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Recent entries from doctorofwords
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I’m pretty sure that I didn’t actually complete this. I wasn’t intentional enough about choosing new activities to try ahead of time and planning around my goals.

But in 2013 I did try several random alcoholic drinks (something with chocolate, a raspberry lemon drop, a variety of ciders, and a strange version of a screwdriver), tried meditation for the first time in years, tried a new exercise class that became part of my regular workout, tried a few new foods (Thai, fried catfish), hiked a new trail while visiting a friend, took a boat ride on a lake and a sailboat ride on a river, and flew to a foreign country where I tried a variety of things (traveling by London Underground, tried a day-tour service which was…interesting, and saw lots of new things).

So it wasn’t a failure by any means. I just didn’t do a very good job of planning for success and intentionally finding new activities/experiences to try. I need to find ways to be more pro-active about that. 10 months ago

doctorofwords 15 months ago

doctorofwords 15 months ago

doctorofwords 3 years ago


I tried meditating for 20 minutes a day. In the process, I discovered that the type of meditation that focuses solely on your breathing doesn’t work super well for me. I can do it for a little while, but I need something more concrete to focus on. I tried lighting a candle and focusing on the flame while breathing deeply. That helped. It also helped if I focused on a word or a phrase or a Bible verse. It still helped clear my mind, but it also made the meditation feel more disciplined and focused for me. 18 months ago


I haven’t worked on this goal in far too long. And I think I’ve acquired far too many things in the interim. How does that happen? Either way, now I’m working on cleaning out some stuff again.

78. book bag from university library. It was free and poorly made. I barely used it before one corner started to rip.

79. high-heeled black ankle boots that lived through grad school with me. Lovely boots. Fond memories of those boots. But they’ve been repaired once, the heels are unstable, the shine has completely rubbed off of the toes, the leather has moved beyond “comfortably worn and soft” to “worn thin,” and they lost their waterproof abilities about the time I finished my degree (three years ago). They’ve lived a good life, but it’s time to say goodbye.

80. worn out blue jeans (I always seem to have some jeans lying around that I don’t wear because they have holes or ripped seams, or are threadbare in spots).

81. assorted jewelry (3 necklaces, 2 bracelets, 1 ring, a few hair clips)

82. several failed colors of lipstick

83. lip balm

84. overused elastic hair bands and headbands 18 months ago


Tried a new cocktail (to further my limited experience with alcohol): a raspberry lemon drop. Pretty good. 18 months ago


Tried fried catfish for the first time. Not the best fish I’ve ever had, but it was an interesting experience. 19 months ago


Two new things:

I tried a new class at the gym (CXWORX). It’s evil, but that’s probably a good thing. Hopefully I’ll get better at it over time.

While visiting a friend, I completed a hike that was new to both of us. It’s only about 3 miles up to the top of the peak and back down again with a 570 foot ascent from the car park, but it was a nice bit of exercise and made for a fun afternoon. 21 months ago


I tried a vegan restaurant and ate a vegan “chicken” sandwich (it wasn’t chicken… I’m not actually sure what it was. shrug).

Next month, I need to try something new that is not food related. Actually, I need to become more intentional about this goal and start thinking of new things to try. The goal is to expand my set of experiences and I can’t do that without actively finding new things to participate in. 22 months ago


These aren’t super exciting things, but they are new things I did/tried.

1. Thai food (it was okay).

2. tackling a (nearly) full course load as a substitute teacher for the first week of the term. 22 months ago

doctorofwords 23 months ago

doctorofwords 2 years ago


I’m slowly cleaning out the drawers in my closet. It’s not a full-scale closet cleaning (which is something I should do), but it is helping me get rid of things I don’t use. And I now realize why I feel like I don’t own many clothes… because I don’t wear most of what I own!.

69. T-shirt
70. short-sleeved shirt
71-73. old mock turtlenecks that I never wear
74-77. long-sleeved shirts that are too short, too big, or just sit in my drawers because I don’t like them enough to wear them. 2 years ago


63. black sweater with a ripped seam
64. sweatshirt
65. white button-down shirt that I’ve never worn
66. white sleeveless shirt that I’ve worn twice in ten years
67. some socks
68. a tank top 2 years ago


doctorofwords 2 years ago

doctorofwordsIt's a process.

I always wondered how people could know for sure if they have forgiven someone. But I think I’m finally starting to understand.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean you stop hurting. It just means that you stop dwelling on the hurt, stop picking at the wound until it festers, and stop blaming the other person for everything they have done to you. You stop feeling like a victim and stop treating the other person as the villain. They hurt you, yes. But they are human. They made a mistake. Maybe they were doing what they thought was best. Maybe they just didn’t know any better. Either way, acceptance of past hurt is the only way to transform yourself from a victim to a victor. 2 years ago

doctorofwords 2 years ago

doctorofwords 2 years ago

doctorofwordsfinished... for now

I’m going to count this as successfully accomplished, despite a lapse or two, simply because I’ve never been this consistent in my exercise routine for this long. I am going to set short goals for myself over the next few months to keep myself motivated, and hopefully I will become even more consistent (and fitter, as I’m planning to increase the intensity of my workouts this month). 2 years ago


Okay, so this didn’t quite work. I didn’t go to the gym for two full weeks. To be fair, I had an awful cold that knocked me on my ass, and which happened to coincide with the first two weeks of fall term, when I was trying to finish writing assignments and the first round of lesson plans.

So, busy time of the year at work + family and social obligations + miserable cold + hacking my lungs out + stress/cold induced insomnia = two weeks where I failed in this goal.

But I’m just going to hop back on board and keep trying. I went to the gym twice this past week and went for a walk. So, I’m getting back on track. 2 years ago

doctorofwords 2 years ago


Done for the purposes of this goal, but it’s an on-going challenge to be more decisive and assertive when faced with a choice or dilemma in my life. 2 years ago

doctorofwords 2 years ago

doctorofwords 2 years ago


So far, this isn’t quite working out as I’d planned. Well, it is, but it’s also producing surprising results.

First off, even when I am decisive about an issue, sometimes life just doesn’t go to plan. I’ll make a decision and then someone else will overrule me, or plans will change, or life will get in the way, or other obligations will force me to do the exact opposite of what I decided.

On the other hand, I feel much more confident and in control when I make decisions quickly and decisively and (most importantly) stick with them. All this procrastinating about decisions and flip-flopping back and forth has become a badly ingrained habit, which is really detrimental to my peace of mind. Confidence is built through action, so be decisive and act decisively, even in the little things. 2 years ago

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