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dragonfly35Whereowhere is whyowhy?

Won’t you come over for cake, Simon?

Credit: YvonneL on Flickr Creative Commons

Happy birthday! Hope it was great. 2 years ago

dragonfly35Super productive Friday (please...)

I have not been very “successful” this week, at least when it comes to checking things off on these lists! I could use a productive day tomorrow. :)

On the calendar:
  • Teach yoga at 8
  • Pick up prescription right away before the pharmacy closes!
Work blitz:
  • Update BB
  • Confirm for Monday
  • Grade mini-presentation feedback
  • Grade tests
  • Grade late assignments
  • Upload elective grades
  • Email re: end of semester CSLOs
  • Respond to student emails
Work stuff (ongoing):
  • Create presentation sign-up sheet & “how to”
  • SLO survey
  • Work on yoga workshop proposal
  • Plans and materials for next week
  • Pill
  • Vitamin
  • Yoga class
  • Get in touch with my hair stylist if we still haven’t connected (phone tag)
  • Meditation
  • Anatomy
  • Thank yous
  • Vacation planning
  • Update financial stuff
  • Get gas
  • Fill wiper fluid
  • 15 minutes
  • Cook
  • Goodwill
  • Bags to recylcing 2 years ago


15 minutes: dishes, sorting through the endless work papers, taking out the trash & recycling. 2 years ago

dragonfly35Oh, good!

I hope they help you. They’re so simple, but they seem to work really well. Good luck tomorrow! 2 years ago

dragonfly35I learned a lot

from Laura Tyree. She said she sometimes puts stuff on her website or her studio’s website, but I don’t see anything up there now.

I have found this book very helpful.

2 years ago


All sorts of pretty eclectic stuff. :)

Some possibly lesser-known favs: 2 years ago


:) 2 years ago

dragonfly35Ha ha!

I’m too mobile to leave it all in my car. I might need it right this minute while I’m in the classroom, in my office, in the yoga studio, etc. 2 years ago


I think that’s fine. I kept my name when I got married, so my husband and I have different names. I had various reasons for this decision, but I can understand people who change their names, too. I have heard of the woman changing her name, the man changing his name, of both partners taking on a new name, of one or both partners hyphenating or taking a new middle name… I think it’s all fine as long as both partners feel comfortable with the name they end up with and don’t feel pressured to do something they don’t want to.

I suspect that if we have children, they will have their father’s last name, and therefore I will have a different last name than my children. I am OK with that.

My husband has two half siblings. One has the same last name as him, and one has a different last name. I think it’s all fine, honestly.

I once had a Japanese friend whose father took her mother’s name. She told me that this occasionally happens in a situation where the family name is going to die out because there are no male heirs. Then if there are brothers in the man’s family who can carry on the name, he might take his wife’s name. 2 years ago

dragonfly35Same state as Bedhead2

As an educator working for a public institution, I am relieved that Prop 30 passed (tax hike for education funding). I hope they really use the money for good. It’s hard to say… but without Prop 30 there was no hope for us. I must say, I thought it was going to fail, so I’m pleasantly surprised it passed.

I agree with Bedhead2 about 34, 36 and 37. I’m particularly bummed about the death penalty. :(

Overall, I’m really pleasantly surprised with how everything worked out here this election. And very excited for other states standing up for gay marriage and all the women voted into the Senate! 2 years ago

dragonfly35Condoms and the porn industry

Passed, I believe. I seem to remember hubby musing something about I wonder whether they will all leave LA now. lol 2 years ago

dragonfly35Purse contents

My purse is a big black crocheted bag from Target. Forgot to put it in the picture, but you probably wouldn’t have seen it anyway. Inside are: umbrella, shopping bag, studio keys, bandaids, kleenex, business cards, spare iPod (for teaching), lavender oil, coffee cup sleeve, feminine products, lip balm, eye drops, toothbrush and paste, screwdriver for eye glasses, vitamins and painkillers (in there from my last trip, actually), and my wallet, which is closed for privacy, but which contains all sorts of junk.

Also I was carrying around sunglasses and car keys, which got put down somewhere when I got home and didn’t make it into the picture. Also my iPhone, but I used it to take the picture. :) 2 years ago

dragonfly35You asked for it...

This is a free bag from a conference with all the stuff I took to work for my class today. A bunch of student tests, handouts, textbooks, CDs, DVDs, a VHS tape, pens, a bell to get the students’ attention, whiteboard markers, keys, and a ClifBar. Water bottle and coffee mug as well. Standard stuff. :)

Purse contents coming in a comment. I carry around way too much stuff. 2 years ago

dragonfly35 2 years ago


Elective class: Well, the point is, we are going to survive this. Not my finest hour, but we will get to the end of the semester, and the students will have done various learning activities in the subject area, and I will have assessed them on various skills, and they will receive final grades. I will do better next time. Not the end of the world.

Core class: It’s going to be tight right down to the wire, but I see no reason why I will not be able to get the grades I need, at least. I think I will be able to cover all the grammar material. We have been moving at quite a pace – it’s not ideal, but it’s getting done. I mapped it out, and God willing, we should be able to get caught up and cover everything by the end of the semester. We are short on reading and vocabulary activities, and also somehow ended up one writing short, and the students will have to work very hard in the coming weeks, but it will all be fine.

I’m not entirely caught up, but I’m back on schedule, so I’ll mark this done. Ideally, I’d like next semester to be a lot less stressful, so I need to be a bit more on top of things. 2 years ago

dragonfly3511/8/12 Thursday 8:08am gratitude reflection

Today, I’m so very grateful:
  1. That I’m learning to sometimes not hold myself to such a high standard
  2. For a good sleep
  3. For inspiration
  4. For the wisdom to take time to cook yesterday – it was nourishing in many ways!
  5. For my favorite red scarf

Thank you. 2 years ago

dragonfly35Hugs to you!

We all have challenging emotions. ((((MK)))) Ah, it isn’t easy, this business of being human. Hope the mudras are helpful. They are just hand positions, but they work with the nervous system and can be interestingly effective. They have connections with acupressure points in the hand and other Eastern medicine systems. 2 years ago


15 minutes: maintenance cleaning around the kitchen and living room. 2 years ago

dragonfly35Thursday 11/8 plus some

I guess I couldn’t really afford to take the whole weekend off. :)

I didn’t even get a list done today. There are a few things to tackle tonight, and then I’ll try to pick up the pieces tomorrow. Between the grading and the election, I didn’t get that much sleep.

This evening:
  • 15 minutes
  • Cook
  • Make test and send for printing
  • Type up last mini-pres & send for printing

I will do self-care, etc. as I am able.

For tomorrow:

Work for tomorrow:

  • Teach class
  • Prepare for tonight & Friday yoga classes
  • Sub for gentle yoga class 7:00

Work for the weekend:
  • Grade tests
  • Grade quizzes
  • Grade mini-pres feedback
  • Create presentation sign-up sheet & “how to”
  • SLO survey
  • Email re: end of semester CSLOs
  • Work on yoga workshop proposal
  • Pill
  • Vitamin
  • Yoga class
  • Make hair appointment
  • Meditation
  • Anatomy
  • Thank yous
  • Vacation planning
  • Pick up new prescription
  • 15 minutes
  • Goodwill
  • Bags to recylcing 2 years ago

dragonfly3511/7/12 Wednesday 6:54am gratitude reflection

Today, I’m so very grateful:
  1. That Proposition 30, the tax measure to fund education in CA, has passed!
  2. That Barack Obama is still president
  3. For so many other election results that went the way I’d hoped
  4. That many Californians voted to repeal the death penalty and label GMO foods… The measures didn’t pass and we are not “there” yet, but change is coming.
  5. For a cool and foggy morning – really beautiful :)

Thank you. 2 years ago



Can I use them to color in my ballot? 2 years ago

dragonfly35Sounds phony

;) 2 years ago


:( 2 years ago

dragonfly35Ha ha!

I was thinking today how like kindergarten it is. :) 2 years ago


Should have made a scene. ;) Everyone votes for the sticker, right?

I would have grabbed you an extra… 2 years ago

dragonfly35You didn't get one?

Did you vote by mail? 2 years ago


15+ minutes: dishes, filing. 2 years ago


I cast my ballot when I got home. Now there’s just the waiting. 2 years ago

dragonfly35And a simple mudra...

You can hold your thumb (wrap one entire hand around the thumb of the other hand) or index finger. Thumb is calming in general and helps with feeling safe and secure. Index finger helps with fear of the future. For you, MamaKitty, I think index finger – but the thumb would also probably be beneficial. You could do both. Hold until you feel complete and then do the other side. I just learned this and am finding it profound. It may help you to feel calm and clear the mind until such a time as you have more information.

I am replying to h.g.’s comment since it was seeing that which prompted my comment, but the mudra is for MamaKitty ~ and everyone, really. :) Thinking of you, MamaKitty.2 years ago

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