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I know Flylady, though I haven’t really gotten into it because – well, probably what you mean by “a bit, um, I don’t know.”

I think this idea may have come from there originally though. 18 months ago


Today’s 15 minutes: dishes. Putting away all the shoes. I don’t know how they migrate all over the apartment like that. Clearing out some junk mail. Going through some of the pantry shelves & organizing. 18 months ago

dragonfly35Not sure I do either...

Yoga helps.
A nice meal out.
Time alone.
Time with my husband.
Time in nature.
Making lists on this site.
A good book.
A nap or early bedtime. Or both.

Sometimes I’m just beyond help.18 months ago

dragonfly35I think

we have the same chair. As soon as I get black duct tape (we only have silver), I’m going to do the exact same thing. 18 months ago

dragonfly35I haven't done either for a long time

but probably because we seem to be out of superglue (or rather the top is superglued on) and we only have silver duct tape and I need black to fix my chair as Simon described – and we never remember to get either of them! The chair is definitely in line for duct tape (in fact, Simon may have the same chair?) 18 months ago

dragonfly35Sunny & warm

Currently 85 degree F (29 C) where I live. Sunny, light breeze, 34% humidity. It’s been cooling off at night, though, which is how we know it’s fall and not summer. Last night a fog rolled in, which was quite pleasant. 18 months ago


terrible18 months ago

dragonfly3510/16/12 - Tuesday 7:39am gratitude reflection

Today, I’m so very grateful:
  1. For a new day
  2. For healing sleep
  3. For a lighter schedule today
  4. For having learned not to push myself when I’m at the edge of my endurance
  5. For an understanding of what really matters

Thank you. 18 months ago


Forgot to post again. Don’t exactly remember the details, but I know I did my 15 minutes. Dishes, taking out the trash & recycling, and some other stuff… 18 months ago

dragonfly35Stretch report

Stretched some yesterday – big swaths of the day where I forgot until things tightened up and I felt some pain, which is what I want to avoid. Overall, though, I did keep stretching out the calf and foot. Most importantly, I remembered to stretch before getting out of bed this morning and those steps were pain free. Hopefully on the road to healing. (I don’t think it ever got that bad, so I hope it can heal up quickly.) 18 months ago

dragonfly35Treading water

Reading is not actually my problem, but the same principle applies.18 months ago

dragonfly35Tuesday 10/16

I didn’t do everything today, but I’m about beat… I hope to be a bit more productive tomorrow.

For Tuesday

Morning work:

  • Correct writing if possible
  • Pick up tests at print shop
  • Teach my class

Afternoon work – by Wednesday:
  • Grade last midterm
  • Finish Week 9 packet and print
    • Include page numbers
  • Correct first drafts with feedback
    • Verify SafeAssign
    • Email feedback to absent student
  • Grade quizzes
  • Update grades online
  • Take pill
  • Pick up prescription
  • Take vitamin
  • Yoga class
  • 15 minutes

For later this week

  • Figure out topics for final project & whether we need to do more prep work
  • Start matching interviews
  • Grade tests for Thurs
  • Prep next mini-presentation?
  • Prep slides for conference presentation
  • Food for potluck
  • Type out exam feedback
  • Work on lessons for online course
  • Thank yous
  • SLO survey
  • Goodwill
  • Cook
  • Groceries18 months ago

dragonfly35I watched just the intro video

and I’m very excited about what I’m going to learn in this course. I wish I had more time… urgent stuff to be done by tomorrow comes first, unfortunately. 18 months ago


Thank you. :)

Puns are my favorite.18 months ago

dragonfly35Just need to start writing from articles earlier...

I honestly think I will need to stop doing the biographical essay assignment, although I like it as a road in.

I also think I need to do the in-class tests for each first draft. 18 months ago

dragonfly3510/15/12 - Monday 7:30am gratitude reflection

Today, I’m so very grateful:
  1. That the midterms are graded
  2. That the laundry is done
  3. That the anatomy & movement course I’m taken starts today
  4. That C & I understand each other so well
  5. That I am building a small but regular crowd of students at the studio

Thank you. 18 months ago

dragonfly35Stretched a lot yesterday!

I forgot to stretch this morning before I got out of bed, which is crucial. However, I definitely feel the effects of yesterday’s stretching and my foot seems to be a lot better in spite of this omission. 18 months ago


In the process of putting away laundry, one more shirt went into the Goodwill bag. It is still in good shape, and I used to love it, but I haven’t worn it in ages.

There are probably three more shirts in the closet that could go, but I’m kind of hoping to replace them first? It’s the wrong season, though, so maybe I should just take the plunge. Something to think about. 18 months ago


by a not-so-long-ago question on the random questions goal which I was ashamed to answer. There are certain garments which I wash by hand, and I do not remember to wash them often enough. It would be far more civilized to do this on a more regular basis. Say weekly, on Fridays. Give or take. 18 months ago

dragonfly35Monday 10/15

I have not been lazy, but I am still behind. Pray for me.

To do Monday

On the calendar:

  • Practice tests 8:30 to 9:30
    • Make and take lunch
  • Teach class at 11
    • Pick up quizzes
    • Pick up and grade last midterm

Work by Tuesday:
  • Make U3 test & send for printing
  • Check culture shock homework
  • Update BB
  • Take pill
  • Take vitamin
  • Yoga class
  • 15 minutes

To do by Wednesday

  • Finish Week 9 packet and print
    • Include page numbers
  • Correct first drafts with feedback
    • Verify SafeAssign
  • Grade quizzes
  • Update BB for lab

To do by Thursday

  • Figure out topics for final project & whether we need to do more prep work
  • Prep next mini-presentation?

To do by Saturday

  • Prep slides for conference presentation

Please get done, nagging tasks…
  • Thank yous
  • SLO survey
  • Goodwill
  • Cook
  • Go to bank
  • Return library books
On the radar:
  • Food for potluck
  • Type out exam feedback
  • Work on lessons for online course
  • Order spring books18 months ago


15 minutes: dishes, going through piles of junk in the living room & bathroom and throwing stuff away! 18 months ago


Threw out the following items:
  • extra ear buds & other accessories for some headphones I no longer own
  • 2 personal care products that are really old & no longer used
  • some old candle ends

Counting these as 4 items gone. 18 months ago

dragonfly35My foot hurts :(

My plantar fasciitis is flaring up, which is weird because I haven’t been running at all. (The usual trigger is running & not stretching enough.) I do know the stretches I need to do to help the foot recover, so I will start doing those regularly and see if I can’t get things back on track. 18 months ago

dragonfly35I agree

about labeling GMOs. :)

The CSA is great. My favorite thing about it in practice is exactly what you’ve said – having to adapt to the veggies that come each week and learning how to cook new things. I also love the idea behind it (supporting the farm), of course. 18 months ago

dragonfly35That's a lot of questions!

Do you read labels in the grocery store?
Yes. Always.
Do you look at what is in your food before you buy it?
Yes. Definitely.
Do you look for certain labels (organic, gluten free etc)
Local, organic, vegetarian/ vegan. Fair trade. etc. Unfortunately, because of lax labeling laws, labels are deceptive, so even labels like natural, free range, etc. do not necessarily mean things are what they seem.
Do you know what GMO stands for?
Yes. Not usually labeled, but we have a GMO labeling proposition on our ballet here this time around that I’m excited about. Probably means it won’t pass (usually things I’m excited about don’t).
Do you know what Fair Trade means?
What is the most important thing to you when you read a label? (i.e. calories, organic, etc)
The most important thing is that I understand what the ingredients on the label are. That’s not to say I never buy things with labels I don’t understand, but I have a strong preference for it and I’ve been known to put nonessential things back when I couldn’t make out the chemicals on the label. I am getting more and more this way. I buy less and less food with labels, to be honest. Organic is also important to me.
Where do you shop for your food (neighborhood market, big grocery store, farmers market, food shelf, 99 cent store, 7-11 etc)
I am a member of a CSA. I also go to farmers’ markets and for other stuff, I go to a grocery store that tends to have more of the types of food I’m looking for (understandable ingredient labels, organic local produce, etc.)
Is there a food you would never eat?
I don’t eat meat any more. I do make occasional exceptions when traveling in foreign countries.
Are there any foods you avoid? Why?
I avoid junk food, generally, because it is not good for you. Probably I avoid a lot of things, but that’s what comes to mind.
Do you drink soda pop? Why or why not?
No. It is too sweet, and I don’t like it now. The carbonation hurts my stomach and it is so sugary!
Do you drink milk? What type (Organic, Raw, Whole, Skim etc)
I drink rice milk, but I do have skim milk or half and half in my coffee if I have it out, which is probably only a couple of times a week.
Do you drink alcohol? What type? How often?
Rarely. A glass of wine or a beer with dinner one day on the weekend or less is the most common scenario.
Which vegetables do you eat regularly?
Whatever is in the CSA box, which is quite a variety but usually has one dominant choice. It has been summer squash, and I suspect we will soon be going into cabbage mode.
Do you cook your own food or buy it pre-made
Increasingly cook my own. My husband likes to eat out, so we usually go to restaurants a couple of times a week. 18 months ago

dragonfly35It is HARD!

(((suejk))) 18 months ago

dragonfly3510/14/12 Sunday 7:40am gratitude reflection

Today, I’m so very grateful:
  1. For a very balanced day yesterday – relaxing and productive
  2. That K is back in my life… one of my favorite people!
  3. That one of my students wrote such a successful essay
  4. For beautiful sunsets
  5. For my car – still sometimes feels like such a luxury!

Thank you. 18 months ago


Mad River by John Sandford

Break for my stressed out brain. :) 18 months ago

dragonfly35Course starts Monday

I don’t know when I think I’m going to have time for this, but it will be a nice diversion. :) 18 months ago


Threw out a jar of eye cream I found on the desk. I’ve had it for years and I don’t remember the last time I used it. I think it was a gift to begin with, anyway. 18 months ago

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