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dragonfly35Enjoy it!

I bet she’s cute as anything. :) 20 months ago

dragonfly35Oh, yeah...

They don’t call them the “terrible twos” for nothing. Terrific moments of brilliance around then too, though. 20 months ago

dragonfly3511/15/12 - Thursday 8:45am gratitude reflection

Today, I am so very grateful:
  1. For opportunities to sub
  2. For praise from a student
  3. For good food
  4. For a conversation with K
  5. For the ability to choose happiness

Thank you. 20 months ago

dragonfly35I think so

He never did see a doctor. He managed it by working all the time, but based on the history of depression in the family and his moods and behavior, we all think he was depressed. He seems to be less depressed lately.

My dad doesn’t like to travel so he rarely visits me, but if he complains about what I cook him, I will certainly give him a piece of my mind. Ha ha! 20 months ago


that’s not so tempting. :)

We are lucky to have a lot of really good restaurants, and a real variety, right in our area. However, it does lead to a lot of temptation. 20 months ago

dragonfly35Same general idea :)

It’s not too much of a tangent, really. My dad can be really picky and he uses food as a weapon sometimes. I don’t mean throwing it. lol! I mean he uses it as an excuse to be rude or mean if it isn’t to his liking. Seriously, my dad acts 2 a lot of the time. :( He is finally getting better now that he’s in his 70s… mellowing with age, and I think he had undiagnosed depression a lot of the time while I was growing up. Anyway, I think that may be why there is always so much food on my parents’ table. They are finally eating much healthier now, too, so it is better than it used to be. There were always sweets around too… Yes, and my dad’s table behavior probably has a lot to do with my food issues, but I have learned to mostly deal with them in my daily life, although they still run away with me in certain situations. :) 20 months ago

dragonfly35It's hard

when you don’t eat the same thing. I think that’s one reason we do eat out more than we should. C likes the way I cook, but I think he likes to get meat sometimes. 20 months ago

dragonfly35Me too

I was using it for a while and closed it, but when I started to get that familiar feeling, I decided to start doing it again!

Feel free to join if you like. :) 20 months ago


My husband eats meat, but he doesn’t cook it at home. We are more like gottawonder, I guess. He mostly eats vegetarian at home and gets meat when we go out.

We both like to eat the same thing over and over for a while. :) 20 months ago

dragonfly35My parents

eat huge meals, and my mom always puts everything she can find on the table so there is lots of choice. It’s really bad if you happen to also have food issues. I always overeat if there’s a lot of food on the table because I can’t choose. :) 20 months ago


How old is Lil’fish now? I’ve lost track. 20 months ago

dragonfly35It sounds like

your household has a variety of tastes. I like many of these things. Your comment made me hungry. 20 months ago

dragonfly35In terms of cooking tools

my hubby is the opposite. He rants against “single purpose tools” and he doesn’t like “stuff” in general, although he loves food. He thinks a lot of kitchen tools are unnecessary, although I think I’ve convinced him of the virtues of my personal favorite, the immersion blender, and maybe a few others (spice grinder, food processor, crock pot).

Personally, I intend to spend some of our wedding gift money on kitchen tools. Too bad, hubby. :D

It sounds like your hubby is sweet about supporting your vegetarianism, and that in general, he is a great partner when it comes to food. 20 months ago


:) 20 months ago


Now that you mention it, I think this is true for me in general too. Especially in the evening – I didn’t use to eat a large dinner, and now I do. 20 months ago



Too bad we can’t focus on more important things, of which there are many. 20 months ago

dragonfly35Thursday 11/15

On the calendar:
  • Teach my class
    • Pick up printing
    • Check mail
  • Pick up CSA box
Things that should be done today:
  • Prepare for Friday’s yoga class
  • Prepare for speaking tests
  • Last chance to access anatomy materials online
Weekend work:
  • SLO survey
  • Type up and send exam feedback
  • Portfolio description – for next Monday
  • Grade essays – for Monday
  • Grade quizzes – for Monday
  • Respond to email re: final exam topic
  • Print lab activity (stupid broken printer)
  • Grade lab activity
  • Get ready for next week’s classes
    • Packet – include noun clauses, writing topic and instructions, form for the outline
    • Quiz for Monday
  • Vitamin
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Return library book
  • 15 minutes+ 8 minutes
  • Cook
  • Wiper fluid
  • Goodwill
  • Recycle bags
Things to remember for when C gets back (and maybe get a head start on):
  • Thank yous
  • Vacation planning 20 months ago

dragonfly35From what I've seen of her

it seems like they are very similar people and I bet they had pretty electric chemistry and that both were fully willing participants. Just guessing. This stuff happens between certain adults. Not that it’s right to cheat, ever, but it happens.

I feel bad for her husband. And his wife. 20 months ago


he wasn’t in the military any more. I suppose he could have been blackmailed with the threat of “I’ll tell your wife”. But it does seem like making sort of a big deal out of an everyday thing, to me. Now, if he told her stuff he shouldn’t have, that’s different… but then that doesn’t have to do with the sex part, does it? 20 months ago

dragonfly35Ha ha!

Interesting. Thanks for sharing. My ex definitely opened my eyes to the wonders of Mexican food. Sigh. Sometimes I wish I didn’t know about it. ;) 20 months ago

dragonfly35In it together

My husband’s on a business trip, so I’m wondering:

What effect, if any, does your significant other (past, present, or imaginary) have on your eating habits?

In my case, I eat out way more when my husband is around. However, I’m also inclined to have an abundance of “treats” when I’m by myself that I might be ashamed or otherwise restrained from eating when I’m with him. Not that he is judging me – it’s more like he is a mirror for my conscience. :D Anyway, I’d say I eat healthier in many ways when he’s not around, but when the exceptions happen, they are major exceptions. 20 months ago


15 minutes – maintenance cleaning of various sorts in the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room. Boring but necessary.

+ 7 minutes cleaning up after myself in the kitchen. Too tired to do more. Will make up the remaining 8 minutes tomorrow. 20 months ago


although I heard someone point out that if it weren’t a firing offense, then it couldn’t be used as blackmail! Which I think is a valid point. 20 months ago


I am flattered, tikini. :) 20 months ago

dragonfly35Ha ha!

Nice find. :) 20 months ago


The thing that amazes me in this case and others I’ve known closer to home is that people still think that email and even more public internet fora are private. Even the Director of the CIA! Your thoughts are private, as long as they are inside your head. Once you let them out, people will find out about it.

It reminds me of the part from the King Midas story where his hairdresser feels the need to unburden himself of the secret that King Midas has donkey ears. He digs a hole and whispers into it, “King Midas has ass’s ears.” He then feels better and covers the hole, but a reed grows up there and whispers the secret to the whole world. 20 months ago

dragonfly35Love it!

Ha ha! 20 months ago


Yes, I struggle with this too – both clutter and cleanliness. It’s not like my place is flithy disgusting, but I do have trouble keeping it clean.

I clean most when someone is coming over, but I find this is not a healthy motivation. It really stresses me and triggers a lot of negative self talk. It ties in with a lot of shame issues, and in general is just not healthy.

I am most successfully motivated by a combination of keeping a goal and keeping a routine. When I have a goal on my list to clean and/or declutter daily for a certain period of time, I am generally successful. As soon as I let these goals go, my home returns to its previous state.

I have always been like this, even when living alone, but things do seem to be worse when I live with someone who has similarly low cleaning/ decluttering standards. My husband is an enabler in this regard. :) To his credit, he also cleans the house and usually does the unpleasant tasks (cleaning the bathtub and the floors). He does them with less frequency than I’d like, but I appreciate that he does them. 20 months ago

dragonfly35This is interesting and scary

I don’t know anything about it, but I know that a friend of mine has recently become involved, so this worries me. He seems to be having a positive experience. 20 months ago

dragonfly35Does this help?

I doubt that will show up, so here’s the link to the full piece with explanations.

OK, I admit. I just wanted to share that because I think it’s hilarious.

Frankly, I think we want to avoid thinking about the very real, very scary, and very serious problems facing us at this moment of time. Thinking about sex is always more fun than thinking about money, I find. 20 months ago

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