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DouglasSo, which

path did you decide to take?

Have you given blood? If so how did it go?

I have given blood for many years. So far, I have given 35 donations, which is about 4.5 gallons. My goal is to reach 10 gallons or 80 donations. 1 week ago

DouglasSo, how did

it go? 1 month ago

DouglasYour last post here

on this topic was quite a while ago, so maybe your experience now is different.
If you still have the same boyfriend, or even if you are with someone else, please talk to them about your situation. I hope you can muster enough courage to tell him the entire truth, just as you have written it here. When you do it be clear with him and yourself that you are not telling your story with the expectation that he fixes you in any way.

I believe that expressing your pain (both the pain you had from these experiences and the pain you have now) to someone whom you trust will be one step toward solving your problem with sex. Also, please consider getting counseling. A trained professional who is completely impartial will be a big help to you.

Maybe you have taken some of these steps in the 4 years since your last post here. I hope so, and I wish you well. 1 month ago

DouglasSo did you

have another child? It’s been 5 years since your last post on this goal. 2 months ago

DouglasDid you decide

on a place to volunteer? Have you done any volunteering there? 3 months ago

DouglasSo, did

you find a new doctor? 3 months ago

DouglasIf you donate blood

they will tell you your blood type if you ask them. as Robadjuster stated, go to a blood bank to give blood. 3 months ago

Douglas 5 months ago

DouglasSo have you

read you read any of the four books yet?

I have know about and admired Thomas Merton for many years. But while I have read excerpts from his books, I, amazingly, have never actually read one cover to cover.

If you have completed any of these books, I would love to hear your thoughts on any of them. 3 months ago

DouglasThe package I received

from my Secret Santa was astounding. She/he gave me a number of things based on several of my goals. One item was a book about starting a restaurant. I was thinking about buying that same book not too long ago. I guess you read my thoughts Santa.
But the item that truly touched my heart and was clearly an act of love was the CD containing 11 of my favorite songs on it. The time to collect these songs alone was amazing.

Thank you Santa! 3 months ago

DouglasI received my package from Santa

over a week ago. 4 months ago

DouglasI mailed the package

to my giftee on Dec 23rd. 4 months ago

DouglasStarting Over Again

With this goal. But I purchased the book that Allan Baylis wrote on this so that I have a reference to go to in case I have questions about any of the steps. 4 months ago

Douglas#8 - That's The Way It Is

by Celine Dion. I think its the spirit of the lyrics along with the nature of the melody that makes this song special and my choice to add it to this list. Most of Celine’s other songs I have heard I find boring but she has recorded many and I have heard only a handful so far. 6 years ago

Douglas#3 - Breathless

By The Corrs. They are brothers and sisters (Jim, Sharon, Caroline, Andrea) and I love the sound and musical complexity of this group. Their background came from their mother and Irish folk music. Their style is modern but you can hear and feel the essence of that Irish folk music background in many of their current songs. The fact that 3 of the 4 members are drop-dead gorgeous women doesn’t hurt either. But I am genuinely drawn to their music. 6 years ago

Douglas#26 - My Cup Runneth Over

from the musical I Do, I Do. I have known this song for most of my adult life and find it both moving, inspiring and romantic. The harmony is just a little more complex than the average love song, which gives it a little spice and adds to the overall effect. 4 years ago

DouglasHow are you doing

with this now? Your last post on this was almost 5 years ago. 4 months ago

DouglasMy daughter R. is already doing This

My daughter R. was invited to play tuba with the Seattle Civic Band. They had their first summer concert today and it was marvelous. About 15 of our neighbors came to hear it too. We are all proud of what she has done.

And to think she is doing this after playing the tuba for only 9 months! 7 years ago

DouglasAs another example

of this, my daughter who is now a freshman in college, volunteered to organize a choir at her college. Its a business college and so they don’t have a music program or degree. While they have had a choir in the past, they don’t currently. So she is starting one. She already found a professor who will act as a sponsor/support person. 4 months ago

DouglasIt sounds like

you have a very good ear, which will help you with your piano study. 4 months ago

DouglasWow, this is such

good advice, its amazing. Its evidence that you are already a good mother, since a mother that isn’t taking care of herself, isn’t giving her baby everything he/she needs.

I learned similar techniques but it took many years of therapy for me.

Congratulations on a good job. 4 months ago

DouglasWell stress

certainly can be difficult to manage. I don’t see any mention of a partner, so it sounds like you are going this alone?
You have to do what is comfortable for you of course, but La Leche League may be able to offer support that will help with the stress. All the women in it are mothers and they understand. And while the information they provide is professional and sound advice, each local chapter is just women like you, trying to do what is best for their children. The meetings are informal and I believe usually have children present. I have never actually been to a meeting myself but I went with my wife to one to pick up something (probably the pump) and it was a group of mothers, many with babies, sitting and talking. If you do connect with them you might consider offering to meet at your house, to reduce your stress on going out somewhere. I don’t know that they would take you up on that, but they might.
They might be able to turn you to professionals (doctors or nurses) who could give you lactation consultation (since your hospital apparently didn’t have that). La Leche League isn’t a miracle cure, but they might offer you something that will reduce your stress just enough to help.

I wish you well. 4 months ago

DouglasAnother Step

I purchased Adobe Photoshop Elements, version 12. It was on sale for half price during this week amongst all the other things on sale. I had PSE version 11 before, so this brings me up to the current version. Still need more practice with using it. But I purchased a DVD course in it recently also, so I can use that. 4 months ago

DouglasYou may already know about

this, but for further support see if there is a local chapter of La Leche League in your area. My now ex-wife and I turned to them when our daughter was born and they give valuable tips, advice and other resources. I see you mentioned pumping. When my wife went back to work after the birth we rented a breast milk pump from La Leche League that my wife took to work with her. She pumped milk during breaks and lunch and stored it in a fridge at work, then brought it home. As you probably know, breast milk freezes well, so on the days I was home alone with our daughter, I would thaw and warm some milk to feed her.
Its sad to hear about your experience with your hospital. When our daughter was born, the hospital scheduled a lactation consultation with my wife and I, which we attended together.
Our daughter was almost 3 years old when my wife stopped breast feeding. 4 months ago

DouglasYour goal sounds

realistic, which is admirable. Its even more admirable with a baby in tow.
I don’t know the age of your baby, but practicing with her/him, while disruptive to some degree to your progress, will actually be good for the baby.
Also, in addition to having a regular practice schedule, I suggest that you do more than just so many hours per week. In his book, “Practiceopeida” author Philip Johnston advocates not practicing a set hours per day or week but instead practicing to achieve a specific goal. So if your goal one week is to play a short passage without any errors, then practice as many days you need to achieve that goal. Or another week the goal might be to memorize a line. Again, practice as much as you need to achieve it.
Since it sounds like you are learning on your own, you can take as many days or weeks to achieve each goal. The key though is to choose goals that are achievable in a reasonable amount of time, given your current skill level. If you choose a goal that is too difficult it may take too long and you may get discouraged.
Do you have music books you are using? If not consider getting a few method books designed for adult beginners. 4 months ago

DouglasSo what is

biking a century? Is it biking for 100 miles or 100 days or something else? 4 months ago

DouglasStill Working on it

I joined a photography book club. The book we are reading now is Sketching Light by Joe McNally.
I have also read the following
1) Photographer’s Survival Manual: A Legal Guide for Artists in the Digital Age by Edward Greenberg
2) The Lens – A Practical Guide for the Creative Photographer by NK Guy
3) The Perfect Photo, 71 Tips from the Top by Elin Rantakrans

Of these the 2nd one was the best. It covered all aspects of camera lenses. The 1st one was very good too, it just covers a very specific subject matter.
The book I don’t care for is the one we are reading in the photography book club, i.e. Sketching Light. I do not care for the prose style that author McNally uses. Its difficult to figure out just what he is saying. 4 months ago

DouglasSo here are my comments.

I have studied music a lot, though not much vocal work, mostly piano. Still, I do have a pretty good ear. So with that background info, here is what I have to say.
You have nice tone overall. Your very lowest notes are a problem for two reasons 1) you tend to be slightly flat on these low notes. It may well be because they are at the bottom of your vocal range, which is understandable. 2) You tend to cut the lowest notes short, ever so slightly. For some of them it may be due to the note value (i.e. quarter eighth, etc.) I am not familiar with the song so I can’t say for sure, but even if these notes are short, you are shortening them even further ever so slightly.
So I think voice exercises will help you with both of these. I really wish you well and hope you pursue this dream to the fullest of your ability. 4 months ago

DouglasSo you said you would

move in September if you had the money. Did that happen?

Have you been to Corvallis before, is that why you chose that place?

I went to college in Corvallis. Its a lovely small town that has a university in it (OSU), which you probably already know.

Just wanted to let you know that it can get up to 91 in Corvallis also. It isn’t common to reach that high, but it has and can happen.

You didn’t mention it but it sounds like you never made it to Burning Man and then to California. Did that ride fall through for some reason? 4 months ago

DouglasI don't know the why

either, but my ex-wife, who is a medical professional, told me that only about 30% of women are able to achieve orgasm from vaginal intercourse. 5 months ago

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