue

I had to work with was “labour”, and it was tough! lol
my description for target was “a store that just came to Canada” 4 months ago

diosaSnowy bits are happening

Dedication – Working away on my forms for thesis submission. Trying to get through all the paperwork before Christmas. Going to the gym but still taking it easy on the knee. Its still very sore and i’m considering getting it checked out…not sure whether to wait or act on it.

Celebration -Had friends over for our first xmas party in the new home. Lots of cheese, wine, and a rousing game of taboo (guys vs girls).
-Relaxing sunday with a movie and trying a new tea (honey pistachio tea) at a new tea shop :)
In thankful for new flavours of tea, the thoughtful thesis defense gift form Mr. Diosa, christmas shopping, salted caramel lattes. 4 months ago

diosaThanks kimber,

many hugs to you too! 4 months ago

diosaThank you Rose,

Still trying to take it in :) 4 months ago

diosathank you,

eloise! Its a great relief to be done :) 4 months ago

diosaReturned home but I'm different

-Took it easy yesterday but struggled with guilt around that. Felt very inert, my brain was tired. I did manage to do some work and get my butt to the gym at the end of the day and the stretching made a big difference to my sore knee!
-Managed to get to sleep on time but forgot to pick up my new vitamins
-Made a tasty asparagus risotto. Yum yum.

-Im thankful for having at least 1 day to slow down, that our furnace is working again, and that we can afford gym passes.
-Thankful for good laughs courtesy of Russell Peters (favoured son of Brampton, ON) 4 months ago

diosaThank you

very much! 4 months ago

diosaDec Goals

-Dedicate myself to health – sleep, vitamins, exercise, relaxation
-Dedicate myself to work – find my rhythm and patiently grow my client list
-Dedicate myself to family/friends – keep up connections and seek out the company of others.

-Celebrate the small things – a daily gratitude
-Do xmas things – its one of my favourite times of year and I really want to give it space this year.

Enjoy my freedom :) I passed my thesis defense. Accepted with no changes and I’m officially a Dr…Im still a bit in shock but happy and relieved4 months ago

diosaPassed the Finish Line!!

Thesis was successfully defended yesterday. It was smooth and I was nervous but it went off without a hitch and it was accepted without changes. I am so happy, relieved, and free of my thesis for the first Christmas in many years. I will count this goal as finished when I complete the electronic submission and forms.

I think I still may be in shock… 4 months ago

diosa 5 months ago

diosaI had to peek back at my initial goals...

I think I thrived well under some adverse conditions!

Work thriving – there has been some growth in work-related activity. Client level is moving up. Its not optimal but it’s heading in the right direction so I would like to continue to practice patience on this front.

Self Care- my shoulder reached critical levels at the end of Nov and I booked a massage to work out the knot and get full mobility. I kept up on the yoga, and tried my best to get sleep, vitamins, and good food under tough circumstances. I think this went well.

In Christmas prep, we have a tree with a nativity scene and a present. I made pumpkin bread, have listened to many xmas carols, and have started some shopping. 4 months ago

diosai like

celebrating the small things. 4 months ago

diosai've added

some pens and notepads to the kitchen (our apt is small so every room is overkill) but I never thought of a little kit. I think its a great idea particularly in this season of xmas cards! 4 months ago

diosaThe opposite of cool as a cucumber

Thank you 43ters for your support :)

I’m in a state of furious defense prep. I was definitely nervous enough the other night to have sleep issues and work has gone down again, which is worrisome but gives me more time to prepare. Double edged sword.Also, snow is pending and I will have to drive far for the defense so hoping for decent weather. Also, passing the defense will mean a discussion with work about a raise. I’m dreading this. I hate discussing money and my value as an employee when the environment is so new.

Been trying to stay balanced and caring during this time
-Attended my annual physical
-1 session of yoga but resting from gym due to sore knee
-Bought more iron pills and will get back on that
-Booked a massage for the day after the defense (wish I could get it before but no time) 4 months ago


Date set for Dec 2nd.
Finished the defense presentation slides. Now I’m re-reading back ground articles from the intro.

To Do:
-Get copy of thesis printed
-Practice presentation
-Make notes on questions supervisor thinks will be asked.


Update: Double ugh. Amount of information is ridiculous. Supervisor is sending overwhelming amounts of information to look over. Going to do my best. 4 months ago

diosaBig news!

My defense is officially set for Dec 2nd. Im scared and happy and a bit of everything. (!!!!!)

Work has been looking up. My Monday is now full for next week and my Thursday is partially full. I’m working on a system to handle client notes and billing.

Self-care – 1 yoga and 1 gym visit, lots of sleep, almost finished my antibiotics (yay!)and working on snacking on fruit and yogurt, decent eating.

Tomorrow, will try to concentrate enough to work on the defense presentation. 4 months ago

diosaI have to say the website

was the most helpful for me since I live in Canada and not all the brands are the same. The chicken picatta and black bean quinoa tacos are the best so far. 4 months ago

diosaMust say,

it can be very hard to set boundaries, esp when there is a push for the hard sell. Its so uncomfortable. Way to go! 4 months ago

diosaSame here, I had chalked it all up to

her being a character!. One of my fave parts is her fabulous exit on water! Also, since it a discrete joke when I had to do a case study for a conference I named my annoymous person Mr. F! lol 5 months ago

diosamy gosh,

that windstorm was so terrible for sleep. I’m going to try to recoup tonight. 5 months ago

diosaRead the book

Eat this not that – helped ID brands with particularly poor ingredients. The website www.budgetbytes.com is still really helping with making more natural/unprocessed choices. 5 months ago

diosaThe tree is up

and our house is decorated in a thoughtful simple way. Happy with the results :) 5 months ago

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